Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1270: Ying Huanhuan Intervenes

Chapter 1270: Ying Huanhuan Intervenes


Chapter 1270: Ying Huanhuan Intervenes

Cold Qi spread and appeared to engulf the entire area. In the face of this Cold Qi, both the surging evil Demonic Qi and the mighty Yuan Power gradually began to freeze. It was as though they were about to be frozen.

This sudden turn of events caused everyone from both sides to be startled. Countless pairs of eyes shifted towards the origin of the Cold Qi, where they saw Ying Huanhuan gently shifting her feet. Each time she moved, Cold Qi would gather into an ice lotus under her foot.

A lotus was formed with each step, a gorgeously mystical scene.

Behind her were three ice statues that gleamed with cold light. They were the three true kings who were comparable to those who had experienced one Reincarnation Tribulation. Yet, all of them had turned into statues of ice.


The many strong individuals present were stunned upon seeing this scene. The Cold Qi emanating from within Ying Huanhuan’s body had surpassed even Lin Dong. This caused their eyes to twitch rapidly, before they finally recovered. The strongest person was not Lin Dong. Instead, it was this icy girl who followed at his side.


The Seventh Seat King trio were also greatly startled by this sudden turn of events. Their eyes paused on Ying Huanhuan and they quickly recalled something. Soon after, their pupils shrunk as great shock abruptly surfaced on their faces, “You are the Ice Master?!”

Ice Master. An existence that was only inferior to the Symbol Ancestor during that ancient era. Countless Yimo Kings had been turned into ice statues and shattered to dust at her hands. Even the strongest Heaven Seat King of Devil Prison had been seriously wounded by her in the final clash back then, forcing them to go into hiding, and hence ending the long world war.

This name was dreadfully intimidating for the Yimo.

Ying Huanhuan’s pretty icy-blue eyes looked at the Seventh Seat King trio. She gently clenched her hand and the three ice statues behind were shattered with a ‘bang’, turning into brilliant ice fragments that fell from the sky.

The eyes of the Seventh Seat King trio twitched upon seeing this. No one could have imagined that three true kings would actually appear so weak in Ying Huanhuan’s hands.

Ying Huanhuan finally arrived in front of Lin Dong and looked at his pale face. This man tended to take on all the difficult tasks on his own. At times, he was a little reckless and somewhat overbearing. However, it was also because of this that she felt a faint warmth flowing within her ice-cold heart.

“Huanhuan?” Lin Dong frowned slightly as he looked at frighteningly cold Ying Huanhuan.

Ying Huanhuan smiled at him and placed her cold hand on his body. Subsequently, frost appeared over the injuries on his body as a chilly energy surged into his body and healed Lin Dong’s shaken internal organs.

“Leave them to me.”

Ying Huanhuan’s icy hand touched Lin Dong’s face as she softly said, “You cannot simply allow me to watch you become so badly injured without doing anything right? Such thinking is somewhat selfish.”

Lin Dong was somewhat taken aback. Soon after, he muttered, “I am very selfish.”

“But I like this selfishness of yours.” Ying Huanhuan smiled. Her pretty eyes looked at Lin Dong and said, “However, even if you beat or scold me this time around, I will not simply stand idly by the side and watch.”

Lin Dong looked at Ying Huanhuan. There was a smile on her face. However, this smile seemed to possess a determination that would not be deterred. Finally, he could only sigh softly. “Be careful.”

The smile on Ying Huanhuan’s face brightened when she saw Lin Dong nod his head. She nodded gently and slowly turned her body. Those eyes of hers were already cold enough to freeze the air when they looked at the Seventh Seat King trio again.

The eyelids of the Seventh Seat King trio twitched upon seeing Ying Huanhuan’s expression. After all, the name of the Ice Master was far too famous during that ancient era.

“There is no need to be afraid of her. She isn’t the real Ice Master. She is only the her reincarnation and has yet to fully recover her strength!” The Seventh Seat King gritted his teeth and cried out sternly.

The Eighth Seat King and Tenth Seat King nodded upon hearing this. Their gazes were fixed on Ying Huanhuan as they spoke in a sinister fashion, “It’s just as well. We will deal with her before she completely recovers her powers!”

“I’m afraid that it is impossible for three little mice like you.” Ying Huanhuan extended her finger. Cold Qi gathered over the tips of her jade like fingers and turned into many ice lotuses. Her icy-blue eyes glanced at the three of them as she replied in a faint voice.

“Humph, come and give it a try!”

The Seventh Seat King trio exchanged glances with each other as a dark and cold expression rose in their eyes. They took a step forward simultaneously as three frightening Demonic Qi auras swept out from them. The Seventh Seat King had the weakest aura. Clearly, it was due to being heavily injured by Lin Dong earlier.

Despite this, the eruption of auras from the trio was relatively frightening. The three clusters of Demonic Qi rose to the air like a hundred thousand feet area of smoke. It could be clearly seen even from a thousand miles away.


A wild beast like roar was suddenly emitted from their mouths. Fierce glints flashed in their eyes and the seal formed by their hands changed. Three hundred thousand feet large Demonic Qi torrents flew towards Ying Huanhuan with lightning speed.

The Demonic Qi torrents were as viscous as water. The evil aura from them caused one’s hair to stand.

However, Ying Huanhuan merely lifted her pretty eyes in the face of the combined attacks from the trio. She merely stomped her foot lightly when the Demonic Qi torrents were about to strike her body.


Cold Qi swept outwards in a wild manner. In an instant, it had already turned into an incomparably large blue ice shield in front of her. The three Demonic Qi torrents arrived. However, before their strength could be unleashed, the extremely overbearing Cold Qi had already spread.


The three Demonic Qi torrents started to freeze as a layer of ice spread at a frighteningly rapid pace above the Demonic Qi. In an instant, the three frightening Demonic Qi torrents had turned into three ice pillars that flickered with cold light.


The Seventh Seat King trio’s expressions turned ugly when they saw that the Demonic Qi was actually frozen by the Cold Qi. Before they could launch another attack, Ying Huanhuan clenched her hand. Three ice pillars that were a hundred thousand feet long shot forth and ruthlessly charged towards the Seventh Seat King trio.


The trio hastily tried to receive the attack with their full strength upon seeing this. Their fists were covered with a dense Demonic Qi as they heavily smashed onto the ice pillars. Two terrifying forces clashed and the ice pillars were shattered into fragments that filled the sky.


Although the ice pillars were shattered, the Eighth Seat King and Tenth Seat King released a faint moan. The already injured Seventh Seat King had a pale expression and ended up involuntarily spitting out a mouthful of black blood.

“How powerful!”

The countless people on the island were stunned by the shocking scene of the icy-blue beauty gaining the upper hand despite fighting against three opponents alone. Lin Dong’s performance earlier had already shocked them. However, they never imagined that this lady actually hid such a great power.

Ying Huanhuan’s pretty eyes were frosty. She glanced at the Seventh Seat King trio and lightly walked forward. A chilling aura filled with endless murderous desire accompanied her as she slowly walked towards them.

“Attack together!”

The Seventh Seat King’s heart involuntarily shivered when he saw Ying Huanhuan walked towards them. They had exchanged blows with the Ice Master during that ancient era. However, the result was that they were nearly killed. If they do not join hands, it was likely that they would really die here.

The Eighth Seat King and Tenth Seat King clenched their teeth and nodded.

The seals formed by the trio’s hands changed in an instant. After which, they suddenly crashed together. The trio’s bodies started to squirm and wiggle as sinister looking demonic thorns slowly extended from their bodies. They were just like the devils which had climbed up from hell, an appearance that made one’s heart to tremble.


Black blood suddenly shot out from their bodies. The viscous blood quickly gathered in the air above them. Finally, it turned into an extremely mysterious black symbol.

The black devil symbol grew at a frightening speed. In the short span of several breaths, it had turned into a hundred thousand feet large. Moreover, countless demonic arms extended from around the devil symbol. From a distance, it looked just like an evil devil from another world!

Ying Huanhuan lifted her head as her pretty eyes took in the sight of countless demonic arms growing from the devil symbol. The Cold Qi in the depths of her eyes became increasingly astonishing.

“Ten thousand devils gather, Devil Seal of Endless Pain!” The Seventh Seat King trio suddenly roared. Their mournful howl echoed across the sky.

That incomparably titanic ten thousand arm devil symbol suddenly jerked. After which, it shot down from the sky. Ten thousand arms were swung, and it seemed as though the sky was being torn apart at this moment.

Hundred thousand feet tall waves rose on the ocean below as loud rumbling resounded in the area.

Lin Dong gazed upon this frightening attack with eyes full of graveness. These Devil Prison’s seated kings were indeed powerful. Such an attack could likely kill any peak level expert who had experienced two Reincarnation Tribulations.

“I wonder if Huanhuan can receive it.”

Lin Dong looked at the delicate and beautiful icy-blue figure in a somewhat worried manner as his hands tightly clenched. Yuan Power surged within his body. He had decided to unleash the Spatial Ancestral Symbol and rescue her the moment something went wrong.

Ying Huanhuan lifted her head. Her pretty eyes focused on the Endless Pain Devil Seal that was rushing towards her. Her face remained unmoved. She simply allowed the frightening wind to blow over, causing her clothes to flutter and her long icy-blue hair to dance with the wind.

The terrifying devil seal reflected in her pretty icy-blue eyes rapidly expanded. Several breaths later, the huge shadow had already enveloped Ying Huanhuan in front of countless pairs of shocked eyes.

Ying Huanhuan slowly extended her slender arm under those countless watching gazes. Her blue sleeve rolled down and revealed her suet jade like wrist as her long fingers spread apart. Subsequently, she lifted her hand and lightly touched the ten thousand arm devil symbol.

“Eternal… Frost.”

A soft and sweet voice, that was pleasant to the ear, accompanied an intense chill as it quietly spread across the sky. The terrifying power of the devil seal suddenly froze at this moment.

The pupils of countless individuals suddenly shrunk the moment the devil seal froze. A thick layer of ice suddenly spread from Ying Huanhuan’s hands. After which, it enveloped the entire devil seal at a frightening speed and turned it into a giant block of ice.

Ying Huanhuan’s pretty eyes lifted gently. Her long fingers gently flicked the devil seal.

The moment her finger touched it, the devil seal formed from the combined strength of the Seventh Seat King trio completely shattered like a weak glass.