Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1273: Peak Level Clash

Chapter 1273: Peak Level Clash


Chapter 1273: Peak Level Clash

Purple-gold light shot out from the Chaos Tower in all directions, illuminating and making the sea within a thousand miles shimmer. The Demonic Qi in the sky that had been brought by the Cosmic Evil Devil King was swiftly forced back in the face of this light.

Sunlight poured down from the sky once again.

“Chaos Master.” The eyes of the Third Seat King’s group hardened a little at this moment.

Atop the Chaos Tower, an incomparably titanic figure slowly appeared from within the purple-gold light. The figure expended at a frightening speed. In the end, it also reached a hundred thousand feet in size. It was now just as big as the Cosmic Evil Devil King.

“Haha, to encounter such excitement the moment I come out. Looks like I have really good luck.” The purple-gold giant heartily chuckled at the heavens. His laughter was just like thunder. Huge waves rose on the surface of the sea, and even tornado seemed to have been formed because of his laughter.


A low snort was emitted from the huge and sinister mouth of the Cosmic Evil Devil King. Demonic Qi soared and blocked the overwhelming purple-gold light.

“Evil creature, you are really tenacious. To think that you survived even in such a state.” The Chaos Master looked at the Cosmic Evil Devil King and involuntarily shook his head. His tone appeared quite regretful. Back then, they had spent a great effort in order to seriously injure this Cosmic Evil Devil King. Only then were they able to suppress and seal it. He never imagined that it would manage to escape.

“If not for the tricks you people pulled back then, there was no telling just who would have lost!” The Cosmic Evil Devil King’s dark and solemn voice resounded over the sky.

“We can have another fight now if you aren’t satisfied.” The Chaos Master looked at the Cosmic Evil Devil King as astonishing battle intent rose from his titanic body.

“Ha ha, there is no need to hurry. We have plenty of opportunities. When the time comes, we do not have any intention of letting you off.” The Third Seat King smilingly waved his hand and said.

Although they currently had the numerical advantage, the Cosmic Evil Devil King had only just escaped from being suppressed, and had yet to regain its strength. It would be difficult for a victor to be decided if they were to fight. Hence… now was not the best time.

“At that time, I’m afraid that you will not have a second chance to hide.” The Flame Master slowly said.

“Flame Master, it is not wise to make such conclusions now.”

The Fourth Seat King also smiled. However, his eyes were filled with an extremely sinister murderous desire. “This time around, it is likely that you will be the ones who lose. Moreover, we will not allow you any chances to turn things around. This world will ultimately come under the control of us Yimo!”

“I really wish to give it a try.” The Spatial Master faintly smiled and said. Those silver eyes of his flickered with an icy silver luster.

Both parties faced off while distinct powerful auras surged. They were all peak level experts of this world. The countless lives on this plane were in the palm of their hands.

“You will have a chance, but it is better to wait for now. You wish for the Ice Master to completely recover, while we wish for the Heaven Seat King to be fully healed. At that time, let’s settle the scores from back then.”

The Third Seat King glanced at Ying Huanhuan. After which, he softly laughed, “We have already achieved our aim this time around and will be taking our leave.”

He paused, before he continued, “Additionally, the second world war can be considered to have begun. However, the ones who will lose this time will be you guys. Ha ha.”

The Third Seat King waved his sleeve after his laughter sounded, and monstrous Demonic Qi unfurled. It turned into a huge Demonic Qi vortex in the sky above them. As the vortex rotated, their bodies entered. The numerous Yimo below also charged over like locusts.

The Demonic Qi vortex rotated rapidly. In the end, it quickly vanished. After the disappearance of the Yimo, the Demonic Qi that enveloped the area also quickly faded. Warm sunlight scattered down from the sky once again and shone onto the island.

Lin Dong watched as the sky returned to its peaceful state and heaved a sigh in relief. He was aware that the reason a huge battle did not erupt today was because the Heaven Seat King and Second Seat King had not revealed themselves. Additionally, the Cosmic Evil Devil King had also yet to recover its fighting strength. Devil Prison naturally would not choose to start a war at such a time. Nevertheless, Lin Dong had a premonition that this day would not be far off in the future.

The Chaos Master’s giant body also quickly shrunk. After which, he turned into a twenty feet tall metal tower like figure whose skin flickered with purple-gold light. An indescribable strength emanated from him. In terms of physical body, it was likely that this Chaos Master could be considered the strongest in the world.

“Ha ha, thank you for your protection this time around.” The Chaos Master looked at Lin Dong as he cupped his hands together and smilingly said.

Lin Dong smiled bitterly and shook his head. “I was of little help.”

WIth his current strength, he could only fight against experts within Devil Prison on the level of the Seven Seat King. Above them were experts like the Third Seat King, who had experienced three Reincarnation Tribulations. Lin Dong was powerless against such individuals.

It would be difficult for Lin Dong intervene in situations like the previous face-off. This undoubtedly caused him to sigh inwardly. His strength was indeed insufficient in spite of his overwhelming hard work.

Ying Huanhuan involuntarily tightened her grip on Lin Dong’s hand upon feeling the heaviness in his expression. The latter detected this and smiled at her. He would not easily give up no matter how difficult the situation was.

By the side, the Flame Master, Spatial Master and Chaos Master exchanged glances after witnessing this scene. Their expressions were a little strange. No one knew what they were thinking.

“Perhaps the Thunderbolt Master and Darkness Master will hurry over soon.” The Flame Master looked at Ying Huanhuan and said.

Lin Dong was a little shocked. If even the Thunderbolt Master and Darkness Master came, it meant that other than the already dead Devouring Master, practically all of the eight ancient masters would have gathered.

“Let’s head to the island first.” Lin Dong said.

The Flame Master’s group looked at Ying Huanhuan upon hearing this. The latter nodded before pulling Lin Dong and rushing towards the island.

The Flame Master trio glanced at the two figures. Their eyes flickered a little.

“Flame Master, what is this situation?” The Spatial Master hesitated for a moment before asking. Looking at how Ying Huanhuan was acting, her feelings towards Lin Dong were obviously not shallow.

The Flame Master shook his head helplessly. The expression in his eyes were a little complicated as he said, “She understands.”

He did not say anything else and shot forward. The Spatial Master and Chaos Master looked at each other and smiled bitterly before they quickly followed.

Martial Gathering Island had turned into a state of complete chaos due to the earlier battle. Lin Dong’s group directly entered a pavillion. Soon after, Qingtan and the leaders from the Heaven Wind Sea Region followed. Other than Qingtan however, the expressions of the others were filled with respect and fear as they looked at the group in the building. None of them dared to approach.

Clearly, they had also witnessed the appearance of the Chaos Master earlier. Moreover, the auras from the others were just as strong as the Chaos Master. After some thought, they could vaguely guess something from the clues available. It was as though a storm was raging in their hearts. After all, these were the peak level experts who were renown since ancient times…

The few people sat idly in the building while the others did not dare to approach. Lin Dong had no choice but to instruct Qingtan to serve everyone tea. After which, the building become a little quiet.

Ying Huanhuan sat beside Lin Dong. Her long icy-blue hair fell along her narrow waist, while her pretty eyes stared at the ground. Her fingers gently played with a strand of hair, but she did not speak.

No one knew what the Flame Master trio were thinking as they maintained their silence. Lin Dong could only laugh bitterly in his heart upon seeing this. All he could do was to allow this to continue.

This silence continued for two hours, before Ying Huanhuan slowly lifted her head. Her pretty eyes peered into the distance as she said, “They are here.”

The faint rumble of thunder was suddenly heard from afar after her voice sounded. Soon after, a bolt of lightning flashed across the sky. In the next instant, a figure had already appeared in the building. His appearance was that of the Thunderbolt Master.

Soon after the Thunderbolt Master appeared, the originally bright sky suddenly turned to darkness, while Qingtan involuntarily let out a soft exclamation from her mouth.

This darkness lasted for a single breath before Lin Dong’s group turned their eyes towards an empty seat in the building. Unknowingly, a black armoured figure was already lazily sitting in it. The latter lifted her unusually deep and pretty black eyes and scanned everyone. Finally, she paused on Ying Huanhuan. Only then did a smile surface on her face, “Little junior sister, it has been a long time since we last saw each other. Did you miss senior sister?”

Ying Huanhuan glanced at the Darkness Master as ripples appeared within her icy-blue eyes. She softly replied, “It is good that nothing has happened to senior sister.”

“I am not fools like them. How could anything possibly happen to me.” The Darkness Master smilingly said. She glanced at Lin Dong by the side and surprise flashed across her eyes. “Not bad little fellow. You actually reached the Reincarnation stage. However, there is still a big gap between you and little junior sister. Back then, you swore…”

“Senior sister.”

Ying Huanhuan’s crescent like eyebrows bunched together. Her voice was slightly raised.

“Alright, I’ll stop.” The Darkness Master gracefully waved her hand. She turned towards the Flame Master, “The Cosmic Devil Evil King has been rescued?”

The Flame Master nodded.

“We were unprepared for their schemes. It seems that our planning was inferior to theirs.” The Spatial Master said.

“These fellows are still as cunning as ever. Originally, I wanted to probe where they are hiding. Instead, I ended up being used by them. They trapped me and used the opening to rescue the Cosmic Evil Devil King.” The Thunderbolt Master clenched his teeth and said.

“You are always so reckless. It would be strange if nothing happened.” The Darkness Master rolled her eyes and said.

The Thunderbolt Master smiled in embarrassment upon hearing this.

“They have already rescued the Cosmic Evil Devil King. Next, they will do all they can to aid the Heaven Seat King’s recovery.” The Flame Master slowly said. “If the Heaven Seat King manages to fully recover, I guess that the second world war will officially begin.”

Everyone in the building became silent upon hearing the name Heaven Seat King. Wariness flitted across their eyes. Soon after, they suddenly turned towards Ying Huanhuan.

Ying Huanhuan held a jade green cup in her hand. She gazed upon the pretty reflection on her tea. In the end, she sighed, and her faint voice reverberated within the building.

“Let’s activate the Ancestral Citadel.”