Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1278: Opening the Ancestral Citadel

Chapter 1278: Opening the Ancestral Citadel


Chapter 1278: Opening the Ancestral Citadel

The next day. Within the Flame Divine Hall, a couple of figures stood in midair. Meanwhile, in their vicinity, there were countless experts staring at them from afar. Moreover, all of them had an excited expression within their eyes, which could not be concealed. Clearly, through certain means, they learnt that today was the day whereby six Ancient Masters would join forces to open the “Ancestral Citadel”, a place left behind by the legendary Symbol Ancestor.

It was rumoured that if one trains within the “Ancestral Citadel”, one would have a much higher chance of making a breakthrough. This was especially the case for Samsara stage experts. In fact, they were able to make use of it to take the most important step forward, and advance to the Reincarnation stage!

This frightening ability caused countless people to become envious. In fact, it was likely that only a legendary figure like the Symbol Ancestor, could leave such a divine item behind.

Ying Huanhuan and the other five stood quietly in the sky. Although there wasn’t an earth shaking commotion, everyone could sense the frightening waves churning beneath the calm exterior.

Lin Dong was standing at a short distance away from them. Behind him, Qingzhi, Qingtan, Mo Luo and Tang Xinlian were also looking in the same direction.

“Let’s begin.” Ying Huanhuan glanced at the five of them before she softly said.

The Darkness Master and the four others exchanged glances with each other upon hearing this. Then, a complicated emotion flashed across their eyes before they gently nodded.


Ying Huanhuan beckoned with her hand before a warm light shot out from within Lin Dong’s body. Finally, it turned into the Ancestor Stone and floated in midair. After which, Yan’s body also appeared outside the Ancestor Stone.

“Do you really want to open the Ancestral Citadel?” Yan glanced at Ying Huanhuan. Then, he hesitated for a moment before he asked.

“At a time like this, do you still think that I am joking?” Ying Huanhuan asked faintly.

Yan laughed bitterly before he nodded helplessly. Then, his body moved before he tunneled into the Ancestor Stone. After which, the Ancestor Stone landed in Ying Huanhuan’s palm.

Ying Huanhuan toyed with the warm Ancestor Stone in her hand. Then, a glint flashed across her pretty blue eyes, before she tilted her head and smiled at Lin Dong, who was at a short distance away.

When Lin Dong saw her smile, he did not feel the slightest joy. Instead, he felt that the uneasy sensation within his heart had intensified. When he realized this, he promptly rushed forward before he appeared beside Ying Huanhuan. Grabbing her wrist, he asked, “Can we stop now? I can train by myself.”

Ying Huanhuan lowered her pretty eyes and replied, “The Ancestral Citadel is a treasure left behind by teacher to help us to fight the Yimo. It is able to increase the fighting strength of our forces. Therefore, I am not opening the Ancestral Citadel just for you. It is also for the sake of winning the second world war.”

Lin Dong gritted his teeth gently.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” Ying Huanhuan smiled. Then, she extended her delicate arms before she gently hugged Lin Dong. After which, she swung her jade like arm, before the Ancestor Stone in her hand shot forward.

“Let’s begin.”

A bright and intense light suddenly erupted from within the Ancestor Stone. After which, those light rays entwined in the sky before they seemingly formed a massive formation.

“It is your turn now!” Yan’s voice was emitted from within the Ancestor Stone.


The Flame Master was the first to act. With a grave expression on his face, he stomped gently with his foot. Promptly, monstrous flames swept out from within his body. Moreover, these flames were all made up of Yuan Power and they were extremely hot. In fact, they were filled with the strength of the Blazing Ancestral Symbol.

The Flame Master swung his sleeve, before the frightening Yuan Power flames promptly charged into that huge formation. Immediately, they caused the formation to become increasingly solidified.


A loud cry was emitted from within this place, before silver Yuan Power spluttered forth.




Another three equally frightening energy whizzed forward. Finally, they entwined with one another. In fact, due to those frightening energy, even the world began to tremble.

Five frightening streams of energy poured into that light formation. After which, a bright and resplendent light erupted from within the formation. Meanwhile, one could vaguely see an ancient citadel located within that light.

After they did their part, the Flame Master and the four others turned their heads and looked at Ying Huanhuan. After which, the latter clenched her teeth gently before an ancient icy symbol surfaced in her hand. Promptly, her originally icy blue pretty eyes became much colder.


A voice that seemed capable of freezing the air itself, left Ying Huanhuan’s lips. Promptly, she waved her jade like hands, before snow white cold aura began to spread in all directions. Then, they actually transformed into a huge ice phoenix, before it flapped its wings and soared. Finally, that phoenix charged into the formation.

After that large ice phoenix charge into the formation, the five streams of energy originally present in the formation, were forced to take a few steps back. However, soon after, as the six of them manipulated their respective energy, the six frightening streams of energy began to merge. Finally, they assimilated completely with the formation itself.


Right after the six streams of energy merged, that massive formation began to tremble violently. Following which, bright light erupted before that blurry ancient citadel began to look increasingly vivid.

Ying Huanhuan and the other five continued to channel their frightening energy. This directly caused the surrounding Yuan Power to churn and boil wildly.


Suddenly, the pupils of Ying Huanhuan’s group hardened. After which, all of them formed a mysterious seal with their hands, before a strange ripple began to spread.

Buzz buzz!

After that ripple was transmitted into the huge formation, the formation began to tremble violently. After the light gradually scattered, white fog rose. Following which, a huge ancient citadel had actually appeared above the formation from out of nowhere!

The ancient citadel looked relatively old and it did not look like a luxurious place. The citadel’s surroundings were also covered with mysterious and obscure symbols. Meanwhile, a mysterious and obscure fluctuation, which could not be described with words, spread. Vaguely, it seemed like divine music was playing as well.

“Is this the Ancestral Citadel?”

Countless individuals stared at this ancient citadel, which had appeared within the formation, with wild heat in their eyes. Was this the object left behind by that legendary Symbol Ancestor?

Currently, there was a light barrier outside the citadel, forming a natural obstacle which prevented anyone from entering. Obviously, not everyone could enter a place like this.

“Ancestral Citadel.”

Lin Dong lifted his head to stare at that ancient citadel. Soon after, he turned to look at Ying Huanhuan, who was standing in front of him. Following which, he quickly stepped forward and asked in a concerned manner, “Are you alright?”

Currently, Ying Huanhuan had a slightly pale expression on her pretty face. She faced Lin Dong before she smiled and shook her head. After which, she stealthily kept her small delicate hand within her sleeve before she said, “Let’s go in together.”

After she spoke those words, she headed directly towards the Ancestral Citadel. When Lin Dong saw this, he hesitated for a moment before he quickly followed behind.

When Ying Huanhuan approached the citadel, the ice symbol in her hand flashed twice. Immediately, the light barrier outside the formation slowly tore apart. Following which, Ying Huanhuan’s body moved before she dashed inside.

Lin Dong quickly followed her in. His feet had only just landed in the Ancestral Citadel, when he realized that his body had became much heavier. He lifted his head in surprise, only to realize that there were countless tiny raindrops falling within the Ancestral Citadel. Moreover, it seemed as though these rain droplets were able to float as they did not land on the ground. When Lin Dong extended his hand to touch one of them, his heart suddenly shook. This was because he realized that there were Reincarnation fluctuations hidden within these rain droplets!

“What a frightening creation.”

Lin Dong was completely bewildered. It’s no wonder the Ancestral Citadel could vastly increase the odds that one could make a successful breakthrough to the Reincarnation stage. It turns out there were actually such mysteries here.

“This is only the outer part of the Ancestral Citadel.”

Ying Huanhuan said softly. However, her footsteps did not stop as she headed directly towards the deepest part of the Ancestral Citadel. Lin Dong quickly followed behind.

The both of them crossed many courtyards before they finally arrived at the deepest part of the Ancestral Citadel. Currently, the square was filled with lush green trees. Moreover, these trees were all emitting powerful Reincarnation ripples. This caused Lin Dong to be bewildered. This was indeed an item left behind by the Symbol Ancestor.

Lin Dong surveyed the place. Finally, he focused his attention on the middle of the rock square. At that spot, he saw a stone statue. Meanwhile, that stone statue was holding onto a wooden staff. However, for some unknown reason, Lin Dong was unable to see his face. In fact, he felt like there was an incomparably mysterious light surging on that face, which prevented anyone from probing.

While Lin Dong was staring at that mysterious stone statue, he suddenly realized that the three Ancestral Symbols within his body were emitting a buzzing sound. In fact, it was a respectful and reverent noise. This caused the shock within his heart to intensify. Other than the Symbol Ancestor, who else in this world could make the Ancestral Symbols reveal such emotions?!

“Is that… the Symbol Ancestor?” Lin Dong asked cautiously.

Ying Huanhuan nodded gently. After which, she walked to the front of the stone statue, before she knelt down gently. Upon seeing this, Lin Dong also knelt down beside her. Ignoring the strength of the Symbol Ancestor, just the latter’s desire to protect this world, was sufficient to get Lin Dong to kneel down and respect him sincerely.


Ying Huanhuan looked at the stone statue, before grief and yearning surged within her eyes. A long while later, she finally kowtowed three times in front of that stone statue before she finally stood up.

“There is a training ground created by teacher within this stone statue. I will send you inside. Moreover, unless you successfully create a Divine Palace, you will not be able to escape.” Ying Huanhuan said.

“Huh?” Lin Dong was stunned. He laughed bitterly, “Isn’t this a little too cruel?”

It was no mean feat to form a Divine Palace. Otherwise, the Ice Master wouldn’t be the only one amongst the eight Ancient Masters, who was able to do so.

“Why are you doubting yourself?” Ying Huanhuan used her icy blue pretty eyes to stare at Lin Dong before she asked.

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath and nodded slowly. Then, he extended his arms before he pulled Ying Huanhuan into his embrace. Finally, he softly said, “You can be rest assured. Like I said, I will definitely surpass her.”

Ying Huanhuan gently leaned her head on his shoulder before she said, “The training ground within the stone statue has a time warp ratio of one to ten. Previously, your strength has soared far too rapidly. You can take this opportunity to stabilize your strength.”

Lin Dong nodded. The Symbol Ancestor was truly incredible. In fact, he was even able to do something as unbelievable as distorting the flow of time.

“Go in.”

Ying Huanhuan gently swung her hand, before that stone statue began to squirm. After which, a light halo appeared. Meanwhile, it seemed as though there was an endless void within that light halo.

When Lin Dong saw this, he nodded solemnly. Without further ado, he walked forward. After which, he entered the light halo in front of Ying Huanhuan’s eyes.


That light halo shook, before it disappeared stealthily. When Ying Huanhuan saw this sight, she released a deep breath. Subsequently, she extended her small hand from under her sleeve. As she looked at her transformed right hand, a complicated emotion flashed across her pretty eyes.