Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1274: Ancestral Citadel

Chapter 1274: Ancestral Citadel


Chapter 1274: Ancestral Citadel

“Ancestral Citadel?”

As these three words began to spread within the building, the expressions of the Darkness Master’s group became focused. Then, they turned their attention towards Ying Huanhuan, before they hesitated for a moment and asked, “Are you sure about this?”

Ying Huanhuan nodded.

“What is the Ancestral Citadel?” When Lin Dong saw their expressions, he felt a little uneasy in his heart as he quickly asked.

Ying Huanhuan lifted her pretty face. Then, she used her pretty icy blue eyes to look at Lin Dong before she smilingly said, “It is a citadel left behind by teacher. Your Mental Energy cultivation is currently at the Supreme Symbol Master level and you have yet to form a Divine Palace, am I right?”

Lin Dong nodded. After one’s Mental Energy reached his level, the next step will be to transform one’s Niwan Palace into a Divine Palace. Typically speaking, this was considered to be the peak Mental Energy cultivation level, and it was called the Divine Palace Master level. However, since the beginning of time, the number of people who managed to reach this level could be counted on one hand.

Although Lin Dong was extremely talented in Mental Energy, he was still unable to transform his Niwan Palace into a Divine Palace. Furthermore, he knew that this was going to be a very difficult step to take.

“Are you planning to let him enter the Ancestral Citadel in order to form a Divine Palace?” The Darkness Master glanced at Lin Dong before speaking, “It’s no mean feat to advance to that level. Amongst all of us, besides you, the rest of us are merely considered to be at the half-step to Divine Palace Master level.”

“He should be able to do so.” Ying Huanhuan said.

“What would that Ancestral Citadel do to you?” Lin Dong stared at Ying Huanhuan. He could sense that she was beating around the bush, and it seemed like she was intentionally avoiding this topic.

“The Ancestral Citadel has the divine effect of aiding one’s training. Once the time is ripe, we will open it and allow the Samsara stage experts in this world to enter it. Typically speaking, there will be a thirty percent chance that one will make a successful breakthrough.” Ying Huanhuan continued.

Lin Dong frowned as he stared at Ying Huanhuan. Meanwhile, the latter also used her icy blue pretty eyes to stare back at him. For some unknown reason, tensions were rising between the two of them.


The Darkness Master involuntarily coughed softly after she saw both their demeanor. Then, she spoke towards Lin Dong, in a tone that suggested a deeper meaning, “Lin Dong, there are some things in this world that you can only change if you possess sufficient strength. As of now, you do not possess sufficient strength. Entering the Ancestral Citadel will allow you to possess the qualifications.”

“Is that so?” Lin Dong did not look at the Darkness Master. Instead, he was only looking at Ying Huanhuan.

Ying Huanhuan nodded gently before she said, “Trust me, alright? Entering the Ancestral Citadel will be beneficial to you.”

Lin Dong slowly withdrew his attention. After all, what more could he say at a juncture like this?

“Yan, you should stop hiding. There are so many old friends here. Aren’t you going to come out and greet us?” The Spatial Master stared at Lin Dong’s body before he suddenly said.

After his voice sounded, a warm light was promptly emitted from within Lin Dong’s body, before Yan appeared in a flash. As he looked at the many familiar faces in front of him, he sighed emotionally before he shook his head helplessly.

Yan, we may need your help in order to open the Ancestral Citadel.” Ying Huanhuan looked at Yan and said.

Yan looked at Ying Huanhuan before his lips moved. However, in the end, he laughed bitterly before he nodded his head.

When the Flame Master saw this, he coughed softly before he said, “Besides, the day the Cosmic Evil Devil King managed to escape, many other Yimo, who were being suppressed, also managed to do so. Currently, the Chaotic Demon Sea is in chaos. Furthermore, it seems like the Devil Prison is no longer holding back. Just like what they said, it seems like the next world war has already begun.”

“They are planning to take advantage of the chaos to tie us down.” The Spatial Master fondled his chin, before a thoughtful glint flashed across his silver eyes, “Moreover, I constantly feel like they are working on something.”

The Flame Master and the rest nodded gently. There was a large number of Yimo and they were all extremely powerful. In fact, no single faction in the Chaotic Demon Sea could stop them by themselves. Therefore, if these Yimo were allowed to roam around unchecked, it would likely lead to heavy casualties in the Chaotic Demon Sea.

“Let’s form an alliance within the Chaotic Demon Sea.” Lin Dong pondered for a moment before he suggested. If they did not band the many large factions in the Chaotic Demon Sea together, it was likely that all the factions would be devoured separately by the Yimo.

“An alliance huh? It is possible… however, it is going to be a little difficult to get it done.” The Chaos Master nodded. One would definitely have to exhaust a great amount of effort in order to establish such a huge alliance. Clearly, they were unable to do so by themselves.

“We do not need to establish an alliance by ourselves. There is a top faction in the Chaotic Demon Sea called the Flame Divine Hall. It’s current hall chief is also the owner of the Blazing Ancestral Symbol. Moreover, the Flame Divine Hall is quite influential. Together with the threat from the Yimo, it would not be difficult to establish an alliance as long as we provide them with some guidance.” Lin Dong continued.

Given Tang Xinlian’s leadership abilities, it was likely that she was the best candidate to handle the complicated task of running such a massive alliance.

“Of course, I might need a few of you to help out as well. After all, in the Chaotic Demon Sea, there are numerous powerful factions and tribes with a long history and solid foundation.”

The most powerful tribe in the Chaotic Demon Sea was not the human tribe. Instead, it was the Sea Demon tribe. Moreover, it was going to be an uphill battle to convince them to join the alliance.

“The Sea Demon tribe huh… it will be fine after I make a trip over there. I have a close relationship with the ancestors of the large clans within the Sea Demon tribe.” The Chaos Master said.

“To begin with, the Chaos Master was from the Sea Giant Clan within the Sea Demon tribe. Therefore, once he makes a move, it shouldn’t be difficult to convince the Sea Demon tribe to join the alliance.” Ying Huanhuan softly said.

Lin Dong glanced at her and stopped speaking. Instead, he merely nodded his head.

“In that case, let’s head to the Flame Divine Hall tomorrow. The Yimo have been on a rampage over the last two months and it is likely that the various large factions in the Chaotic Demon Sea have suffered tremendously. Therefore, rounding them up at this moment will be much more effective.” Lin Dong said.

After the crowd heard this, none of them objected. Subsequently, everyone glanced at Ying Huanhuan and Lin Dong before they left. Qingtan also hesitated for a moment upon seeing this. Finally, she left as well.

In the blink of an eye, only the two of them were left in this huge building. Lin Dong looked at Ying Huanhuan, who was lowering her head and refusing to talk, before he helplessly shook his head. Then, he suddenly stood up and it appeared as though he was about to leave.

When she saw this, Ying Huanhuan bit her lips before she clenched her hand tightly. Meanwhile, a horrible sensation emerged within her heart.

However, Lin Dong did not leave in the end. Instead, he walked to the front of Ying Huanhuan before he extended his hand and held her icy jade like delicate small hand. Then, he exerted a little force and pulled her into his embrace. His arms were hugging her soft and delicate waist, while he buried his head gently within her cool icy blue long hair.

“Have you regained your memory?” Lin Dong asked. The way she acted today was clearly a little different from her usual self.

“A little… therefore, I recognise them and recall certain things.” Ying Huanhuan hesitated for a moment before she said.

Lin Dong nodded. It’s no wonder she had an in-depth knowledge regarding certain matters from the ancient times.

“Don’t worry. As of now, I am still Ying Huanhuan.” Ying Huanhuan smiled. Clearly, she knew what Lin Dong was worried about.

“Regardless of what happens, don’t lie to me. Can you do that please?” Lin Dong nodded. As he sniffed the faint fragrance that entered his nostrils, his arms continued to hug the person in his embrace. Meanwhile, his voice was a little hoarse as he said.

Ying Huanhuan also placed her face on his shoulder. Her breath struck Lin Dong’s neck as she softly acknowledged. However, soon after, she muttered to herself in a voice that only she could hear, “I do not wish to lie to you either.”

It was a long while later before Lin Dong finally left. After which, Ying Huanhuan walked to the front of the building. Then, she used her pretty eyes to look at the darkened ocean. A sea breeze blew over and caused her long hair to flutter gently with the wind.

“Are you really going to let him enter the Ancestral Citadel?” A voice was suddenly transmitted from behind her. She turned around and saw the Darkness Master leaning on a pillar. Meanwhile, the latter’s delicate hands were wrapped around her chest, while her black pretty eyes were staring at Ying Huanhuan.

“He needs to form the Divine Palace.” Ying Huanhuan said.

“If we want to open the Ancestral Citadel, we need at least six Ancient Masters to work together. Therefore, you must use the power that you have been suppressing. However, after you use that power, it is not going to be an easy task to suppress it once again.” The Darkness Master said.

“In the past, your power was extremely frightening. However, it also froze all your emotions. Are you certain that you can continue to treat him in the same way once you regain your power?”

Ying Huanhuan sat on a long bench. She folded her long legs, while her long icy blue hair scattered down, causing her to appear somewhat meek, “I know … However, nothing is perfect in this world. The Devil Prison is definitely working on something. In fact, I can feel that the Heaven Seat King seems to be recovering quickly…”

The Darkness Master came to her side and sighed softly. She held her icy body and felt some heartache. This had been the case even since the ancient times. That heavy burden, which none of them could carry, had to land on this girl’s soft shoulders. In fact, the Darkness Master recalled that many years ago, when she first met the latter, the latter was also a cute and lively little girl. However, the smile on that girl’s face gradually disappeared. This was especially the case after teacher told her that he was about to die, and that it was up to her to protect every life in this world. At that time, every single one of them realized that this girl had begun to freeze all her emotions in order to control her power…

“In reality, I am quite thankful to that little fellow. At the very least, he allowed you to experience emotions once again…” The Darkness Master muttered.

“Do not tell him about this.” Ying Huanhuan said. “Otherwise, given his character, there is no way he will enter the Ancestral Citadel.”

“Even at a time like this, you are still thinking on his behalf.” The Darkness Master said helplessly.

Ying Huanhuan leaned into the Darkness Master’s embrace. Then, she said, “Actually, I know that he wants to surpass me. In that case, he can confidently ask me to stay behind him.”

“What wishful thinking.” The Darkness Master curled her lips. If it was really so simple to surpass little junior sister, why would teacher hand such a heavy burden to her?

Ying Huanhuan merely laughed gently, “I believe in him.”

The Darkness Master was startled. She lowered her head to look at Ying Huanhuan. Currently, the corner of the latter’s lips were lifted into a warm and gentle arc. Meanwhile, her pretty eyes were exceptionally bright.

“He will do it.”

Within the building, there was unquestioning faith within that girl’s soft voice.