Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1279: Training Journey

Chapter 1279: Training Journey


Chapter 1279: Training Journey

Ying Huanhuan lowered her head and looked at her right hand. At this moment, her originally fair jade like small hand had became crystal clear, and it looked just like an ice block, which had been frozen for tens of thousands of years. Meanwhile, there were many flower like icy symbols carved on it. When she clenched her right hand gently and felt the frightening power surging within, the expression within her eyes became increasingly complex.

Such familiar power.


A sigh sounded from behind. Ying Huanhuan turned her head and saw the Darkness Master standing behind her. Meanwhile, when the latter saw Ying Huanhuan’s small icy crystal like hand, she laughed bitterly. She did not know whether she should despair or rejoice.

“Fortunately, only one hand has mutated.” Ying Huanhuan smiled towards the Darkness Master and said.

The Darkness Master walked towards her. Then, she used her small delicate hand to hold Ying Huanhuan’s small icy crystal clear hand. Immediately, a frightening chill was transmitted to the latter’s palm. In fact, despite the Darkness Master’s formidable strength, she could still feel a stinging pain on her palm.

“For your power, once you loosen the restraints, they will gradually begin to seep forth until they eventually spread across your entire body. At that time… you will become just like how you were in the past.” The Darkness Master muttered.

Ying Huanhuan was silent for a moment. “There is no need to be overly worried. I might still be able to retain my character even after I regain this power.”

The smile on the Darkness Master’s face looked a little bitter. After all, in the past, she had witnessed the eventual outcome after the Ice Master used this power. At that time, the latter’s emotions seemed to have froze completely as she became icy cold. In fact, it caused one to shiver just by looking at her.

“If he comes out and see your current state…” The Darkness Master looked at the stone statue before she sighed.

Ying Huanhuan used her icy blue pretty eyes to stare at the stone statue, before a faint smile appeared on her face. Then, she said “That fool is always trying to surpass me… However, does he really think that it was going to be so easy to surpass me?”

After she uttered her final sentence, one could not tell whether the smile on her lips was a bitter one. At times, being too outstanding would also cause one to feel helpless.

With the same thought in mind, the Darkness Master also nodded. Surpassing little junior sister? This was indeed a mean feat. In fact, amongst the eight of them, the Ice Master was the Symbol Ancestor’s last disciple. However, out of the eight of them, she was also the one with the greatest accomplishments. At the same time, the Symbol Ancestor once said that she was perhaps the only one who had the qualifications to reach his level.

How could it be so easy to surpass this abnormal monster, someone whom even the term genius fails to adequately describe?

“Hopefully, this fellow will be able to form a Divine Palace. Otherwise, there is no way he can surpass you.” The Darkness Master said.

“He can do it.” Ying Huanhuan smiled. Then, she retrieved a narrow snow white long glove before she used it to hide her somewhat mutated small hand. After which, she drew with the tip of her finger before an icy cold symbol landed on the glove. Finally, that symbol hid itself.

The frightening cold aura emitted from Ying Huanhuan’s hand gradually disappeared after that symbol hid itself.

The Darkness Master could only shake her head upon seeing this. At this juncture, she could not bring herself to say anything more.

“What should we do next?” A booming voice sounded. After which, the Flame Master and the rest asked Ying Huanhuan after they arrived at this place.

“Since the alliance in the Chaotic Demon Sea has been formed, it shouldn’t be a problem to count on them to fight the Yimo. Let’s… go and look for those fellows.” Ying Huanhuan tied up her icy blue long hair. Meanwhile, a cold aura was flowing within her pretty eyes.

“I have a feeling that they are up to something. Therefore, it’s best to find them as soon as possible. Setting the Yimo on a rampage is merely an attempt to divert our attention and prevent us from disrupting them.”

The Flame Master and the rest nodded after hearing this.

“Additionally, let’s pick some Samsara stage experts with potential and allow them to enter the Ancestral Citadel to train. In the event that another world war erupts, we will need to raise our overall strength.” Ying Huanhuan thought for a moment. Then, she tilted her head before she said, “Allow Qingtan to enter the inner palace to train.”

The inner palace was considered as a relatively important place within the Ancestral Citadel. Although it was inferior to the training ground, which could distort the flow of time, it was much better than the other training grounds. Since Qingtan and Lin Dong were brother and sister, she naturally wanted to give Qingtan better treatment.

“Let’s go. It’s time to get going.”

Ying Huanhuan took the lead and walked forward after saying this. Just as she was about to turn at a corner, she once again turned her head and gave a deep glance at the stone statue. Meanwhile, she clenched her small hand, which was now wearing a snow white glove.

“Lin Dong, you will definitely succeed… I will wait for you.”


The instant Lin Dong stepped into the stone statue, he clearly felt his world spin. The stars shifted before a faint giddy sensation surged within his mind. He was just about to expel this giddiness, when he realized that the place in front of him had changed drastically.

An ancient altar had appeared in front of Lin Dong. Meanwhile, around the altar, there were towering stone stairs leading into the clouds. A somewhat damaged futon was located at the top of these stone stairs.

In the altar’s surroundings, was endless void. At a glance, one could only see the ink like darkness. The altar was like a floating ephemera in this empty void, and it looked exceptionally mysterious.

Lin Dong ascended that stone stairs, before he slowly climbed towards the altar. Finally, he arrived at the top. That old and damaged futon seemed to have been made from grass and it was hardly eye-catching. However, Lin Dong was able to detect a lingering aura on it, that seemed to tower above the world.

This was… left behind by the Symbol Ancestor!

Lin Dong had a grave expression on his face. Since the beginning of time, other than the Symbol Ancestor, no one else ever possessed such aura.

This should be a place where the Symbol Ancestor once trained in.

“I am supposed to form my Divine Palace here, huh…”

Lin Dong rubbed his head as he felt a little pressured. Although his Mental Energy had advanced to the Supreme Symbol Master level, he knew the terrifying gap that existed between his cultivation level and the Divine Palace Master level.

“However… no matter how difficult it is, I must complete it.”

Lin Dong curled his lips. After Ying Huanhuan opened the Ancestral Citadel, he vaguely felt that something was amiss. If his guess was correct, doing so must have harmed her in certain aspects. However, she had purposefully hid this fact from him.

“I know that it is extremely difficult to surpass you. However… it’s not like me to give up now.”

Lin Dong smiled. Promptly, he slowly sat down on that old and damaged futon, before he shut both his eyes. Then, his mind gradually sunk into his Niwan Palace. Creating a Divine Palace basically meant transforming one’s Niwan Palace into a Divine Palace. However, just this step alone, seemed practically impossible from a certain point of view.

The Niwan Palace was something that was formed naturally. Moreover, it was extremely mysterious and unlike the Dantian, one could not easily probe it. This was because the Niwan Palace was usually roaming around. Moreover, at times, it was perhaps just an extremely faint speck of light. However, it contained the Mental Energy spirit of a person.

If one’s Dantian was destroyed, one might still be able to survive. However, if one’s Mental Energy was erased, one would become a vegetable with no consciousness. In fact, the creation of the Divine Palace could very likely hurt one’s Niwan Palace, which was inevitably hurt one’s Mental Energy spirit. At that time, not only would one’s Divine Palace fail to form, but one would become a vegetable as well.

Since the beginning of time, this situation had occurred rather frequently. This was also the reason why many peak experts, whose Mental Energy cultivation had reached the Supreme Symbol Master level, did not dare to attempt this step. This was because they knew that this step would most likely kill them.

However, this fear was clearly unable to shake Lin Dong’s resolve. After all, he knew that in this world, one had to take risks in order to acquire strength. Therefore, if he lacked the courage to try and make contact with this strength, he would not go far in his cultivation journey. At that time, he can only dream on if he wants to surpass the Ice Master…

Lin Dong was seated quietly. However, his mind had entered into another world. Lightning gathered, hurricane blew, ice fell like rain. It was exactly like the harsh scene that took place during the chaos era.

This was Lin Dong’s Niwan Palace.

Lin Dong’s mind floated within his wild and violent Niwan Palace. After which, a thought passed through his mind before his Mental Energy began to gather. Finally, it transformed into a Mental Energy body, whose appearance was exactly the same as that of Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s Mental Energy body was observing his wild and violent Niwan Palace. Promptly, he gave a faint smile. This was because he could sense the vast and mighty Mental Energy surging within this place. However, it was clear that if he wanted to form a Divine Palace, his Mental Energy had to be tougher and more life-like.

In the past, he was focused on his Yuan Power cultivation, and was a little laxed when it came to his Mental Energy cultivation. However, since he wanted to form a Divine Palace now, he had to make up for it.

This would require quite a long period of time. Fortunately, he had quite a lot of time now. This was because time in this training ground was ten times slower than the outside world. Therefore, spending ten years here was equivalent to spending one year outside. As such, Lin Dong could take this time to properly train various aspects of his Mental Energy, which he was lacking in.


Lin Dong’s Mental Energy body exhaled a white breath of air. After which, he sat down. In his vicinity, wild and violent thunderbolts and hurricanes continuously howled around him. However, they never touched his body.

After entering a meditative state, the vast and mighty Mental Energy within his Niwan Palace suddenly transformed into threads. After which, like tiny white dragons, they began to tunnel into Lin Dong’s body through his nostrils. Soon after, they tunneled out from within his body. However, when they left, those Mental Energy threads were all tougher and more life-like than before. Moreover, they were also glimmering faintly.

As Lin Dong continued to inhale and exhale, an increasing amount of Mental Energy began to gush towards him. Finally, they transformed into a cluster of thick white fog, and wrapped around his body.

Lin Dong was seated quietly within. Meanwhile, his body was just like a statue.

In order to temper all the Mental Energy here, it was clearly going to take a long period of time. Moreover, this was something that Lin Dong clearly knew. However, he was not anxious at all. Instead, he thoroughly calmed his mind, and his heart remained clear at all times. In fact, he would occasionally forget where he was. Instead, all he did was to inhale and temper his Mental Energy instinctively…

Time quietly flowed by within this wild and violent Niwan Palace. Meanwhile, that figure continued to remain unbudging. In fact, his entire body seemed to be covered with dust. In the blink of an eye, one year had passed.