Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1277: Meet (2)

Chapter 1277: Meet (2)


Chapter 1277: Meet (2)

After Lin Dong unleashed his aura, the square, which was packed with numerous top experts from the Chaotic Demon Sea, was silent for a moment. After which, the emotions within many people’s eyes were in flux, before they finally turned grave. In fact, when they turned to look at Lin Dong once again, there wasn’t a hint of doubt in their eyes.

The people here were largely famous individuals within the Chaotic Demon Sea and they naturally possessed great strength. Therefore, they were able to deduce Lin Dong’s strength from his aura. In fact, they were certain that he had reached the Reincarnation stage.

Of course, his exact strength within the Reincarnation stage, could only be determined by the peak experts from the Chaotic Demon Sea, who were sitting in the front row seats of the square. After all, all of them had passed one Reincarnation Tribulation. Nonetheless, they still felt endangered when they caught a whiff of Lin Dong’s aura. Therefore, this allowed them to understand that even though this young man in front of them seemed like an ordinary Reincarnation stage expert, it was likely that they were no match for him in an actual fight.

“Young friend Lin Dong is truly amazing.” Mu Tian fondled his beard as he remarked to Mu Lan by the side.

“Very terrifying.” Mu Lan could only nod and sigh. After all, it was truly difficult for him to reconcile with the fact that this powerful expert, who could remain collected even when up against numerous top experts from the Chaotic Demon Sea, was actually that weak young youth back then.

“Of course. Big brother Lin Dong is definitely stronger than first grandpa.” Beside them, Mu Lingshan said proudly.

When Mu Tian saw how quickly his granddaughter had turned her back on them, he could only shake his head helplessly. After which, he turned his head and smiled towards a blue robed old man, who was at a short distance away.

He was the current palace chief of the Ten Thousand Sea Heaven Palace, Wan Xuan. Unexpectedly, he had turned up as well.

“The size of this gathering is truly frightening.” Mu Tian surveyed his surroundings. After which, he realized that most of the top experts within the Chaotic Demon Sea were present. For more than thousands of years, this was the first time a situation like this has ever occurred in the Chaotic Demon Sea.

“As of now, the Chaotic Demon Sea is in turmoil. As the Yimo began their rampage, though our Immortal Sage Whale clan was able to temporarily hide from their attacks, this is not a long term solution.” Mu Lan said.

“That’s right.”

Mu Tian nodded. Promptly, he looked at the countless experts present before his elderly heart began to feel a tinge of pride. After all, if they could form an alliance successfully, why would they need to fear those Yimo?

A bright sun hung high in the sky. Suddenly, a ‘gong’ sound resounded across this massive square. After which, the entire place became silent, before many pairs of eyes looked towards the front. At that spot, stood a fiery-red enchanting lovely figure. She was Tang Xinlian from the Flame Divine Hall.

“Everyone, I believe that all of you should know why my Flame Divine Hall has organized this gathering. Currently, the Yimo are on a rampage and the ancient world war provides us with a glimpse as to how powerful these Yimo are. In fact, perhaps many of you here have personally witnessed this for yourselves.”

Tang Xinlian used her pretty eyes to survey the place as her clear voice echoed across the square.

“Based on the information obtained by my Flame Divine Hall, eight sea regions have been butchered by the Yimo. Meanwhile, the one hundred and twenty factions within have all been exterminated. Corpses litter the ground and blood flows like rivers wherever they passed. I believe that no faction here can confidently claim that they can fight the Yimo by themselves, am I right?”

No one answered. Meanwhile, all of them had a grave expression on their faces. In fact, some of them were even grieving secretly. Evidently, some of them had already suffered heavy losses after the Yimo attacked.

“May I know what Miss Tang has in mind?” The old man in blue robes mused for a moment before he asked.

“It is not a overly complicated one. In summary, it is to form an alliance to fight them.” Tang Xinlian beamed before she continued, “Five Ancient Masters have asked my Flame Divine Hall to band everyone together and form an alliance to fight the Yimo!”

Some buzzing noises were emitted from within this massive square. After which, many experts turned to look at each other. Before they arrived, they had already vaguely guessed what was going on. However, they were still a little shocked when they heard the news personally. In fact, a mega alliance that encompassed the entire Chaotic Demon Sea, had never been established before.

The buzzing noise spread all across the place. Even though many powerful experts felt inclined to join, they chose to remain silent at this moment. After all, even though they were being pushed into dire straits by the Yimo, they had established their own factions after much sweat and tears. Therefore, once an alliance was formed, would they still be able to retain control of their respective faction?

“Everyone, this so-called alliance is merely meant to counter the Yimo. Once this alliance is formed, all of us will attack and defend as one. In order to prevent one party from gaining control, we will nominate some of the more renowned factions and form a council. Moreover, every important decision must go through this council. Furthermore, above this council, we will also create an Elder Council. They will be staffed by the five Ancient Masters and Lin Dong, and they will be in charge of supervising the alliance.”

“After which, every faction will dispatch their elite fighting force to create a Devil Slaying Army. Meanwhile, the Spatial Master will also intervene and create a teleportation formation in every large sea region. Therefore, if any sea region is under attack by the Yimo, the Devil Slaying Army will show up immediately!”

Tang Xinlian stood tall and proud, as her clear voice spread. Operating a massive alliance like this was supposed to be a complicated and difficult task. However, in her hands, she was able to simplify the operations and make it run efficiently. Moreover, by distributing the authority, she was able to reassure certain factions, that were worried that the Flame Divine Hall was planning to take advantage of this alliance to expand their base.

The huge square was completely silent. Meanwhile, the eyes of countless individuals were glimmering, while their hearts began to shake. It seems like such an alliance was indeed workable.

No one objected to the fact that the five Ancient Masters were members of the Elder Council. After all, given their fame and reputation, they were indeed qualified for the job. However, the crowd was staring at Lin Dong with a strange expression in their eyes. This was because even a top expert within the Chaotic Demon Sea like Mu Tian, was not qualified to hold such a position. However, despite his tender age, Lin Dong was able to do so. This inevitably left many of them dumbstruck.

Lin Dong also quietly nodded upon hearing this. Meanwhile, a glint of admiration flashed across the Flame Master and the rest’s eyes. Tang Xinlian’s leadership abilities were truly frightening. It was likely that with her abilities, once the alliance was formed, the Chaotic Demon Sea would be able to unleash a frightening fighting force.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are all in full support of this arrangement. What do you guys think?” The Flame Master slowly said. However, his low and deep voice caused the entire place to turn silent.

“We have already fought with the Devil Prison in the past. Perhaps the chaos in the Chaotic Demon Sea is only the first wave. Soon after, the Yimo would sweep across the entire world. At that time, the second world war will truly begin.”

“Will any egg emerge unscathed after the nest is broken? If we do not form an alliance now, countless living beings in this world shall be destroyed.”

The hearts of countless experts pounded upon hearing the Flame Master’s low and deep voice. If a world war was to break out, it was likely that none of them would be able to escape unscathed.

“Moreover, in order to increase our fighting strength, we will open the ‘Ancestral Citadel’ left behind by our teacher back then. At that time, we will allow those who have reached the Samsara stage to enter it. If you get lucky, it might help you to advance to the Reincarnation stage.”

The Flame Master’s final words immediately caused the entire place to erupt into an uproar. In fact, countless Samsara stage experts stood up immediately, before they stared at the Flame Master with heated eyes.

The atmosphere in the square had reached its peak. After all, that offer was far too tempting.

“The Flame Master is right. My Ten Thousand Sea Heaven Palace is willing to join the alliance.” When he saw that the time was ripe, the blue robed old man took the lead and stood up. Then, he cupped his hands together and said in a respectful manner.

“My Immortal Sage Whale clan is also willing to join the alliance and fight the Yimo together!” Mu Tian also stood up and said.

“My Heaven Sea Cliff is also willing to join the alliance!” Another top expert from the Chaotic Demon Sea stood up and said.

“The Sea Sword Pavilion is willing…”

“We are also willing to join the alliance!”


Within this massive square, many figures suddenly stood up, before low cries sounded in waves. Finally, their voices gathered and shot towards the clouds. Meanwhile, the desire to fight began to rise stealthily.

When Lin Dong stared at this blood boiling scene in front of him, he involuntarily emitted a soft sigh from his lips. Thanks to the Flame Master’s group and the pressure from the Yimo, this alliance was established rather quickly. However, whether this alliance could truly unleash its might, would still depend on Tang Xinlian’s abilities…

After an alliance was successfully formed, the next step would be to settle the complicated operational procedures. However, compared to when Lin Dong established his Four Titans Palace, running a mega alliance like this was evidently much more complicated. Fortunately, Lin Dong did not have to worry about it.

These matters naturally fell onto Tang Xinlian’s shoulders. Meanwhile, she began to display her leadership abilities, that left others in shock. Within merely five days, the alliance had already begun to take shape.

Lin Dong and the Spatial Master also acted in unison during these days. They headed to the various large sea regions and built teleportation formations that were interconnected with each other. By doing so, once the Devil Slaying Army was formed, they would be able to stop the rampaging Yimo.

Even though Lin Dong had advanced to the Reincarnation stage, this dangerous and exhausting task still left him bitterly exhausted. In fact, by the time he returned to the Flame Divine Hall, his face was a little pale.

Within the large hall, when Tang Xinlian, who was busy managing the alliance, saw Lin Dong, she smiled. After which, she personally served him tea and said, “Well done.”

“I caused you so much trouble. This little bit of hardship is nothing.” Lin Dong received the fragrant tea, before he shook his head and said.

“It’s not much of a hassle. Besides, you are not the only one involved. The Yimo have been on a rampage in the Chaotic Demon Sea and this will definitely affect our Flame Divine Hall eventually.” Tang Xinlian smilingly said. “Besides, you are not one of the Ancient Masters. Yet, you chose to involve yourself in such matters.”

“I am not as noble and selfless as them.” Lin Dong laughed bitterly.

“Though they are indeed highly respected individuals, you aren’t so bad yourself.” Tang Xinlian smiled. Meanwhile, there was an enchanting expression within her long eyes. At this moment, she did not carry her usual cool and heroic demeanor. Instead, the smile on her face had became a lot gentler and prettier.

As she stared at Lin Dong, there was clearly a gentle emotion within her eyes. In fact, it was extremely difficult to connect her to that lady, who had once stood confidently in front of countless experts from the Chaotic Demon Sea, before she managed to convince all of them.

“That’s right, how is Xin Qing? You did not bully her, did you?” Tang Xinlian suddenly recalled Xin Qing, who had accompanied Lin Dong to the Demon Region back then, before she asked.

Lin Dong shook his head helplessly before he explained what happened to the Nine-tail tribe.

“I never expected that girl to have such a chance encounter. It is likely that she will be quite incredible after she leaves her seclusion.” Tang Xinlian said in a somewhat surprised manner.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded. He was just about to speak when a spatial fluctuation once again appeared in the hall. After which, the Spatial Master, Flame Master, Ying Huanhuan and the rest showed up in a flash.

“We should have set up all the teleportation formations.” The Spatial Master smiled at the two of them and said.

“We have troubled all of you.” Tang Xinlian hurriedly replied.

Ying Huanhuan sat down elegantly on her chair. Her delicate hand was holding an emerald jade cup. After a brief moment of silence, she used her icy blue eyes to stare at Lin Dong before she said, “We will be opening the Ancestral Citadel tomorrow.”

All of a sudden, Lin Dong felt that the atmosphere within the large hall had turned quiet. When he once again saw the faint smile on Ying Huanhuan’s face, though he felt stifled in his heart, in the end, he nodded his head gently.