Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1284: Ten Years in A Flash

Chapter 1284: Ten Years in A Flash


Chapter 1284: Ten Years in A Flash

Seated at the top of an altar, Lin Dong opened his eyes. Meanwhile, his dark black eyes seemed to encompass the entire world. They looked so mysterious that one would be involuntarily intoxicated within them.

After Lin Dong awoke from his long training session, he was lost for a moment. Soon after, his eyes began to regain their usual clarity. Then, he lowered his head and looked at his long hands, before a faint smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

“Is this… the Divine Palace Master level?”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. At this moment, he sensed that he had advanced to a relatively frightening level. This was a level that he had never came into contact with in the past.

In fact, he felt that right now, if he met the Seventh Seat King from the Devil Prison again, he could easily injure the latter with the flip of his palm. Moreover, there was nothing to fear even if he met a Seat King, who was equivalent to an expert who had passed three Reincarnation Tribulations.

This was the strength afforded by his Divine Palace.

Lin Dong shut his eyes before a thought passed through his mind. After which, he saw that between his brows, there was a Divine Palace, which was now giving off hundred thousand feet large divine light rays. Meanwhile, there was an endless amount of Mental Energy whistling and dancing within his Divine Palace. In fact, his Mental Energy now gave off a faint Primal Chaos Light. This was the change that occured after they merged with that mysterious Zenith. In fact, it was this small change that caused his Mental Energy to metamorphosize.

Opening his eyes, Lin Dong slowly stood up. After which, light glimmered on his body before they transformed into a set of black clothes. Following which, he clenched his hand. Although in the last ten years, he had spent most of his time trying to form a Divine Palace, the Yuan Power within his body had also improved significantly. However, after reaching his level, he no longer had to think about making a breakthrough. Instead, all he cared about was how to survive the frightening Reincarnation Tribulation.

“Ten years. One year should have passed in the outside world. I wonder what is going on outside.”

Lin Dong muttered to himself, before he left his cultivation state. After which, he began to worry secretly in his heart. After all, even before he entered his seclusion, the outside world was in quite a bad state. Therefore, he wondered what the situation was like now.

“I should leave first.”

With this thought in mind, Lin Dong ceased hesitating. He turned around and bowed towards the old and damaged futon on the altar. This was because a big reason why he could successfully form his Divine Palace was because he had received a divine hint. Otherwise, he would have never imagined that forming a Divine Palace actually required that mysterious Zenith’s strength. Thankfully, he had learnt the Zenith Sensing Art from Ling Qingzhu. Otherwise, he might have never been able to make this step in his lifetime.

Of course, advancing to the Divine Palace Master level not only required help from that mysterious force. Over the years, whereby he was trying to form a Divine Palace, despite Lin Dong’s cautious nature, he still made mistakes on a couple of occasions and they nearly caused his Divine Palace to collapse. Thankfully, he was able to salvage the situation. Otherwise, it was likely that he would still end up in failure.

Buzz buzz.

While Lin Dong bowed towards that futon, that futon actually emitted a faint buzzing sound. Following which, a mysterious light slowly rose from it.


Light gathered on that futon. Faintly, they seemed to form a small mysterious formation. When Lin Dong saw that light formation, he was promptly startled. This was because that light formation was exactly the same as the Ancient Universe Formation in his body!

The Ancient Universe Formation in Lin Dong’s body also shook the moment this light formation appeared. After which, it lost control and rushed out from within Lin Dong’s body, before it directly merged with that light formation.

The two of them merged. Soon after, the formation became even more obscure and mysterious. Meanwhile, the ancient fluctuation that it gave off became even more intense.

“Is this the formation spirit of the Ancient Universe Formation?” Lin Dong looked at the merged Ancient Universe Formation, before a look of comprehension flashed across his face. Ever since he obtained the Ancient Universe Formation, he always felt that something was missing. From the members of the Devil Prison, he learnt that the Ancient Universe Formation was created by the Symbol Ancestor. In fact, numerous Yimo were killed by it during the ancient times. However, he did not know that the Ancient Universe Formation in his hand, was actually imperfect.

The scene in front of him clearly showed Lin Dong that the thing missing from his Ancient Universe Formation, was actually hidden within this old and damaged futon all along!

The light formation began to shrink. After which, all the light returned to the futon. Subsequently, the old and damaged futon began to melt. Finally, flames rose before an exceptional cluster of light slowly rose from it.

This unusual cluster of light was a palm-sized black and white stone plate. Meanwhile, that stone plate gave off an ancient and desolate sensation and there were countless mysterious lines carved on it.

Lin Dong extended his hand, before that black and white stone plate landed in his palm. When it first entered his palm, it felt icy cold. Then, Lin Dong observed it curiously. Following which, a thought passed through his mind before that black and white stone plate turned into an unusual light and tunneled into his body.

Right now, the Ancient Universe Formation, which was created by the Symbol Ancestor, was finally complete!

After completing his Ancient Universe Formation, joy involuntarily flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. After all, he never expected to have a chance encounter in a place like this.

“Thank you Symbol Ancestor.”

Lin Dong cupped his hands together towards the void and voiced his thanks. Although the Symbol Ancestor was no longer here, it did not stop him from expressing his gratitude.

After voicing his thanks, Lin Dong did not continue to linger in this place. A thought passed through his mind before a glowing halo slowly formed in the void in front of the altar. After which, without hesitation, he stepped into the glowing halo before he disappeared gradually.

This empty space, which could distort time, finally became silent once again after Lin Dong disappeared. In fact, there was only a weak light flashing on that old and damaged futon, which was seated at the top of the altar. It looked as though it was sending Lin Dong off.


Flame Divine Hall.

Currently, this place was the headquarters of the Chaotic Demon Sea alliance and there were countless figures shuttling in the sky. This place appeared extremely lively and it was several times more lively compared to one year ago.

Of course, the most eye-catching place in this region was undoubtedly the “Ancestral Citadel” standing in the sky. In fact, there were countless figures standing right at its entrance. Meanwhile, frightening auras spread from within their bodies. It turns out that they were all ultimate experts who had stepped into the Samsara stage.

Down below, there were countless people staring enviously at these experts, who were finally able to enter the Ancestral Citadel after surviving a harsh selection process. After all, over the past year, many Samsara stage experts were able to make a breakthrough after they entered that citadel, and advance to the highly respected Reincarnation stage. This was also why their alliance was growing increasingly powerful and they were now able to push the Yimo back.

At this moment, at the deepest part of the Ancestral Citadel, the ancient stone statue within the stone square suddenly emitted a bright light. After which, a black clothed skinny figure slowly walked out from within.

Lin Dong exited the stone statue before he surveyed the familiar scene in front of him. After ten years of bitter training, a familiar glow finally surged within his lonely looking black eyes.

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath. Promptly, he gave a gentle smile before he walked out. Along the way, he would occasionally spot some experts who were training bitterly. These individuals were all powerful practitioners. However, when they saw Lin Dong, they were all stunned. In fact, all of them only recovered their senses after Lin Dong walked past them.

“Is that… elder Lin Dong?!”

Within the Chaotic Demon Sea alliance, Lin Dong held the position of elder and he had the same rank as Ying Huanhuan and the rest. This was naturally a highly respected position and it’s no wonder the members of the alliance were all stunned when they saw him.

“It turns out elder Lin Dong was also training within the Ancestral Citadel…” Countless private conversations sounded. After which, all of them were in shock. When Lin Dong brushed past them previously, none of them could detect any Yuan Power or Mental Energy fluctuation from the latter. This was clearly not because Lin Dong had lost all his strength. In that case, it could only mean that Lin Dong had currently reached a level far beyond their imagination.

Lin Dong ignored the commotion behind as he headed directly towards the front door of the Ancestral Citadel. He was just about to leave when he was stopped by a person, “Brother, have you completed your training? In that case, please come and register. Which alliance do you belong to?”

Lin Dong was bewildered as he stared at that middle-aged man, who was interrogating him with a jade plate in his hand. After which, he scratched his head. He was just about to speak when someone from the side suddenly pulled that man aside. Meanwhile, that other person, who originally had a stern expression on his face, suddenly smiled before he said, “Elder Lin Dong, he is a newcomer and does not recognise your honorable self. If he has offended you in any way, please forgive him.”

“Elder Lin Dong?” When he heard this name, the expression on the face of that man, who was interrogating Lin Dong previously, changed immediately. After which, he stared at Lin Dong with wild joy on his face.

“What is going on?” Lin Dong felt neither able to laugh nor cry, as he asked.

“Haha, ever since the Ancient Masters opened the Ancestral Citadel a year ago, they allowed many Samsara stage experts to enter and train. At the same time, it also produced a large number of experts for our three great alliances.” The burly looking man replied respectfully.

“Three great alliances?” Lin Dong was startled.

When the burly man saw Lin Dong’s reaction, he was not surprised. After all, these events all took place after Lin Dong went into a seclusion. Therefore, he quickly explained the events that occured in the last year.

“Even the Demon Region and the Four Xuan Regions have been affected…”

When he heard this, Lin Dong was bewildered. Unexpectedly, the situation had actually developed like this. It seems like the Devil Prison was truly intending on starting the second world war.

“The Ancient Masters sent a message some time ago, and ordered the three great alliances to eliminate the Devil Prison army as soon as possible. After which, we are to gather all our forces together and attack the Western Xuan Region in order to completely eliminate the Devil Prison.”

“Currently, our Chaotic Demon Sea alliance is engaging in a decisive battle with the Devil Prison army under the leadership of alliance chief Xinlian. However, the fight seems to be at a stalemate.” The burly man said.

Lin Dong nodded. However, he did not ask where the battle was taking place. Instead, with just a single thought, he had already detected the brutal and overwhelming auras in the distance.

“I will head over there.” Lin Dong said.

“Once elder Lin Dong makes a move, the Devil Prison army will collapse instantly!” The burly man rejoiced upon hearing this.

Lin Dong smiled, before he waved his hand. Following which, under the shocked eyes of the two burly looking men, his body slowly became illusory before he vanished a moment later.

When the two burly men saw Lin Dong’s unbelievable methods, rich shock and joy surged within their eyes.