Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1265: Advent of a Great Battle

Chapter 1265: Advent of a Great Battle


Chapter 1265: Advent of a Great Battle

After Lin Dong had a brief chat with the Chaos Master, he did not linger in the Chaotic Tower. Currently, the latter was at a critical juncture in his recuperation and it was best to provide him with a quiet environment.

When Lin Dong left the Chaotic Tower, he promptly saw the commotion on the island. Currently, across various parts of the island, there were numerous individuals scuttling around. Occasionally, some stern cries would sound out. However, thanks to these stern cries, the originally chaotic island gradually became orderly as various factions gathered together. In fact, it was much more organized compared to the mess before.

With the Darkness Saint Scythe in her hand, Qingtan stood in the sky as she lazily looked at the scene below. Occasionally, she would gently swing the scythe in her hand. Subsequently, an extremely frightening wind would whiz downwards before it would accidentally land in the vicinity of certain individuals, who were clearly taking their time. Instantly, the land beneath would crack and those people would be so frightened that they became drenched in cold sweat immediately. After which, none of them dared to slack off anymore as they hurriedly moved. After all, they were afraid that the hand of that little grandaunt might slip, and cause the grim reaper like scythe in her hand to land on their heads.

“This lass.”

When Lin Dong saw this scene, he secretly chuckled in his heart. This lass was indeed quite capable. In fact, she was even able to manage the massive Darkness Palace. Therefore, although the Martial Gathering Island was in chaos, it did not pose any difficulties to her.

“Big brother Lin Dong!”

Qingtan also realized that Lin Dong had left the Chaotic Tower. Immediately, a sweet smile appeared on her pretty face before she swiftly flew towards him. Meanwhile, she kept the Darkness Saint Scythe in her small hand. Her lovely and cheerful demeanor was in complete contrast to the icy cold expression she had from before. This caused many experts, who were thoroughly whipped by her, to be taken aback.

Lin Dong smiled at Qingtan. After which, the both of them headed towards a building. The many leaders of the various factions in the Heaven Wind Sea Region hurriedly stood up and greeted them upon seeing this.

“Have you met the Chaos Master?” Ying Huanhuan was seated elegantly, before she used her icy blue pretty eyes to look at Lin Dong and softly inquired.

“Aye.” Lin Dong nodded. “I’m afraid that we will have to guard the Martial Gathering Island for the next five days.”

“Chaos Master? Young brother Lin Dong, what is going on?” Everyone was at a loss after they heard their conversation. Then, the leader of the Gu clan, Gu Tong, asked involuntarily.

“That person in the Chaotic Tower is the Chaos Master, one of the eight Ancient Masters. As long as we can guard this place for the next five days, he will be able to come out from his seclusion. At that time, the crisis will be resolved.” Lin Dong smilingly said. The Chaos Master was about to show up and there was no longer a need to hide.

“Eight Ancient Masters…”

When the crowd heard his words, some of them were clearly at a loss, while others had a face filled with shock. Evidently, they had heard about these peak experts from the ancient times. However, they never expected that a renowned expert in the ancient times was actually lying within the Chaotic Tower.

“Everyone, the Martial Gathering Island is currently being surrounded. For the next five days, we are all on the same boat. Hopefully, everyone can work together in order to tide over this crisis. Otherwise, it is likely that none of us can escape.” Lin Dong’s eyes swept across the crowd as he slowly said.


Everyone felt their hearts tremble when they saw his glare. Then, they quickly replied in an extremely respectful manner. Initially, all of them were in despair as they were being trapped in this location. However, after Lin Dong showed up, it brought hope to their hearts. Therefore, they would definitely do their best in order to protect this glimmer of hope.

Lin Dong waved his hand before the crowd was dismissed. After they left, there was only three people remaining in the building. Promptly, Lin Dong gently sighed in relief. However, there was a grave expression within his eyes.

“What is it?” Ying Huanhuan asked after she saw Lin Dong’s expression.

“I’m afraid that it is not going to be an easy task to survive the next five days.” Lin Dong said. He had a premonition that this matter would not go smoothly. After all, the Chaos Master was about to regain his peak strength and once he recovered, he would be a massive threat to the Devil Prison. Since the Devil Prison did their best to trap the Thunderbolt Master, Darkness Master and the rest, how could they possibly give up on such an opportunity easily?

“We’ll face the problem when it arrives. To be honest, there is no need for us to fear them. Though they might be able to hold back the Thunderbolt Master and the rest, they would have to send out their elite fighting force.” Ying Huanhuan said.

Lin Dong nodded. Currently, the Thunderbolt Master and the rest were at their peak condition. Therefore, even though the Devil Prison was extremely powerful, in order to deal with them, they had to dispatch their elite fighting force. Hence, it was likely that the Devil Prison could not afford to dispatch too many top experts to deal with them.

Lin Dong lifted his head. Then, he looked at the deep yellow light barrier covering the island before he released a deep breath. Regardless, since he had given his word, he must protect the Chaos Master. After all, if he failed to do so, he would only end up being looked down by those Ancient Masters.


The despairing atmosphere on the island was greatly reduced after Lin Dong and the rest showed up. Regardless, many people still felt great respect and fear towards a Reincarnation stage expert. Therefore, in their opinion, with such a powerful expert guarding this place, there should be some hope for them.

As hope rose, everyone on the island was deployed. After some strategizing, they formed a fighting formation. Then, they briefly trained for one day. After which, it looked as though they were ready for battle. At the very least, it was much better compared to the complete mess from before.

While the morale on the island was rising, the attacks from the Yimo outside the island also became increasingly intense. Monstrous demonic aura continuously struck that deep yellow energy barrier, causing ripples to churn violently on its surface. When they saw this scene, many people’s bodies became drenched in cold sweat. After all, all of them knew that once that light barrier was broken, an extremely cruel and bloody fight would follow.

Time slowly passed by amidst this tensed wait. Many of the experts on the island felt like one day was akin to a year.

This was the first time that they felt that five days was such a long wait.

Time slowly flowed by until the fourth day. Meanwhile, the atmosphere on the island also became increasingly tense. This was because there was only a thin layer of that energy light barrier, that was protecting them, left in the sky.

Lin Dong was sitting quietly at a stone mountain peak in the middle of the island. When he looked at the light barrier in the sky, his dark black eyes became a lot sharper. Soon after, his eyes turned towards the various devil clouds located outside the island. He wondered which Seat King from the Devil Prison was hidden over there.

While Lin Dong was staring at the devil clouds outside the island, a cold aura containing a faint fragrance drifted over from beside him. He turned his head slightly and saw Ying Huanhuan walking over to his side. After which, she sat down beside him. Her waist was so narrow and delicate that it gave one the impulse to embrace her.

“Are you still worried?” A smile appeared on Ying Huanhuan’s face before she asked.

Lin Dong smiled and shook his head. Instead, he merely stared at Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face. This caused the latter to involuntarily glare at him. Her small hands held her face as she asked, “Why are you looking at me in this manner?”

Lin Dong pondered for a moment before he replied, “For some unknown reason, I feel… like you are a little like your previous self.”

Unknowingly, a smile had appeared on her face, which was always covered by a cold aura. Although she was no longer as lively as before, there was now a little warmth to her.

“Is that so?” Ying Huanhuan bit her lips with the back of her teeth. Then, she looked at him and asked, “Do you prefer how I am now, or do you prefer how I was in the past?”

“You are not allowed to say that you like the both of them!” Ying Huanhuan added.

Lin Dong grinned. Then, he extended his arm and rubbed her long icy blue hair. Immediately, an icy cold sensation was transmitted to his palm. He was silent for a moment before speaking, “I have experienced many life and death bitter training sessions in the Chaotic Demon Sea. At that time, all I was thinking… I wish that you can continue to laugh as happily as before.”

Ying Huanhuan stared at him in shock. Then, she beamed. Meanwhile, her smile was filled with temptation. After which, she gently leaned on Lin Dong’s shoulder.

Lin Dong felt her head leaning on his shoulder. This feeling of being relied upon, was as though he was her entire world.


Lin Dong secretly sighed. Suddenly, he felt icy drops on his arm. He hurriedly lowered his head, only to see that Ying Huanhuan, who was leaning on his shoulder, had reddened eyes. Tears gathered. After which, they turned into ice droplets and fell.

“What is it?” Lin Dong quickly asked.

Ying Huanhuan shook her head. Then, she used her icy pretty eyes to look at Lin Dong before she softly said, “One day, if I end up being wilful and act as I please, will you promise not to get mad at me?”

Lin Dong was startled. He did not know why she would suddenly say this.

“I was just joking.” However, even before Lin Dong could ask, Ying Huanhuan suddenly laughed. Then, she stretched her delicate figure, revealing her alluring curves, before she looked at Lin Dong and said, “It has been a long time since I played the zither for you. Allow me to do so now.”

She gently swung her hands after she spoke. Then, a blue light surfaced before a zither formed from cold ice appeared. Following which, she extended her seemingly perfect pair of hands, before her fingers landed gently on her zither.

A rhythmical and melodious zither music slowly drifted from that mountain peak. Finally, it reverberated in the sky above the island. Thanks to this zither music, the originally tensed atmosphere on the island slowly relaxed.

Countless experts were staring at the place where the zither music originated from. At that spot, they could see a beautiful woman gently moving her hands as she sat on top of a stone mountain. Meanwhile, her icy blue long hair was dancing gently. At this moment, she presented a beautiful picture like image that involuntarily caused one to become intoxicated.

Lin Dong looked at the current Ying Huanhuan. Meanwhile, there was an alluring smile on the latter’s face. However, for some unknown reason, it caused his heart to twitch gently.


Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air, before he slowly clenched both his hands. If he was unable to protect what he wanted to protect, what would be the point of his bitter training?

Buzz buzz!

All of a sudden, an unusual noise was transmitted from the sky and it disrupted the intoxicating zither music. Countless pairs of eyes immediately turned towards the source. Then, their bodies stiffened when they saw that cracks were slowly spreading on the energy light barrier in the sky.

Lin Dong also stood up. Meanwhile, a sharp expression began to gather within his dark black eyes. After which, his frightening aura suddenly rippled and spread.

They were finally here…