Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1259: Advancing to the Reincarnation Stage

Chapter 1259: Advancing to the Reincarnation Stage


Chapter 1259: Advancing to the Reincarnation Stage

Time flies. All of a sudden, two months had passed.

During the past two months, the ice barrier on the mountain peak did not disappear. Hence, everyone could only vaguely see a skinny figure within that ice barrier. However, with the passage of time, even an ordinary Dao Sect disciple could detect that an extremely frightening Yuan Power fluctuation was slowly gathering within that ice barrier.

Thick layers of clouds rolled in the sky above Dao Sect. Those clouds were all formed from Yuan Power. Meanwhile, the density of the Yuan Power within had reached an extremely frightening stage.

The pressure radiating from those Yuan Power caused even a Samsara stage expert’s heart to shudder.

Situated at the main mountain of Dao Sect, Ying Xuanzi and the rest lifted their heads and stared in amazement at the sky. Currently, Ying Xuanzi was a top expert who had touched Reincarnation. However, he was ultimately unable to take the final step. This was because not only was his knowledge of Reincarnation lacking, but the density of the Yuan Power within his body had not reached that abnormal level.

Since his Yuan Power was lacking, he was naturally unable to create Reincarnation Will.

“However, from the looks of it, it’s about time?”

Ying Xuanzi muttered to himself. He could sense that the Yuan Power gathering in the sky had gradually reached their limits. After all, if the Yuan Power continued to accumulate, it was likely that the entire place would collapse.


However, soon after his voice sounded, a strange noise was suddenly emitted from the sky. Immediately, countless Dao Sect disciples lifted their heads in shock. Then, they saw that the Yuan Power clouds, that were spread over three hundred miles, were slowly distorting at this moment.

Strange rays of light penetrated through the clouds and shone downwards. Anyone who was shone by those light rays immediately felt absent-minded. Meanwhile, the Yuan Power within their bodies grew stealthily.

“The light of Reincarnation...”

On a mountain peak a short distance away, when the Flame Master saw those rays of light, his pupils hardened gently. Subsequently, he directed his attention towards that mountain peak, which was covered by a layer of ice. Lin Dong had finally taken this step.

“If he advanced to the Reincarnation stage, he will be qualified to join the ranks of the elite.”

The Flame Master muttered to himself. Soon after, he frowned gently. Then, he used his palm to touch his chest before a dark expression flashed across his eyes.

“Those fellows… they have finally made their move.”

The Yuan Power clouds in the sky began to churn at a quicker pace. In the next moment, a thunderous noise suddenly appeared. After which, everyone was stunned when they saw that the layers of clouds were actually forcefully ripped apart, before a ten thousand feet large Yuan Power torrent suddenly poured downwards.

That Yuan Power torrent looked just like a waterfall that hung from the sky, as it descended together with a frightening momentum. Finally, it descended onto the ice barrier in front of countless pairs of stunned eyes.


That extremely sturdy ice barrier collapsed instantaneously, before ice fragments shot in all directions.

At a short distance away, when Qingtan saw that the ice barrier was broken, her expression changed immediately. Promptly, she clenched her small hand, before black light spread. However, just as she was about to intervene, an icy cold hand stopped her.

“This is something that one must personally experience in order to break into the Reincarnation stage. No one else should intervene. Otherwise, it will only be detrimental towards him.” Ying Huanhuan said.

Upon hearing this, Qingtan gently bit her lips. Then, she looked at that mountain peak in a somewhat worried manner. That Yuan Power assault was truly frightening and there was no telling if Lin Dong could withstand it.

That ice barrier was shattered. Immediately, countless pairs of eyes turned to look in that direction. Then, they saw that the skinny figure seated on that mountain peak had also stood up at this moment. As he stared at that descending Yuan Power waterfall, there wasn’t the slightest hint of fear on his face. Instead, there was wild heat surging within his dark black eyes.


Lin Dong’s body shook gently. After which, an enormous black hole appeared above his head.

That Yuan Power waterfall landed, before it charged ruthlessly into that black hole. However, this attack was so terrifying that it even caused that black hole to tremble. Then, Lin Dong suddenly took a step back. In fact, it seemed like his inner organs were displaced after that attack.

However, Lin Dong also knew that there was no way he could shrink back at this moment!

The black hole began to rotate at an increasingly rapid pace. Meanwhile, the Devouring Power within Lin Dong’s body was unleashed to its limits as it crazily devoured the frightening Yuan Power. Subsequently, it was transmitted into Lin Dong’s body.

As those mighty Yuan Power entered his body, it looked as though there were countless Yuan Power snakes wiggling on his body. It was quite a frightening sight.

One end of the Yuan Power waterfall was connected to the clouds in the sky, while the other was pouring into the black hole. In fact, it looked like a huge dragon that connected the sky to the ground. It was a spectacular sight to behold.

However, it was clearly not an easy task to advance to the Reincarnation stage.

Soon after the first Yuan Power waterfall descended, the Yuan Power clouds suddenly churned once again. After which, everyone was stunned when they saw ten Yuan Power waterfalls whizzing down from the clouds. They looked just like white dragons, as they bared their claws and charged ferociously towards Lin Dong.

When they saw this sight, Ying Xuanzi and the rest’s expressions changed drastically. In fact, Qingtan even clenched her small hand tightly. Meanwhile, standing beside them, Ying Huanhuan’s icy blue eyes were staring intently at that figure on the mountain peak.


Lin Dong had also realized this development. Immediately, his pupils shrunk gently. Soon after, a ruthless expression flashed across his eyes. If he could not survive this trial, how could he possibly dream about surpassing the Ancient Masters?!

“Devouring Ancestral Symbol!”

A low and deep roar was suddenly emitted from Lin Dong’s mouth. Soon after, an extremely pure black light came whistling from his head. After which, black light gathered rapidly above his head, before they finally transformed into a massive black symbol.

As that symbol slowly wiggled, frightening amounts of Devouring Power erupted. Due to that Devouring Power, everyone was shocked when they realized that the Yuan Power within their bodies were actually showing signs of spluttering forth.

“Is that the Devouring Ancestral Symbol?”

Ying Xuanzi and the rest were a little stunned as they looked at that black mysterious ancient symbol. Was this the legendary Devouring Ancestral Symbol?

The Devouring Ancestral Symbol wiggled rapidly. Soon after, it swiftly turned into a black human figure, who looked exactly the same as Lin Dong. However, his eyes were just like black holes as they looked extremely deep and mysterious.


That black figure roared towards the sky. Then, a terrifying amount of Devouring Power erupted from his mouth. In fact, even the sky itself was devoured until it became distorted. Moreover, the ten Yuan Power waterfalls were also affected by it, as they crazily poured into the mouth of that black figure together with a frightening momentum.

While Lin Dong devoured at this frightening rate, low and deep explosive noises continuously sounded from within his body. Soon after, everyone was stunned when they saw that his body was swelling at a frightening rate.

Within a short period of time, Lin Dong turned into a million feet tall giant. Meanwhile, the Yuan Power were coursing through his body like a raging python.

Suddenly, Lin Dong’s arm, which had swelled to its limits, actually blew apart. Immediately, blood spurted forth, before countless Dao Sect disciples involuntarily exclaimed in shock. Did he fail?

Many pairs of anxiety-filled eyes shot over, only to see that after Lin Dong’s arm blew apart, there was a jade bone arm with a mysterious glow sparkling over it. Moreover, there seemed to be a dragon roar spreading from within his bones.

Life Qi surged, before the blood and flesh on his arm began to regenerate at a frighteningly rate. However, at this moment, various parts of Lin Dong’s body continuously blew apart. As a result, his body was in a complete mess and this sight caused one’s heart to shudder in fear.

Nonetheless, after any part of his body was blown apart after it was stuffed full of Yuan Power, blood and flesh would regenerate quickly. After all, as long as his skeleton and innards remained intact, blood and flesh could regenerate swiftly.

Thanks to Lin Dong’s powerful Primal Dragon Bone, even though a frightening amount of Yuan Power was pouring into his body, they could not destroy his bones.

Bang bang bang!

Everyone’s heart was pounding in fear when they heard the sound of flesh exploding from the mountain peak. Meanwhile, a dense blood fog spread from that area, before it finally covered the entire mountain peak.

This explosion continued until evening. Finally, it began to die down. Everyone was looking at that area, however, the dense blood fog was so thick that it was difficult for one to see through. Therefore, no one knew whether Lin Dong had survived.

In the sky, the final Yuan Power waterfall was finally devoured by that black figure, which was formed by the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Subsequently, that black figure trembled violently before he finally transformed into a black light and shot into that blood fog.

A low and deep dragon roar was emitted the moment that black figure shot into that blood fog. Moreover, the pressure radiating from that dragon roar caused countless people to tremble in fear.

A resplendent purple-gold light suddenly ripped through the blood fog, before it shot towards the sky. Soon after, it transformed into a huge purple-gold dragon. Then, that dragon opened its mouth and devoured the viscous blood fog, before it finally roared towards the sky.

That earth shaking dragon roar spread. Following which, the Yuan Power clouds in the sky actually whizzed downwards. Finally, they were all swallowed by that purple-gold dragon.

Warm sunlight once again shone down from the sky. Meanwhile, the frightening Yuan Power pressure also slowly dissipated.

However, every pair of eyes was focused on that humongous purple-gold dragon. Meanwhile, intense light had erupted in that spot, before that purple-gold dragon began to shrink in a distorted fashion. Finally, it once again turned into a skinny figure in front of the crowd.

That man was dressed in black clothes and his black hair was drifting gently with the wind. Meanwhile, there was a faint purple-gold glow on his youthful face, while an authoritative pressure, which could not be described with words, radiated from him.

His dark black eyes were as deep as the night sky, causing one to sink within them.

That man stood in the sky. Following which, he slowly clenched his long hands, before he subsequently released a long and clear roar. Immediately, a ten thousand feet large light pillar erupted from within his body. Finally, it transformed into an enormous light plate above the sky.

That light plate rotated gently. There was no beginning and no end to it, just like Reincarnation.

“Reincarnation plate…”

Ying Xuanzi and the rest stared at that enormous light plate, before joy surged within their eyes. After all, they knew that once that light plate appeared, it indicated that Lin Dong had truly advanced to the Reincarnation stage!

Standing in the sky, Lin Dong’s eyes were also focused on that light plate. Meanwhile, an excited glow appeared on his lips.

“I’ve finally reached this stage.”