Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1257: Reunion of Master and Disciple

Chapter 1257: Reunion of Master and Disciple


Chapter 1257: Reunion of Master and Disciple

After entering Dao Sect, Lin Dong was alone in the front, while Qingtan and Ying Huanhuan followed behind. The two girls knew each other from before, and had even worked together against Yuan Cang. Hence, they were rather friendly. Now that they had met again, they gave off the feeling of things between them staying the same although both of them had changed.

Several Dao Sect disciples could be seen on the way back. When they saw that Lin Dong had returned, surprise and joy emerged in their eyes. Various warm and welcoming cries could be heard even from far away.

Lin Dong gently smiled to the new disciples whose faces were still somewhat immature. From their eyes, he could see a kind of zeal. Such zeal was formed from belief, and for those who possessed this belief, if Dao Sect was to meet a similar fate as Great Desolate Sect in the very distant future, their wills will perhaps also continue to protect Dao Sect.

The trio flew up onto the main mountain peak where Ying Xuanzi and a group of Dao Sect elders were already waiting in front of the main hall. When they saw Lin Dong return, smiles surfaced on their faces. Although the flames of war in the Eastern Xuan Region had already been extinguished,. tThe morale of the entire Dao Sect could only perfectly meld together when Lin Dong was around.

Lin Dong bowed to Ying Xuanzi. After conversing for awhile, he paused and said, “ Sect master, senior brother Zhou Tong should be able to come out now.”

Upon hearing this, Ying Xuanzi’s expression turned complicated. Soon after, he gently nodded as the numerous elders behind him cast their gazes over. Before Lin Dong appeared, Zhou Tong had been a legend in Dao Sect. If he had been able to continue cultivating in Dao Sect, he would have perhaps long become the Dao Sect master.

Lin Dong gently waved his hand as gentle white light emerged from his palm. Soon after, the Ancestral Stone appeared. With a flick of his finger, a ray of light shined emerged from the Ancestral Stone.

The light gradually gathered together, before transforming into a black robed figure under everyone’s watching eyes. It was Zhou Tong.

Zhou Tong gradually opened his tightly shut eyes. Ying Xuanzi and the rest of the crowd standing before him entered his eyes. Soon after, his body slightly stiffened, as a complicated expression emerged on his face. His lips gently trembled, and he slowly lowered his body. Both knees touched the ground as a rather raspy voice echoed in front of the hall.

“Master, disciple has returned.”

Ying Xuanzi’s body started to shake at this moment. It seemed as if his usually calm face was about to lose control. He slowly walked forward and gently rubbed Zhou Tong’s head. His eyes filled with moisture as he softly said, “It’s good that you’re back, it’s good that you’re back.”

The numerous elders around them also silently sighed. They knew of how Zhou Tong had suffered over the years. The Dao Sect legend from back then had almost become a tool of Yuan Gate, and had even been used against their Dao Sect.

“Back then… this disciple did not understand the big picture. I let my emotions affect my decisions, and did not listen to master’s words. That was why such a calamity occured.” As he gazed at Ying Xuanzi’s moist eyes, even with his temperament, tears involuntarily flowed from Zhou Tong’s eyes.

“Hehe, which youngster does not have his reckless moments.” Ying Xuanzi gently chuckled. Soon after he turned slightly silent, “As long as you don’t blame master for being weak and unwilling to avenge you.”

“As the sect master, master naturally has to consider the entire sect.” Zhou Tong shook his head. He had never blamed Ying Xuanzi from the start. Just like Lin Dong back then, they both understood Ying Xuanzi. At times, choosing to make those seemingly weak decisions was even more courageous than using their lives to fight.

Ying Xuanzi wiped the corners of his eyes, before he gazed at the incomparably enormous Dao Sect. His voice suddenly rang out across the entire sect, “My disciple, the entire Dao Sect welcomes you back.”

His voice echoed into the distance. Countless Dao Sect disciples were slightly stunned as they cast their gazes towards the main peak. Quicky after, joy immediately surged in their eyes.

“That is… senior brother Zhou Tong?!”

Although many of the newer disciples were rather unfamiliar with this name, they could see the intense emotions on some of the older disciples’ faces. Subsequently, earth shattering cheers erupted.

“Welcome back senior brother Zhou Tong.” Lin Dong looked upon the now excited Dao Sect. He smiled at the red eyed Zhou Tong and said,.“Welcome back, senior brother Zhou Tong.”

Zhou Tong stood up, gazing at the Dao Sect before him. Intense emotions and a smile also appeared on his face. He cupped his fists together towards Lin Dong and said, “Junior brother Lin Dong, many thanks to you for this.”

If Lin Dong had not used the Ancestral Stone to protect his Yuan Spirit and even nourish it, it was likely that he would have long disappeared into nothingness.

Lin Dong grinned and shook his head. He extended his hand as silver light flickered, and the Spatial Ancestral Symbol appeared, “Since senior brother Zhou Tong has already recovered, this Spatial Ancestral Symbol should return to its owner.”

Zhou Tong was a little taken aback as he gazed at the Spatial Ancestral Symbol. Subsequently, he looked at Lin Dong. The latter was smiling with an earnest look in his eyes. There was no desire for this Spatial Ancestral Symbol within them.

Zhou Tong was silent for some time. He slowly reached out his hand to receive the Spatial Ancestral Symbol. As he stared at the Ancestral Symbol, complicated feelings filled his eyes. In the end, he seemed to softy chuckle. His fingertip gently cut the air, as a faint line of blood appeared on the Spatial Ancestral Symbol. Subsequently, it was broken with a light thrust of his finger.


The blood line silently shattered as Zhou Tong’s complexion instantly turned deathly pale. He gently stroked the Spatial Ancestral Symbol as he softly said, “Sorry for making you suffer the contamination of Demonic Qi with me for so many years. However, I believe that your next owner will be even more perfect than myself.”

Circular light rippled from the Spatial Ancestral Symbol as a faint buzzing sound emerged. The sound seemed to similar be filled with reluctance.

“Senior brother Zhou Tong…”

Lin Dong blankly watched this scene. As an Ancestral Symbol controller, he naturally understood what Zhou Tong had done. He had cut off his connection to the Spatial Ancestral Symbol from his end, an action that would surely inflict serious damage to himself. Even his Yuan Spirit had now become much more incomporeal than before.

“Junior brother Lin Dong, as an Ancestral Symbol controller, you should also know of the calamity this world will face in future. I believe that the Spatial Ancestral Symbol will be more suitable for you than myself.” Zhou Tong gently smiled at Lin Dong, before handing back the Spatial Ancestral Symbol, “I can feel that it also believes this.”

Lin Dong’s expression was complicated. He stared at the Spatial Ancestral Symbol that flickered with silver light as he softly sighed.

While he hesitated, an ice-cold hand gently gripped his hand. He tilted his head and saw Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face. She softly said, “This is the Spatial Ancestral Symbol and senior brother Zhou Tong’s choice.”

Lin Dong bitterly laughed. In the end, he nodded, before he reached out and received the Spatial Ancestral Symbol, “Senior brother Zhou Tong, I will not let it be overlooked, and will take on the responsibility of an Ancestral Symbol controller.”


Faint light emerged from the Spatial Ancestral Symbol. Like liquid, it stealthily merged into Lin Dong’s palm. At this moment, he could feel an ancient and pure energy ripple within his body.

Ripples emerged from the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, rejecting the Spatial Ancestral Symbol from existing in the same body by reflex. However, gentle light quickly blossomed from the Ancestral Stone. Under this light, the rejection between them stealthily weakened.

Silver light rippled from Lin Dong’s body in circles. The space around him seemed like lake water at this moment, and intense ripples could be seen.

“Junior brother Lin Dong, the Spatial Ancestral Symbol has already acknowledged you. Next, you should quickly master it.” Zhou Tong watched the Spatial Ancestral Symbol fuse with Lin Dong’s body as he smiled and said.

Lin Dong nodded his head. He could feel the Yuan Power within his body start to swell at an alarming speed when the Spatial Ancestral Symbol entered his body. This caused ripples to form in his calm heart.

With the reinforcement of the Spatial Ancestral Symbol, he could finally formally try to attack the Reincarnation stage.

Lin Dong turned around and asked Ying Huanhuan to take care of Qingtan. Without further ado, his body moved and appeared on a nearby mountain peak as he immediately sat down.

He currently needed to completely refine and gain control of this Spatial Ancestral Symbol.

Dazzling silver light continuously emerged from Lin Dong’s body. Like a glorious silver sun, it drew countless gazes in Dao Sect.

When Ying Huanhuan saw that Lin Dong had entered into a cultivation state, her jadelike hand gently waved, and Cold Qi turned the surroundings of the mountain peak into a layer of ice, protecting him within it.

“Looks like he plans to use this opportunity to attack the Reincarnation stage.” Ying Xuanzi was very perceptive. He had determined Lin Dong’s aim with a single look, and immediately lamented. Who could have imagined that the little disciple from back then would so thoroughly leave him behind in the dust.

“Junior brother Lin Dong’s talent is even greater than my own. Our Dao Sect will surely prosper with him around.” Zhou Tong also nodded. Even someone like himself rather admired Lin Dong’s accomplishments. In the battle outside Yuan Gate back then, he had already completely acknowledged Lin Dong’s strength.

“Then let us silently wait for him.” Ying Xuanzi softly chuckled. If Lin Dong was able to advance to the Reincarnation stage, he would truly enter the ranks of this world’s apex experts. At that time, the number who people who could surpass him could be counted on one hand.

“Stinking big brother Lin Dong. He left me alone again.” Qingtan pouted a little and said in a displeased manner.

Ying Huanhuan pulled her as she smiled and said, “I will take care of you on his behalf.”

Only after hearing this, did Qingtan smile sweetly. Her large eyes looked towards the mountain peak as a slightly pained and almost undetectable look flitted across them. To be honest, being able to look at you like this is more than enough for me.

On a distant mountain peak, the Flame Master shifted his gaze towards the mountain Lin Dong was on. With his hands behind his back, he softly said, “The third Ancestral Symbol huh… Lin Dong, to have reached this level, you are truly extraordinary, however…”

“If you intend on surpassing little junior sister, let us see if you truly have the qualifications…”