Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1262: Island Surrounded by Thousands of Devils

Chapter 1262: Island Surrounded by Thousands of Devils


Chapter 1262: Island Surrounded by Thousands of Devils

The surface of the ocean was completely silent. A sea breeze blew over and gradually washed away the bloody scent from before. Meanwhile, on the dozens of large ships on the ocean, there were countless individuals staring in shock at the sky. Clearly, they had yet to recover from that sudden change.

Those ruthless devils, who were butchering them previously, were… all dead?

How did this happen?

Some people turned their heads with much difficulties, before they exchanged glances with each other. All of them were at a loss.

“I never expected there to be a Yimo general left…” Lin Dong completely ignored the ocean, which had turned silent, as he turned to look at that completely stunned Yimo general in the sky, before he smilingly said.

“Big… big brother Lin Dong?”

Gu Ya and the rest began to recover their senses. Then, they slowly turned around and stared at Lin Dong with stunned eyes. Their mouths moved before a somewhat dry voice was emitted, “Was this done by you?”

It’s no wonder they were completely stunned. After all, all of them witnessed how incredible Lin Dong was back at the Martial Gathering Island. However, he was merely someone who stood out amongst the younger generation. Although he had also revealed his domineering strength back at the Flame Divine Hall, there was still a distinct gap between him and an ultimate Samsara stage expert. However, that attack from before was something that even a Samsara stage expert could not unleash…

It has only been one year since they last met, how did Lin Dong become so powerful?

“Let’s finish off that fellow first.” Lin Dong smiled. Then, he turned his attention towards that Yimo general in the sky, before a cold glint flashed across his black eyes.

The Yimo general in the sky suddenly recovered his senses. With shock in his eyes, he stared at the large ship of the Gu clan, before he cried out in a sharp voice, “Brat, how dare you kill members of my Yimo tribe. Are you courting death?!”

“Haha, I have even slaughtered your Nine Seat King. Even less needs to be said about minions like you.” Lin Dong said with a sadistic laugh.

“What did you say?!”

Suddenly, the eyes of that Yimo general shrunk. When he stared at Lin Dong, who had a smile on his face, an uneasy sensation abruptly emerged within his heart. Immediately, his eyes rotated before powerful demonic aura erupted. While that demonic aura spread, his body turned into a black light before he quickly fled.

He had actually chosen to flee?

Above the ocean, when the crowd saw that the Yimo general was actually withdrawing without putting up a fight, their jaws nearly fell to the ground. This was a super powerful individual that could match up to a Samsara stage expert. In fact, such a person could be considered as an overlord even across the entire Chaotic Demon Sea. Yet, he was actually such a wastrel?

Was it because of that man?

Some of them secretly turned their heads to look at that skinny figure standing at the front of the Gu clan’s ship. Just how powerful must he be? Even before he made a move, his enemy had already withdrawn in fear.

With an indifferent expression, Lin Dong stared at that fleeing Yimo general. Then, he slowly extended his hand before he gently clenched it.


The moment Lin Dong clenched his hand, everyone could see that the distant space had suddenly became distorted. After which, it collapsed. Coincidentally, that Yimo was right in the middle of that collapsed space. Immediately, that frightening pressure blew his body apart.


A sharp miserable screech sounded before a stream of demonic aura escaped from that collapsed space. However, even before he could escape, a black hole was formed. Then, that black hole rotated before it devoured him.

The space recovered and that black hole disappeared. That Yimo general, whose strength was comparable to an ultimate Samsara stage expert, had completely vanished…

The ocean was completely silent once again.

Lin Dong withdrew his gaze before he slowly lowered his hand. Then, he looked at Gu Ya’s group, which was completely speechless, before he laughed and asked, “What are all of you doing here?”

Gu Ya was the first to recover her senses. With a strange expression in her eyes, she glanced at Lin Dong and said, “We were being chased by these Yimo all along and we ended up fleeing to the Northern Underworld Sea Region. Fortunately, we met big brother Lin Dong. Or else...”

“Is this the Northern Underworld Sea Region…” Lin Dong nodded. If he was at the Northern Underworld Sea Region, he was not far from the Heaven Wind Sea Region. It’s no wonder he ended up encountering them.

“Brother Lin Dong, thank you very much.”

Gu Yuntian had also recovered his senses. Immediately, with gratitude on his face, he cupped his hands towards Lin Dong. Meanwhile, there was some respect in his eyes. This was because after witnessing the previous scene, he knew that the current Lin Dong was no longer the same as before.

Lin Dong smiled and waved his hand. Then, he mused for a moment before he said, “I wish to head to the Martial Gathering Island. Can you guys bring me there?”

The Chaotic Tower was located at the Martial Gathering Island. Therefore, he must first head to the Martial Gathering Island in order to help the Chaos Master.

“Martial Gathering Island?”

When Gu Yuntian heard Lin Dong’s words, his expression changed slightly, before a trace of fear rose within his eyes.

“What is it?” Lin Dong involuntarily asked when he saw his expression.

“Big brother Lin Dong, currently, it’s not a good idea to visit the Martial Gathering Island. That place is like a land of death…” Gu Ya bit her lips and said. “We fled from the Martial Gathering Island.”

Lin Dong frowned. It seems like the Martial Gathering Island was already under attack.

“Big brother Lin Dong, you were away for a long time and aren’t aware of the current situation in the Chaotic Demon Sea. Two months ago, many devils like those from before suddenly showed up in the Chaotic Demon Sea. They were extremely powerful and everywhere they went, no faction could stop them. Moreover, they were also extremely cruel and wherever those demonic aura passed, nothing would remain.” Gu Ya said.

“Our Heaven Wind Sea Region was also affected. Initially, the three great caves and the five big clans formed an alliance. However, they ended up suffering a massive loss in their first clash with those devils, and the army subsequently collapsed.”

Lin Dong nodded. The Devil Prison was indeed frightening. Therefore, how could the factions in the Heaven Wind Sea Region alone compete with them? Being crushed was well within expectations.

“After that, we retreated and guarded the Martial Gathering Island. As those devils approached, the Chaotic Tower on the island suddenly unleashed a barrier to protect the entire island. This helped to prevent the island from being attacked by those devils.”

“When news spread that one could gain protection if one was at the Martial Gathering Island, various factions from the Heaven Wind Sea Region swarmed towards it and gathered on the island… However, this ended up attracting even more of those devils. Right now, the Martial Gathering Island is completely surrounded and it is impossible to enter. We found an opportunity to escape amidst the chaos.”

When she mentioned this, Gu Ya’s eyes turned dim, “Elder sister Mengqi and Gu Yan are still on the island. Once that defence barrier is broken, it is likely that everyone on the island will die.”

A look of despair began to appear on the faces of the surrounding members of the Gu clan. After all, everyone from their Gu clan was gathered on the Martial Gathering Island. Therefore, if the island fell, it was likely that their Gu clan would perish.

Lin Dong nodded. That defence barrier was likely created by the Chaos Master. However, he was currently at a critical juncture in his recuperation and it was clear that he was unable to unleash his full strength. Moreover, the reason why those Yimo around the island chose not to attack, was likely because they were waiting for powerful individuals to arrive.

“I wish to go there.”

Lin Dong looked at Gu Ya’s group and laughed, “If you guys are unwilling to go to that place, you guys can simply help me by drawing a sea map.”

“Big brother Lin Dong, I will lead you there!” Gu Ya clenched her teeth before she said.

“Little Ya.” Gu Yuntian was startled upon hearing this. Currently, the Martial Gathering Island was in a dire state, and just getting close to it would mean certain death.

“Nothing will happen with big brother Lin Dong around!” Gu Ya shook her head as she looked at Lin Dong. From her words, it was clear that she had great confidence in the latter.

Standing beside Lin Dong, Ying Huanhuan and Qingtan glanced at Gu Ya in a suspicious manner. Finally, they turned and looked at Lin Dong.

When Lin Dong detected this, he involuntarily coughed dryly. After which, he nodded and said, “In that case, you shall follow me to the Martial Gathering Island. Someone has asked me to protect a person over there.”

“Protect a person?” Gu Ya was startled. The Martial Gathering Island was a place that belonged to their five big clans. Therefore, who was Lin Dong going to protect?

“An elder within the Chaotic Tower.” Lin Dong grinned. However, he did not explain it in detail.

“Chaotic Tower?” Gu Ya’s group was startled. Soon after, they came to a faint comprehension. The Chaotic Tower was exceptionally mysterious to begin with and even their five big clans were unable to fathom it. Moreover, could that defence barrier that originated from the Chaotic Tower be related to that mysterious elder?

“We are pressed for time. Let’s hurry to the Martial Gathering Island first. Brother Yuntian, you should look for a safe place to hide. You can return once the crisis on the Martial Gathering Island is over.”

After which, Lin Dong did not say anything more as he glanced at Gu Ya. When he saw her nodding her head, he waved his sleeve. Subsequently, a silver light was emitted before it wrapped around them.

That silver light flashed and the space became distorted. By the time that silver light disappeared, the four of them had already vanished.

Gu Yuntian looked at the four of them, who had vanished, before he involuntarily sighed. Meanwhile, a flicker of hope rose in his heart. Currently, Lin Dong’s abilities were powerful and mysterious. If he could really resolve the crisis on the Martial Gathering Island, their Gu clan would be able to survive…

“Hopefully, you truly possess the ability to resolve this crisis…”

With Gu Ya leading the way, Lin Dong did not stop during the subsequent journey. Along the way, he saw some Yimo roaming around. However, he simply finished them off with a flip of his palm and did not stop because of them.

With their current speed, they reached the Heaven Wind Sea Region within two hours.

Upon entering the Heaven Wind Sea Region, Lin Dong felt that the demonic aura ripple in his surroundings had suddenly became a lot denser. In fact, there were even dark winds blowing across the surface of the ocean.

Lin Dong’s group once again ripped through space. A few minutes later, they gradually slowed down before they stared at the scene in front of them with a grave expression on their faces.

Monstrous demonic aura swept over from the horizon, while layers of devil clouds permeated the sky. Meanwhile, countless sharp screeches were continuously emitted. Moreover, the frightening demonic aura caused monstrous waves to continuously churn on the calm ocean surface.

Lin Dong looked past that Yimo army, before he spotted an island deep within. Meanwhile, that island was enveloped by a deep yellow energy barrier.

Lin Dong’s eyes peeked through that energy barrier and it was possible for him to vaguely see an ancient stone tower on that island.

That was the Chaotic Tower.