Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1260: Beginning of the Turmoil

Chapter 1260: Beginning of the Turmoil


Chapter 1260: Beginning of the Turmoil

The clouds in the sky scattered as the terrifying aura that had enveloped Dao Sect for the past two months gradually receded.

Lin Dong hovered in the sky as he felt the almost endless and inexhaustible Yuan Power undulations emanating from within his body. A smile surfaced from the corners of his lips. As expected of the Reincarnation stage, the difference from before was akin to heaven and earth. No wonder he had been pushed into such a miserable state by the Seventh Seat King despite his various powerful techniques and the power of two Ancestral Symbols.

However, if he was to meet that fellow again, Lin Dong had the confidence that he would no longer be taken advantage of!

“Big brother Lin Dong.”

A lovely voice emerged from below as Qingtan flew over. She observed Lin Dong from top to bottom, patted her chest and sighed in relief when she saw that nothing had happened to him.

“Are you alright?” Ying Huanhuan also swiftly followed and arrived. Her penetrating and icy eyes were filled with concern.

Lin Dong shook his head and said, “How long was I in cultivation seclusion this time?”

“Two years.” Qingtan replied.

Lin Dong was stunned. Soon after, he saw the playful smile on Qingtan’s lips and immediately angrily pinched her pretty face, “Don’t plan on living anymore huh, to think that you even dare to make fun of me?!”

“I was in the wrong.” Having been disciplined, Qingtan resentfully covered her face with her hand. Lin Dong could not help but be secretly happy as he gazed at this appearance of hers. Soon after, he gently patted her cheeks. He knew that this lass had teased him with the intention of getting him to relax and be happy. When he thought about it, this lass was now the master of Darkness Palace, yet she still remained so obedient before him. This made him feel rather gratified in his heart.

“It’s been two months.” Ying Huanhuan chuckled and said as she watched the pair of siblings cause a small ruckus.

“Two months huh.” Only then did Lin Dong nod his head. He had been lost within space itself and had already lost all sense of time. Fortunately, he had managed to return.

“Hehe, congratulations junior brother Lin Dong.”

Following Qingtan and Ying Huanhuan, Ying Xuanzi, Zhou Tong and the rest also swiftly flew into the sky. Zhou Tong cupped his fists towards Lin Dong as he laughed and said.

Lin Dong returned the gesture as he glanced at Zhou Tong. The latter’s Yuan Spirit was becoming increasingly corporeal and it was likely that it would not be long till he was able to create a physical body. At that time, he would completely recover.

“I have cultivated for so many years and yet am still stuck at the peak of the Samsara stage. A little one like you merely cultivated for a dozen years and has already surpassed me, this truly is…” Ying Xuanzi lamented as he sighed. He felt rather miserable. This world had its share if monsters after all.

Lin Dong laughed. Just as he was about to speak, his expression suddenly changed. A fiery wave suddenly erupted from a distant mountain peak. Was it the Flame Master?

“What is it?”

Ying Xuanzi and the rest also detected this sudden change as their expressions filled with alarm.


A flash of red light hastily swept over from the distance before appearing before Lin Dong and the rest. It was the Flame Master. However, his body was currently entire red and seemed a little incorporeal.

‘What’s going on?” When Lin Dong saw this change in the Flame Master’s state, he was a little taken back as he hurriedly asked.

“Something has happened in the Chaotic Demon Sea.” The Flame Master’s eyes were rather grim as replied.

Lin Dong’s pupils contracted slightly, “Is it the Yimo?”

“Yes, they have finally started moving.” The Flame master nodded before continuing, “The Chaotic Demon Sea has now fallen into complete chaos as countless Yimo surge out from the bottom of the sea. I believe that this news will soon reach the Eastern Xuan Region.”

Lin Dong’s expression was grave. To have caused such an expression on the Flame Master, this was surely not a small disturbance.

“They also seemed to have found the location of my true body.” The Flame Master said.

Lin Dong’s expression changed. He had visited the lava domain where the Flame Master was located. Something rather terrifying seemed to be sealed there, “Is it because of the thing that has been sealed there? The place that you are suppressing should also be a Devil Suppressing Prison right?”

The Flame Master nodded his head. After some hesitation, he said, “The prison I’m suppressing has the least number of Yimo amongst the three prisons. However, there is an extremely formidable thing there…”


“The former mount of the Yimo Emperor, Cosmic Evil Devil King!”


Around them, Ying Xuanzi and the rest violently sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Although they had not heard of this so-called Cosmic Evil Devil King, they had heard of the Yimo Emperor. The Yimo Emperor was a terrifying existence that even the Symbol Ancestor had to ignite his reincarnation to successfully seal. The mount of such an existence would be extremely frightening.

“The Cosmic Evil Devil King…” Lin Dong’s eyebrows tightly furrowed. The thing that the Tian Yuanzi trio had fused with was also a Cosmic Evil Devil. Its power was exceptionally astonishing, hence, this Cosmic Evil Devil King was surely extraordinary. Else, it would not be under the care of someone like the Flame Master.

“I’m afraid that this Cosmic Evil Devil King’s strength is only slightly inferior to the Devil Prison’s most powerful Heaven Seat King. It will not be easy to deal with if it escapes.” The Flame Master solemnly said.

Lin Dong nodded his head. If this Cosmic Evil Devil King escaped, the Devil Prison’s power would soar and surely change the overall situation. For them, this was a tremendous pressure.

“Is my help needed?” Lin Dong asked.

“It is, however you will not be helping me.” The Flame Master did not hesitate. Lin Dong now had the ability and qualifications to help them.

“Then who will I help?” Lin Dong asked in a puzzled manner.

“You will go to the Chaos Master!” The Flame Master said in a heavy voice, “According to the information I have received, Devil Prison has also discovered the location of the Chaos Master. He suffered extremely serious injuries back then, and is now at the most critical step of his recovery. I intend for you to protect him.”

“The Devil Prison also knows of the Chaos Master’s current condition. If the Chaos Master is injured at such a time, it will greatly weaken our power.”

The Chaos Master was similarly one of the eight ancient masters, and was one of the most powerful pieces on their side. If any accident was to occur, it would be disastrous.

“What about the Thunder Master and the rest?”

Lin Dong was somewhat puzzled as he asked. It was impossible for the Thunder Master to be unaware of such an important matter.

“Devil Prison was prepared this time. The Thunder Master had previously went to scout Devil Prison and is currently trapped. As for the Spatial Master and the Darkness Master, they are being vigilantly watched by Devil Prison and are temporarily unable to get away. Thus, I need you help.” The Flame Master explained.

“As for the Life Death Master, the injuries she suffered back then were second only to little junior sister. I’m afraid that she is likely still be within the cycle of reincarnation…”

“The Life Death Master did not die?” Lin Dong was somewhat surprised. The Life Death Ancestral Symbol was extremely peculiar and had already transformed into human form, which was that little lass Mu Lingshan. According to the Immortal Sage Whale Clan, the Life Death Master was their ancestor, however, when they opened her tomb, they did not find any skeleton but instead an egg. This egg was what the Life Death Ancestral Symbol had transformed into, which hatched later on… becoming Mu Lingshan.

“The Life Death Master controls life and death. She is the one that is least likely to die and should still be alive. She has merely yet to awaken.” The Flame Master replied.

Lin Dong could not help but lick his lips. As the expected of the expert who controlled the Life Death Ancestral Symbol, even death was so difficult…

“To fully suppress the Cosmic Evil Demon King, I have to dispel this apparition of mine. Thus, you must quickly head over.” The Flame Master said. The ripples from his body were growing increasingly intense. It was evident that this apparition of his was about to disappear.

Lin Dong nodded his head. Since such a great disturbance had occurred in the Chaotic Demon Sea, he needed to go over and make sure the Gu Clan, Tang Xinlian, Mu Lingshan and the rest were alright. If the Chaotic Demon Sea was affected, the places they were at would not be spared.

After saying what he needed to, the Flame Master’s gaze turned towards Ying Huanhuan. He hesitated for a while before speaking, “I’m afraid that I cannot continue to stay at your side this time.”

Ying Huanhuan lightly nodded her head. Her slender ice-cold hand gently gasped Lin Dong’s large hand as she replied in a soft voice, “He will not let anything happen to me.”

The Flame Master secretly sighed softly. Soon after, flames suddenly emerged on his body. When the flames faded, his body had disappeared.

Lin Dong knew that the Flame Master had retrieved this avatar of his. Looks like the danger this time was indeed not small. Else, it would not have forced him to take back all of his power.

“Sect master, I will directly head to the Chaotic Demon Sea. Now that Devil Prison has put all of their efforts into the Chaotic Demon Sea, the Eastern Xuan Region should be safe for the time being.” Lin Dong did not hesitate. He tilted his head towards Ying Xuanzi and said.

“Brother Lin Dong, bring me along too! I still haven’t been to the Chaotic Demon Sea!” Qingtan hastily said. She was afraid that Lin Dong would leave her behind.

“Me too.” Ying Huanhuan’s icy and penetrating eyes looked towards Lin Dong and said.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong could not help but bitterly laugh. After pondering for a moment, he nodded his head. Qingtan was the Darkness Ancestral Symbol controller and wielded the Darkness Saint Scythe. Hence she would be able to engage in battle with even a true king level Yimo king. Moreover, even he could not really tell how powerful Ying Huanhuan currently was, and she would contribute greatly to their battle power if she came along. Most importantly, he would worry if he left her behind by herself.

“Then the three of us shall go.”

Qingtan immediately smiled happily when she heard this. Even her pretty little face had become substantially more sweet and charming.

“Since that is so, then go. Remember to take care of each other.” Ying Xuanzi nodded his head. Given this trio’s strength, they could go anywhere in this world. There was not much need to worry about them.

“Sect leader, Dao Sect should seal off itself for the time being after we leave incase anything should happen. Let me know if any problem crops up. Now that I have refined the Spatial Ancestral Symbol, I will be able to quickly return here.” Lin Dong said. Although Devil Prison’s power was concentrated in the Chaotic Demon Sea, there was no harm in being careful.


Ying Xuanzi nodded and responded.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong no longer delayed. His arms reached out and grabbed Ying Huanhuan and Qingtan. Of the two slim waists, one was as soft as a snake while the other was ice-cold like jade, a feeling that made one feel a somewhat reluctant to part with.

However, Lin Dong currently did not have to mood to enjoy this sensation. With a thought, silver light exploded from his body as the surrounding space started to violently distort.


When the silver light faded, everyone saw that the three figures had already disappeared into the distorted space and only violent spatial undulations remained.

Ying Xuanzi watched the trio disappear as he gently spit out a mouthful of air. He exchanged a look with Zhou Tong and the rest as he secretly sighed. This world was finally beginning to fall into turmoil again.