Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1287: Alliance Between the Four Xuan Regions

Chapter 1287: Alliance Between the Four Xuan Regions


Chapter 1287: Alliance Between the Four Xuan Regions

The alliance army had finally achieved victory in the Chaotic Demon Sea war. Although this was partly due to Lin Dong’s participation, a larger part of the reason was because the Devil Prison army did not obtain any reinforcements. In such a situation, the Yimo naturally did not have much of a chance against the united Chaotic Demon Sea Alliance.

Despite this, the Chaotic Demon Sea Alliance still spent a full five days in order to eliminate these Yimo after the end of the war. Only then were the Yimo completely rooted from the Chaotic Demon Sea.

The war had ended. However, the sea regions which had been occupied by the Devil Prison army were terrible states. Demonic Qi had even seeped into the sea water, causing all life to die. Many sea regions were filled with various floating corpses, while a stench engulfed the entire place.

The eyes of everyone from the alliance army turned red upon seeing this tragedy. These Yimo were far too brutal and cruel. Peace would be impossible until these Yimo were completely eradicated.

However, they clearly did not have much time to purify the sea regions that had been polluted by Demonic Qi. The moment the war within the Chaotic Demon Sea ended, the alliance army began to split into two under Tang Xinlian’s command. Half would support the Four Xuan Region Alliance, while the other half would support the Demon Region. Only by quickly eliminating the Yimo in the three regions would they be able to engage the Devil Prison in a decisive battle without any worry.

After musing for a moment, Lin Dong led half of the alliance army and headed for the Four Xuan Region. It was after all a little closer to the Western Xuan Region. Although Ying Huanhuan’s group was constantly observing Devil Prison, it was best for him to hurry over as soon as possible to avoid any unexpected situations.

It was likely that with Tang Xinlian leading the other half of the Chaotic Demon Sea Alliance Army towards the Demon Region, the Demon Region would be able to swiftly turn things around and resolve the unrest there.

Tang Xinlian greatly supported this arrangement by Lin Dong. Hence, after the situation of the Chaotic Demon Sea was stabilized, the two of them led an army each, and headed towards the east and west respectively.


Eastern Xuan Region, Sunset Plains.

This was the border between the Eastern Xuan Region and Southern Xuan Region. It was also where the Four Xuan Region Alliance Army was located. Facing them on the plains a hundred miles away was the invading Devil Prison army.

The Four Xuan Region Alliance Army were currently training on the plains, as shouts filled the sky. A couple of figures were standing in front of the army, while a slim figure stood at the head of this group. She wore a black dress and had a beautiful figure. However, her pretty and exquisite face was currently filled with murderous desire. Those pitch-black night sky like pretty eyes slowly swept over the vast and endless plains.

Who else could it be other than Qingtan. At this moment, she was not only the master of Darkness Palace, but also the alliance chief of the Four Xuan Region Alliance. Although she was very young, she had already proven her position as commander through the many bloody battles with Devil Prison over the past year. Hence, the countless pairs of eyes on the plains were filled with respect when they looked at her.

Ling Qingzhu wore a white dress as she stood behind Qingtan. She had a distant demeanor. That extremely pretty and seemingly flawless face of hers seemed to appear even more full of life than the past for some reason. Moreover, there was a mysterious faint scent on her that caused respect and fear to rise in the hearts of anyone who saw her.


While Ling Qingzhu observed the plains, her expression suddenly changed, and she turned her head to look at the distant sky. An intense spatial fluctuation had suddenly appeared. Soon after, a large number of figures rushed out like a swarm of locusts. Their overwhelming aura caused the land to shake.


Warning sirens immediately erupted within the Four Xuan Region Alliance in response to this unexpected situation. Soon after, countless figures rose into the air as Yuan Power dashed into the sky.

“There is no need to panic. Those are our allies from the Chaotic Demon Sea Alliance.” Ling Qingzhu’s voice spread at this moment. Only then, did the tense atmosphere over the plains ease up.

“The Chaotic Demon Sea Alliance Army? Could they have already finished off the Yimo in the Chaotic Demon Sea? How impressive!”

“Now that these brothers have come, we will no longer need to fear those Yimo. This time, we will definitely be able to exterminate them!”


An earthshaking cheer erupted from the Four Xuan Region Alliance Army after their caution disappeared. Countless individuals waved their hands excitedly at the large locust like army that was approaching from afar.

“Eh… that is… big brother Lin Dong?!”

Although the coldness on her face had diminished slightly because of the arrival of the alliance army, she still maintained her demeanor as the alliance chief of the Four Xuan Region. However, when she saw the figure at the front of the army, the coldness on her small face vanished. Her joyous appearance stunned the surrounding upper echelons of the Four Xuan Region Alliance. They only understood after hearing Lin Dong’s name.

By the side, Ling Qingzhu nodded her head as she looked towards the approaching army. Although her beautiful face still appeared distant, everyone could see some warmth appearing within her eyes. This involuntarily caused several people to quietly shake their heads. These two ladies were fancied by countless young and outstanding men within the Four Xuan Region Alliance. However, it seemed that there was little hope for these individuals. With such a monstrous rival, where would they find the courage to compete?

The alliance army swiftly approached. Finally, they landed on the spacious plains. Lin Dong moved and directly appeared on the tall platform.

“Big brother Lin Dong!”

Qingtan said in a happy voice, while her slim figure had already pounced over. Lin Dong hurriedly caught her. He held her small and narrow waist as he dotingly rubbed Qingtan’s small head. He smiled and said, “You have already become the alliance chief of the Four Xuan Region, yet you act as though you are a child.”

Qingtan grinned happily. Her pure and innocent appearance was completely void of the cold murderous aura she had when she was in the alliance. She looked like a naive young girl who was unaware of the world’s affairs. However, only the experts from the alliance, who had tasted her tactics, knew just what kind of frightening methods hid under this seemingly silly appearance.

Lin Dong smilingly chatted with Qingtan. After which, he looked at Ling Qingzhu and gave her a warm smile. The latter’s usually aloof face reddened slightly upon seeing his smile and shifted her face to the side.

“How is the situation here?” Lin Dong asked.

“Our Four Xuan Region Alliance has been stuck in a stalemate with the Devil Prison army. However, big brother Lin Dong, you should be aware that in terms of strength, our Four Xuan Region is likely the weakest amongst the three great alliances. Hence, we have not been able to obtain the upper hand.” Qingtan said somewhat helplessly.

Lin Dong was unsurprised. Of the four Xuan Regions, the Western Xuan Region had already completely fallen under the control of Devil Prison. Thus, it was a little inferior when compared to the Chaotic Demon Sea and Demon Region Alliances. It was already rather good that Qingtan’s group could hold out till now.

“No problem. I have brought half of the Chaotic Demon Sea Alliance over. This should be sufficient to eliminate this Devil Prison army.” Lin Dong grinned and said.

Qingtan nodded her small head. With these reinforcements, the situation would definitely become one-sided.

Lin Dong pulled Qingtan and approached Ling Qingzhu. He was suddenly stunned when he looked at the her, and it was clear that he had detected something strange about the latter. Moreover, the thing that surprised Lin Dong the most was the fact that he was unable to detect Ling Qingzhu’s current cultivation level.

“No need to keep sensing, I have already released all of my Yuan Power.” Ling Qingzhu faintly smiled and said when she feltg Lin Dong’s gaze.

“Released?” Lin Dong was startled. He said in a somewhat stunned voice, “Why have you released your Yuan Power? Now, you’re…”

Lin Dong paused at this point. Although he was indeed unable to detect any Yuan Power fluctuations from Ling Qingzhu, he could vaguely feel a familiar feeling emanating from her.

Ling Qingzhu extended her hand, and faint Primal Chaos Light suddenly gathered within it. A mysterious and powerful ripple pulsed.

“This is… Zenith Power?!” Lin Dong let out a startled voice. This was the power from sensing the Zenith.

“Yes. I have chosen to take a different path. Instead of cultivating Yuan Power, I am meditating the Zenith and absorbing its power into my body.” Ling Qingzhu nodded. “Even I do not know what cultivation level I am at now. However, it seems that I am much stronger than before.”

Even with Lin Dong’s mental fortitude, he involuntarily gasped. What was choosing to take a different path? Was there another path in this world other than practicing Yuan Power or Mental Energy?

Lin Dong was aware that this path was to absorb Zenith Power. However, how many people in this world could detect the Zenith? Moreover, even if they did, how would it be possible for them to absorb Zenith Power into their body? This was likely something that even Lin Dong could not do.

Additionally, Ling Qingzhu was also a little too bold. She had simply gotten rid of the Yuan Power she had painstakingly cultivated for dozens of years at a whim. This was even more decisive than his destruction of the Niwan Palace.

“It is only possible to maintain a pure heart and to sense the Zenith without other powers. This actually seems to be pretty good.” Ling Qingzhu softly said. Her beautiful face gave off an ethereal fairy-like feeling. She had a distant demeanor to begin with. Now that this feeling was added, she truly appeared like a fairy descending upon the mortal realm.

Lin Dong rubbed his nose. Originally, he had thought that he was quite abnormal. He never imagined that Ling Qingzhu was worse. Even he had never thought of such a thing. It seemed that Ling Qingzhu clearly had a much greater talent than him when it came to sensing this so called Zenith.

“Leave the Chaotic Demon Sea Alliance Army to Qingtan and I. We will finish off this Devil Prison army. Now, I suggest you go and visit her.” Ling Qingzhu lifted a bundle of her fine black hair. Her clear eyes looked at Lin Dong as she spoke.


Lin Dong was taken aback. Soon after, he quickly recovered, “Ying Huanhuan? What happened to her?”

“You should go and take a look. It should be possible for you to detect where they are.” Ling Qingzhu shook her head and said.

Unease rose within Lin Dong’s heart. He quickly nodded. Without further ado, silver light flashed and he disappeared.

Ling Qingzhu sighed softly after seeing Lin Dong disappear.