Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1272: Gathering of the Strong

Chapter 1272: Gathering of the Strong


Chapter 1272: Gathering of the Strong

“Cosmic Evil Devil King?”

Lin Dong’s expression changed drastically upon hearing this. The Flame Master had mentioned before that the Devil Suppressing Prison he was suppressing was primarily to suppress the Cosmic Evil Devil King. He had even withdrew the power of his avatar because of this unexpected occurrence. In spite of this, he had still failed to suppress the Cosmic Evil Devil King?

The smile on the Spatial Master’s face slowly receded. An icy glint flickered in his slivey eyes as he stared at the Third Seat King and coldly said, “So the reason you invested such a great amount of forces is not because you intended to attack the Chaos Master. Instead, you were planning on rescuing the Cosmic Evil Devil King.”

“Hehe, that is not completely true. It will naturally be best if we can both rescue the Cosmic Evil Devil King and take the opportunity to kill the Chaos Master.” The Third Seat King smiled faintly and said.

“In that case, I can only make up for it by having you remain here.”

A smile surfaced on the face of the Spatial Master. However, his smile was filled with iciness. Soon after, he slowly extended a rather skinny hand from his sleeve. Silver light flashed at the tips of his fingers. It was a power that Lin Dong was extremely familiar with, the power of the Spatial Ancestral Symbol.

“Is that so?”

The Third Seat King narrowed his eyes. That mysterious eye on his palm once again cracked open.

“You have been an eyesore since back then. I must at least give you two slaps today!” The Spatial Master retorted with a chuckle.

“Ha ha.” The Third Seat King also smiled faintly. His pupils suddenly shrunk an instant later. That palm of his, which contained the strange eye, suddenly slapped furiously behind him as monstrous Demonic Qi unfurled.


The demonic palm swept past and an area of space suddenly distorted. A fist that flickered with a silver glow was thrown. It clashed head on with the demonic palm. Violent ripples spread and a thunderous sound spread in the sky.

“You still like to use such tricks even after all these years.” The Third Seat King turned his head, looked at the silver eyed figure that had appeared behind him and remarked with a sneer.

A startled expression flitted across Lin Dong’s eyes upon seeing this. He glanced at where the Spatial Master had been previously standing, only to find that the ‘Spatial Master’ there was slowly disappearing. Clearly, the latter had already attacked before Lin Dong had sensed anything.

“As expected of the Spatial Master.” Lin Dong secretly praised in his heart. It had not been long since he had obtained the Spatial Ancestral Symbol, he was obviously inferior to the Spatial Master in terms of Spatial Power control.

“Ha ha, you aren’t bad either. At least you didn’t become stupid after hiding for so many years.” The Spatial Master laughed. The silver light in his palm flashed and the space suddenly distorted. Two silver spatial blades were just like scissors that extended towards the Third Seat King like lightning.

Demonic Qi surged from within the Third Seat King’s body, and turned into a Demonic Qi light pillar that protected him. At the same time, it blocked the spatial blades.

Both parties attacked at lightning speed. However, the frightening power contained within their attacks was clearly felt by Lin Dong. At such a level, every strike was the condensation of utmost power.

“They seem to be quite similar in terms of strength.”

Lin Dong softly said after watching the two of them exchange blows. Although the Spatial Master and the Third Seat King had friendly smiles on their faces. Their attacks were extremely vicious and ruthless. However, they were similar in strength, and it was difficult for either of them to obtain the upper hand in this fight.

“Aye. They have the strength of one who has experienced three Reincarnation Tribulations. If they simply fought in this manner, it would be extremely difficult to determine the victor.” Ying Huanhuan nodded gently and said, “Moreover, neither of them have any intentions of killing the other party. This fight will not last for long.”

Lin Dong nodded. They were clearly aware that neither of them was unable to kill the other party if this continued. Hence, their murderous intent was a little weak. Nevertheless, Lin Dong understood that they would one day have to fight to their deaths. Things would really be a little terrifying when that time came.

Silver light and flashes of black interweaved in the sky. The two figures shook slightly. After which, they stabilized their bodies.

“Spatial Master, you cannot kill me. Why waste time here? Are you waiting for something?” The Third Seat King smiled coldly and asked.

“Aren’t you also waiting?” The Spatial Master smilingly said.

Lin Dong helplessly shook his head when he saw the similarly false smiles that hid evil intentions on the two. This matter was becoming increasingly troublesome.

“Isolate those Yimo below.” Lin Dong glanced at the somewhat chaotic Martial Gathering Island. After which, he turned his head towards Ying Huanhuan and said.


Ying Huanhuan nodded. With a wave of her hand, the air froze into ice. After which, the ice spread downwards like an ice wall and quickly isolated the entire Martial Gathering Island. The Yimo were kept outside of the ice wall and were unable to enter.

This technique of Ying Huanhuan made Lin Dong involuntarily rub his nose. He was a little depressed.

Ying Huanhuan’s icy cool hand could not help but grab Lin Dong’s large hand as if sensing his mood. A faint smile surfaced on her cold and beautiful face. That momentarily smile was like a blooming snow lotus on an ice mountain.

“Ha! Little junior sister, you smiled!” Before Lin Dong’s breath could be taken away by her smile, the Spatial Master had already widened his eyes as he pointed at Ying Huanhuan and cried out loud.

Lin Dong looked at the Spatial Master, who currently appeared overly excited despite the impressive demeanor shown when he first appeared. He was neither able to laugh nor cry. The other ancient masters were all calm and steady. On the other hand, after he opened his mouth, the fellow who had looked rather impressive when he fought with the Third Seat King… now appeared very unique.

“Little junior sister, I never imagined that you would be so pretty when you smile. You should smile more often in future. In this way, all the seniors will have more strength to exterminate the Yimos.” The Spatial Master approached and said with a grin.

“Shut up!” Ying Huanhuan clenched her teeth violently and glared at the Spatial Master.

The Spatial Master laughed dryly. After which, he patted Lin Dong’s shoulder and gave him a thumbs up. “Brother, you are really awesome. You can even get hold of such an ice mountain. I really… aih, I only just awakened and my brain isn’t working well. You must not take my words to heart.”

The Spatial Master’s expression suddenly became grave before he could finish speaking, and he spoke to Lin Dong in an extremely serious manner.

Lin Dong responded with a dry laugh. He had seen an ice sword extending from Ying Huanhuan’s hand. After which, it was placed on the Spatial Master waist.

After causing mischief for a while, the Spatial Master’s expression gradually turned grave as he softly remarked, “They are here.”

Lin Dong faintly nodded. He had also detected an extremely frightening ripple rapidly approaching under the sea.

Cold Qi suddenly gathered in Ying Huanhuan’s hands. Her pretty icy-blue eyes swept over the sea below.

Soon after the voice of the Ancient Master sounded, a ten thousand feet whirlpool suddenly formed on the surface of the sea below. Overflowing Demonic Qi swept out from the whirlpool. Finally, a hundred thousand feet large black shadow suddenly shot out from within.

Dusk descended the moment this black figure appeared. Lin Dong looked over, and his pupils slightly contracted when he saw the demonic figure. It was a hundred thousand feet large and its body was a metallic pitch-black. Many ferocious looking wounds covered its body. It did not have any eyes, only an enormous mouth filled with sharp black teeth. Moreover, eight gigantic demonic arms extended from its huge body.

Lin Dong recognised it the moment it appeared. It was exactly the same as the Cosmic Evil Devil the three great heads of Yuan Gate had parasitic relation with back then. However, that ordinary Cosmic Evil Devil only had four demonic arms. This fellow however, had eight.

Additionally, the aura of this Cosmic Evil Devil King had reached an extremely terrifying level. Although this aura was currently unstable due to unrecovered heavy injuries, Lin Dong could faintly sense that this fellow was even stronger than the Third Seat King at its peak.

No wonder the Flame Master had said that within Devil Prison, this Cosmic Evil Devil King was only a little weaker than the strongest Heaven Seat King.

The Cosmic Evil Devil King appeared in the sky. It subsequently turned towards Ying Huanhuan and a roar, which seemed to have originated from countless wild beasts, was emitted, “Ice Master? You are indeed still alive!”

This Cosmic Evil Devil King clearly possessed great intelligence. Although it did not have any eyes, it was still able to sense Ying Huanhuan’s existence.

“It is unexpected that a beast like you has escaped.” Ying Huanhuan’s pretty eyes were icy as she looked at the Cosmic Evil Devil King and said.

“Ha ha, we really exhausted ourselves in order to rescue him.”

Laughter was suddenly transmitted from the shoulder of the Cosmic Demon King, as two figures slowly appeared. Subsequently, they bowed slightly towards Ying Huanhuan, “Ice Master, it has been over ten thousand years since we met. How have you been.”

“Oh! It is the Fourth Seat King and the Fifth Seat King… looks like all of you have turned up.” The Spatial Master looked at the two figures. His eyes hardened slightly as he smilingly said.

Lin Dong grabbed his lightning bow tightly. His eyes were filled with caution. The lineup in front of him was indeed far too frightening. Three of the top five seated kings from Devil Prison had come. If the Cosmic Evil Devil King was included, it would mean that there were four peak experts comparable with those who had experienced three Reincarnation Tribulations.

“We didn’t have a choice. It wasn’t easy to deal with the Flame Master. Otherwise, how could we rescue the Cosmic Evil Devil King?’ The Fourth Seat King smiled faintly and replied.

“The fellow you are speaking of has arrived.” The Spatial Master responded with a grin. Clouds suddenly ignited in the horizon as he spoke as a fiery glow swept over. In an instant, it appeared in the sky above the island. The fiery glow faded. It was the Flame Master.

However, the current Flame Master had a somewhat messy hair, his expression appeared rather ugly. It was evident that he had experienced an intense battle earlier. He first glanced towards Lin Dong and the Spatial Master. After which, his eyes shot towards Ying Huanhuan and he spoke in a helpless voice, “I was caught off guard, and they managed to rescue the Cosmic Evil Devil King.”

Ying Huanhuan nodded slightly but did not say anything.

“Heh heh, it has not been so lively for so many years…”

The Third Seat King lazily stretched his waist. His smilingly looked at Ying Huanhuan’s group before extending his finger to count. “It seems that our side has an advantage in terms of numbers. Why don’t we finish all of you off here?”

“Ha ha, so what if you have an advantage in numbers? How can I be missing at such a moment?”

However, a thunderous laughter resounded over the sky just as the voice of the Third Seat King faded. Lin Dong’s heart shook a little. He turned his head and saw a ten thousand feet purple-gold radiance erupt from the Chaos Tower.

“This is going to be really interesting…”

Lin Dong involuntarily sighed softly upon seeing this. Was the Chaos Master also about to come out? From the looks of it, could it be that they intended to begin a huge battle here?