Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1266: Meeting the Seventh Seat King Again

Chapter 1266: Meeting the Seventh Seat King Again


Chapter 1266: Meeting the Seventh Seat King Again

Cracks slowly spread over the humongous deep yellow energy light barrier in the sky. The faint cracking noises caused the entire Martial Gathering Island to become quiet as cold sweat dripped from the foreheads of countless individuals.

Lin Dong stood up. His eyes were frosty as he looked at the energy light barrier that was about to shatter. Soon after, he deeply inhaled a breath of air. With a wave of his sleeve, a flash of light shot forward, and turned into a palace of light in the air. It was the Mysterious Divine Palace.

The Mysterious Divine Palace emitted a buzzing sound the moment it appeared as divine equipment flew out and seemed to cover the sky. Subsequently, they flew towards the countless strong individuals on the island.

These divine equipment were covered by a thin layer of gentle white light; the power of the Ancestral Stone. It was able to increase the damage that these weapons could inflict on the Yimo.

“Everyone, if we manage to get through this calamity, these divine equipment will belong to you.” Lin Dong’s eyes swept over the entire island as his clear voice sounded.


An earthshaking uproar immediately erupted from the island after his words sounded as the eyes of countless experts burned with excitement. They hurriedly grabbed the divine equipment heading towards them. The heat in their eyes appeared to be about to melt these equipment.

These divine equipment might not amount to much in Lin Dong’s eyes, but they were genuine treasures to these individuals. Normally speaking, obtaining one would be difficult even after expending all means. Yet, Lin Dong had actually given such a large number to them.

“We will defend Martial Gathering Island till our last breath!”

The confidence in the hearts of the countless experts seemed to rise as they held the divine equipment in their hands. Their excited eyes looked at Lin Dong, while their loud cries resounded in a wave like fashion.

Lin Dong nodded as he watched the now high morale. He subsequently looked towards Ying Huanhuan and said, “I will stop any powerful foes that emerge later on. Both you and Qingtan intercept the other strong Yimo.”

Although he was aware that the current Ying Huanhuan was quite strong, it was best to use such power as little as possible.

Ying Huanhuan lightly nodded. She was aware of Lin Dong’s thoughts and naturally would not voice any objections.

The light barrier in the sky trembled violently, while countless experts floated in the air above the island. Strong Yuan Power gushed out of their bodies. The fear that was originally present in their eyes had gradually disappeared in the face of Lin Dong’s calmness. Instead its place, a fierce glint had appeared in their eyes. They had been forced by the Yimo to flee to this place like homeless strays. The anger within their hearts had already reached the peak.

Buzz buzz.

The light barrier shook increasingly rapidly as the cracks reached their limits. With a final faint crack, the entire light barrier collapsed in the face of the monstrous Demonic Qi assault!

The entire place instantly descended into darkness. The monstrous Demonic Qi that had lingered outside the island for a long time also revealed its true appearance of ferocity. A loud screech sounded as countless Yimo rushed forward in a locust like fashion from within the Demonic Qi clouds and charged towards Martial Gathering Island.

Lin Dong’s expression was indifferent as he watched the attacks that blotted out the sun. With a clench of his fist, countless thunderbolts rushed downwards and ruthlessly charged towards the Demonic Qi clouds.

Bang bang!

Thunder rumbled as everyone watched countless Yimo scream in misery. Charred black bodies gave off black smoke as they continuously fell from the sky.


Everyone roused themselves as they watched Lin Dong reveal his great power. After which, an earthshaking roar sounded. Soon after, Yuan Power surged crazily as ocean like attacks swept towards those Yimo at the front.


Both sides clashed. Yuan Power and Demonic Qi unfurled.

There was no warm-up. Both parties entered a crazy slaughter the moment they clashed. Severed arms and legs flew in all directions, while the charging Yimo were instantly blasted into nothingness by countless Yuan Power attacks.

It was fortunate that the island was currently well fortified. The waves the Yimo were stopped outside of the island, and they were unable to charge in.

Lin Dong watched the desperate battle and deeply inhaled a breath of air. After which, he shifted his eyes towards the depths of the Demonic Qi clouds, where several extremely frightening Demonic Qi presences were surging.

Ying Huanhuan and Qingtan appeared behind Lin Dong and also looked into the depths of the Demonic Qi clouds. Compared to those ordinary Yimo, the ones which were about to appear next were going to be truly troublesome to deal with.

The Demonic Qi clouds churned as the Yimo attack unknowingly slowed a little. Subsequently, everyone saw terrifying Demonic Qi gathering into a vortex in the air above the island. The vortex rotated, and it was as though the space itself was torn apart.

Faint footsteps echoed from the Demonic Qi vortex as a couple of black figures approached from afar. In the end, they slowly stepped out of the Demonic Qi vortex.

Everyone felt the Yuan Power of the world suddenly flare up as if they had been stimulated by something when these individuals appeared.

“Ha ha, Lin Dong, it seems that you appear wherever I go.” Six devil like figures stood on Demonic Qi. The person in front looked towards Lin Dong, who was in the sky above the island, in a dark and cold fashion as an indifferent laughter slowly spread.

Lin Dong’s eyes immediately looked towards the six devil like figures. The leader’s appearance was extremely familiar. He was surprisingly the Seventh Seat King, who had exchanged blows with Lin Dong back at the Northern Xuan Region!

“It seems that as enemies, our paths frequently cross.”

Lin Dong eyed the Seventh Seat King and smiled faintly. Back then, he had ended up in a miserable state at the hands of the Seventh Seat King. Although he had used the ‘Zenith Sensing Art’ to injure the latter, it was fortunate that the Thunderbolt Master had hurried over in time and forced the Seventh Seat King to withdraw. It was unexpected that the one who had come to deal with the Chaos Master was also this fellow.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept across the area behind the Seventh Seat King. The five other devil like figures also possessed monstrous Demonic Qi. The strength of their Demonic Qi might not match up to the Seventh Seat King, but they were at least as strong as those peak experts who had experienced one Reincarnation Tribulation.

The five of them were Yimo kings who truly belonged to the true king level!

One seat king and five true kings.

In the face of such a lineup, even the expression of someone like Lin Dong became somewhat grave. This Devil Prison had really dispatched a rather strong force.

The Seventh Seat King smiled coldly as he stared at Lin Dong. Ridicule was revealed in the former’s eyes, “The last time around, the Thunderbolt Master ended up saving you. Who do you think will be able to save you this time around? Those Ancient Masters are likely unable to free themselves for the time being.”

Lin Dong smiled as he leisurely replied, “I will save myself.”

“With just you?” The Seventh Seat King mocked.

Lin Dong nodded. His expression was exceptionally serious as he stared at the Seventh Seat King and slowly said, “This time around, I will kill you.”

The Seventh Seat King licked his lips. There was a cruel and bloodthirsty look on his face. He stared at Lin Dong as his eyes took on an exceptionally sinister look. “I also wish to say the same.”

Lin Dong chuckled as his pitch-black eyes stared at the Seventh Seat King. Mighty Yuan Power gradually spread, drawing in lightning and wind. It was a very intimidating sight.

“The Sky Devouring Corpse can deal with one true king.” Lin Dong swung his sleeve and the Sky Devouring Corpse appeared. With its strength, it should not be too difficult for it to deal with a true king.

“I can able deal with one of them.” Qingtan said. By relying on the Darkness Ancestral Symbol and the Darkness Saint Scythe, she had the strength to deal with one true king despite having yet advance to the Reincarnation stage.

“Leave the other three to me.” Ying Huanhuan smiled slightly. She saw the somewhat worried Lin Dong and said, “There is no need to worry. They are but three true kings.”

Lin Dong pursed his lips. However, he could only nod his head. The Yimo had arrived in a torrential manner. All he could do was to stop the Seventh Seat King. If any one of the five true kings were allowed to act as they please, it was likely that the defence below would be swiftly destroyed. When that happened, the Yimo would charge into the island and they would inevitably disturb the Chaos Master.

“In that case… let’s do it!”

Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly turned icy. He had suffered a loss at the hands of the Seventh Seat King back then. This time around, he would make sure to pay the latter back!

Lin Dong took a step forward as he clenched his hand, and a silver thunderbolt erupted from within. It roared and turned into a lightning dragon which ferociously charged towards the Seventh Seat King.

“Insignificant tricks.”

The Seventh Seat King let out an indifferent laugh. He flicked his finger and Demonic Qi sputtered out. The Demonic Qi quickly entwined around the lightning dragon and suddenly tightened, directly causing the lightning dragon to burst apart.

“Allow this seat king to behead you this time around!”

The Seven Seat King suddenly rushed forth. He clenched his large hand and a devil like hand descended from the sky. It ruthlessly slammed towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s body soared into the sky. He let out a long roar as bright purple-gold light exploded. The entire sky was dyed into brilliant purple-gold color. After which, ten thousand purple-gold dragon tattoos coiled around his body.


Lin Dong closed his five fingers and threw a punch forward. Ten thousand dragons seemed to gallop in the sky as an earthshaking dragon roar resounded. The wind from the fist seemed to penetrate space and smash towards the devil like hand.


A frightening energy ripple swept across the sky, causing space to become greatly distorted.

“We should also go.”

A cold glint flashed within Ying Huanhuan’s icy-blue eyes when she saw Lin Dong engage the Seventh Seat King in battle. Her figure shot forward as her five slim fingers extended. Cold Qi spread and transformed into a hundred thousand feet large mysterious ice prison which surrounded the three true kings. After which, a frightening cold spread within the prison as she unleashed formidable attacks towards the three true kings.

Qingtan also attacked and swung the Darkness Saint Scythe in her hand and firmly held back one true king. The true king was quite wary of the formidable Darkness Saint Scythe. For a time, the two of them were locked in battle.

The Sky Devouring Corpse acted in the most blunt manner and fearlessly charged forward. Regardless of how fierce the true king’s attacks were, he relied on the devouring properties of its body to persist.

Intense battles had broken out in the sky above Martial Gathering Island. Terrible auras shot towards the clouds, and one could clearly see it even from a thousand miles away.

Lin Dong and the Seventh Seat King faced off at the highest place in the sky. Their expressions were filled with viciousness. They were aware that regardless of how miserable the situation was, this place was the most important battlefield. As long as they could finish off the other party, they would be able to complete the important task that they had respectively received.

It would inevitably be a desperate battle.