Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1258: Crack Between the Planes

Chapter 1258: Crack Between the Planes


Chapter 1258: Crack Between the Planes

Majestic and powerful Yuan Power were coursing through Lin Dong’s body like floodwaters. Moreover, his Yuan Power seemed to be growing at a frightening rate.

The three Ancestral Symbols within Lin Dong’s body had formed into a triangle and they were facing each other from afar. However, the three of them seemed to be repelling gently against each other. Meanwhile, the Ancestor Stone was floating quietly in the middle, while its warm and gentle strength was continuously alleviating the resistance between the Ancestral Symbols.

Amongst the three Ancestral Symbols, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol were a little tamer. After all, they had been refined by Lin Dong. However, the resistance from the newly arrived Spatial Ancestral Symbol clearly stood out. This resistance was likely something that was not intended, but it was its inbuilt resistance against the other Ancestral Symbols. After all, it was already a great blessing for an ordinary person to possess one symbol, and having them coexist in a single body was a feat that was nearly impossible to accomplish.

Since the beginning of time, other than the Symbol Ancestor, no one else was able to successfully accommodate all eight great Ancestral Symbols within a single body. Therefore, although Lin Dong only possessed three Ancestral Symbols, accommodating all three of them was already a task that was more difficult that one could ever imagine.

Lin Dong’s heart was as calm as still water and he did not intentionally dispel those resistance. Instead, he merely calmed his heart down quietly while he sensed that mysterious Spatial Strength.

After all, if he wanted to successfully gain control of the Spatial Ancestral Symbol, he had to know it inside out.

Thankfully, since Lin Dong knew how to control both the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, he did not panic. Instead, he immersed his mind within the Spatial Ancestral Symbol. In fact, it was vaguely possible for him to detect that his surrounding space had begun to wiggle. Moreover, it felt as though the mysterious empty space possessed life.

Lin Dong’s mind slowly extended from within his body. After which, he merged with his surrounding space, before he followed the empty space and began to spread in waves.

The empty space was omnipresent.

Lin Dong’s mind merged with the empty space itself. After which, just like an invisible eye, everything in this world was reflected within Lin Dong’s eyes. In fact, he saw the ice barrier covering the mountains, and also saw countless Dao Sect disciples, that were looking in his direction. After which, his mind followed the empty space and drifted even further.

Thirty miles, three hundred miles, three thousand miles and even further away…

Lin Dong’s mind was just like a roaming ghost at this moment, as it spread into the distance in a manner that an ordinary person could not accomplish. While doing so, he could feel that the obscure sensation created when he first immersed his mind with the empty space, was disappearing stealthily as his mind spread into the distance. Finally, that sensation disappeared completely.

Lin Dong’s mind was currently immersed in this endless drifting.

His mind continued to drift for a long time, before Lin Dong suddenly felt that his mind was becoming blurry. After which, he quickly awakened. Then, he was stunned when he realized that his mind seemed to have turned into a void in this realm, and he could no longer summon it back.

Only at this moment, did he realize just how dangerous this training method was. If he could not summon his mind back into his body, his physical body would become just like a stone statue, and he would no longer be able to move.

Anxiety surged within his heart. Soon after, Lin Dong forcefully calmed himself down. After all, he knew that if he panicked at this moment, it was likely that his mind would no longer be able to return.

Since this was a trial, there was ultimately a way to break it.

Lin Dong gradually calmed his mind down. Soon after, he stopped putting up a resistance. Instead, he followed his mind and completely merged with the empty space itself. A long time later, he suddenly realized that his mind was rising together with the empty space. Finally, it became extremely distant from the ground. Meanwhile, gales whizzed around him, while everything in his sight became increasingly tiny at a frightening speed.

Clouds flew past and even the bright sun became increasingly distant. Soon after, darkness began to surge. This darkness looked just like an endless void, causing fear to rise within one’s heart. After all, even a Reincarnation stage expert could not reach a place like this.

Lin Dong continued to drift for a long time, before his mind suddenly shook. Immediately, he turned to his back and saw many two hundred thousand miles large light rays entwining around each other, before they spread within the distant darkness. Moreover, those light rays seemed to form a huge and frightening formation, and the energy permeating over that formation seemed to cause even the world to tremble.

Lin Dong’s mind was looking at the back of that super formation. Meanwhile, there seemed to be a two hundred thousand miles large black crack at that spot and that crack looked like a wiggling devil dragon. Moreover, an endless darkness, that was completely void of light, was right behind and it looked like the land of devils. Frightening evil demonic aura continued to surge. However, it was blocked by that super formation.

Lin Dong was startled as he stared at that black crack. This… could this be the legendary crack between the planes? Moreover, was the area behind the crack where the Yimo originated from?!

Lin Dong’s mind trembled violently at this moment. Even though he merely took a single glance at that crack, it caused him to nearly lose his mind. In fact, the evilness within seemed capable of causing one to sink endlessly within it.

If this crack was the crack between the planes, the two hundred thousand miles large super formation in front of his eyes… should have been left behind by the Symbol Ancestor?

Only a man like him could create such a formation that could annihilate the world and seal an entire plane.

“Symbol Ancestor…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. Meanwhile, he was focusing his attention on that super formation. He could feel that a wave of energy emitted from that formation, was able to easily shatter a peak expert, who had passed two Reincarnation Tribulations, into pieces.

That man was indeed worthy of being the strongest person since the beginning of time.

His strength was something that others feared yet respected.

While Lin Dong was secretly in awe over the frightening strength of that super formation, he suddenly realized that his mind was gradually drifting towards that formation. Immediately, he was stunned by this discovery as cold sweat began to cover his entire body. After all, be it the super formation or the crack between the planes, he could not oppose any of them with his current strength.

Nonetheless, regardless of how much he struggled, Lin Dong was unable to break free. Hence, he could only stare in shock while his mind grew closer to that super formation.

As he gradually approached that formation, the pressure radiating from that super formation also caused his mind to tremble. In fact, it felt as though his mind was about to scatter at this moment.

However, as Lin Dong slowly approached that super formation, it also discovered his presence. After which, above that formation, a faint light spread and actually formed an illusionary figure, that almost covered the entire world. Though one was unable to discern the appearance of that illusionary figure, he gave off a ripple that could tower over the entire world.

Is that… the Symbol Ancestor?!

That illusionary figure was only the upper half of a body. However, it looked as though the entire world was beneath him. Then, he slowly extended his large hand before his finger penetrated the empty space and pressed down towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong could not dodge such an attack. Instantly, that finger had already landed on his body.


Lin Dong’s mind seemingly shattered the moment that finger touched him. After which, he felt the darkness disappearing swiftly. Then, the sky appeared once again before clouds resurfaced. After which, his mind began to fall rapidly.

Swoosh swoosh!

This descent continued for a long time. Soon after, Lin Dong suddenly opened his eyes. Immediately, rich shock surfaced on his face, while cold perspiration rained down from his forehead, drenching his entire body instantly.

“Have I returned?”

Lin Dong extended his slightly trembling hand before he clenched it. Then, he looked at that ice barrier, which was located outside. Through that layer of ice, it was possible to see the bustling Dao Sect. Meanwhile, countless Dao Sect disciples were shuttling around.

Compared to what he experienced before, what he experienced now was as different as life and death.

Lin Dong lifted his head and looked at the sky with some lingering fear. At a place so far away that he could not reach, there was a super formation created by the Symbol Ancestor after he ignited his Reincarnation. Moreover, there was also a terrifying crack between the planes.

Even a Reincarnation stage expert was unable to reach that place. However, with the help of the Spatial Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong managed to catch a glimpse of that place.

However, that feeling was simply far too frightening…

Previously, Lin Dong felt as though his soul was shattered. If that illusionary figure had even the slightest desire to kill him, it was likely that he would have been completely annihilated.

Lin Dong wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. Suddenly, his hand paused before he looked at his palm. After which, he saw that his palm was now giving off a faint silver glow.

This sudden change caused him to be startled. Subsequently, he looked at his body. At this moment, his body was giving off a silver glow. Moreover, a peculiar sensation had emerged between his brows.

Lin Dong gently shut his eyes. Immediately, he felt like his surrounding space seemed to have merged with him. In fact, with a single thought, he could appear three hundred miles away.

“This is… am I in control of the Spatial Ancestral Symbol?”

This unique sensation left Lin Dong in shock. Promptly, wild joy surged within his eyes. After all, only someone who was in control of the Spatial Ancestral Symbol could merge perfectly with the empty space itself.

Lin Dong quickly shut his eyes. After which, he probed the Spatial Ancestral Symbol, which was floating quietly within his body and had formed a triangular shape with the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. However, he realized that the resistance from before had disappeared completely.

Hum hum!

While Lin Dong was observing the quiet Spatial Ancestral Symbol with joy, the latter suddenly shook. After which, he felt that as the Spatial Ancestral Symbol began to tremble, the mighty Yuan Power within his body began to gather at a rapid rate, just like floodwaters.

While his Yuan Power began to gather together at a crazy rate, an unique change began to occur within his mighty Yuan Power.

It was a transformation that only occured when his strength had agglomerated until its limits.

Ocean like Yuan Power floated within Lin Dong’s body. Meanwhile, there was a mysterious ripple at the bottom of that Yuan Power ocean. As that mysterious ripple slowly grew, a divine sensation slowly spread.

It was… the Reincarnation ripple!

Shock gushed into Lin Dong’s eyes. That was because he knew that he was about to take a step, one which had obstructed countless of experts for their entire lives!

After that one step, was Reincarnation!