Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1263: A Familiar Person

Chapter 1263: A Familiar Person


Chapter 1263: A Familiar Person

The massive light barrier was just like a giant inverted bowl placed down from the sky. After which, the entire Martial Gathering Island was covered by it.

The light barrier was deep yellow in colour and it was a thick and heavy colour. It gave off an indestructible sensation.

Currently, with just a cursory glance, it was possible to see that every spot on the Martial Gathering Island was packed with people. Regardless of whether it was near the ocean or on the island itself, every inch of it was filled with people. However, their faces were all filled with fear and dread.

With horror in their eyes, they looked outside the light barrier. At that area, the sky was dark and there were many devil clouds floating in the sky. Meanwhile, it was possible to see countless devil figures shuttling through the devil clouds, while deafening sharp sounds spread into the distance, stirring monstrous waves on the surface of the ocean.

The demonic aura continuously pressed down on the deep yellow light barrier, causing some ripples to appear. When the crowd saw this sight, their hearts began to shudder in fear. This was because they knew that this light barrier was their final line of defence. If it was shattered, they would be completely exposed to the fangs of those Yimo and would have no hope of survival.

At this moment, in a building situated in the middle of the island, the mood was extremely stifling. Many people were seated within that building, and all of them had dark and gloomy expressions.

“That energy light barrier seems to be weakening…”

Amidst that stifling atmosphere, someone suddenly spoke softly. However, his words caused everyone’s eyelids to twitch involuntarily.

“Everyone should try to pitch in. What should we do now?” A white haired old man was the one who spoke. Currently, he was frowning tightly. Meanwhile, two lovely and tall beauties stood behind him. They were Gu Mengqi and Gu Yan.

“What else can we do? Besides camping at the Martial Gathering Island, what else can we do?” Seated opposite them, a gray robed old man coldly said. Meanwhile, a man stood behind this elderly man and he was also rather familiar looking. It was Wei Zhen from the Wei clan.

“In that case, you can simply wait here and die.” The old man from the Gu clan glanced at him before he said in a faint voice.

“Gu Tong. If my Wei clan cannot escape, do you think that your Gu clan can do so?” That gray robed old man became furious upon hearing his words, as he cried out.

Everyone in the building shook their heads helplessly after they saw that the two of them were arguing again.

“Can the both of you pipe down? What is the point of arguing now?!”

At the most prominent spot within this building, sat three figures. They wore different clothes but they had the most say. This was because they were the cave chiefs of the three great caves in the Heaven Wind Sea Region.

There was also a familiar looking man amongst these three great cave chiefs. It was Wu Xuan, the chief of the Demonic Wind Cave. Back then, he had a grudge with Lin Dong. However, as of now, his expression was extremely gloomy because of the predicament that they were currently in.

“The Yimo outside the Martial Gathering Island are very powerful and we are likely no match for them.” Wu Xuan glanced outside the building. In the distance, he could see the monstrous demonic aura outside the light barrier.

“If we want the situation to change, I’m afraid that we can only rely on that elder within the Chaotic Tower.” The chief of the Heaven Wind Cave sighed and said.

Everyone within the building looked towards the five big clans after his words sounded. After all, the Chaotic Tower was managed by them all along and no one had ever realized that there was actually such a frightening existence within the Chaotic Tower.

When they saw this, the clan leaders of the five big clans shook their heads bitterly. The leader of the Gu clan, Gu Tong, smiled bitterly and said, “In the past, though we were able to enter the Chaotic Tower, we could not reach the final level. However, we were unable to enter the tower ever since that deep yellow light barrier appeared.”

“It seems as though that elder does not wish to be disturbed.” The leader of the Xu clan nodded and said.

“Why don’t… all of you try again?” Wu Xuan thought for a moment before he said. Currently, they were all out of options. However, he was unwilling to give up on this final chance.

The leaders of the five clans sighed upon hearing this, before they nodded their heads. However, all of them knew that this was likely a pointless move.

When he saw this depressing atmosphere, Wu Xuan exchanged glances with the chiefs of the two other great caves. Then, he sighed quietly and shook his head. Is there no way we can escape from this calamity?

“Bad news!”

Just as everyone’s heart sunk into despair, a man suddenly ran in frantically before he quickly shouted, “It seems like someone is trying to barge into the Martial Gathering Island. Currently, they are attempting to enter the island!”

Everyone was startled upon hearing this. There was actually someone who dared to come to the Martial Gathering Island now? Was he courting death?

With shock in their hearts, the crowd left the building and looked into the distance. Outside the deep yellow light barrier, all of them could spot a couple of figures standing in the sky. Meanwhile, demonic aura were churning around them as a large number of Yimo had begun to surround them from afar.

“Is that… Little Ya? And… Lin Dong?” When Gu Mengqi and Gu Yan looked at the few figures outside the light barrier, they were initially shocked before they quickly exclaimed.

“Lin Dong?”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this name. In fact, the expressions of the Wei clan members turned ugly. Clearly, they remembered this young man who had once caused their Wei clan to suffer a huge loss.

Wu Xuan also frowned slightly. Clearly, he still remembered this name.

“Grandpa, that is Lin Dong. He once helped our Gu clan. Hurry up and let them in. Otherwise, it will be troublesome if the Yimo surrounds them.” Gu Mengqi said anxiously.

The clan leader of the Wei clan hurriedly spoke after her words sounded, “No way. Notwithstanding the fact that this energy light barrier only allows people to leave and not enter, we do not know what they are trying to do. Moreover, you should also know just how cunning the Yimo are. If they are merely Yimo in disguise, can you shoulder the responsibility if we allow them on the island?”

Many experts around him nodded upon hearing this. After all, it was best not to take any risks at this moment.

The expression on Gu Mengqi’s pretty face changed. Then, she stared angrily at the clan leader of the Wei clan. This was because she naturally knew that this fellow was merely looking for an opportunity to create trouble.

At this moment, Gu Tong could only sigh. After all, their Gu clan did not dare to do something like this, which would make them the common enemy of everyone here. This Wei clan was truly despicable.

Gu Mengqi could only stomp her foot upon seeing this. Then, she cried out loud, using Yuan Power to wrap around her clear voice before she delivered it to the outskirts of the island, “Lin Dong, all of you should hurry up and leave. Be careful of the Yimo!”

Lin Dong, who was standing outside the island, surveyed his surroundings after he heard Gu Mengqi’s voice. Immediately, he understood what was going on. After which, he gave a faint smile. It seems like those fellows were as irritating as before.

“There is no need. I will come in by myself.” Lin Dong smiled at the island before he said.


When they heard his words, every Wei clan member chuckled involuntarily. After all, even the Yimo were unable to break this light barrier. Yet, Lin Dong claimed that he could enter? He must be dreaming.

“Lin Dong, you should hurry up and get lost!” Wei Zhen cried out loud. However, his face was filled with ridicule. He could see that the Yimo were rapidly surrounding Lin Dong. At this moment, it was likely that the latter could not flee even if he wanted to.

Standing beside him, Wu Xuan frowned. This was because he vaguely felt that something was amiss. Therefore, in order to be on the safe side, he did not mock Lin Dong.


While Wu Xuan frowned, a bright silver light suddenly flashed outside the light barrier. Then, Wu Xuan’s expression changed drastically when he felt that the space was becoming distorted, before shock gushed into his eyes.

Within Wu Xuan’s shocked eyes, he saw that the space in front of him had became distorted. In the next moment, a silver light flashed before four figures appeared from out of nowhere.


The crowd around them stared at the four individuals, who had suddenly appeared, before their pupils shrunk. Meanwhile, their eyes were all filled with shock. Lin Dong had actually managed to enter?

“Are you the one who asked me to get lost?” After he appeared, Lin Dong’s dark black eyes stared at the stiff looking Wei Zhen before he laughed faintly.

For some unknown reason, Wei Zhen felt horror surging from within his heart, after he was being stared at by Lin Dong. Immediately, he hid behind the clan leader of the Wei clan.

“Lin Dong, what are you trying to do?!” Though the clan leader of the Wei clan felt that something was amiss, he still cried out in a stern voice.


Lin Dong’s eyes turned cold. He flicked his finger before a forcewind shot forth. In the next instant, the clan leader of the Wei clan shook. Immediately, he spat out a mouthful of blood while his body flew backwards in a miserable fashion.

The crowd inhaled a deep breath of cold air upon seeing this. Meanwhile, Wu Xuan’s eyelids begun to twitch rapidly. This was because the clan leader of the Wei clan had advanced to the Samsara stage last year!

“You!” The experts from the Wei clan were all outraged when they saw that their clan leader was attacked. However, even before they could verbally abuse him, Lin Dong had already taken a step forward. Immediately, his frightening aura swept forward and enveloped the entire island.

The terrifying pressure created by his aura caused the originally noisy island to immediately turn silent.

“Re… Reincarnation stage?!”

This time around, even Wu Xuan could no longer hold back the shock in his heart, as he cried out involuntarily.

“Reincarnation stage?!”

Standing above the building, the leaders of the various factions from the Heaven Wind Sea Region were all startled. With shock in their eyes, they stared at that young man. He… he was actually a peak Reincarnation stage expert?!

Gu Tong was stunned. He had heard Gu Mengqi and the rest talk about Lin Dong before. However, he merely thought that he was a junior from the younger generation. However, who could have imagined that this man, whom he perceived to be a junior younger generation member, was in fact a peak Reincarnation stage expert!

Beside him, Gu Mengqi and Gu Yan covered their lips in shock. Meanwhile, their pretty eyes were all filled with shock.

“Haha, it is actually cave chief Wu Xuan.” Lin Dong’s eyes moved, before he turned to look at Wu Xuan and laughed softly. Meanwhile, there was a playful tone in his soft laughter.

When he realized that Lin Dong was staring at him, Wu Xuan’s body stiffened while cold sweat appeared on his forehead. Then, he laughed dryly, “It is actually young brother Lin Dong.”

He was not a fool. Although he had touched Reincarnation currently, he knew that there was still a massive gap between him and a genuine Reincarnation stage expert. In fact, if Lin Dong wanted to make a move on him, it was likely that there was nothing he could do.

Lin Dong smiled faintly and he hardly paid any attention to Wu Xuan. All he did was to focus his attention on Gu Mengqi and Gu Yan. Then, he cupped his hands together and laughed, “Miss Mengqi, miss Gu Yan. It has been a long time since we last met.”

Lin Dong ignored all the leaders present and only greeted Gu Mengqi and Gu Yan. His action was clearly somewhat inappropriate. However, owing to his frightening strength, no one dared to object. Instead, all of them lowered their heads, while their faces were all filled with fear and respect.

The Gu Mengqi duo exchanged glances. After which, they gave Lin Dong a sweet and beautiful smile. Meanwhile, their pretty eyes were all filled with joy.

Lin Dong turned his head after greeting the two ladies. Then, he looked towards the stone tower in the middle of the island. However, this time around, he detected an extremely ancient and powerful aura radiating from it.

The Chaos Master huh…