Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1268: Yimo Emperor Phantasm

Chapter 1268: Yimo Emperor Phantasm


Chapter 1268: Yimo Emperor Phantasm

It was as if dusk had suddenly descended upon the land. Even the bright sun in the sky seemed to tremble at this moment as it hid behind the clouds in fear.

Endless Demonic Qi swept across the sky. This entire land seemed to tremble under the huge devil like figure. Flying fish vanished from the surface of the sea and even the sea winds had fallen silent.

The terrible fight on the island also came to a strange stop at this very moment. Countless gazes lifted in horror as they looked upon the devil like figure. Indescribable fear crawled out from the depths of their hearts like vines, causing their faces to turn deathly pale with fear.

The devil like figure was akin to an emperor from another world. It descended in a barbaric fashion, and no one in this world could stop it.

“Yimo… Emperor?” Lin Dong was also shocked as he looked at the devil like figure. Could this be the Yimo Emperor whom only the legendary Symbol Ancestor could match?

“It is merely an Yimo Emperor Phantasm. The Yimo Emperor from back then had been forced out of the crack between the planes by my master and sealed away together with the crack. How could this fellow possibly summon him? Within the skull seal was a thread of the Yimo Emperor’s hair!” Yan’s voice sounded.

“Yimo Emperor Phantasm?”

Lin Dong was initially startled. Soon after, he inhaled a breath of cool air in his heart. Just a thread of hair possessed such a presence? Just how frightening was the Yimo Emperor’s true body?

“Tsk tsk, Lin Dong, it is time for you to die!” Under the Yimo Emperor Phantasm, the Seventh Seat King’s eyes were ferocious. He gave Lin Dong a sinister smile and the seal formed by his hands abruptly changed.


The moment his hand seal changed, the Yimo Emperor Phantasm slowly lifting its hand and lightly swatted at Lin Dong.

The Yimo Emperor hand did not possess any shocking energy ripples as it swatted towards Lin Dong. However, the latter felt mortal danger. Just as he was about to dodge, he was horrified to discover that the area around him seemed to have locked, making it impossible to move.

“God damnit!”

Lin Dong cursed. Soon after, his originally pitch-black eyes suddenly turned bright silver. Silver light frantically surged from within his body as he pushed his Spatial Power to the limit.


The demonic hand lightly swatted past. Space itself seemed to be swatted into nothingness wherever it passed. Soon after, the demonic hand landed on Lin Dong’s body under the vicious gaze of the Seventh Seat King.

The demonic hand drifted past. The spot where Lin Dong was standing earlier was now empty. This caused the countless experts below to experience a change in expression. Could it be that Lin Dong had been swatted into nothingness?

“Spatial Ancestral Symbol huh. It is indeed a little troublesome.”

The Seventh Seat King frowned when he saw this. Soon after, he looked into the distance in a dark and cold manner where space was distorting, and Lin Dong’s figure strangely appeared. However, there was now some cold sweat on his forehead. If he was a little slower, it was likely that he would have been struck.

Although being struck would not kill him, it would definitely result in grave injuries.

“I will not allow you to escape again.” The Seventh Seat King chuckled coldly. The seal formed by his hands changed, and the Yimo Emperor Phantasm once again lifted its hand. The hand of darkness appeared to be able to wrap around the sun and moon as it began to smash towards Lin Dong in an overwhelming manner.


A fierce glint was burst from Lin Dong’s eyes when he saw this, and he let loose a long dragon like roar. Countless purple-gold dragon tattoos swept out in all directions.

The purple-gold dragon tattoos continuously gathered together. Lin Dong had evidently unleashed the Yuan Power in his body to the limit. In the blink of an eye, a frightening number of fifteen thousand purple-gold dragon tattoos had appeared.

The fifteen thousand dragon tattoos entwined around him. The dragon tattoos roared in unison, releasing a terrifying aura.

Lin Dong’s expression was ice-cold. The purple-gold dragon spear flew out of his hand and fifteen thousand purple-gold dragon tattoos followed behind. In the end, they charged towards the Yimo Emperor Phantasm’s giant hand.

“Ha ha, how you dare to resist in front of the emperor. You really overestimate yourself!”

The Seventh Seat King laughed out loud towards the sky upon seeing this. The Yimo Emperor Phantasm’s giant hand clashed with the ten thousand purple-gold dragons as he laughed. No loud sound appeared from the clash. The giant hand merely paused for a split second in the face of this hinderance, before the countless purple-gold dragon tattoos turned to dust and disappeared.

To think that this Yimo Emperor Phantasm had reached such a terrifying level!

On the Gu Clan battle area within the island, horror filled the pretty faces of Gu Mengqi and Gu Yan upon seeing this scene. Soon after, they tightly clenched their hands as they watched that thin figure.

In the sky, Lin Dong’s expression became extremely grave when he saw the fruitlessness of even such a powerful attack. In the next instant, he deeply breathed in. His slender hand extended and lightning began to flicker.

Lightning flowed out and a lightning bow that was filled with power in a flash. Lin Dong pulled with his finger and a black arrow stealthily took shape.

The Seventh Seat King’s pupils shrunk slightly after seeing that Lin Dong had finally taken out this lightning bow and black arrow which had seriously injured him back then. Soon after however, he laughed coldly. He did not believe that Lin Dong would be able to break the Yimo Emperor Phantasm!

“I will let you understand true despair and horror!” The Seventh Seat King eerily stared at Lin Dong with ferociously chilling eyes.

Lin Dong ignored his gaze. The bow turned into a full moon as the black arrow gently trembled. After which, the Light of Primal Chaos surged from that mysterious place and covered the black arrow.

The vast Yuan Power around him suddenly disappeared at this moment. He was now just like an ordinary person.

Despite his ordinary appearance however, everyone on the island could vaguely feel the monstrous waves churning under that calm and plain surface.

Such power would surely cause even the land to tremble.

Everyone’s hands suddenly clenched tightly. All of them could feel the power of Lin Dong’s attack. However, was it really possible to deal with that indescribably terrifying Yimo Emperor Phantasm?

If Lin Dong was defeated, the morale of the countless experts on the island would decline, and they would have difficulty stopping the Yimo assault. At that time, it would truly turn into a bloodbath!

A breath of white vapour was gently exhaled from Lin Dong’s mouth, as a brilliant light suddenly flitted across those black eyes of his. The light appeared as bright and dazzling as the scorching sun.

Lin Dong suddenly released his finger, which was holding tightly onto the bow string.


The black arrow did not create any frightening energy ripples when it shot forward. However, its speed was indescribably fast. Everyone could only see a flash of black light. Next, they saw the black arrow powerfully strike the giant hand of the Yimo Emperor Phantasm.

The world seemed to freeze at this moment.

The black arrow and giant hand were in a deadlock. This time around however, the Yimo Emperor's giant hand was no longer able to break through in an easy fashion. The black arrow shook violently as if there was an invisible and frightening strength that completely blocked the terrifying power from the Yimo Emperor's giant hand.

There was neither a magnificent explosion, nor a frightening energy shockwave. However, everyone could sense the terror hidden under this face-off.

The Seventh Seat King firmly stared at the two clashing forces. He suddenly gritted his teeth and a fierce expression flashed across his eyes. Soon after, he slammed his hand heavily onto his chest. Thick and somewhat black crystal like blood was spat out and shot into the Yimo Emperor Phantasm.

The Yimo Emperor Phantasm seemed to become a little clearer as the black essence blood entered it, and a faint red glow seemed to surface in those blurry eyes of it.

“Break it!”

The Seventh Seat King sternly shouted with a twisted expression.

The giant Yimo Emperor hand suddenly clenched after his cry sounded and faint cracks abruptly emerged on the black arrow. Finally, it was completely shattered under the giant Yimo Emperor hand.

The expressions of the countless individuals below turned deathly white when the black arrow was shattered. Were they still going to lose in the end?


Lin Dong also spat out a mouthful of blood when the black arrow was destroyed as his body staggered a dozen steps backwards. It was clear that he had also been affected.

“Ha ha!”

The Seventh Seat King let out a loud and piercing laughter upon seeing this. His scattered long hair appeared exceptionally frightening. He looked at Lin Dong and said with a ferocious smile, “Your strongest attack has failed. What else can you do?!”

However, Lin Dong merely silently wiped away the blood at the corner of his lips in response to the Seventh Seat King’s ferocious and loud laughter. He slowly lifted his head and looked at the Seventh Seat King and chuckled. “Such power is still not enough…”

Lin Dong’s laughter faded as he once again slowly pulled the lightning bow. Fresh blood dripped down the bow string. Black light ultimately gathered again. The color of the black arrow seemed to be even deeper than before.

“Are you still not going to give up? It seems that you do not have any other tricks left.” The Seventh Seat King mocked upon seeing Lin Dong pull the bow string again.

Lin Dong ignored his ridicule. His eyes slowly shut and his mind entered the deepest part of his heart. That feeling… he needed it to be clearer...

That mysterious power… was still insufficient.

“Come out…”

A seemingly deep mumble quietly spread within Lin Dong’s heart, while his mind stealthily drifted within the area.

Zenith Sensing Art, just where was it…

Lin Dong’s consciousness dispersed. Without realising it, his mind had became blurry. However, his heart was as clear as a mirror amidst his blurry thoughts, while an indescribable feeling stealthily spread.

Lin Dong’s consciousness suddenly barged into a domain of Primal Chaos. It felt just like a fetus in its mother’s womb, leaving one so intoxicated that it made one unwilling to awake.

However, the powerful will within his body forcefully extracted his consciousness from its intoxicated state. It was as though there a voice was emitted from his consciousness and ultimately entered that Primal Chaos.

“Give me your power!”

A deep roar seemed to echo within the Primal Chaos as Lin Dong’s consciousness swiftly disappeared...

Lin Dong suddenly opened his tightly shut eyes. A flash of Primal Chaos Light flitted in the depths of his black eyes.

It was as if a strand of Primal Chaos Light that no one could see had shined on the black arrow. After which, the color of the black arrow gradually changed and it ultimately turned into an arrow of Primal Chaos.

A grin slowly formed from the corners of Lin Dong’s lips. After which, he smiled towards the Seventh Seat King and suddenly released the bowstring held in his fingers.

The Primal Chaos arrow was accompanied by that mysterious power as it once again shot across the sky under the attention of countless taunt gazes.