Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1282: The Three Great Alliances

Chapter 1282: The Three Great Alliances


Chapter 1282: The Three Great Alliances

Time flew by.

A year had already passed in the world outside the training ground. There were far too many important matters that had occurred over this one year period. First, was the chaos in the Chaotic Demon Sea. The moment the a deadlock of sorts emerged between the Chaotic Demon Sea Alliance and the Yimo, news of the Yimos attacking the Demon Region started to spread. Initially, some of the factions within the Demon Region relied on their own strength in an attempt to finish off those Yimo. Unfortunately, it resulted in rivers of blood and land dotted with corpses wherever the Yimo passed. Any obstruction was completely eradicated by them.

Blood seemed to have dyed the entire sky of the Demon Region red.

After all the factions in the northwest area of the Demon Region were exterminated by Devil Prison, the Demon Region finally began to shudder. Various large tribes and factions began to understand just how frightening of an opponent they were facing.

Fear spread, and they began to learn that there was not a single faction in this world that could withstand Devil Prison. Even the overlord tribes within the Demon Region were unable to do it.

Fortunately, the Ancient Masters arrived just as Devil Prison was about to completely devastate the Demon Region. After which, the four overlord tribes and eight king tribes established an alliance within the Demon Region with the help of the various Ancient Masters.

The moment the Demon Region alliance was formed, the countless factions within the Demon Region came flooding towards it. If they did not unite at such a time, it was likely that only death would await them.

The Demon Region alliance was under the combined controlled of the four great overlord tribes. Given their reputation within the Demon Region, no one was dissatisfied with this arrangement. However, the Demon Region alliance did not have someone like Tang Xinlian, who possessed a perfect ability to command. Moreover, the four great overlord tribes were extremely proud and of equal strength. Hence, there were some disputes about the authority within the alliance. This resulted in the Demon Region alliance suffering repeated defeats under the offensive of Devil Prison in the first month after it was formed.

This situation undoubtedly caused all the Ancient Masters to become extremely furious. They directly summoned the tribe leaders of the four overlord tribes. After a series of scoldings and pressure, the four overlord tribes had no choice but to select someone who could truly command the power of the alliance. After a several selections, this position eventually landed on the Celestial Demon Marten tribe.

The tribe leader of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe placed this burden on Little Marten. Strangely, the various Ancient Masters did not have any objections towards this choice. Hence, the decision was made. Little Marten became the only alliance chief of the Demon Region alliance.

With the internal conflicts within the alliance settled, it was finally able to use all of its power. Little Marten also displayed extremely outstanding ability. Although he was inferior when compared to Tang Xinlian, who was able to swiftly enable the Chaotic Demon Sea alliance to block the Devil Prison’s attacks, the Demon Region alliance was at least able to oppose Devil Prison, and no longer suffered great losses like before.

This face-off continued for around half a year or so. After which, several sudden incidents caused the Demon Region alliance’s strength to soar. One was the return and advancement to the Reincarnations stage of the powerful individuals that had been selected to go to the ‘Ancestral Citadel’. The other was that the fifth overlord tribe that had suddenly emerged in the Demon Region.

This overlord tribe was called the Nine-tail tribe, and was one of the former overlord tribes. However, it had subsequently declined. No one had expected that this Nine-tail tribe, which had disappeared for many years, would actually appear again at such a time. Moreover, the strength they displayed when they reappeared shocked the entire Demon Region.

The tribe leader of the Nine-tail tribe seemed to be an extremely bewitching young lady who could pull anyone’s heartstrings. Her strength was so frightening that even those peak Reincarnations stage experts were somewhat fearful of her. This was because this young lady had not only advanced into the Reincarnation stage, but had also experienced one Reincarnation Tribulation!

Besides her, the overall strength of the Nine-tail tribe did not lose to the other overlord tribes. How could this not shock the other factions?

After the Nine-tail tribe appeared out of nowhere, the Demon Region alliance swiftly made contact with them. Ultimately, the current Demon Region alliance Devil Slaying Commander, Lin Yan, personally went to greet them. It was not long before the Nine-tail tribe agreed to join the Demon Region alliance. Moreover, they did not have any intentions of vying for power, and had no objections to Little Marten being the commander.

With the additions of this powerful force, the strength of the Demon Region alliance undoubtedly soared greatly. It was finally able to gradually obtain an upper hand in the fight against the invading Yimo forces.

The situation within the Demon Region also ended up in a stalemate as s result.

However, it was obvious that the upper echelon of Devil Prison did not wish for peace in this world. Hence, they began to stretch their demonic hands towards the four great Xuan Regions after the situation within the Demon Region began to stabilize.

With their two prior experiences, Devil Prison clearly acted a lot faster this time. Before anyone could react, half of the western region of the four great Xuan Regions had been massacred.

News of this dreadful situation spread rapidly. Only after the quick arrival of the Ancient Masters was Devil Prison stopped. After which, the Ancient Masters swiftly ordered the four great Xuan Regions to form an alliance. This time, the alliance was swiftly established. This was largely credited to Darkness Palace. Sure enough, the position of alliance chief of the Four Xuan Region alliance was taken by Qingtan.

Ever since she had emerged from the Ancestral Citadel, Qingtan had truly advanced into the Reincarnation stage. With the aid of the Darkness Ancestral Symbol and the Darkness Saint Scythe, she was able to fight even against those experts who had experienced two Reincarnation Tribulations. Moreover, with her status as the master of Darkness Palace, there was no one within the four Xuan Regions who could contest her for the position of alliance chief. This allowed the four Xuan Regions more time to establish an alliance army. After a couple of months of bloody battle, they ended up abandoning the entire Western Xuan Region, but was able to successfully protect the other three regions.

Hence, three great alliances were officially formed within this world. Each of them guarded the Chaotic Demon Sea, Demon Region and Four Xuan Regions. Countless factions, sects and races gathered together. In the face of the merciless pressure from Devil Prison, all of barriers had disappeared, and the various factions united. All of them clearly understood that if they did not eliminate Devil Prison, none of the countless lives in this world would have a good end.

At that time, life would be misery, and everyone would fall under the control of the Yimo. They would become the most pitiful slaves.

As the three great alliances shaped up, the situation was gradually controlled. The invasion of Devil Prison had also been stopped. Ying Huanhuan and the other Ancient Masters, who had stabilized the situation, were finally freed to do other things.


Eastern Xuan Region.

Ying Huanhuan, the Flame Master, the Darkness Master and the others were floating in the sky outside of Dao Sect.

Ying Huanhuan glanced around her. After which, she said in a faint voice, “I plan to open the Heaven Eye.”

The coldness of her voice reached all the way to into the bone. Air ripples as her voice spread, showing signs of solidifying into ice. She also felt this and involuntarily bunched her brows together. Soon after, she lowered her head. Her two arms were wrapped in slender white long-sleeved gloves.

A faint but frighteningly cold Qi emanated from within her gloves.

The Darkness Master and the other four were stunned when they heard this. Soon after, they asked, “Haven’t we already opened it once?”

They had already opened the Heaven Eye a month ago in an attempt to find the upper echelons of Devil Prison. However, it had ended in failure. Those fellows were clearly well prepared.

“There is no need for all of you to do anything.” Ying Huanhuan shook her head. After which, she glanced at a mountain a nearby where a tall and beautiful figure was standing. She wore a white dress, and had an extremely beautiful face. Her beauty and her distant yet calm aura was just like the hidden orchards in an empty valley. A sight that left one amazed.

This figure was Ling Qingzhu.

Her lovely figure moved the moment she felt Ying Huanhuan’s eyes and she hurried over.

“Who is she?” The Spatial Master and the rest were a taken aback as they looked at Ling Qingzhu. The latter did not appear exceptionally strong, but for some unknown reason, they could sense an extremely familiar fluctuation from her.

“Little junior sister’s love rival.” The Darkness Master appeared to know a little. She turned her head and softly said.

The expression of the Spatial Master and the rest became strange after they heard these words.

“She has sensed the Zenith, the extent that she had sensed it has even likely surpassed all of you. If I work with her, it should be possible to find those fellows from Devil Prison.” Ying Huanhuan said in a faint voice.

“What?” The expressions of the Flame Master and the rest changed the moment these words sounded. Their eyes contained some shock as they looked at the aloof Ling Qingzhu. There was actually someone else other than them in this world who was able to detect the Zenith?

“Let’s cooperate.”

Ying Huanhuan approached Ling Qingzhu. Her icy-blue eyes looked towards the latter. However, that icy voice caused Ling Qingzhu to be a little startled. “You have changed a lot.”

The intuition of a woman was always frighteningly sharp.

Ying Huanhuan’s lovely figure froze slightly.

“Does he know?” Ling Qingzhu asked again.

Ying Huanhuan shook her head.

Ling Qingzhu was silent.

“Let’s do it. We need to find the Heaven Seat King before he fully recovers. Only then can we end this calamity.” Ying Huanhuan sighed softly and said.

Ling Qingzhu lightly nodded, and both women sat down in the air. Their eyes were shut and the energy fluctuations around them were withdrawn. Even the wind around them had come to a complete standstill.

The duo sat in silence for around an hour. After which, they Flame Master and the others saw the sky gradually darken. Slivers of Primal Chaos Light arrived from a mysterious place. Finally, it rapidly converged in the air above the two ladies.

A strange pressure spread, causing the eyes of the Flame Master’s group to narrow. This pressure originated from the mysterious Zenith.

The Primal Chaos Light converged. In the end, it gradually turned into a Primal Chaos Eye. This eye was around ten feet in size. The colors of Primal Chaos within it reflected the scenes within the world. It was exceedingly mysterious.

The Eye of Primal Chaos slowly blinked after it appeared. It began to twist here and there as if probing this world.

Many scenes flew across the eyeball. However, it did not stop. Meanwhile, the Flame Master and the others waited quietly.

This silence continued for around half a day. Just when the Flame Master and the others were feeling disappointed that the probing was going to fail, a powerful light shot out from the Primal Chaos Eye. The light gathered in the air and turned into a screen.

The screen showed a land of darkness where a black river flowed. At this very moment, a black coffin silently floated in the middle of the river.

The screen shifted until it was above the coffin. It broke past the Demonic Qi, and a figure appeared on the screen.

The figure was wearing a black robe. There were gold lined the edges of the black robe. His appearance was extremely handsome. Both of his eyes were currently shut. Despite this, there was still an indescribable evil aura flowing on his face.

Ying Huanhuan’s icy-blue eyes turned cold in an instant, as her small glove wrapped hands slowly clenched.

“Heaven Seat King, we have finally found you.”