Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1283: Heaven Seat King

Chapter 1283: Heaven Seat King


Chapter 1283: Heaven Seat King

Light was flowing across the screen and it completely displayed the human figure within the black coffin. Although both his eyes were shut, it was still possible to detect his aggressive and formidable nature.

“Heaven Seat King!”

The eyes of the Flame Master’s group also sunk at this moment, before rich murderous intent flashed across their faces. They had finally found him!

Ying Huanhuan’s pretty eyes were staring at that black clothed man reflected in the screen. A moment later, her pupils hardened. This was because at this moment, the latter’s tightly shut eyes trembled gently, before he slowly opened both his eyes.


The moment he opened his eyes, an evilness, which could cause one to fall into deprivation, surged. If someone with a weak mind saw this, it was likely that he would end up losing his mind.

Ying Huanhuan and the rest were staring coldly at the awakened Heaven Seat King. Meanwhile, the latter was also staring back at them with an icy cold expression. It was as though the latter had detected that someone was spying on him from afar.

“Haha, is this the Ice Master?”

Seated within a coffin, the Heaven Seat King slowly got up. Then, he looked at the screen before he gave a faint smile. With a lazy expression on his face, he said, “You guys are quite skilled. It turns out that you guys are actually able to spy on me in this fashion.”

No one replied. This was because he could not hear their replies even if they did. Though they were able to use the Heaven Eye to spy on the Heaven Seat King, it did not allow both parties to communicate. At this moment, the Heaven Seat King was merely speaking to the void. However, he knew that his words were definitely heard by Ying Huanhuan’s group.

“Since you guys know where I am, I shall wait for all of you to come. Once you guys arrive, I believe that we can settle our grudge once in for all.” The Heaven Seat King laughed before he said.


An evil and cruel smile appeared on the corner of the Heaven Seat King’s lips. He turned to face the screen and slowly clenched his hand, before a strange glint flashed across his eyes, “This time around, you guys will definitely lose.”

The screen trembled gently before the image began to turn blurry. Following which, the Heaven Seat King’s picture also became increasingly blurry. Finally, the screen shook before it disappeared completely. Immediately, the Eye of Primal Chaos, which was hovering in the sky, also vanished.

Ying Huanhuan stood up. Her pretty eyes were filled with iciness as she said, “It seems like the Heaven Seat King should have made a complete recovery.”

“What should we do?” The Flame Master asked in a deep voice. If the Heaven Seat King made a complete recovery, the fighting strength of the Devil Prison would also soar to its peak. This was clearly bad news for them.

“They should be in the Western Xuan Region. That is where their headquarters is located.” Ying Huanhuan said.

“Inform the three great alliances. Ask them to end the stalemate with the Yimo as soon as possible. After which, send all their forces to the Western Xuan Region. This time around, we must completely exterminate everyone of them!”

There was an extremely sharp glow flowing within Ying Huanhuan’s pretty eyes. These Yimo were far too difficult to deal with. Therefore, if they only forced these creatures to go into hiding like they did before, they would not have completely resolved this problem. Thankfully, this time around, they were in an advantageous position. This was because they had the homeground advantage. Moreover, all the Yimo here were trapped in this plane. Therefore, without any reinforcements, these Yimo would eventually fail!


With a grave expression on their faces, the Flame Master’s group nodded their heads. It seems like a great world war was indeed about to erupt once again. However, this time around, there was no way they would let these guys off!

“Let’s prepare the offerings. Once the three great alliance armies are here, we will summon big senior sister.” Ying Huanhuan pondered for a moment before she said.

“Are we going to forcefully summon the Life Death Master?” The Flame Master’s group looked at Ying Huanhuan before they asked.

“I am able to detect a faint ripple from big senior sister. She should be close to making a complete recovery. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a problem even if we summon her.” Ying Huanhuan said.

The Flame Master’s group nodded slowly. Then, they hesitated for a moment before they said, “However, I’m afraid that you will have to use your full strength if you wish to fight with the Heaven Seat King.”

Ying Huanhuan finally descended into silence. Meanwhile, she tightly clenched her small hand, which was hidden under a long snow white glove. After which, she lifted her head before she looked at the distant Chaotic Demon Sea. A long while later, she finally said, “I know. Don’t worry. Leave the Heaven Seat King to me. This time around, he will not have a chance to escape.”

Coincidentally, he was not around now. Therefore, she could make use of this opportunity to deal with these matters on her own. Otherwise, could she bear to make such a decision if he was here?

The Flame Master’s group exchanged glances with each other. Finally, they sighed and nodded. Once Ying Huanhuan’s powers were completely awakened, she might return to how she was in the past.

“Let’s make the necessary preparations.” Ying Huanhuan looked a little lethargic as she waved her hand and said. Since the Flame Master and the rest knew how she felt as this moment, they chose not to speak up anymore. Instead, their bodies moved before they went to deliver the message to the three great alliances.

After they left, Ying Huanhuan involuntarily bit her red lips. Her eyes, which were looking towards the Chaotic Demon Sea, refused to budge.

“Why don’t you wait for him to come out from his seclusion? There is still some time left.” Ling Qingzhu used her bright clear eyes to look at Ying Huanhuan before she asked.

“I’m afraid that at that time, I can’t bear to make such a decision.”

Ying Huanhuan smiled and said, “There is no way I can remain as cold as ice in front of him. Moreover, someone has to shoulder this burden. Though he is extremely outstanding, he is still lacking.”

“This is too heavy of a burden. If he was the one carrying it, my heart would definitely ache. Therefore, I would rather do it myself.”

Ling Qingzhu stared at Ying Huanhuan and said, “However, I’m afraid that there is no way he would accept this. By acting in this manner, isn’t it the same as running away?”

“However, in this world, it’s not like you always have a choice.” Ying Huanhuan said calmly. “Moreover, only a fool like him would persevere on stubbornly. He always believes that one day, he would be able to shoulder this burden.”

The smile on the corner of Ying Huanhuan’s lips became bitter and helpless, “However… how is this possible?”

Ling Qingzhu stopped speaking. However, Ying Huanhuan walked towards her before she smiled and said, “If anything unexpected happens in the future, please take good care of him.”

Ling Qingzhu stared at the girl in front of her, who had a beautiful face with a slight hint of iciness, before she softly replied, “Based on what you said, I believe that you will undergo a transformation after your power awakens. However… trust me, even at that time, when you see him, something in you will change.”

“There are feelings that cannot be frozen through pure strength.”

Ying Huanhuan was startled. Then, she muttered to herself, “I also hope… that it will turn out like this.”

However, at that time, even I will detest how I have become. Therefore, will… will you still like me?


Above the darkness river, the man in the coffin slowly stood up. Then, he shook his head gently before he dispelled the giddy sensation in his mind. After which, he lifted his head and looked at the void around him, which was spying on him previously, before he gave a faint smile, “Ice Master huh? It seems like enemies tend to meet frequently. Unexpectedly, you have successfully reincarnated.”


A loud explosion suddenly occurred within the darkness river. After which, a hundred thousand feet large black figure walked over. When he swung his eight huge devil arms, even the space itself became greatly distorted.

“Heaven Seat King, have you finally made a complete recovery?” The buzzing voice of the Cosmic Evil Devil King reverberated across the darkness river, causing huge waves to be formed.

Following which, many black water pillars rose from around the river. After which, eight figures surfaced on these water pillars. Upon closer inspection, they were the Third Seat King and the upper echelon of the Devil Prison.

“It seems like they have discovered where we are.” A skinny young man standing on the rightmost water pillar said. He looked like a young and handsome man, and he even looked a little meek. However, there was a frightening and sinister emotion flowing within his black eyes.

“That’s right. We have underestimated the Ice Master. Initially, we thought that we had a little more time.” The Heaven Seat King laughed faintly.

“What should we do now? Should we start a war now?” The Third Seat King asked.

“Relax, they will definitely deal with the Yimo outside first. Send my orders and instruct them to launch an all-out attack. As long as the troops from the three great alliance armies have not gathered, it is likely that the Ice Master’s group will not dare to come by themselves.” The Heaven Seat King said casually.

“The three great alliances are well equipped. With our forces alone, I am afraid that we cannot stop them.” The Third Seat King frowned and said.

“Let them all die.” The Heaven Seat King smiled and said. He revealed his set of dense white teeth before he said, “It’s their honor to do so.”

Although he was smiling, there was no emotion within his eyes. In fact, it seemed as though abandoning those Yimo warriors had hardly affected his emotions.

“This time around, we will not allow anyone to stop us. This plane will ultimately come under the control of our Yimo tribe.”

The Heaven Seat King parted his lips and laughed. His laughter contained endless madness as he said, “I will help the Emperor to finish what he failed to do back then!”

“Ice Master… just you wait. This time around, we will not fail. I really look forward to seeing all your despairing faces. Haha.”

A somewhat low and deep laughter spread far into the darkness. The river was flowing. Meanwhile, within the darkness, numerous evil eyes opened up.

While the outside world erupted into an uproar because of the Yimo, the training ground, which was isolated from the flow of time, continued to remain silent. Meanwhile, this silence was also filled with extreme loneliness.

The figure seated at the top of the altar had been doing so for a decade. During these ten years, his clothes had gradually became tattered due to the erosion from time. In fact, only his looks remained unchanged. However, the determination on his face seemed to have become increasingly distinct.

There was not the least amount of Yuan Power or Mental Energy being emitted from within his body. In fact, he looked exactly like an ordinary person. He looked so weak that no one would notice him.

In fact, only those with extremely sharp senses could vaguely detect the sharpness and might brewing beneath his ordinary appearance.

This silence continued for a long period of time. This figure, who had been sitting quietly for ten years, suddenly trembled. Immediately, the clothes on his body turned into dust, before they scattered downwards.

After his clothes turned into dust, his eyes, which had been shut tightly for ten years, finally began to open at this moment.

His eyes were as dark as the night sky and they gave off no fluctuations. However, despite his peaceful and gentle exterior, the entire void began to tremble after they were being stared at by his eyes.

His eyes, were just like those belonging to a god, and they frightened even the world itself.