Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1255: A Little Lacking

Chapter 1255: A Little Lacking


Chapter 1255: A Little Lacking

The sky was filled with slowly drifting specks of light, as though the entire place had turned slightly dreamy. The unique Reincarnation ripple pulsed, causing one’s eyes to become rather dazed.

Lin Dong quietly sat in the air as he looked at the specks of light that filled the sky. Excitement flashed deep within his pitch-black eyes. Lin Dong had already touched Reincarnation. However, there was still a substantial distance to the Reincarnation stage. This opportunity could greatly shorten this distance.

These Reincarnation essences were left behind by the countless powerful ancestors of Great Desolate Sect. Although they had died, all of them continued to guard their sect. Now that the culprit who had destroyed their sect had been killed, they were finally able to put down the unwavering persistence in their hearts. These wills began to disappear, leaving behind their comprehension towards Reincarnation.

“Miss Jiang Xue, this is also an opportunity for you. Don’t miss it.” Lin Dong looked at Jiang Xue on the mountaintop and smilingly said.

Jiang Xue lightly nodded upon hearing this. She rubbed Yinyin’s small head and sat down. She was naturally well aware of how important these Reincarnation essences were to her.

On the other hand, Yinyin sat on her rock by the side. Her tiny hands held her small face as she shook her two snow-white legs; a look of extreme boredom. The Reincarnation essences drifted before her eyes, but could not catch her interest. However, there seemed to be a mysterious glow slowly surging deep within those large eyes of hers.

Lin Dong sat down in the air. His body seemed to have become a black hole as the brilliant specks of light in the sky endlessly surged towards him and ultimately poured into Lin Dong’s body.

Following the entrance of the boundless Reincarnation essences into Lin Dong’s body, a faint feeling of profoundness began to quietly reverberate within Lin Dong’s heart. His originally clear mind gradually become blurry under the erosion of the Reincarnation essences. He seemed to have fallen into an indescribable state. However, he was unable to completely enter it.

Hence, the only way was to immerse oneself within this feeling and gradually comprehend it.


This was a field of darkness that was void of all light. Inexhaustible evil slowly flowed within the darkness; an evil that did not belong to this world.

There were a couple of blood red lamps in the middle of the darkness. These lamps were as thin as bones. Endless Demonic Qi spread as they slowly burned.

One of the blood lamps suddenly flickered. The evil flame originally present gradually weakened, before it completely disappeared.


As the lamp was extinguished, a ripple was suddenly emitted from deep within the darkness. One could vaguely see several black figures within the darkness.

“The ninth… has been killed.”

A raspy voice slowly echoed from within the darkness.

“Dead? Ha, what an unlucky fellow… he said back then that he was going to deal with the previous owner of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. In the end, all communication was lost. However, since his blood lamp was still present, he should have only been sealed. Why has he suddenly been killed?” Another eerie voice sounded.

“He likely encountered a formidable foe. The ninth also has the Devil Emperor Armor. It would be extremely difficult for an ordinary person to kill him.”

“We have been searching for his location all these years, but did not receive any response. It seems that the owner of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol back then did possess some ability.”

“It might have been those ancient masters. I have detected the existence of the Spatial Master in the Demon Region. However, only a brief exchange occurred before the both of us withdrew. From what I can tell, that fellow’s strength has already completely recovered.”

“All of you should be a little more careful. Some time earlier, we were nearly detected by the Thunderbolt Master.”

“Thunderbolt Master? Why do we need to be afraid of him? If he dares to come, we will use the opportunity to get rid of him.”

“If the Thunderbolt Master falls into a predicament, the other ancient masters will also be forced to show themselves. Our preparations are not yet complete. I’m afraid that the same result from back then would occur if we end up fighting.”

“What should we do now?”

“It is almost time. We should begin our plan.”

“Heh heh, are we going to act? After enduring for many millenniums, I’m truly a little anxious…”

“Aye, let’s prepare. They will no longer have any hope in this world war…”

The evil aura within the darkness gradually disappeared, while the blurry figures also suddenly vanished. Under this silence, a huge storm seemed to slowly brew as it engulfed the world.

Ten days had passed by the time Lin Dong withdrew from that mysterious state. He opened his somewhat hazy eyes and looked at the familiar surroundings in front of him.


Lin Dong was quiet for a moment. He deeply inhaled a breath of air as his vision began to clear. Yuan Power gathered within his extended hand. He could feel the surging rich Reincarnation ripples within it.

This fluctuations were much stronger than before. However, it had yet to fully reach the Reincarnation stage.

“Still a little lacking.”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. He could feel that he was currently at the peak of the Samsara stage, and there was only half a step to the Reincarnation stage. He only needed to cross this half step in order to truly become a Reincarnation stage expert!

However, it was not easy to cross this boundary.

Lin Dong smiled faintly. He was not disappointed. Although he had numerous lucky encounters, if the Reincarnation stage was really so easy to reach, countless geniuses would not have failed to touch it in their entire lives.

He had a feeling that he would very soon be able to take this step.

“You’ve awakened?”

A soft and gentle voice was transmitted from a short distance away. Lin Dong lifted his head and saw Jiang Xue smilingly looking at him. The eyes of the latter seemed to have become a lot deeper. It was clear that she had also benefited greatly.

Lin Dong nodded slightly and glanced at the mountain peak where the protector was currently seated in a dazed manner. Other than the blank expression that continuously surfaced in his eyes, there was the look of being relieved from the burden of revenge.

“He should regain some of his intelligence as he cultivates. We must really thank you for what you have done for Great Desolate Sect. As the inheritor of Great Desolate Sect, I thank you on their behalf.” Jiang Xue softly said.

Lin Dong shook his head and said, “Great Desolate Sect is also a benefactor of mine, hence it is only right that I do this. Moreover, if the Ninth Seat King was allowed to escape, he would end up becoming a huge thorn at my side. Therefore, there is no need to thank me.”

Jiang Xue smiled and extended her hand. There was a black glow on within it. The black glow seemed to be a set of broken armour which faintly gave off an evil aura.

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened upon seeing this. This thing was surprisingly the Devil Emperor Armor.

“The Ninth Seat King was killed by you, thus this should be your spoils of battle. Moreover, I believe that no one else will be able to enjoy it.” Jiang Xue said. The Demonic Qi on the Devil Emperor Armor was far too strong. It might be a divine object to those Yimo, but it was completely useless to them.

“Heh, this is some good stuff. Although the Demonic Qi is extremely rich, I believe that with its energy, it will be possible for that Great Desolate Tablet to completely recover if you throw it into the Mysterious Divine Palace and refine it.” Yan’s joyous voice sounded at this moment.

Lin Dong lifted his brow. Allow the Great Desolate Tablet to fully recover? Just look at how the Darkness Saint Scythe had become comparable to a peak expert who had experienced one Reincarnation Tribulation after it fully recovered. How strong would the third ranked Great Desolate Tablet on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking be if it fully recovered? It would likely be able to fight with those top experts who had experienced two Reincarnation Tribulations.

Excitement rose within Lin Dong’s heart when his thoughts reached this point. After which, he unceremoniously received the broken Devil Emperor Armor and threw it into the Mysterious Divine Palace to refine.

“Let’s get out of this place.” Having dealt with the Great Wastelands Tablet’s problem, Lin Dong’s eyes scanned the area and said.

Jiang Xue also nodded. She extended her hand and beckoned Yinyin over. The latter happily ran towards her. Because they needed her to suppress the Demonic Qi in the past, Jiang Xue could only let her remain here alone. This little girl was naturally extremely excited now that she could leave.

Lin Dong smiled upon seeing this. He waved his sleeve and space distorted. By the time the three of them regained their senses, they were already outside the Great Wastelands Tablet.

Jiang Lei and the others had been waiting outside the Great Wasteland Tablet. They sighed in relief after seeing Lin Dong’s group and the smile Jiang Xue wore on her face. Clearly, the problem that had greatly troubled them had already been resolved.

“Uncle Jiang Lei, since the problem has already been resolved, I will be heading back to the capital. Feel free to come and look for me if there is anything that you need help with.”

Lin Dong smiled towards Jiang Lei. He originally thought that he could quickly resolve this matter. It was unexpected that he would be delayed by ten days. He could no longer stay now that he had resolved this problem.

Jiang Lei was startled when he heard that Lin Dong was about to leave. He quickly glanced at Jiang Xue.

“We have troubled you this time.” Jiang Xue smiled. Her pretty eyes looked meaningfully at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong grinned. After which, he extended his hand and rubbed Yinyin’s small head as he said, “Find me if Yinyin experiences any changes in future. I will do my best to help.”

“Big brother.” Yinyin grabbed Lin Dong’s sleeve in a somewhat reluctant manner.

Lin Dong gave her a warm smile. After which, he chatted idly with her. In the end, his body shot forward and he quickly disappeared into the horizon.

Jiang Xue stayed where she stood as she watched the distant figure vanish. Only then did the smile on her face slowly fade away. In the end, she softly sighed in somewhat bitter manner.

“If you like him, why did you not make him stay?” Jiang Lei asked helplessly. This lass was really obstinate. From start to end, she had never revealed her feelings.

“I like him. It is better for me to bear this feeling alone. Moreover, it is not as though there will not be any chances to meet in future…” Jiang Xue smiled slightly. She gently waved her hand as she turned around and left. That appearance of hers was rather free and at ease.

Jiang Lei could only bitterly laugh upon seeing this.