Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1288: Quarrel

Chapter 1288: Quarrel


Chapter 1288: Quarrel

The border between the Eastern Xuan Region and Western Xuan Region.

This was front line of the Western Xuan Region. Just another hundred miles or so, and one would enter the territory of the Western Xuan Region, which had already the headquarters of Devil Prison.

A couple of figures were silently seated on a towering mountain at the border. They appeared extremely small on the mountaintop, but they gave off an imposing aura that made respect and fear arise in one’s heart.

The Symbol Ancestor line had received the respect of the countless of lives in this world since ancient times. This was not merely because they stood at the peak of this world. Instead, it was because they possessed a willingness to sacrifice themselves for others.

Back then, the Symbol Ancestor had ignited his Reincarnation, and sealed both the Yimo Emperor and the crack between the planes in order to protect the countless lives of this world. It was through this act that they were able to prevent this world from falling into the enemy’s hands. His eight disciples had similarly given everything they had for this world. All the experts of this world had a heartfelt respect when they talked about these heroes. This was also the reason why Ying Huanhuan’s group could easily establish the three great alliances. It was not purely due to the pressure from their strength. Instead, it was due to what they had done for this world in the past.

Ying Huanhuan sat quietly at the top of the mountain peak. At this moment, her eyes were not shut to cultivate. Her slim fingers within a pair of white gloves were aimlessly drawing circles on a rock on the ground. This absent minded manner of hers was witnessed by the Flame Master and the others by the side.

Such feelings were normally rarely seen on her.

The Flame Master’s group exchanged glances with each other as they smiled bitterly, and shook their heads. She had been acting in such a manner ever since she detected that Lin Dong had exited his cultivation seclusion… however, it was at least much better than her iciness from before.

“The Chaotic Demon Sea situation has already been stabilized. It is said that Tang Xinlian has already led half of the Chaotic Demon Sea Alliance Army to aid the Demon Region, while Lin Dong had led the other half to the Four Xuan Regions.” The Flame Master suddenly said.

Ying Huanhuan’s hand suddenly paused upon hearing that name. After which, she nodded.

“Once the Demon Region and the Four Xuan Regions finish off the Devil Prison army on their side, we will be able to attack the Western Xuan Region.” The Darkness Master’s eyebrows lifted as she looked towards the distant Western Xuan Region. Even though it was very far away, it was still possible for them to detect the frightening Demonic Qi surging there.

“I wonder just what Devil Prison is doing. They… are far too quiet.”

The Thunderbolt Master and the others also nodded. Devil Prison had basically done nothing during this period, and simply allowed them to eliminate the three Devil Prison armies. Clearly, given the cunning character of Devil Prison, they would not do something as foolish as making unnecessary sacrifices.

If this was so, it meant that the Yimo definitely had some unknown aim.

Coldness gathered within Ying Huanhuan’s pretty eyes when this serious matter was mentioned, and she clenched her hand tightly. After pondering for a moment, she said, “We can prepare to summon her soul.”

The Flame Master and the rest were stunned, before they quickly nodded. It was indeed about time.

“Let’s get ready…”

The Darkness Master stood up. Her words suddenly cut as her expression became awkward. After which, she arrived beside Ying Huanhuan and softly said, “It seems that we can’t do it now.”

The Flame Master and the rest had also become aware. They looked towards a certain direction, and watched the space there distort as a figure swiftly shot over.

Ying Huanhuan had naturally also felt this familiar aura. Anxiety and panic was revealed in her icy eyes, while her hand was involuntarily tightened.

“Ha ha, so this is where everyone is.” Space was distorted, and a figure appeared on the mountain peak. Lin Dong looked at the Flame Master and the others. He cupped his hands together and smiled.

The Flame Master’s group looked at Lin Dong as surprise flashed across their eyes. “You have already created the Divine Palace?”

Their voices contained a shock that could not be hidden. They were well aware of just how difficult it was to create the Divine Palace. Even their present selves could not say that they had succeeded. Yet, Lin Dong had completed this step. This naturally caused them to be exceptionally shocked.

“I was lucky.”

Lin Dong landed on the ground as he smiled and shook his head. After which, he looked at Ying Huanhuan at the top of the mountain peak. The latter’s plain dress and long icy blue hair gently swayed under the mountain breeze. Her clear and pretty eyes seemed to avoid him after seeing him approach.

“Both of you should chat.”

The Darkness Master waved towards the Flame Master and the rest upon seeing this. After which, they turned and left.

“Senior sister!” Ying Huanhuan’s felt a little panic in her ice-cold heart when she saw that they were about to leave. She hurriedly wanted to make them stay. However, they had already disappeared.

Lin Dong’s gaze paused on Ying Huanhuan after seeing that the Darkness Master’s group had left for the time being. After which, he walked forward. Ying Huanhuan’s aura, which did not weaken even when facing the Heaven Seat King of Devil Prison, became sluggish upon seeing this. She involuntarily took a small step back.

“Why? Are you unhappy that I have come out from my cultivation seclusion?” Lin Dong stood in front of Ying Huanhuan and smilingly asked.

“No.” Ying Huanhuan shook her head, but her pretty eyes slightly flickered.

“In that case, you should look at me when you speak.” It was the first time Lin Dong had such an evasive mannerism from her. He could not help but find it rather interesting. He extended his hand and gently lifted Ying Huanhuan’s sharp snow white chin. After which, both pairs of eyes looked into each other.

Ying Huanhuan was also startled by Lin Dong’s action. She gazed upon at the increasingly determined young face in front of her. The latter’s eyes were filled with a warm smile, causing her heart to feel a little warmth.

“Congratulations. You have created the Divine Palace.” Ying Huanhuan softly said.

Lin Dong grinned. After which, he saw the long snow white gloves that on Ying Huanhuan’s hands. She also seemed to have detected his eyes, and involuntarily withdrew her hands.

Lin Dong grabbed her arm before she could do this. A frightening chill emanated from the glove he held in his hand.

“What happened?’ Lin Dong frowned slightly and asked.

“Nothing.” Ying Huanhuan struggled for a while. She wanted to pull her arm back, but Lin Dong’s hand was just like a metal pincer. He stared at her and extended his other hand to gently remove the glove.

Ying Huanhuan sighed softly in her heart upon seeing this. She could only allow him to do as he pleased.

A crystal like hand was revealed after the snow white glove was removed. The original fair and slender hand had become crystal like ice. At a glance, it appeared as though her hand was made entirely from ice.

Lin Dong was a little taken aback as he looked at her ice like hands. A frightening chill seeped towards him as he held her hand. This chill made him feel an intense and sharp pain.

Ch ch.

Cold Qi converged on Lin Dong’s palm, and a thin layer of ice swiftly covered Lin Dong’s arm. The latter could feel the Yuan Power within his body become sluggish when his arm was enveloped by this layer of ice.

“What is this?!” Lin Dong completely ignored the ice covering his arm as he stared at Ying Huanhuan. There was a trace of anger in his voice.

Ying Huanhuan gently bit her lips, but stubbornly refused to speak.

“Is this the repercussion from opening the Ancestral Citadel?” Lin Dong thought for a moment, and quickly recalled the strange actions of Ying Huanhuan at that time.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“Will you still go in if I told you?” Ying Huanhuan stared at Lin Dong and retorted.

“Whether I go in or not is for me to decide! I seemed to have told you before that you are not allowed to lie to me!” Lin Dong furiously said.

“Even if it not for you, I will still open the Ancestral Citadel. If it not for the Ancestral Citadel, do you know just how many people in the Chaotic Demon Sea, Demon Region and Four Xuan Regions would have died?” It was clearly the first time that Ying Huanhuan had seen Lin Dong become angry at her. She could not help but feel wronged in her heart. However, she still clenched her teeth and spoke.

“Do you enjoy being the saviour of the world so much?!” Lin Dong cried out angrily. He had did his best to train. Yet, she had did her best to torture herself.

“Then what should I have done? Allow Devil Prison to sweep over the world and let everyone die together?” Ying Huanhuan clenched her hands and said.

“Alright, alright, since you love to be a saviour, go and be one. I will no longer concern myself with you!” Lin Dong’s eyes widened with rage as he said.

Ying Huanhuan’s lovely figure shook while she stared intently at Lin Dong. Her body trembled as she turned her head away. Her eyes had turned red as tears began to roll down her face.

“Then don’t bother about me! I don’t need you to care even if I die!” Ying Huanhuan shrugged off Lin Dong’s hand as she choked out.

Lin Dong looked at her trembling figure. At this very moment, she appeared exceptionally weak. The ice-cold aura was no longer present. This caused his heart to ache. He reached out and tried to grab her. However, Ying Huanhuan stubbornly dodged him.

Lin Dong disregarded this. He unreasonably grabbed her hand, and powerfully pulled, dragging her into his embrace. Both of his arms were like pincers. They were accompanied by an iciness as they grabbed her narrow waist which felt extremely nice to touch.

Ying Huanhuan struggled with all her might. However, she seemed to have forgotten that she was stronger than Lin Dong. If they really fought, Lin Dong would not be able to stop her.

“Don’t move!”

Lin Dong cried out angrily.

Ying Huanhuan gritted her teeth. “I don’t need you to care.”

Lin Dong adopted a stern face. He lowered his head and ruthlessly kissed those rosy lips. Both of them suddenly stiffened when their lips made contact.

The sensation on their touching skins was slightly cool like jade, yet there was a certain peacefulness under this sensation.

Ying Huanhuan was clearly stunned by this action of his. Her icy-blue eyes looked at the face that was almost touching her own. She did not dare to move, while a blush gushed out on her pretty face.

The two kissed on the mountaintop. It was a long time later before their lips separated.

“You…” Ying Huanhuan finally recovered. Her somewhat red eyes stared at Lin Dong in embarrassment and anger.

“You what?” Lin Dong licked his lips. After which, he tightly hugged the girl in his embrace. A faint glint appeared within his pitch-black eyes. After which, his lips approached her ear, and he softly said, “Your appearance earlier was really like how you were in the past…”

Like the lively girl, who would occasionally act willfully and throw tantrums, but also make one could not help but cherish her.

Ying Huanhuan gently leaned on Lin Dong’s chest as she felt his warmth. Tears once again emerged in her eyes. After which, she muttered softly. “I… I did not want to lie to you. But… but I really did not have any other choice.”

Lin Dong felt some sadness in his heart after hearing the choking voice of the girl in his embrace. After which, he held her firmly and said in a serious voice, “I will protect you.”

Ying Huanhuan shut her eyes as she gently buried her face into Lin Dong’s chest. There was a slight smile on her face. However, this smile was accompanied by a slight trace of bitterness.

With these words of yours, I will be perfectly satisfied regardless of what happens in the end…