Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1275: Alliance

Chapter 1275: Alliance


Chapter 1275: Alliance

Lin Dong and the rest were prepared to leave on the morning of the next day. When they left the building, they realized that the leaders of the various factions in the Heaven Wind Sea Region were all waiting outside. When they saw Lin Dong and the rest, they immediately circled around them.

“Young brother Lin Dong, currently the Chaotic Demon Sea is still in chaos. In fact, it is rumoured that certain sea regions were turned into a bloodbath by the Yimo. What will happen to our Heaven Wind Sea Region once you leave?” Gu Tong was clearly being pushed forward as their representative. After all, up against this group of experts, who were clearly renowned individuals since the ancient times, the experts from the Heaven Wind Sea Region all felt extremely pressured. Therefore, they did not dare to speak with them directly. Instead, they chose to speak to Lin Dong, whom they were a little more familiar with.

Lin Dong involuntarily smiled upon hearing this. It seems like these fellows were all frightened by the Yimo. This was also a good thing. After all, if their emotions spread, it would aid the formation of an alliance.

“Clan leader Gu, you can be rest assured that the Yimo will not dare to come to this sea region in the future. Moreover, we are going to the Flame Divine Hall to establish an alliance in the Chaotic Demon Sea. Once that alliance is formed, there will no longer be a need to fear the Yimo.” Lin Dong said.

“Alliance?” Everyone’s eyes widened upon hearing this. As of now, the Heaven Wind Sea Region was in a precarious position and they clearly lacked the strength to protect themselves. Therefore, it would be extremely beneficial to them if an alliance was formed.

“All of you should send someone to the Flame Divine Hall after news of the alliance spread. At that time, the various large sea regions will establish a teleportation formation, and someone will come and help you guys if there is danger.” Lin Dong smiled towards everyone. Then, silver light surfaced behind him before they wrapped around his group.

“Therefore, all of you should just wait for the good news.”

That silver light gradually became brighter. Right after Lin Dong uttered his final sentence, he and his group vanished, leaving behind a group of stunned leaders from the Heaven Wind Sea Region.


Flame Divine Hall.

There was a fiery red figure seated on the leader seat in the large hall. At this moment, there were many people in this large hall. Meanwhile, people continuously streamed in and reported various intel to the higher authorities.

Tang Xinlian was seated elegantly. Perhaps it was because she was not leading an army at this moment and she was dressed in a red long dress, she appeared a little meek at this moment. In fact, she did not look like a cool heroine.

As she listened to the various urgent reports, she began to knit her eyebrows slightly. The recent commotion in the Chaotic Demon Sea had also affected her Flame Divine Hall. In fact, the sea region where their Flame Divine Hall was located, had also suffered attacks from numerous Yimo. However, with Qingzhi stationed in her Flame Divine Hall, it had also attracted many top experts and this allowed the strength of her Flame Divine Hall to soar. Moreover, thanks to her leadership abilities, though those invading Yimo were able to cause some chaos on the first day they arrived, they were subsequently blocked and stopped outside the sea region managed by the Flame Divine Hall.

Nonetheless, though they managed to block the Yimo, those complicated military matters also caused Tang Xinlian to become a lot busier.

Seated within the large hall, many orders were quickly issued from Tang Xinlian’s small and moist red lips. After which, some of the elders in the large hall delivered her orders. People came and left. However, there was no sign of chaos.

“Elder Ling, some Yimo have appeared in the Northern Sea Region. Based on the information that we received, they should number around five hundred or so. Moreover, there is an Yimo general in command. You will lead one thousand Flame Divine Guards and head over there to exterminate them. You can mobilize the Northern Sea Region Guards as you deem fit.”

After that final order was issued by Tang Xinlian, she flicked her finger before a fiery red order token landed in the hands of a green clothed old man. The latter immediately left after receiving it.


After dealing with all these matters, Tang Xinlian finally heaved a gentle sigh of relief.

“Hehe, little Tang’tang is really capable. As your teacher, I feel assured to leave the Flame Divine Hall in your hands.” Seated on the grandmaster chair to the right of the large hall, Mo Luo was holding a teacup in his hand. Meanwhile, when he saw that Tang Xinlian was able to handle these matters in an orderly fashion, the smile on his face was as dazzling as a flower.

Beside him, Qingzhi smiled and shook his head. It was fortunate that this fellow managed to find such an outstanding disciple. Otherwise, the Flame Divine Hall might have collapsed if he was the one running it.

Tang Xinlian glanced at Mo Luo indifferently, and she completely ignored him.

“Cough, forget it. Old Qing, let’s go out and play chess.” Mo Luo smiled awkwardly after he saw Tang Xinlian rolling her eyes. Subsequently, he called Qingzhi.

“Master, aren’t you having a little too much time on your hands? If there is nothing for you to do, I can easily assign something to you!” Tang Xinlian gritted her teeth and said coldly.

“Didn’t you say that you will only ask me to make a move if something huge occurs?” Mo Luo laughed dryly.

Tang Xinlian snorted coldly. As their Flame Divine Hall grew, Mo Luo became increasingly proficient at pushing all matters related to it aside.

When Mo Luo saw that Tang Xinlian was becoming increasingly angry, he did not dare to provoke her. Instead, he glanced at Qingzhi as he prepared to make his escape.

Qingzhi smiled upon seeing this. He was just about to stand up when his expression suddenly changed. Then, he smilingly said, “Forget about it. There are some important guests coming to the Flame Divine Hall today. You should stay here obediently and welcome them.”

“Important guests?”

Mo Luo and Tang Xinlian were startled upon hearing this.

Right after Qingzhi spoke, the space within the Flame Divine Hall suddenly became distorted. Then, a resplendent silver light erupted. By the time that silver light scattered, a couple of figures had showed up within the large hall. Meanwhile, standing amongst them, a young man quickly smiled towards Mo Luo.

“You… Lin…”

Mo Luo was stunned when he saw that young man. However, even before he could speak, joy immediately surged onto Tang Xinlian’s face as she said, “Lin Dong?!”

“Elder Qingzhi, elder Mo Luo, Miss Xinlian, it has been a while.” Lin Dong looked at the trio in the large hall. Then, a smile appeared on his face as he cupped his hands together and said.

Qingzhi and Mo Luo smiled. After which, with a grave expression in their eyes, they looked at the Flame Master and the rest, who were standing behind Lin Dong.

“If my guess is correct, the few of them should be the legendary Ancient Masters, am I right?” Qingzhi said with a smile. Although during the ancient times, he was unqualified to speak with the Flame Master and the rest, he clearly knew about them. After all, other than those few extraordinary individuals, it was impossible to find others in this world who possess such aura.

“Ancient Masters?”

Mo Luo was startled. Currently, he had also advanced to the Reincarnation stage. However, he was still unable to fathom the Flame Master and the rest. Soon after, he involuntarily smacked his lips. They were indeed worthy of being the direct disciples of the Symbol Ancestor.

The Flame Master’s group also smiled towards the Qingzhi duo. However, their attitude was neither submissive nor arrogant. Clearly, they did not act like haughty ancient masters.

“Little fellow, you have actually reached the Reincarnation stage as well?” Mo Luo suddenly noticed Lin Dong. Then, his expression changed abruptly as he exclaimed.

“I made a breakthrough not long ago.” Lin Dong smilingly said.

“Tsk tsk, you are still as abnormal as always…” Mo Luo clicked his tongue, while his face was filled with shock. He had trained for many years and he merely advanced to the Reincarnation stage last year. However, who could have imagined that Lin Dong, who was merely at the Profound Death stage when he left, would have actually reached this stage as well.

“There is no need to compare yourself with him. It will only cause you to feel inferior.” Qingzhi smilingly said. Then, his eyes swept across Lin Dong’s body before he nodded, “It seems like you have obtained the Primal Dragon Bone.”

“It’s all thanks to elder Qingzhi’s introduction.” Lin Dong replied. If Qingzhi did not ask him to head to the Dragon tribe, it was likely going to be extremely difficult for him to obtain the Primal Dragon Bone.

“It’s all because of your own abilities. I have also coveted the Primal Dragon Bone for a very long time, however, I was unable to succeed.” Qingzhi shook his head and said.

Lin Dong smiled. Currently, he was able to detect Qingzhi’s strength. In fact, he should have passed two Reincarnation Tribulations, and was a lot stronger than when Lin Dong last saw him. It seems like Qingzhi’s strength had also grown during the last one to two years.

“Lin Dong, have you really reached the Reincarnation stage?” Tang Xinlian ran down from the leader seat. Then, she stopped in front of Lin Dong before she began to observe him. Meanwhile, her pretty eyes held joy that could not be concealed.

Beside him, Ying Huanhuan glanced at that cool and enchanting Tang Xinlian, who was wearing a red dress. After which, she glanced at Lin Dong with a half-smile.

Lin Dong involuntarily laughed dryly after he saw this. Immediately, he nodded towards Tang Xinlian before he began to introduce the people behind him.

“Haha, may I know why all of you came to the Flame Divine Hall?” Mo Luo was curious as he asked involuntarily. After all, this lineup even caused someone like him to be taken aback.

“It should be related to the commotion caused by the Yimo in the Chaotic Demon Sea recently, am I right?”

Tang Xinlian smiled. With a brilliant smile on her face, she glanced at Lin Dong and said, “If my guess is correct, you are planning to ask our Flame Divine Hall to gather the many factions in the Chaotic Demon Sea and form an alliance in order to oppose the Yimo, am I right?”

“Clever.” Lin Dong lifted his thumb. “The Yimo are far too powerful and just a single faction alone cannot stop them. If we allow them to continue their rampage, the Chaotic Demon Sea will definitely suffer great losses. Hence, we want to ask the Flame Divine Hall to gather the factions and form an alliance in order to fight the Yimo in the Chaotic Demon Sea.”

“Alliance?” Mo Luo was startled. He fondled his chin and said, “Although our Flame Divine Hall is quite influential, not everyone will submit to us. This is because there are many other powerful factions in the Chaotic Demon Sea.”

“Haha, they will help us to convince those factions.” Lin Dong pointed towards the Flame Master’s group, who were standing behind him, before he said.

Mo Luo hesitated for a moment. After which, he glanced at Tang Xinlian and said, “You should ask this girl. Right now, she is the hall chief of the Flame Divine Hall.”

Lin Dong was speechless. It seems like this fellow was getting increasingly proficient at pushing away his responsibilities. In fact, he had even handed the position of hall chief to Tang Xinlian.

Lin Dong turned and looked at Tang Xinlian. Meanwhile, the latter was also looking at him. However, her bright enchanting and pretty eyes caused him to feel a little guilty. He quickly smiled and said, “What does Miss Xinlian think?”

“If we form an alliance, we should be able to stop the Yimo in the Chaotic Demon Sea. However, it does not seem like our Flame Divine Hall will stand to benefit. Currently, we are able to protect ourselves against the Yimo.” Tang Xinlian used her jade like hand to support her elbow. After which, she lifted her somewhat snow white sharp chin and smilingly said.

Lin Dong was stunned. She was only thinking about herself even at a moment like this. This seemed a little inappropriate. After all, given Tang Xinlian’s intellect, there was no way she wouldn’t know what kind of great disaster it would be if these Yimo were allowed to continue their rampage.

“Miss Tang is joking with you.” Ying Huanhuan said.

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong finally saw the teasing expression on the corner of Tang Xinlian’s lips. Promptly, he shook his head helplessly.

“Do you not know how I am as a person by now?”

Tang Xinlian glanced at Lin Dong. After which, she turned her eyes towards Ying Huanhuan. Then, she extended her small delicate hand before she laughed casually, “Are you Ying Huanhuan? I heard Lin Dong mentioning about you before. In fact, I once asked him which one of us is prettier.”

Lin Dong’s body stiffened almost instantly. He was stunned as he stared at Tang Xinlian, who had a cunning expression in her eyes.

“Is that so?”

Ying Huanhuan gave a faint smile and asked, “What was his answer?”