Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1269: Primal Chaos Arrow

Chapter 1269: Primal Chaos Arrow


Chapter 1269: Primal Chaos Arrow

A streak of Primal Chaos flashed across the horizon. That momentary brilliance was akin to the light that was born when the world was formed. It gave off the feeling of the ultimate mystery.

While the arrow wrapped by the light of Primal Chaos shot out, the Seventh Seat King’s pupils abruptly tightened. In the next instant, ruthlessness surged out from his eyes.

“Die for this seated king!”

The Seventh Seat King’s expression was twisted. His hands came to together and drew several strange seals as a piercing cry rang out. “Armageddon Hand!”

In the sky, the red light in the eyes of the Yimo Emperor Phantasm quietly blossomed. Subsequently, the Yimo Emeperor’s titanic hand turned a little more corporeal. Seemingly evil to the extreme Demonic Qi surged within its palm. Just a touch of this Demonic Qi was enough to destroy a Reincarnation stage expert.


The Yimo Emperor hand reached forward and the sky crumbled. In the next instant, the evil to the extreme hand had already collided against the unremarkable Primal Chaos arrow under countless super tense gazes.


A strange buzzing sound spread in the sky at this moment. Energy ripples that were visible to the naked eye continuously pulsated outwards and ended up almost covering the entire sky.

At the epicenter, the Yimo Emperor hand and the arrow were tightly locked together. However, the Primal Chaos arrow was completely still, and not even the slightest tremble could be seen.


The ferocity in the Seventh Seat King’s eyes intensified as he watched this scene, and a roar emerged from his throat. Subsequently, an ominous light flickered within his eyes as numerous closely packed cracks appeared on his arm. Fresh black blood flowed unceasingly from the cracks and covered the entire arm in the blink of an eye.

“Tch tch, aren’t you afraid of playing to the death in the clash with this seated king?!”

The Seventh Seat King viciously smiled at Lin Dong with a warped expression. In the next instant, his cracked arm suddenly exploded. Fresh black blood along with several black crystals swept out and charged into the giant Yimo Emperor hand that was facing the Primal Chaos Arrow.

As the fresh blood flowed in, the Yimo Emperor hand turned substantially corporeal. So much so that even the bizarre otherworldly symbols on the giant hand were faintly discernible.

The complexions of the countless experts on the island below instantly paled even further when they saw this scene. This Seventh Seat King was so vicious. He could sacrifice even an arm for the sake of killing Lin Dong…

Was the arrow condensed by Lin Dong’s strongest power going to be defeated this time?

Gu Mengqi and the rest tightly clenched their fists as anxiousness and worry filled their eyes. If Lin Dong was defeated again, the morale on the island would plummet.

“Lin Dong, you can do it…” Gu Yan tightened her tiny fists as she mumbled.


The giant Yimo Emperor hand slowly grabbed downwards, and the Primal Chaos Arrow faintly trembled. A shadow quietly descended as if that Yimo Emperor was reaching out with its hand of ruination.

However, Lin Dong’s expression gradually turned peaceful in response to this turn of events. In the next moment, he deeply breathed in as he softly muttered, “Zenith, destroy the devil!”

The Primal Chaos arrow suddenly jerked and the Light of Primal Chaos exploded. Under the explosion of this radiance, the slowly descending Yimo Emperor hand was forcibly stopped, causing it to no longer be able to close.

The Seventh Seat King’s expression abruptly changed when the Yimo Emperor hand was stopped. Unease suddenly surged in his heart as he gazed upon the Primal Chaos arrow that was as steady as a mountain within the Yimo Emperor hand.

This arrow seemed to be somewhat different than before.


While unease surged in the Seventh Seat King’s heart, a clear sound suddenly erupted from the Primal Chaos arrow that had been suppressed by the Yimo Emperor hand since the beginning. All of the spreading Primal Chaos Light suddenly pulled back into the arrow!

The Primal Chaos arrow turned crystal like at this moment as a mysterious yet simple power spread. This power was completely opposite to the evilness from the Yimo Emperor hand, but it gave off an aura of invincibility!

The tail of the arrow shook madly. Soon after, a strange light seemed to surface at the arrow tip and the arrow violently shot forth with a jerk!


A magnificent radiance unfurled. Overflowing Yimo Qi burst out from the Yimo Emperor hand in an attempt to stop the sudden explosion of power from the arrow. However, it was as if the arrow had the aid of the gods, and the Primal Chaos Light forcibly ripped apart the layers of almost solid like Yimo Qi. Under the attention of countless astonished gazes, the arrow barbarically pierced the Yimo Emperor hand and ultimately penetrated the Yimo Emperor head like hot knife through butter!


The arrow shot out from the Yimo Emperor head and dashed towards the heavens. The light following it gave off an incomparably proud aura akin to a giant dragon.

Bang bang bang!

A series of explosions rang out from within the Yimo Emperor Phantasm’s body. Subsequently, that enormous body exploded under the countless shocked gazes.

The Seventh Seat King blankly gazed at the exploding Yimo Emperor Phantasm as the skull seal in his hand also cracked and exploded. The strand of black hair within it started to burn without fire and quietly turned into ash that drifted away.


A mouthful of thick black blood directly spurted from the Seventh Seat King’s mouth. He was unable to believe this scene. To think that the Yimo Emperor Phantasm was actually destroyed by Lin Dong?!

“How is this possible?!”

While his body trembled, there was a faint trace of terror in his gaze as he looked towards the distant somewhat pale face of Lin Dong who was holding the lightning bow. This had evidently exceeded the Seventh Seat King’s expectations.

On the island, the countless experts were first stunned when they saw this. Soon after, earth shaking cheers erupted. When the terrifying Yimo Emperor Phantasm was destroyed, the frightening pressure also faded. For a time, the morale on the island soared.

Gu Mengqi and Gu Yan exchanged a look and saw the intense joy and surprise in each other’s eyes.

In the sky, the lightning bow in Lin Dong’s hand slowly faded as he listened to the earth shattering cheers from below. It was fortunate that he had advanced to the Reincarnation stage. Or else, it would be very difficult to endure the frightening energy expenditure even with the full recovery powers of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

“What else do you have left now?!”

Lin Dong’s ferocious gaze focused on the Seventh Seat King. The latter’s complexion was deathly pale and the Demonic Qi around his body was in disorder. It was obvious that he had suffered extremely serious injuries. This was the best opportunity to beat an enemy while he was down.

The Seventh Seat King’s pupils contracted a little when he saw Lin Dong’s gaze and he secretly clenched his teeth. This brat would become even more difficult to deal with at every encounter. If the Yimo Emperor Phantasm had not stopped the earlier arrow, he would be in an extremely dire state.


While the Seventh Seat King’s gaze turned grim, ten thousand purple-gold rays of light once again shot out from around Lin Dong’s body, as dragon roars filled the sky. Space distorted as his body moved, and he appeared in front of the Seventh Seat King. Without any mercy, fists containing mountain destroying power viciously slammed into the Seventh Seat King’s body.

The gravely injured Seventh Seat King’s aura was unsteady. Demonic Qi circulated, but the numerous defences formed were directly blasted apart by Lin Dong’s barbaric attacks. Like a giant purple gold soaring dragon, Lin Dong’s fists slammed into the Seventh Seat King’s body.

Terrifying power exploded, and the Seventh Seat King’s body was immediately sent flying. Fresh black blood continuously spouted from where his arm had been lost, while deep fist imprints could be seen on the extremely dim Devil Emperor Armour on his body.

The current Seventh Seat King seemed to have lost all ability to retaliate.

He spit out a mouthful of black blood and stared at Lin Dong with a twisted face. The bitter resentment in the Seventh Seat King’s eyes seemed to be about to incinerate the latter.

“Go accompany the Ninth Seat King!”

Lin Dong gave the Seventh Seat King a sinister smile. His body once again appeared in front of the latter and with a clench of his fist, ten thousand purple-gold giant dragons gathered together to form a dragon spear once again. Next, the spear ruthlessly thrust towards the Seventh Seat King’s throat.

“So it is you who killed the Ninth Seat King!” Upon hearing these words, the Seventh Seat King’s expression instantly changed.

Lin Dong ignored the Seventh Seat King. With a sinister expression in his eyes, the dragon spear rapidly approached the Seventh Seat King. However, just as the dragon spear was about to reach, Lin Dong saw a strange smile appear on the Seventh Seat King’s face.

“You brat… you really are hard to deal with. However, my mission can reluctantly be considered complete if you are killed…”

The Seventh Seat King extended his sole arm and steadily grabbed the dragon spear. This terrifying power betrayed his previously weak appearance.

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk when he saw this bizarre change as unease suddenly rose in his heart. Silver light flashed on his body as he attempted to retreat.

“Trying to leave?”

The Seventh Seat King grinned upon seeing this. His body squirmed and wiggled as two arms two arms forcibly emerged. These two hands formed a strange seal and viscous Demonic Qi surged and blasted Lin Dong’s chest like a bolt of lightning.


Even the sky shook for a moment when the Demonic Qi surged. Subsequently, the crowd watched in horror as the previously advantageous Lin Dong was suddenly sent flying backwards as he spit out blood. His chest had even caved in a little and it was clear that he had suffered an extremely grave injury.

A mouthful of fresh blood was spit out from Lin Dong’s mouth. He hastily steadied his body as he cold gaze looked towards the squirming body of the Seventh Seat King. There seemed to be something hidden within his body.

“Hehe, what a strong physical body. To think that you are still alive even after a combined blow from the three of us.”

The Seventh Seat King’s body twisted as a buzzing laughter suddenly emerged from within it. Viscous Demonic Qi surged out of his body and ultimately transformed into two devil like figures by his side under countless astonished gazes.

The two devil figures were tall and well built and one of them was a little slimmer. They were currently smiling as they stared at Lin Dong. However, those smiles were filled with endless killing intent.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Devil Prison’s Eight Seat King.” One of the tall devil like figures faintly smiled and said.

“I seem to have seen you before brat. You are that fellow who obtained the Devouring Master’s inheritance right?” The other devil like figure’s eyes swept across Lin Dong as he smilingly said. His appearance was rather familiar. He was the Tenth Seat King that had appeared back then from within the shattered domain!

To think that there were two seated kings hidden within this Seventh Seat King’s body!

Evidently, this was originally a secret move planned for the Chaos Master. Yet, it had now been forced out by Lin Dong!

On the island, the cheering came to an abrupt halt as the bodies of many experts faintly trembled. The Seventh Seat King alone was already so difficult to deal with. Yet two Yimos that were not inferior to him had appeared?

How could they fight this?!

Lin Dong slowly wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth. The expression in his eyes was very grave. These Yimo were truly cunning. The situation was now really troublesome.

Given his current strength, dealing with one Seventh Seat King was already the limit. If another two seated kings appeared, it was really going to be…

“No matter what, if you plan on going to the Chaotic Tower, you will have to step over this young master’s dead body.” Lin Dong grinned. His grin was incomparably ferocious. He could only fight to the death in this situation.


The three seated kings released a mocking laugh. Without further ado, their bodies moved. They intended to attack together and behead this huge threat known as Lin Dong!

However, just as they were about to strike, the entire area abruptly turned ice-cold. The Cold Qi caused even the surging Demonic Qi to gradually freeze.

Lin Dong also felt this Cold Qi. His expression immediately changed as he hastily cast his gaze downwards, only to find that the ten thousand feet large frost prison had suddenly crumbled. A lovely ice-blue figure slowly walked out from within. Behind her, three ice statues flickered with a dazzling light.

She stood on Cold Qi as she emotionlessly gazed at the three seated kings with her beautiful ice-blue eyes. An icy voice spread in the sky.

“You do not have my permission to kill him.”