Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1280: Turmoil

Chapter 1280: Turmoil


Chapter 1280: Turmoil

Within his Niwan Palace, after Lin Dong slowly opened his eyes, which have been tightly shut for one year, the wild and violent outside world calmed down immediately.

Unknowingly, the thunderbolts that permeated the sky had turned into lightning rivers that stretched across the sky. Meanwhile, the hurricanes have also became much gentler and turned into gentle breezes. Furthermore, the hails have also turned into snow, appearing clear and alluring.

The entire Niwan Palace was as calm as Lin Dong’s calm lake like heart. It was so peaceful that one felt refreshed after looking at it.

Lin Dong observed his quiet Niwan Palace. Then, he gave a gentle smile before the dust covering his body fell off. Following which, the dust turned into nothing and disappeared.

His dark black eyes now looked a lot deeper, and they would cause one to be involuntarily intoxicated by them.

Lin Dong slowly extended his long hand. Promptly, he curled his finger gently, before a lightning river formed from his Mental Energy came whistling downwards. Finally, it circled around him. As that lightning river coursed forward, one could see numerous fishes dancing within.

These fishes were all created from Mental Energy. However, it looked as though they were all alive.

Snow began to drift downwards before they accumulated into a figure in front of Lin Dong. In fact, he looked exactly the same as Lin Dong. Following which, that snowman shook the snow off his body, before he smiled at Lin Dong and extended his hand towards him.

Lin Dong also extended his hand and shook the other party’s hand. After which, the snowman suddenly melted, leaving behind an icy mess in Lin Dong’s hand.

However, at this moment, the smile on Lin Dong’s face looked even more peaceful and calm than before. This time around, without realizing it, he had trained for a year’s time. However, after training for one year, he had reaped enormous benefits.

Currently, the Mental Energy in his Niwan Palace was no longer as violent as before. Instead, they had made a transformation together with Lin Dong’s mental state. Therefore, as long as Lin Dong remained calm, the entire place would be under his control. In fact, wherever his mind went to, his Mental Energy would quickly follow.

Moreover, compared to before, it was clear that the Mental Energy within his Niwan Palace was several times more well made compared to before. If there were divisions within the Supreme Symbol Master level, as of now, Lin Dong was considered to be at the peak of the Supreme Symbol Master level.

Nonetheless, Lin Dong was still not confident in his chances of forming a Divine Palace. This was because trying to reach that step seemed a little too ethereal.

Nonetheless, regardless of how difficult it was, one must at least possess the courage to try.


With this thought in mind, Lin Dong gently released a breath of white fog. Meanwhile, it seemed as though they were lighting arcs flickering within that white fog. Promptly, the land shook before the spot, where Lin Dong was sitting on, actually began to rise slowly. Then, just like a pillar supporting the sky, it broke out from the ground before it rose into the clouds.

Currently, Lin Dong was sitting at the top of his Niwan Palace as he overlooked the lightning rivers, the snow and the land. However, he did not act immediately. Instead, he merely observed his Niwan Palace quietly.

He quietly observed for one month.

Lin Dong quietly watched the lightning rivers flow, the snowflakes dance, and the gentle fluttering breeze. Just like an observer, he quietly observed this Niwan Palace, which belonged to him. This was the place where his Mental Energy was born.

After one month’s time, Lin Dong’s deep and quiet eyes finally rippled gently. Finally, he slowly shut his eyes, before his mind merged completely with his Niwan Palace.


The calm Niwan Palace suddenly became violent. After which, the originally peaceful lightning rivers suddenly began to roar furiously. In fact, they looked like furious dragons that were roaring in the sky. Meanwhile, the hurricanes and hails were formed once again, before they began to dance wildly.

Lin Dong sat quietly within the storm. A long time later, his mind moved before he forcefully merged the lightning dragons, hurricanes and hails together.


Wild and violent Mental Energy spread in an uncontrolled fashion. After his vast and mighty Mental Energy were merged together, their shape changed continuously. Meanwhile, it seemed as though the faint outline of a palace was slowly being formed.

However, right after the faint outline of a palace was formed, the wild and violent Mental Energy was no longer under his control as they completely erupted. Instantly, the outline of the Divine Palace vanished.

Lin Dong’s body trembled violently at this moment. However, he did not hesitate as a thought passed through his mind, before he once again activated his Mental Energy in an attempt to try and form it again.

Unexpectedly, his Mental Energy blew apart once again.



Bang! Bang! Bang!

Within his Niwan Palace, Lin Dong continuously maneuvered his Mental Energy without fail, as he tried repeatedly to form a Divine Palace. However, all his attempts failed. Clearly, this task was much more difficult than he had expected.

However, the numerous failures also sparked Lin Dong’s stubborn nature. Every time he failed, he would look for the reason why. After which, he tried to make up for it. Occasionally, he would even stop. However, faintly, it seemed as though each of his attempt appeared a little more perfect compared to the previous one.

Although looking for clues through repeated failures was a pretty clumsy method, it had to be said that this was the most appropriate method for Lin Dong, since he did not know how to form a Divine Palace.

However, he also needed a long time to fumble around.

During this period of time, Lin Dong had tossed aside all his worries. Currently, his mind was entirely focused on how to form a Divine Palace. After all, he could afford to squander his time in this place.

The sound of Mental Energy exploding continuously sounded within his Niwan Palace and no one knew when it would end. Meanwhile, the figure sitting at the highest point in this place seemed to have gone out of control. He was completely focused on merging his Mental Energy and had completely lost track of time.

Time quietly passed by. However, that figure did not stop.


Compared to the outside world, time flowed at a slower rate in this training ground. However, despite the slower rate, the atmosphere in the outside world had begun to shake.

After they successfully established an alliance in the Chaotic Demon Sea, the raging Yimo were gradually stopped. Meanwhile, the Devil Slaying Army formed by numerous top experts from various factions had became the most frightening force in the Chaotic Demon Sea.

In Tang Xinlian’s hands, this fighting force was naturally able to unleash their domineering might. In fact, the Yimo could no longer go on a rampage as easily as before. Both sides gradually went into a stalemate as neither party could obtain the absolute upper hand.

Ying Huanhuan and the rest had also made their move after they saw that the Chaotic Demon Sea was able to defend itself. Their target was the upper echelon of the Devil Prison, who had hid themselves. After all, only by finishing them off, would it be possible to avoid or end the second world war.

However, the surprising thing was that after they showed themselves at the Chaotic Demon Sea, the upper echelon of the Devil Prison subsequently vanished. Moreover, regardless of how hard they looked, they were unable to find any clues.

The peaceful atmosphere did not cause Ying Huanhuan’s group to relax. After all, they had fought with the Yimo far too many times, and clearly knew how cunning and vicious these creatures were. In fact, the reason why they did not show themselves was definitely because they were working on something.

This undoubtedly caused them to feel uneasy.

Eastern Xuan Region. Ying Huanhuan was standing on the top of a mountain, before she used her icy blue pretty eyes to look afar. There was a huge sect located within this mountain range and it was vaguely possible to see countless figures scuttling within.

It was the Dao Sect.

Ever since she left the Chaotic Demon Sea, together with the Flame Master’s group, they had been looking for the Devil Prison. As such, she had little time to return to Dao Sect. At times, she would feel a little guilty about this. Occasionally, she would become absent-minded as she recalled the various events that took place here many years ago. At that time, Lin Dong was at Dao Sect and that was the happiest time of her life.

However, right now, things seemed to have changed.


Just as she was looking at Dao Sect from afar, the space behind her suddenly flashed. Then, silver light appeared before the Spatial Master showed up. Following which, he looked at Ying Huanhuan before he spoke in a deep voice, “Something has happened.”

“What?” Ying Huanhuan turned her head and asked.

“A large number of Yimo and devil corpses under their control have showed up in the Demon Region. The entire Demon Region is affected.” The Spatial Master said.

Ying Huanhuan frowned slightly, before she said, “They are continuously creating problems in order to tie us down.”

“Aye.” The Spatial Master nodded before he said helplessly, “However, there is no way we can sit back and do nothing about it.”

“The only thing we can do is to make the Demon Region follow in the Chaotic Demon Sea’s footsteps, and form their own alliance to fight the Yimo.” Ying Huanhuan pondered for a moment before she replied.

“Aye… However, the number of Yimo seems far too massive. Have they grown by so much over the years?” The Spatial Master asked in a worried voice.

Ying Huanhuan was slightly startled when she heard this. Promptly, as though she suddenly recalled something, the expression on her pretty face changed involuntarily.

“What is it?” The Spatial Master quickly asked when he saw this.

Ying Huanhuan’s eyes were filled with iciness as she slowly said, “I believe… they have likely found the third Devil Suppressing Prison.”

“The third Devil Suppressing Prison?” The expression on the Spatial Master’s face changed slightly. Back then, that prison was being suppressed by the Life Death Master. However, after the Life Death Master advanced to the Reincarnation stage, the location seal of the Devil Suppressing Prison had also vanished. Therefore, even they did not know where it was. Could it be that the Devil Prison had found that place?

“What should we do then?” The Spatial Master frowned. The third Devil Suppressing Prison might not have powerful creatures like the Cosmic Evil Devil King, but it held the largest number of Yimo. Therefore, it would be extremely troublesome if the Devil Prison gained control of it.

“We haven’t heard anything from the Life Death Master. It will be best to let her awaken on her own. If we forcefully summon her, it might end up hurting her.” Ying Huanhuan shook her head gently and said. “We will have to resolve the problem in the Demon Region first. After that, we will activate the Heaven Eye together and probe this world.”

The Spatial Master’s expression turned solemn when he heard that they were planning to activate the Heaven Eye. Promptly, he nodded solemnly.

“In that case, let’s head to the Demon Region.”

“Wait.” Ying Huanhuan hesitated for a moment, before she turned to look towards the north. That place seemed to be where the Great Yan Empire was located.

“I want to go to the Great Yan Empire first… Erm, all of you should follow me.”

She staggered. After which, her face turned extremely red as she said.