Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1261: Returning to the Chaotic Demon Sea

Chapter 1261: Returning to the Chaotic Demon Sea


Chapter 1261: Returning to the Chaotic Demon Sea

Chaotic Demon Sea. Northern Underworld Sea Region.

This was a vast and endless ocean and there were many clouds floating lazily in the sky above. The sunlight shone through the clouds, causing the surface of the ocean to appear bright and glittery. It was a quiet and peaceful sight.

However, this silence did not continue for long as the space in the sky suddenly became distorted. After which, silver light emerged, before three figures appeared from out of nowhere.

A sea breeze greeted them. Lin Dong lifted his head and looked at this familiar looking ocean. Promptly, a look of reminiscence flashed across his eyes. Back then, he arrived at this place after he was forced to flee the Eastern Xuan Region. After which, in order to get his revenge, he trained bitterly with all his strength.

At that time, he experienced many dangerous trials on this seemingly endless ocean. Fortunately, he managed to survive…

When he first arrived at the Chaotic Demon Sea, he was as ordinary as a rock and was hardly noteworthy. However, by the time he left, his name had spread across the entire Chaotic Demon Sea. Now, when he came back to this ocean, with his current strength, he no longer had to look up to anyone.

The young man, who was once hunted and forced to flee for his life, had undergone a metamorphosis and soared to the skies.

“Chaotic Demon Sea… I, Lin Dong, has returned!”

Lin Dong lifted his head and let out a long howl. His howl was just like thunder as it rumbled across the surface of the ocean and spread into the distance.

When Ying Huanhuan saw Lin Dong’s excited expression, she gave a gentle smile before she asked, “Back then, did you come here after leaving the Eastern Xuan Region?”

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air. Then, he nodded with a smile. Who could have imagined that he was once forced to act as subservient as an ant when he first arrived at this place? If not for his wits, he would have likely died in this ocean.

“You must have had a difficult time, am I right?” Ying Huanhuan used her icy pretty eyes to stare at Lin Dong before she softly said, “Although I missed you terribly during those three years, you must have had a hard time too.”

She could sense the complicated emotions Lin Dong felt towards this place. Therefore, she was able to guess that he must have experienced numerous life and death situations here. At times, perhaps even he did not know whether he could return to the Eastern Xuan Region alive...

Ying Huanhuan involuntarily bit her lips gently when she thought of this. Promptly, she chided herself for putting up an attitude when they met for the first time after Lin Dong returned from this ocean. After all, even though she had a hard time, but what about him? Who knew what he had gone through? After all, he was used to hiding it beneath his smile and he did not allow others to realize it.

When Lin Dong saw the gentle emotions flowing within Ying Huanhuan’s eyes, he felt touched in his heart. Promptly, he extended his arms and hugged her delicate little waist. Then, he smiled and said, “I am a man. There are some burdens that I naturally have to shoulder.”

“Big brother Lin Dong. In the past, who offended you in here? Let’s head over there and destroy them!” Qingtan said, while her large eyes contained some murderous intent. Though she remained obedient and pampered in front of Lin Dong, she was ultimately the palace master of the Darkness Palace. Moreover, she came out from the Darkness Judgement Hall, and the blood that covered her small fair hands were sufficient to cause one’s heart to shudder.

“I don’t need you to avenge me.” Lin Dong smilingly flicked Qingtan’s snow white forehead. After which, he surveyed his surroundings before he muttered, “I wonder which sea region of the Chaotic Demon Sea are we in?”

Although Lin Dong was able to travel from the Eastern Xuan Region to the Chaotic Demon Sea in a short period of time by relying on the Spatial Ancestral Symbol, the Chaotic Demon Sea was extremely vast and it was impossible for him to accurately pinpoint his location.

“Let’s walk around and take a look.” Lin Dong shook his head after he failed to pinpoint his location. After which, he dragged both ladies before he swiftly flew forward.

The Chaotic Demon Sea was extremely vast and each sea region was huge. Moreover, the sea region that they were currently in seemed to be a fairly remote one. In fact, even after the three of them flew for over a dozen minutes at an extremely fast speed, they were still unable to spot a single person.

Just as Lin Dong was fretting over this matter, Ying Huanhuan suddenly pointed her fair delicate hand towards the west, “There are people over there. Moreover, there are also Yimo fluctuations.”

Lin Dong looked in that direction, but he was unable to detect anything. Promptly, he felt slightly startled in his heart. It seemed like he was increasingly unable to fathom Ying Huanhuan’s strength.

“It’s just that I am extremely sensitive towards the Yimo fluctuation.”

When she realized that Lin Dong was shocked, Ying Huanhuan gently held Lin Dong’s hand and said.

Lin Dong nodded. At the moment, it was not a good time to talk. Hence, he grabbed both ladies, before a silver light flashed. Instantly, they appeared thirty miles away. With the Spatial Ancestral Symbol, their current travelling speed was clearly far superior compared to before.

Along the way, Lin Dong tore through the empty space a couple of times. This continued for a couple of minutes before he finally stopped. Then, he stared at his front, only to see that there were over a dozen large ships travelling rapidly across the ocean. Meanwhile, black clouds rolled behind those large ships and the evil demonic aura caused the sky to darken.

The devil clouds quickly caught up with those large ships. After which, countless Yimo charged forward and rained down on those large ships like rain droplets. Battle cries subsequently sounded, before miserable screeches also sounded in waves.

However, their resistance was clearly to no avail. Within a short period of time, three large ships were turned into a bloodbath, before a rich bloody stench spread across the sky.

Lin Dong stared at this scene from afar. Meanwhile, he saw various flags hanging on those large ships. They should be some merchant ships…

Merchant ships? He wondered if the merchant ships of the Gu clan were amongst them.

Lin Dong’s heart was trembling as he carefully surveyed the place. Then, he was shocked when he realized that there was a flag with the character ‘Gu’, hanging on a large ship at the front.

“There is actually a merchant ship from the Gu clan amongst them? It seems like this place should be near to the Heaven Wind Sea Region.” Lin Dong frowned. Then, he swung his sleeve before silver light flashed and the three of them once again vanished.

The people on the huge merchant ships were scuttering. Meanwhile, many of their faces were filled with fear as they stared at the devil clouds churning over from all directions. Sharp cries of despair sounded in a wave like fashion.

There were dozens of members from the Gu clan clustered together at the front of the merchant ship of the Gu clan. Meanwhile, their expressions were slightly pale. Nonetheless, compared to the rest, they were fairly well-trained. At the very least, they were still holding onto the weapons in their hands. Meanwhile, there were also Yuan Power surging on the surface of their bodies.

“Big brother Yuntian, what should we do now?” A member of the Gu clan looked at the devil clouds that were quickly approaching them. In fact, even his voice was trembling gently.

At this moment, the members of the Gu clan were looking at the middle of their group. At that spot, was a handsome man. Currently, he was looking at the desperate situation in front of them with an ugly expression on his face.

“Those creatures are far too powerful and we cannot stop them.” He mused for a moment before he clenched his teeth and spoke decisively, “Ya’er, split into groups and escape in the small boats!”

Standing beside him, was a young lady wearing a light green dress and she looked like a lovely young lady. When she heard his words, a bitter smile appeared on her face, “Big brother Yuntian, it’s not as though you have not witnessed how fast they are. It’s impossible for us to escape.”

Currently, Gu Ya was no longer that timid young girl from before. She had a pretty face and she had an outstanding disposition even amongst the top members of the Gu clan.

Gu Yuntian’s body stiffened after he heard those words. Then, he looked at the panicking members of the Gu clan around him. Finally, he sighed miserably, “Even after we managed to charge out from the Martial Gathering Island with much difficulties, we are still unable to escape this calamity.”

The surrounding members of the Gu clan began to despair. The many unexpected changes that occured in the last month made them feel as though they were in a dreamworld. Who could have imagined that the entire Chaotic Demon Sea would actually descend into this state?

“Woosh woosh.”

Suddenly, a deafening rushing wind sound was swiftly transmitted from behind them. Following which, a devil cloud had already caught up to them. Meanwhile, within that devil cloud, countless brutal blood red eyes were staring at them.

“Tsk tsk.”

A devil figure walked out from within that devil cloud. With a look of derision, he stared at the merchant ship from the Gu clan. After which, he licked his lips, while bloodthirstiness slowly swept forward along with a monstrous demonic aura.

When Gu Yuntian’s group saw this sight, their originally ashen expressions became even paler. This devil figure was likely comparable to an ultimate Samsara stage expert. Hence, how could they possibly fight against him?

“Are we truly fated to die here today?” Gu Yuntian muttered. Standing beside him, Gu Ya gritted her silver teeth tightly. Meanwhile, her small hand, which was holding onto a longsword, was trembling gently.

Everyone around her had a look of despair.

“Gu Ya?”

Just as they had sunk into despair and were waiting to die, a somewhat surprised voice was suddenly transmitted from behind them. When they heard that voice, everyone was stunned. Then, they quickly turned their heads only to see three figures appearing out from nowhere.


Gu Ya looked at the youthful figure standing right at the front. First, she was startled. Soon after, a shocked yet joyful look appeared on her small face, “Big brother Lin Dong?”

“Lin Dong?”

Gu Yuntian was also startled. He turned to look, only to see a young man staring at them in midair with a smile on his face. Who else could it be beside Lin Dong?

“Why are you here?” Lin Dong smiled at the Gu Ya duo and asked. While he spoke, he also took a glance at the devil cloud in front of them.

“Big brother Lin Dong, hurry up and leave!”

Gu Ya had also recovered her senses at this moment. Immediately, the joy on her small face disappeared as she hurriedly said, “Hurry up and go. These devils are extremely powerful. Quick, leave!”

When Lin Dong saw Gu Ya’s anxious expression, he chuckled. However, instead of escaping, he he landed at the front of the ship. Then, he spoke to Gu Ya with a smile, “It seems like we are fated. The first person I met when I first arrived at the Chaotic Demon Sea was you. The second time around, it is also you.”

Gu Ya smiled bitterly and shook her head upon seeing this. Big brother Lin Dong was quite a smart chap. However, why was it that he had suddenly became so stupid. Couldn’t he tell that they were in a desperate predicament currently?

“Sigh, brother Lin Dong, it has been a while since we last met… Forget about it, it is pointless to say anything now. To be able to die together, I guess we must be fated.” Gu Yuntian sighed. Meanwhile, the devil clouds had already swept over and even if Lin Dong wanted to escape, there was no time to do so.

“I do not wish to die.”

Lin Dong grinned and shook his head. After which, his eyes looked at the devil clouds before he said, “Are you guys afraid of those things?”

Lin Dong smiled and extended his hand while he spoke. Then, he clenched his hand. Suddenly, thunderbolts began to gather in the sky, which was originally bright and clear. Finally, they transformed into a ten thousand feet large giant lightning hand, before he smacked those devil clouds.

Bang bang bang!

Wherever that lightning palm swept past, the devil clouds would exploded instantly. In fact, the countless Yimo present within were also caught by the lightning and were turned into ashes immediately.

That lightning hand flashed past before it finally disappeared. After which, the deafening screeches in the sky suddenly stopped. Meanwhile, the various screams from the many merchant ships around them also ceased.

Everyone lifted their heads in shock. At that spot, countless Yimo had turned into ashes before they scattered away. In fact, only the strongest devil figure remained standing, and he was also in complete shock. It looked as though he had yet to recover from the sudden change that took place in front of him.

Of course, he was not the only one that was completely stunned. In fact, even the expressions of Gu Yuntian’s group froze.

This ocean, which was extremely chaotic initially, had became completely silent at this moment. It was quite a comical sight.