Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1286: Calming the Chaotic Demon Sea

Chapter 1286: Calming the Chaotic Demon Sea


Chapter 1286: Calming the Chaotic Demon Sea

In the sky, there was a skinny figure hovering in midair below that huge devil palm. His skinny looking body contained a frightening amount of power, as he easily intercepted that devil palm.

“Is that… elder Lin Dong?”

Some members of the Chaotic Demon Sea alliance exclaimed in shock. Ever since the alliance was established one year ago, Lin Dong had went missing and it was rumoured that he went into a cultivation seclusion. Unexpectedly, he had actually showed up at a critical moment like this!

“He arrived just in time.”

Currently, Tang Xinlian’s pretty face was plastered with joy. Right now, the entire place was a battlefield. However, on the whole, there were no top experts from either party in the three battlefields. This was because the strongest individuals from the Devil Prison were all in the Western Xuan Region under the watchful eyes of the Ancient Masters. In the same vein, the Ancient Masters were unable to lend a hand to this fight. Therefore, after Lin Dong showed up, it would undoubtedly help their side immensely.

“Elder Qingzhi, are you alright?” After he stopped that devil palm, Lin Dong tilted his head to look at Qingzhi, who was standing behind him, before he asked.

Green light was glimmering on Qingzhi’s body. After which, he slowly turned back into human form before he wiped off the trace of blood on the corner of his lips. Following which, he gave a bitter smile towards Lin Dong before he said, “Have you left your seclusion?”

Lin Dong nodded. With a smile, he said, “Leave this big fella to me.”

Qingzhi did not object to this. Currently, though Lin Dong’s body did not give off any fluctuations, Qingzhi vaguely caught a whiff of an extremely dangerous aura. Clearly, after spending one year in a cultivation seclusion, Lin Dong’s strength had soared to a level beyond his comprehension.

This transformation caused him to sigh while feeling pleased at the same time. He recalled that the first time he met Lin Dong, the latter was merely a young man who had stood out in the small Hundred Empire War. At that time, he realized that Lin Dong was quite talented and decided to teach him the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill. However, who could have imagined that after many years, that young man from before had actually surpassed him.

“Be careful. This huge devil was created after the merger of over a dozen true kings. Although it cannot survive for long, it is extremely violent.” Qingzhi warned Lin Dong. Subsequently, he descended before he protected the many experts from the alliance.

“A merged Yimo huh?”

Lin Dong was not surprised by this fact. After all, this was similar to the way the three great heads of Yuan Gate fought. However, these Yimo were even more brutal and fearsome. Nevertheless, this should also be the limits of their merger. In fact, they would likely self-destruct if they forcefully added more individuals.


That humongous devil withdrew its devil palm. Then, it used its brutal eyes to stare at Lin Dong before it released a furious roar. Immediately, black blood began to spurt out from within its massive body like a fountain. Following which, those blood wiggled before an extremely evil fluctuation was emitted.

“Devil Blood World!”

A furious buzzing roar was emitted from the huge devil’s fearsome large mouth. Soon after, the black blood actually began to spread abruptly. Then, just like a ball of light, it enveloped Lin Dong. After which, that blood ball quickly shrunk, before a frightening fluctuation swiftly gathered.


In the blink of an eye, the blood ball was merely a couple of dozen feet in size. Meanwhile, Lin Dong’s body was enveloped within. After which, that humongous devil suddenly clenched its fist as it tried to burst that blood ball in an attempt to kill Lin Dong.


However, right before it could clench its devil palm, a long hand directly penetrated that blood ball with a loud ‘splash’. After which, Lin Dong ripped that blood ball, which was formed by gathering a terrifying amount of energy, into two pieces as though it was a thin piece of paper.

Lin Dong smiled. With a flip of his palm, he sucked that shattered blood ball into his palm. As it slowly rotated, it turned into a fist sized black bead.


Lin Dong flicked his finger before a trace of Primal Chaos Light flashed across the surface of that black bead. Subsequently, that black bead transformed into a black ray of light before it streaked across the sky and struck the chest of that humongous devil.

Sizzle sizzle.

Though that black bead did not seem to possess much strength, the devil body, which could withstand an all-out attack from Qingzhi, was directly penetrated by that tiny devil bead, before it burrowed deep within its body.

“Fool, are you trying to use our demonic aura to kill us?!”

After that devil bead shot into that humongous devil body, the latter released a piercing loud laugh. This was because after the devil bead entered its body, it did not cause the slightest damage to it. Instead, it even allowed the demonic aura within its body to soar.

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong gave a gentle smile before he gently clenched his hand and asked, “Is that so?”


After Lin Dong clenched his hand, the wild and maniacal laughter from the huge devil suddenly ceased. Promptly, its huge body trembled violently before several Primal Chaos Light rays shot out from within its body.


Thanks to the Primal Chaos Light, the endless demonic aura within the huge devil body were disappearing at an extremely frightening rate. Subsequently, the body of that huge devil split apart before dozens of devil figures fell out. After which, they vomitted black blood violently.

Lin Dong had forcefully pulled out these true kings, which had been merged together within the huge devil.

After they were forced out, these true kings all had ashen expressions. Meanwhile, their eyes were filled with intense fear as they stared at Lin Dong. However, even before they could make a move, with no emotions on his face, Lin Dong had already made his move.


A lightning dragon streaked across the sky. This lightning dragon looked extremely lifelike and there were thunderbolts sparkling on its huge body. Compared to the lightning dragons from before, this dragon looked so real that it felt as though it was alive. Meanwhile, it gave off a relatively frightening aura.

That lightning dragon charged downwards. Following which, everywhere it passed, the true kings were blasted apart one after another as miserable screeches sounded. Thunderbolt force spread before it removed the demonic aura completely.

When the true kings saw how brutal Lin Dong was, they began to flee immediately.

When Lin Dong saw this, he swung his sleeve. Following which, several ten thousand feet large black holes appeared behind those true kings. After which, those black holes rotated before they devoured those Yimo just like a huge mouth.

Within a short period of time, a dozen over true kings were completely eliminated by Lin Dong.

This scene left countless individuals on the battlefield taken aback.

After he got rid of those true kings, Lin Dong stared indifferently at the battlefield below. This was the first time he had ever witnessed such a huge battle. In fact, the battlefield basically encompassed the entire Northern Sea Region. Demonic aura and Yuan Power clashed wherever he looked.

There were millions of Yimo here. Meanwhile, the alliance army had a similar number of troops. Moreover, these were not ordinary troops as every single one of them was fairly skilled.

A thought passed through Lin Dong’s mind. Immediately, countless thunder clouds gathered in the sky. Following which, deafening rumbling noises echoed across the sky, drowning the battle cries from all over the place.

“You guys should have never came to this world.”

Thunderbolts surged. Lin Dong was standing in the sky as he looked nonchantaly at the numerous Yimo. Following which, an icy cold expression rose within his eyes before he said, “Therefore, all of you shall be purified. Perhaps, your souls can return to where they belong to.”


The entire world trembled at this moment. The thunder clouds swelled before countless thunderbolts, which contained frightening amounts of thunderbolt strength, began to rain down wildly. Wherever the thunderbolts swept past, countless Yimo were vaporized even before they had the opportunity to scream.

After receiving such a frightening attack, the fearsome Yimo army was demoralized. In fact, horror flashed across the eyes of some Yimo. After losing their true king commanders, it was clear that they were no longer as fearsome as before.


A cold glint flashed across Tang Xinlian’s pretty eyes. Immediately, she took advantage of the weakened Yimo army’s morale as she shouted coldly. Promptly, monstrous killing intent erupted from within the alliance army before it swept forth. Instantly, the Yimo army was battered by them.

Nonetheless, these Yimo were indeed fearsome creatures. Even up against a situation like this, they continued to put up a firm resistance. At the same time, they continuously inflicted heavy casualties to the alliance. Fresh blood dyed the ocean.

However, after they lost the main fight, their all-out efforts clearly could not affect the overall battle. In the end, the Yimo army’s resistance grew weaker and weaker.


After they realized that defeat was certain, some cries erupted from within the Yimo army. Subsequently, countless Yimo charged towards the ocean. Clearly, they were planning to dive into the ocean to escape.

These Yimo were extremely powerful. Therefore, it would be extremely troublesome if they escaped.

However, when she saw that they were withdrawing, a cold smile flashed over Tang Xinlian’s face. Following which, her cold voice resounded, “Sea Demon Army, do not allow any Yimo to escape!”

All of a sudden, countless large waves rose from beneath the ocean. After which, the ocean was seemingly split apart as countless Sea Demon soldiers mounting various sea monsters charged out from the bottom of the ocean. Faintly, there seemed to be an extremely large light formation at the bottom of the ocean, sealing off all exit paths from the ocean.

Standing in the sky, Lin Dong stared at the Yimo army, which had been trapped, before he slowly relaxed his palm. Then, he lifted his thumb towards Tang Xinlian. She was as impressive as ever. Everything was arranged accordingly and she did not give the Yimo army the slightest chance to retreat.

Standing amidst thousands of soldiers, when Tang Xinlian saw Lin Dong’s action, her sleek red sexy lips lifted into a proud arc. After which, she stared directly back at Lin Dong with no signs of evasion. The gentle and bewitching emotion within her eyes caused Lin Dong to involuntarily turn his head. Only then, did she burst out in laughter.

Lin Dong exhaled softly. After they cleaned up this battle, the war in the Chaotic Demon Sea was officially over. Subsequently, after they stabilized the situation in the Demon Region and the Western Xuan Region, it was likely time to engage in a final decisive battle with the Devil Prison.

“Are they monitoring the upper echelon of the Devil Prison…” Lin Dong looked in the direction of the Four Xuan Regions before he muttered.

At this moment, an icy blue figure was seated on a mountain peak at the border of the distant Eastern and Western Xuan Region. Suddenly, as if she detected something, she opened her pretty eyes before she looked towards the Chaotic Demon Sea. Finally, she slowly clenched her small hands, which were covered with snow white gloves.

He… has he left his seclusion?