Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1271: Spatial Master

Chapter 1271: Spatial Master


Chapter 1271: Spatial Master

Ice fragments fell from all over the sky like incomparably gorgeous snow. However, under this beauty hid a frightening strength that made one shudder.

Who could have imagined that the combined attack of the Seventh Seat King trio would actually be broken by her with such ease.

“Is this the power of the Ice Master?”

Lin Dong’s fists involuntarily tightened upon witnessing this scene. Such power was indeed without equal. No wonder she was able to become the strongest person after the Symbol Ancestor.


The Seventh Seat King trio in the sky were dumbstruck as they gazed upon this scene. Soon after, they involuntarily spat out a mouthful of black blood. The Demonic Qi around them rapidly weakened as they trembled. It was obvious that they had been badly injured.

Ying Huanhuan’s pretty eyes were emotionless as she looked at the Seventh Seat King trio. Her body moved, and she appeared in front them in a ghost like fashion as frightening Cold Qi swept forth from her hand!

The expressions of the Seventh Seat King trio drastically changed when they saw that Ying Huanhuan refused to give them any opportunity to catch their breath. The trio moved and retreated in different directions.


Cold Qi gathered in Ying Huanhuan’s pretty eyes. With a clench of her hand, a long ice-blue spear extended from within it. It shook and split into three. The three icy shadows caught up to the Seventh Seat King trio, penetrating the air as they ruthlessly pierced towards the trio.


The expressions in the Seventh Seat King trio’s eyes rapidly changed when they saw Ying Huanhuan’s relentless pursuit. A low roar rang out as monstrous Demonic Qi swept forth and transformed into a huge Demonic Qi light barrier in front of them. This was an attempt to obstruct Ying Huanhuan.

However, the coldness in Ying Huanhuan’s eyes intensified in response to their defence. The ice spear in her hand did not hesitate and thrust straight into the Demonic Qi!


The viscous Demonic Qi instantly turned into ice, while the ice spear easily penetrated through, and ruthlessly pierced their bodies.

Hiss hiss.

The incomparably powerful Devil Emperor Armour distorted and deformed due to the ice spear. In the end, it was pierced by Cold Qi. The ice spear, which contained an indescribably Cold Qi, penetrated the bodies of the trio.


The bodies of the trio flew backwards in a miserable fashion as they wildly spat out black blood. The Cold Qi on their bodies spread, causing a thin layer of frost to appear on the surface of their bodies.


Lin Dong watched as the Seventh Seat King trio in the blink of an eye and lightly exhaled. This power was truly terrifying. The current Ying Huanhuan had yet to fully awaken, yet, her strength had likely already surpassed ordinary top experts who had experienced two Reincarnation Tribulations. He wondered just how frightening her strength would be when she finally awakened completely.

In the sky, the Seventh Seat King trio were forced to gather together again. Demonic Qi continuously gushed from their bodies to block the erosion of Cold Qi. They understood that should their bodies become frozen, they would end up turning into ice fragments with a flick of Ying Huanhuan’s finger. Back then, several Yimo, who were stronger than them, had ended up dying in such a manner under her fair jade like hands.

The three of them watched as Ying Huanhuan once again cast her gaze at them, as terror flitted across their eyes.

Ying Huanhuan’s penetrating icy-blue eyes were still void of any emotion. At this moment, she was akin to an ice. All emotions had been frozen under this layer of ice.

“All of you… ought to die.”

She looked at the Seventh Seat King trio and mumbled to herself. Her body moved and an ancient ice-cold symbol surfaced. After which, it turned into a ray of light composed of the ultimate Cold Qi and shot towards the trio.

The light beam tore through the sky. It seemed as though space itself had been frozen by the Cold Qi. Subsequently, the Seventh Seat King trio were horrified to fell the space around them freeze, causing them to be unable to even move. All they could do was watch the Cold Qi light ray rush over while accompanied by a destructive force.

An extremely intense fear suddenly surged from their eyes.

However, the space in front of the trio suddenly distorted just as the Cold Qi light ray was about to engulf them. Subsequently, a black figure appeared out of nowhere.

“Ha ha, Ice Master, why bully these young fellas with your status?!”

The black figure laughed softly the moment it appeared. However, the soft laughter contained a graveness and wariness that could not be hidden. Subsequently, he extended his hand, and a strange evil eye appeared within it.

He opened his hand and the evil eye also suddenly opened. A pitch-black, heart-chilling and viscous beam of light shot out from the eye. Finally, it collided with the Cold Qi light ray.

The two destructive light rays violently clashed, as a frightening ripple unfurled, tearing apart the clouds in the sky.

The sky shook and Ying Huanhuan’s enchanting figure faintly trembled. She was forced a couple of steps back. Those pretty eyes of hers were suffused with frost as she looked at the black figure that had appeared and said, “Third Seat King? Finally willing to show yourself?”

All eyes present converged and saw a black clothed man standing with a smile in front of the Seventh Seat King. His hand was currently covered by a thin layer of ice, while the evil eye in his hand had been sealed shut.

“Third Seat King?!”

Lin Dong’s expression involuntarily changed upon hearing these words. His body moved and he quickly appeared behind Ying Huanhuan. He could detect an extremely dense and dangerous fluctuation from the body of this Third Seat King.

Clearly, this fellow was someone with a strength comparable to those top experts who had experienced three Reincarnation Tribulations!

Such a person was considered the top fighting strength of the Yimo even during the great world war. It was unexpected that even such an existence had made an appearance this time around.

The Third Seat King glanced at Lin Dong. Subsequently, he smiled. With a faint jerk, he shattered the thin layer of ice on his hand. As he slowly lifted his head, Lin Dong discovered an extremely ferocious looking scar on the right side of his face. The scar stretched from the corner of his lips to the back of his ear. At a glance, it seemed as if someone had once cut open his head.

“Since you are here, I originally did not wish to reveal myself. After all, this wound made me a little afraid.” The Third Seat King smilingly said as his finger traced the ferocious scar on his face. However, that smile of his appeared increasingly warm.

Ying Huanhuan indifferently glanced at him, while frightening Cold Qi gathered in her hand. “In that case, I shall freeze you into an ice statue this time around.”


The Third Seat King softly chuckled and said, “I’m afraid that the current you won’t be able to do it.”

“In that case, you can come and give it a try.” Ying Huanhuan’s eyes remained ice-cold. With a swirl of her hand, an extremely frightening Cold Qi swept out from her body, causing the surrounding space to emit slight cracking sounds.

The Third Seat King stared at Ying Huanhuan as the smile on his face grew increasingly wider. “Haha, I really want to kill you. Back then, I was turned into such a miserable state by you, leading to me losing all my face in front of the emperor…”

The gentle looking face of the Third Seat King gradually distorted after his words sounded. His eyes contained an endless bitterness and resentment.

“I will definitely kill you today!”

The Third Seat King suddenly took a step forward as Demonic Qi dashed towards the sky, directly covering the area with a thousand miles. Even the scorching sun in the sky had been engulfed by Demonic Qi and no longer dared to show itself.

This aura caused the land the shake.

The expression in Lin Dong’s eyes changed when he saw this. One of his hands pulled Ying Huanhuan’s icy cool hand.

Ying Huanhuan detected Lin Dong’s actions and her delicate body stiffened slightly. Subsequently, she gradually relaxed. She turned her head and gave Lin Dong a reassuring smile.

“He won’t be able to attack.”

Lin Dong was startled upon hearing this. He was clearly unable to comprehend what she meant.

“Someone will stop him.” Ying Huanhuan faintly smiled. Soon after, she looked towards a certain part spot. “Do you still like to hide so much?”

“Heh heh, little junior sister's senses are as sharp as ever.”

The space at that spot gradually distorted after her voice sounded. Subsequently, a soft laugher spread. As space distorted, a silver robed figure slowly walked out from within.

The figure’s pale hair scattered from his head, and his body appeared rather skinny. However, the most unusual aspect was his eyes. Those eyes were a resplendent silver, and it was as though there was an extremely mysterious ripple within it.

Surprise flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes when he saw this figure. This was because this person was actually the mysterious individual whom he had encountered at the deepest part of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe cave!

This person was actually also one of the eight ancient masters?

“This must be Lin Dong, right?” The silver eyed man smilingly looked at Lin Dong. After which, he glanced at the latter’s hand, which was holding Ying Huanhuan. The corners of his lips curled slightly as he said, “That seems to be the case.”

“You are… the Spatial Master?” Lin Dong looked at the silver eyed man. He could feel the Spatial Ancestral Symbol in his body shake slightly when the latter appeared, and immediately understood the latter’s identity.

The silver eyed man smiled and nodded, “My apologies. I was previously trapped for some time because of the techniques of Devil Prison. However, I did not slack off little junior sister. Take a look, I came the moment I escaped. At least I am faster than the Lightning Master, right?”

Ying Huanhuan’s icy-blue eyes glanced at him indifferently. Only than did the Spatial Master paused and helplessly shook his head, “Why are you still like this…”

He turned around after speaking and smilingly looked at the Third Seat King. “Ah, anl old acquaintance. Have you been well over the years? Wasn’t your face torn apart by little junior sister back then? Eh, you recovered?”

Lin Dong was a little stunned. Why did he feel that this Spatial Master was somewhat talkative? The earlier extraordinary demeanor displayed when he appeared had been greatly diminished by his chattiness.

The Third Seat King frowned as he looked at the Spatial Symbol Master who managed to get here in time. The former sighed helplessly in his heart. This person was really quick.

“It looks I won’t be able to kill her today.”

The Third Seat King lazily stretched his waist. A strange smile was lifted from the corners of his lips. “However, we have also achieved our aim.”

Ying Huanhuan and the Spatial Master’s eyes suddenly hardened upon hearing this.

It was at this moment that Lin Dong’s heart violently thudded. He hurriedly turned his head towards the distant ocean where he suddenly felt an extremely ruthless Demonic Qi appear at an extremely distant place.

Ying Huanhuan lightly exhaled. Her eyes became completely ice-cold.

“The Cosmic Evil Devil King… has escaped.”