Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1276: Meet (1)

Chapter 1276: Meet (1)


Chapter 1276: Meet (1)

Within the large hall, two equally pretty and dazzling young ladies were staring at each other with a smile on their face. This was supposed to be a pleasant sight. However, right now, Lin Dong was drenched in cold sweat. Clearly, he did not know what was going on.

When the crowd saw this scene, they were immediately startled. However, soon after, they began to grow curious. This was especially the case for the Darkness Master and the rest. With a strange expression in their eyes, they looked at Ying Huanhuan. It was clear that their curiosity were piqued by the latter’s reaction.


Lin Dong coughed dryly. At a moment like this, he had to demonstrate his pride as a man. Hence, he directly inserted himself between the two of them before he spoke helplessly to Tang Xinlian, “I don’t recall ever mentioning something like this?”

“Is that so?”

Tang Xinlian blinked her eyes. After which, she curled her red lips before she casually said, “Perhaps my memory has failed me.”

Lin Dong was at a loss for words. Women were indeed frightening creatures.

With a bewitching smile on her face, Tang Xinlian looked at Ying Huanhuan and said, “You won’t hold this against me, will you?”

Ying Huanhuan gave a faint smile and shook her head. However, when she turned her head, she gave Lin Dong an extremely cold glare. She had finally learnt what kind of great blessing Lin Dong had enjoyed during this so-called cultivation trip in the Chaotic Demon Sea…

“Alright, alright, let’s focus on the important issue at hand.” Lin Dong felt helpless. All he could do was to adopt a stern expression. The two women smiled knowingly upon seeing this before the both of them finally toned down.

“Currently, forming an alliance is the only solution.” Tang Xinlian nodded and continued, “According to the information that we obtained, certain sea regions have already been turned into a bloodbath by the Yimo. In fact, some of the weaker factions have begun to retreat to the larger sea regions.”

“If we form an alliance to fight the Yimo now, it would draw quite a number of factions. However, at that time, many factions will swarm over and the alliance formed will also be a massive and complicated one. In fact, whether it can even function properly is up in the air. Therefore, even much less needs to be said about fighting the Yimo.”

Lin Dong nodded. It was not always the case that more is better. In a situation like this, after gathering everyone together, if there were no proper controls in place, it might even cause the situation to deteriorate.

Even though back in the Demon Region, Lin Dong managed to establish the Four Titans Palace, he knew that his Four Titans Palace was child’s play compared to an alliance, which encompassed the entire Chaotic Demon Sea. Moreover, he had to expend a massive amount of effort just to establish his Four Titans Palace. Therefore, if he had to form an alliance encompassing the entire Chaotic Demon Sea, it was likely impossible for him to succeed even at the expense of his life.

“Although it is very troublesome, it shouldn’t be a difficult task thanks to Miss Xinlian’s leadership abilities, am I right?” Lin Dong said with a smile. He was not a fool and would naturally not get involved in matters that he knew he could not handle. Moreover, there was a perfect candidate at hand.

“I am already very busy. Can you please not create additional work for me?” Tang Xinlian rolled her eyes at Lin Dong. However, she sighed helplessly after she saw the latter’s bitter expression as she said, “You caused me so much trouble the moment you arrived.”

“In order to make a difference, we need some of the largest and most powerful factions in the Chaotic Demon Sea to join our alliance. Amongst the human tribes, we must rope in the Ten Thousand Sea Heaven Palace. They are an old and well-established faction in the Chaotic Demon Sea and have a powerful reputation. As for the members of the Sea Demon tribe, the Immortal Sage Whale clan is a must. Can you guys convince the both of them?” Tang Xinlian looked at Lin Dong’s group and asked.

“Ten Thousand Sea Heaven Palace huh? Is their founder the Ten Thousand Sea Old Man? Is he still alive?” The Flame Master thought for a moment before he asked.

“Aye. However, the Ten Thousand Sea Old Man died many years ago when he failed to pass the second Reincarnation Tribulation. Their current chief is his grandson and he should have passed one Reincarnation Tribulation. He can be considered as one of the top experts in the Chaotic Demon Sea.”

“In that case, it shouldn’t be a problem. The Ten Thousand Sea Old Man once received some pointers from me.” The Flame Master laughed. However, his words left Lin Dong in shock. Promptly, he shook his head helplessly. It seems like one must not underestimate these antiques.

“Leave the Immortal Sage Whale clan to me.” The Chaos Master laughed. Amongst the members of the Sea Demon tribe, he was considered as a legend. Therefore, as a member of the tribe, it was not difficult for him to convince the Sea Demon tribe to join their alliance.

“In that case, let’s announce the news today. I believe that many factions within the Chaotic Demon Sea will quickly send their men over.” Tang Xinlian nodded and said.


Everyone exchanged glances before nodding. This huge event, which would shake the entire Chaotic Demon Sea, was finally settled.

After they made their decision, the Flame Divine Hall became extremely busy. Countless figures rushed out, before they began to spread the news at a frightening speed. Given their speed, it was likely that the Flame Divine Hall would become the most lively place in the entire Chaotic Demon Sea within a short two to three days.

Although he was well-prepared, the commotion caused by the alliance seemed to have exceeded Lin Dong’s expectations. Within merely two days, the commotion was feedbacked to the Flame Divine Hall. After which… various experts from all across the Chaotic Demon Sea began to flood the Flame Divine Hall in a locust like fashion. In fact, the scene was even more intense compared to the scene stirred up by the competition over the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.

On the top of a building within the Flame Divine Hall, Lin Dong looked at the locus like crowd which came from the distant horizon before they rushed towards the city. Then, he sighed involuntarily.

“This is indeed the Chaotic Demon Sea.”

Lin Dong sighed emotionally. The size of the Chaotic Demon Sea had likely surpassed that of the Demon Region and the Four Great Xuan Regions. In fact, the number of factions here was as numerous as the stars. Typically, he might not have realized it. However, owing to the special circumstances, he finally began to realize how frighteningly massive it was.

Of course, from a certain point of view, it also demonstrated just how dangerous the current situation in the Chaotic Demon Sea was. After all, the competition within the Chaotic Demon Sea was extremely intense. Therefore, unless one really reached a point whereby one had no other choice, it was likely that no one would even think about joining the alliance.

“Let’s head over as well.” Behind him, Ying Huanhuan said. Although the Flame Divine Hall was an elite faction in the Chaotic Demon Sea, they were unable to get everyone to submit to them. Therefore, in order to ensure that the alliance was formed successfully, they had to serve as a deterrent.

Lin Dong nodded. Promptly, he swung his sleeve before silver light wrapped around the both of them. The next time they appeared, they were already standing in front of a massive square. Meanwhile, there were throngs of people gathered in the square and they extended to the limits of one’s vision. Furthermore, all their auras were extremely powerful. Clearly, the various factions in the Chaotic Demon Sea have sent powerful members over to the Flame Divine Palace to serve as their representative.

“This is quite a grand event.” Lin Dong grinned upon seeing this. All of a sudden, after he and Ying Huanhuan entered the square, a clear joyous loud voice sounded from behind them.

“Big brother Lin Dong!”

When Lin Dong heard this cry, he was stunned momentarily. After which, he turned around and saw a white figure pouncing over from afar. Finally, she directly leapt into his embrace. Meanwhile, that frighteningly force caused his body to tremble gently.

Lin Dong hurriedly grabbed that person and held her in his embrace. After which, he glanced at her and saw an exquisite and cute face appearing in front of him, “Lingshan?”

Lin Dong was stunned when he saw the young lady in his embrace. It turns out that she was Mu Lingshan, someone whom he met back in the Chaotic Demon Sea. Back then, she was merely a little girl who had a pair of cute pigtails. However, as of now, those pigtails had became a dark black lively ponytail. Meanwhile, her small and cute body had gradually became well-proportioned and she no longer looked as childish as before.

“Hehe, big brother Lin Dong, it is really you!” Mu Lingshan was laughing as she tugged Lin Dong. Meanwhile, there was a joyous smile on her small face. Clearly, she was extremely happy about the fact that she was able to meet Lin Dong here.

“Why are you here?” When he saw her, Lin Dong felt some joy in his heart. After which, he grinned as he rubbed Mu Lingshan’s extremely lively dark black ponytail, before he secretly sighed in his heart. The little girl from before was all grown up.

“I came with grandpa and the rest.” Mu Lingshan used her small fair hand to point to her back. At that spot, one could see two figures standing there. One of them had a tall figure and was quite handsome. He was Mu Lingshan’s third grandfather, Mu Lan.

On Mu Lan’s left, was a white haired old man. He was a skinny looking old man, and he was fondling his beard as he looked at them with a smile.

“Elder Mu Lan.”

Lin Dong cupped his hands together towards Mu Lan and laughed. Mu Lan had helped him out immensely in the past and he had always remembered this favour.

“Haha, Lin Dong. As of now, even I cannot match up to you. I’m afraid that I don’t deserve to be addressed as an ‘elder’ by you.” Mu Lan laughed and walked over. Meanwhile, there was some shock in his eyes as he looked at Lin Dong. When they parted ways back then, Lin Dong was merely at the Profound Death stage. However, as of now, he could even feel some pressure from the latter.

“This is my brother, Mu Tian.”

“Greetings to elder Mu Tian.” Lin Dong cupped his hands together. It was likely that this old man was the first grandfather that Mu Lingshan had mentioned. In fact, the fluctuation emitted by the latter took Lin Dong by surprise. It turns out that this old man was actually a peak expert who had passed one Reincarnation Tribulation.

“Haha, you must be young friend Lin Dong, am I right? This girl has frequently talked about you after she came back and moss has grown in my old ears after listening to her.” Mu Tian smiled warmly and said.

Lin Dong grinned and patted Mu Lingshan’s little head, before he said, “Is elder Mu Tian here to participate in the alliance gathering?”

“Aye. Elder Chaos came down personally and asked us to. Our Immortal Sage Whale clan does not dare to snub him.” Mu Tian smilingly nodded and said.

“In that case, please enter.”

When Lin Dong realized that this was not an appropriate venue for a conversation, he smiled before he led them into the square. The instant he entered the square, he surveyed his surroundings and saw that numerous experts had gathered in this place. In fact, extending his sight, he realized that he could see no end to them. Meanwhile, he could sense that as numerous auras continuously rose and gathered in the sky, even the clouds in the sky were being blown away.

“Elder Mu Tian, please take a seat.”

Soon after they entered, members of the Flame Divine Hall quickly stepped forward and welcomed them. Then, they placed the Mu Tian trio in the square’s front seats. Evidently, the front row seats were only occupied by those who possessed extremely formidable strength. In fact, everyone of them seated in the front row were all famous and renowned experts in the Chaotic Demon Sea.

Right in front of them, were a couple of seats. At this moment, the Flame Master and the rest were all seated on them with their eyes shut. Meanwhile, countless pairs of eyes swept over them, while their eyes were all filled with wild heat and excitement.

“Let’s go.”

Ying Huanhuan directly walked towards the most eye-catching seat in the middle. Moreover, she was also holding onto Lin Dong’s hand.

“Cough, I can just sit at the side.”

When Lin Dong saw that they were headed towards the most prominent seats in the entire square, he immediately coughed dryly.

However, Ying Huanhuan chose to ignore him. Her body moved before she directly rushed towards those seats. After which, she sat down with a calm expression before she dragged Lin Dong and forced him to sit beside her.

These seats were the most prominent spot in the entire square. In fact, even those peak experts in the Chaotic Demon Sea like Mu Tian, were unqualified to seat on them. However, an unfamiliar man like Lin Dong was sitting on them. This undoubtedly attracted the attention of everyone present. Soon after, many stealthy whispers erupted.

“Who is that young fella? Was there someone like him amongst the eight Ancient Masters?”

“Why does he seem a little familiar?”

“Ugh… it seems like he is the man who won the competition at the Flame Divine Hall back then. He is called Lin Dong, am I right?”

“Are you referring to that younger generation member? He is truly ill-mannered. How dare he occupy that seat!”


Beside him, the Flame Master and the rest slowly opened their eyes. Meanwhile, with a gentle smile in their eyes, they looked at the embarrassed Lin Dong. It was as though they wanted to see how he would deal with the situation.

Lin Dong had also detected their actions. When he heard the complaints from all across the square, he did not fret. Instead, he gave a gentle smile before he slammed his hand gently on the stone table. Soon after, a frightening aura swept across the place and enveloped the entire square.

After they were enveloped by his frightening aura, every complaint came to a sudden halt. In fact, even Mu Tian and the other peak experts from the Chaotic Demon Sea, who were seated at the front row, all had great shock within their eyes.

This was because even they felt extreme danger when up against his aura.

“This young man is no simple chap…”

They quietly exchanged glances while this thought flashed across their minds. At the same time, they completely erased any trace of doubt within their hearts.