Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1285: Qingzhi Fights A Devil

Chapter 1285: Qingzhi Fights A Devil


Chapter 1285: Qingzhi Fights A Devil

Chaotic Demon Sea, Northern Sea Region.

Over the last year, this vast sea region was basically the front line of the war between the Devil Prison and the Chaotic Demon Sea alliance. Both parties had fought dozens of battles in this region and every battle was an earth shaking one. In fact, the entire ocean was dyed blood red, while the sky was filled with demonic aura.

Currently, this sea region was still the bloodiest place across the entire Chaotic Demon Sea.

This was because both parties were engaged in a decisive battle in this region.

In order for the Chaotic Demon Sea alliance to free up its forces and assist the two other great alliances, they had to end the war in the Chaotic Demon Sea as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the Devil Prison had issued the harshest order to the Yimo in this region, and they were to stop the Chaotic Demon Sea alliance at any cost.

Hence, the most intense and fearsome battle over the last year erupted once again.

Bang bang!

Demonic aura surged in all directions while countless formidable Yuan Power blew apart. At a cursory glance, one could see numerous glowing figures charging towards the Devil Prison army together with a fearsome and monstrous killing intent.

Two massive torrents collided against each other, before battle cries echoed across the sky. On the ocean, huge waves that were hundreds of thousands of feet in size, rose and fell. However, the loud rumbling noises could not cover the bloodthirsty battle cries.

Tang Xinlian was standing in the sky behind the endless sea of alliance army troops. Currently, she was wearing a tight red soft armour, which showcased her well-proportioned body and highlighted her alluring curves. As of now, her beautiful face was focused intently on this battlefield. Her clear and cold cries were wrapped with Yuan Power, before they were continuously sent into the distance, commanding the entire alliance army in the process.

“Alliance chief, it seems like the Yimo have gone crazy and they are far too persistent.” Standing beside Tang Xinlian, an old man said with a grave expression on his face.

A cold glint flashed across Tang Xinlian’s eyes before she said, “Send an absolute order. This time around, we must finish off the Devil Prison army in the Chaotic Demon Sea. The headquarters of the Devil Prison has already been revealed. Therefore, the reason why the Yimo armies are fighting to their death is likely because they had received an order from their headquarters. Moreover, it is clear that the Devil Prison is planning to sacrifice these troops in order to stall our alliance army.”

“Since they are willing to pay such a hefty price, the Devil Prison must be using this opportunity to make certain preparations. Therefore, we must act with haste!”

When he heard her words, that old man felt his heart shudder before he quickly acknowledged. He was also a top expert within the Chaotic Demon Sea and in fact, in terms of seniority, he was ranked even higher than Mo Luo. However, over the last year, ever since Tang Xinlian took control of the Chaotic Demon Sea alliance, the situation had slowly turned for the better. Therefore, her abilities were now widely acknowledged and no one in the entire Chaotic Demon Sea disobeyed her orders.

Many orders swiftly spread throughout the alliance army. Following which, a scarlet red expression appeared in the eyes of countless experts. After all, far too many people from their side were killed by the Devil Prison over the last year, and this grudge could never be buried. Since it could never be buried, they would completely exterminate the Yimo instead!


An earth shaking roar resounded, before countless experts charged forward like a torrent. Their majestic Yuan Power completely shattered all the Yimo at the front.

The entire place turned scarlet.

With a cold expression on her pretty face, Tang Xinlian stared at the battlefield. Soon after, she turned her attention towards the sky. That was the place where the elites from both sides were fighting at. Although there was only a small number of people involved, the outcome of that fight would have an extremely huge impact on the overall battle.

The battleground in the sky consisted only of experts who had stepped into the Reincarnation stage. Meanwhile, their opponents were all creatures that were ranked at or above the Yimo kings. In fact, there were many true kings as well. Fortunately, these troublesome fellows were all stopped by the top experts from the alliance.

“I wonder if elder Qingzhi is able to hold on.”

Tang Xinlian clenched her jade like hands before she looked at the highest part of this battlefield. Currently, frightening ripples were being emitted from that spot. Meanwhile, a green clothed figure was present within the clouds. Standing opposite him, was a ten thousand feet large giant Yimo. This Yimo looked extremely fearsome and there were a dozen over large eyes on its body. Meanwhile, fearsome and brutal fluctuations radiated from within its body.

This gruesome Yimo was formed from the merger of ten true kings from the Devil Prison. After the merger, the newly created Yimo was extremely frightening. In fact, it was comparable to a peak expert who had passed two Reincarnation Tribulations. As such, it was likely that within the Chaotic Demon Sea alliance, only Qingzhi could stop a creature like that.

Clearly, the Yimo army was using everything they had in order to stop the Chaotic Demon Sea alliance army from destroying them.


Currently, Qingzhi had an extremely solemn expression on his face. Following which, green light swept out from within his body in all directions, before his body actually began to swell wildly.

In a short period of time, his clothes were all in tatters. Meanwhile, Qingzhi has transformed into a ten thousand feet large dragon-like human. Green scales covered his entire body, while a cold light glimmered on them. Moreover, the green veins on his dragon arms were wiggling like tiny dragons, while tens of thousands of green dragon light tattoos circled around his body as they bellowed.

The Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill was created by Qingzhi. Therefore, when he executed this martial arts, its strength would blow anyone’s mind.

Qingzhi was hovering in the sky. The space itself was shattered as he transformed into a green ray of light and shot towards the ferocious giant devil. His dragon fist whistled before tens of thousands of dragon light tattoos surged. After which, they landed on that huge devil’s body with lightning like speed.

Bang bang bang!

Up against Qingzhi’s fearsome attacks, that huge devil roared towards the sky, before it swung its sharp devil claws ruthlessly. In fact, it showed no signs of retreating as it chose to clash head-on with Qingzhi instead.

Two massive creatures were brawling in the sky. They did not use any special techniques. Instead, they relied on their frightening strength, which could even cause the space itself to explode. The low and deep sound of fist meeting fist, even drowned the battle cries from all over the place.


Qingzhi’s sharp dragon claw ruthlessly swiped the enormous devil’s body. Promptly, a piece of its flesh, that was dripping with black blood, was forcefully ripped off. The moment its flesh was ripped off, that huge devil released a loud roar before it landed a punch on Qingzhi’s body. The force behind that punch shattered the green dragon scales on Qingzhi’s body and sent the latter flying by over ten thousand feet.


Traces of blood climbed into Qingzhi’s dragon eyes. His back shook, before a pair of huge green dragon wings, which was tens of thousands of feet in size, was extended. Then, he flapped his dragon wings before he collided with that huge devil once again.

Tang Xinlian was observing the frightening fight in the sky. Suddenly, her pretty eyes hardened before she cried out in a cold voice, “Third unit, attack.”

Right after she spoke, monstrous killing intent suddenly erupted from a distance far behind the Yimo army. After which, numerous practitioners charged towards them in all directions like sharp blades, and they actually split the Yimo army into two.

This sudden reinforcement also boosted the morale of the alliance army. After which, they gradually gained the upper hand.


At this moment, the Yimo army also realized that something was amiss. All of a sudden, an earth shaking roar sounded. Meanwhile, that roar was filled with endless violence and madness.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

That roar reverberated across the place. After which, the bodies of the elite Yimo in the sky suddenly blew apart. Following which, they transformed into black rays of light before they shot into the huge devil body high in the sky, which was currently engaging in a fearsome brawl with Qingzhi.


After that huge devil suddenly received a frightening influx of energy, its massive hundred thousand feet large body actually began to swell once again. In fact, large bloody scars appeared on the surface of its body. Clearly, it was beginning to buckle under the strain.


The humongous devil released a stern roar before it threw a punch forward. That punch penetrated through the air before it ruthlessly landed on Qingzhi’s body, sending the latter flying. Meanwhile, the dragon scales on Qingzhi’s body were blasted apart while fresh blood flowed continuously.

Evidently, the Yimo army had gone crazy. This humongous devil, which was formed from the merger of numerous Yimo, was likely equivalent to a peak expert who had passed three Reincarnation Tribulations. However, this was also its limit. If they continued to add more Yimo, it was likely that this humongous devil would self-destruct because it was unable to handle the strain.

Moreover, even if these Yimo managed to win the fight, there was no way they could survive. In essence, they were sacrificing their lives to stall the alliance army.

When Qingzhi saw this, murderous desire erupted within his eyes. Following which, he emitted a roar from his dragon mouth, before green light swept across the place and he once again charged forward. Immediately, tens of thousands of dragon light tattoos transformed into a hundred thousand feet large green dragon, before it roared and charged wildly towards the large devil.

After all, there was no way Qingzhi could retreat at this juncture! If he did so, it would allow this humongous devil to charge into the alliance army, which would definitely lead to massive casualties.

The huge devil also roared wildly. Then, he stared at Qingzhi, who was charging over. Immediately, an endless amount of black blood began to gather at its huge mouth and palm. Finally, with a loud “bang”, the black blood directly transformed into a black ray of light, before it smashed onto Qingzhi’s body with lightning like speed.

Qingzhi’s dragon scales were instantly shattered. After which, his huge body flew backwards in front of countless pairs of shocked eyes from the alliance army. In fact, a large bloody hole had appeared on his shoulder.


A roar, which was filled with murderous desire and brutality, was emitted from the huge devil’s mouth. Following which, his exceptionally sharp devil palm whizzed forward before it ruthlessly smashed towards Qingzhi. From the looks of it, that devil clearly wanted to kill Qingzhi.

“Help him!”

Anxious furious roars were emitted from those top experts from the alliance. Following which, monstrous Yuan Power pillars shot forward in an attempt to block that huge devil. However, the latter completely ignored them. Instead, that huge devil allowed those attacks to land on its body, causing it to tremble violently.


That devil palm slammed down mercilessly before it ruthlessly struck Qingzhi. However, just as the crowd had resigned themselves to stare helpless and wait for Qingzhi to suffer a heavy blow, a low and deep noise suddenly sounded in the sky. Immediately, that descending devil palm froze.

“What’s that?!”

Countless individuals were startled. Then, they quickly looked above Qingzhi before they saw a figure standing in the air. That man extended his right hand before he gently blocked that huge devil palm.

There was a startling contrast in their size. However, owing to that man’s skinny palm, that humongous devil was unable to budge!

Tang Xinlian looked at that familiar looking skinny figure. First, she was startled. However, soon after, wild joy spread on her pretty face!

“Lin Dong?!”