Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1267: Bloody Battle

Chapter 1267: Bloody Battle


Chapter 1267: Bloody Battle

Vast and mighty Yuan Power swept across the heavens like an endless ocean.

Lin Dong stood in the air while accompanied by wind and lightning. Those pitch-black eyes of his contained a frightening sharpness as he stared at the Seventh Seat King to his front. Monstrous Demonic Qi was surging around the latter’s body.

The Seventh Seat King had an exceptional senses. He discerned Lin Dong’s current strength with a single glance of the latter’s aura. Surprise quickly flashed across his eyes. How did this brat cultivate so quickly. It had only been a couple of months since he last saw the latter, yet the latter had actually advanced from the Samsara stage to the Reincarnation stage.

“I was wondering why you had the courage to fight with me. It turns out that you have actually advanced into the Reincarnation stage.” Surprise flashed across the eyes of the Seventh Seat King before he laughed coldly and said.

Lin Dong parted his lips into a smile when he heard this. However, his smile appeared quite ferocious. He did not reply, but merely slowly clenched his hands. Bright purple-gold light erupted from inside and his body, seemingly causing his body to bulk up in size.


A dragon roar reverberated across and the area. Ten thousand purple-gold dragon tattoos circulated around Lin Dong’s body. As they swirled around his body, their frightening power seemed to shake the land.

After Lin Dong truly advanced into the Reincarnation stage, he achieved complete mastery in the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill. Even if Qing Zhi was present, he could only nod his head in admiration in the face of such mastery.

Lin Dong’s body slowly swelled. His skin took on a shade of purple-gold color as purple-gold scales emerged. At this moment, his physical body was approaching the strength of the Chaos Master.

Lin Dong extended his hand and suddenly clenched it. Ten thousand purple-gold dragon tattoos agglomerated in his hand. Subsequently, purple-gold light blossomed and it turned into a purple-gold dragon spear that was a dozen feet long. The dragon spear was covered in scales, and there was a huge dragon mouth at its tip. Sharp dragon teeth from its mouth. Cold light flowed on the spear, and its sharpness was enough to tear space itself apart.

Lin Dong stood in the air. He held the purple-gold dragon spear in his hand as he felt the seemingly endless strength within his body. After which, he involuntarily let out a long howl towards the sky. Thunder rumbled within the howl. This was the first time he had brought out his full power ever since he had advanced to the Reincarnation stage. With this overflowing strength, it was as though he could even shatter the sky with his fist!

Lin Dong’s purple-gold suffused eyes were filled with yearning to do battle. He stared at the Seventh Seat King in an excited manner. What he desired now was a hearty battle!


The Seventh Seat King let out a cold snort when he saw Lin Dong’s soaring battle intent. His hands slowly lowered as Demonic Qi surged from his palms. His arms gradually lengthened a little and became pitch-black like metal. His nails were now three feet long and appeared akin to sharp swords. Ear-piercing screeching sounds could be heard when his nails gently rubbed against each other.

“You will need to experience two Reincarnation Tribulation to fight this seated king!”

A cold glint flashed across the eyes of the Seventh Seat King. His body moved and he appeared behind Lin Dong in a ghost like fashion. Those sharp nails tore through the air with lightning speed. They ruthlessly pierced towards Lin Dong’s back with indescribable speed and viciousness.


The sharp nails accompanied by the Demonic Qi penetrated through Lin Dong’s body. However, no blood flowed out. Instead, the figure began to gradually fade away.

The eyes of the Seventh Seat King narrowed slightly after his attacked missed. He suddenly turned his body as sharp nails thrust forward like a sword.


The purple-gold dragon spear was accompanied by a majestic strength as clashed head on against the sharp nails. An energy ripple that was visible to the naked eye spread, causing the surrounding space to be shaken until it distorted.

Dragon spear in hand, the dragon scales on the surface of Lin Dong’s skin flickered with a dazzling luster. His eyes were icy as he stared at the Seventh Seat King. After which, his arm jerked and brilliance exploded from the dragon spear. The dragon spear turned into countless spear shadows that crazily thrust at the Seventh Seat King.

Every one of these spear shadows possessed a frightening power that could kill a Samsara stage expert.

The Seventh Seat King watched the wild and violent spear shadows head towards him from all directions. Demonic Qi burst out from his body and the sinister Devil Emperor Armor was revealed.

Clang clang!

The wild and violent spear shadows ruthlessly landed on the Devil Emperor Armor, sending the Seventh Seat King flying backwards. Faint scars surfaced on the Devil Emperor Armor.

“You have indeed become a lot stronger.”

The Seventh Seat King frowned slightly when he saw the scars on the Devil Emperor Armor. During the last encounter, Lin Dong had only able to damage the Devil Emperor Armor after using his strongest trump card. Now, Lin Dong attacks were able to penetrate the Devil Emperor Armor and slightly impact his body. Nevertheless, such injuries were nothing to him.


Lin Dong did not show any signs of replying. Silver light flashed on his body and he directly appeared above the Seventh Seat King. The dragon spear in his hand mercilessly pierced towards the top of the Seventh Seat King’s head.

A pitch-black arm covered by the Devil Emperor Armor suddenly reached upwards. Like a shield, it blocked the dragon spear. However, the frightening strength that surged from the latter caused the Seventh Seat King’s body to fall slightly.


A cold glint flashed across the eyes of the Seventh Seat King. His sharp demonic sword like nails drew a tricky arc as they took the opportunity to slash across Lin Dong’s chest.


Sparks erupted as the nails cut across the dragon scales, leaving behind a long bloody wound on Lin Dong’s chest. Fresh blood flowed from this wound.

The pain in his chest did not cause Lin Dong’s expression to change at all. Instead, a blood thirsty glint flickered in his pitch-black eyes. Subsequently, his hand slid down along the dragon spear. A strange glow flickered on his arms as they turned into a liquid like state.

Ancient symbols seemed to be floating within the liquid like arms as a mysterious strength spread.

The eyes of the Seventh Seat King flashed when he saw the liquid arms of Lin Dong, which were permeated with the power of the Ancestral Symbols. With a jolt, his body turned into black smoke and rapidly pulled back. The Seventh Seat King knew how formidable the power of the Ancestral Symbols were, and his naturally would not be foolish enough to allow Lin Dong to successfully hit him.

“Can you really avoid this?!”

However, the corners of Lin Dong’s mouth merely lifted to form a cold smile when he saw the Seventh Seat King attempts to dodge. Silver light suddenly flashed and both of his arms seemed reach into space and strangely disappear.

The Seventh Seat King’s pupils shrunk when he saw Lin Dong’s arms disappear. However, before he could react, he saw the space in front of him split apart in a mysterious matter. Two liquid palms extended from within at lightning speed and heavily slammed into his chest.


A deep muffled thud emerged and the body of the Seventh Seat King flew backwards. The Demonic Qi within his body surged chaotically. Two half finger deep palm prints could be seen on the Devil Emperor Armor over his chest.

“Spatial Ancestral Symbol?” The Seventh Seat King cried out sharply as his expression changed after receiving the strange attack.

“Congratulations, you are correct!”

A cold glint flashed within Lin Dong’s eyes. His attacks were completely merciless. The Ancestral Symbol hands were violently swung and directly penetrated through space. After which, they mysteriously appeared around the Seventh Seat King. The attacks were completely unpredictable, making it impossible to defend.

Even the Seventh Seat King was caught off-guard in the face of such strange attacks. He managed to block the attacks that descended from all directions by relying on the strong defensive power of the Devil Emperor Armor.

The island below had also descended into an intense battle. However, many people were secretly focused on the fight above. They understood that those two were the ones who would ultimately decide the result of this battle.

They felt both happy and quietly shocked when they saw Lin Dong force the Seventh Seat King into a disadvantageous situation. They were naturally able to sense the strength of the Seventh Seat King. His strength was not something that an ordinary Reincarnation stage expert could match. It was unexpected that Lin Dong actually possessed the ability to fight the latter…

Who would have imagined that the young man, who had merely represented the Gu Clan in battle back then, would actually become so abnormally strong within a short couple of years.

Another Ancestral Symbol fist penetrated space and ruthlessly smashed onto the body of the Seventh Seat King. The frightening power directly forced the latter to take dozens of steps back, and even the area where the latter’s feet landed was slightly shakened.

The Seventh Seat King heavily stomped his foot and forcefully stabilized his body. He looked at the fist imprints on the Devil Emperor Armor. The fury that was originally on his face had diminished at this moment.

“As expected of someone who possesses three Ancestral Symbols…”

The Seventh Seat King lifted his head and deeply inhaled a breath of air. Those demonic eyes gradually became indifferent. However, Lin Dong could detect an extremely violent emotion surging under this indifference. It was obvious that the Seventh Seat King had truly been angered after being violently beaten by Lin Dong.

“Although I really hate you… I truly do not have the time to play with trash like you now!”

Ruthlessness finally surged within the Seventh Seat King’s eyes. After which, he took a step forward as frightening Demonic Qi swept forth. The entire place began to tremble.

The Seventh Seat King glared at Lin Dong as both of his hands suddenly formed many strange seals. Soon after, a mouthful of blood was spat out from his mouth.

Black blood squirmed and wiggled as it turned into a black skull seal. The skull gave off an evil ripple that made one shudder. Such evilness had even surpassed that of the Seventh Seat King himself.

The countless Yimo below suddenly roared towards the sky after this extremely evil ripple emerged. Their roars contained an almost zealot like craziness. Some of the Yimo directly knelt down and worshiped the skull seal.

There was a slight change in the expression within Lin Dong’s eyes when he saw this.

The Seventh Seat King smiled ferociously at Lin Dong and said, “Originally, I was planning on using this to deal with the Chaos Master. However, since you are so anxious to die, I will first finish you off.”

The Seventh Seat King formed a seal with his hands and grasp the skull seal within his hands. After which, his body also slowly knelt down. Waves of viscous Demonic Qi overflowed from within his body. Finally, it turned into a ten thousand feet large blurry figure above his head.

The surrounding Yuan Power began to flee the moment this black figure appeared.

Viscous Demonic Qi spread as a hoarse voice was slowly emitted from the Seventh Seat King’s mouth.

“Yimo Emperor, descend!”