Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1254: Kill

Chapter 1254: Kill


Chapter 1254: Kill

Lin Dong was a little startled as he looked at that black eyed elder within the light. He naturally recognised the latter. Back then, he obtained the Devouring Ancestral Symbol from the latter.

Moreover, that elder was the previous owner of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.


Lin Dong surveyed his surroundings. Promptly, he saw that there was a figure seated within each of the countless lights, that were surrounding him. Then, he came to a sudden realization. These were the wills left behind by numerous Great Desolate Sect experts. Moreover, even though they had died and disappeared, they still stubbornly wished to protect their sect.

“You stupid old ghost!”

When the Ninth Seat King saw this scene, his expression changed immediately. Then, he stared viciously at that black eyed elder before he said, “You sealed me for a few millennia. However, did you think that you could kill me just like that?”

“Haha, I am still alive even after a few millennia. However, you have already turned into dust. Who do you think has won?!”

The black eyed elder looked at the Ninth Seat King, who was laughing hysterically, before a faint smile appeared on his face. After which, he stood up before he slowly bowed towards Lin Dong.

Immediately, the countless light figures beside him also bowed together.

“We are all willing to help you to slay that devil.”

An ancient voice spread across the sky. Subsequently, a hundred thousand feet wide light glow erupted from within their bodies. Amidst that light glow, which permeated the sky, was an extremely powerful Reincarnation ripple.

Meanwhile, there was light flowing within Lin Dong’s pitch-black eyes, and that black arrow was also trembling gently. As that dense Reincarnation ripple spread, a resplendent glow actually began to spread across the body of the arrow.

A frightening fluctuation, which could not be described with words, slowly spread at this moment. In fact, the entire place began to shake violently.

When he saw the changes occurring to his black arrow, Lin Dong’s expression changed as well. This was because he realized that countless experts from the Great Desolate Sect had bestowed their final will onto his black arrow. Moreover, their wills were extremely pure and they simply wanted to destroy the Ninth Seat King, who had destroyed their sect…

“I never expected their wills to be so powerful even after a few millennia.”

Lin Dong sighed softly. Meanwhile, an icy cold glint slowly gathered within his dark black eyes. Finally, the black arrow in his hand locked onto that Ninth Seat King, whose expression was slowly changing.

“Elder, back then, you passed me your Ancestral Symbol and I am indebted to you. Today, in return, I shall avenge your Great Desolate Sect!”

Lin Dong’s expression became increasingly cold and stern. Then, the space behind him subsequently fluctuated before a mysterious force tore through space and arrived. Finally, it covered the entire black arrow. Immediately, that chaotic colour caused the Reincarnation ripple on that black arrow to slowly withdraw.

It was an ordinary looking black arrow.

However, when the Ninth Seat King realized that he was being locked on by that black arrow, his body gently trembled. Meanwhile, rarely seen horror surged within his black eyes.

At this moment, he had detected the genuine scent of death.

That rich scent of death was something that he had never detected, even when he was up against that black eyed elder’s dying counterattack!

“Brat, do you really wish to fight to the death with me?! Why don’t we both take a step back?” The Ninth Seat King let out a stern cry.

Lin Dong stared at him indifferently. After which, his lips moved before one icy cold word clearly sounded, “Fool!”

The Ninth Seat King was stunned. However, his expression quickly turned menacing, before he said, “Brat, you would rather choose the difficult path than the easy way out. Do you really think that you can kill me like this? You truly don’t know your limits!”

After his stern cry sounded, monstrous demonic aura swept out from within his body. Following which, the Devil Emperor Armour on his body began to shake violently, before many strange symbols appeared on his Devil Emperor Armour. Meanwhile, the body of the Ninth Seat King also began to swell. In a couple of breaths, he had transformed into a giant devil. Moreover, his demonic aura permeated the sky and blotted out the sun.

Lin Dong stared at the Ninth Seat King, who had pushed his demonic aura to the limits, before the sharp glint in his eyes intensified. His fingers, which were grasping the bowstring tightly, began to tremble gently. Meanwhile, traces of blood seeped out and dripped along the bow.

At this moment, the space in front of the arrow also began to gradually collapse.

Although Lin Dong had not fired that arrow, it seemed as though the entire place was unable to withstand its frightening pressure.


Lin Dong muttered within his heart. Soon after, his fingers, which were hooked tightly on the bowstring, were finally released together with a trace of blood.


An incomparably sharp sound resounded across the sky, as that black arrow tore through the empty space like a black dragon. Within the same breath, it was already in front of the Ninth Seat King.


A low roar erupted from the Ninth Seat King’s throat. Following which, powerful demonic aura surged before they turned into several fearsome looking devil gates in front of him.

Bang bang bang!

However, that mighty defence was easily destroyed by that black ray of light. Within a couple of breaths, the monstrous demonic aura had collapsed. After which, even before the Ninth Seat King could make another move, that black arrow had ruthlessly struck his body in front of his narrowed eyes.


Faintly, it seemed as though a metallic sound was emitted. Following which, many crack lines appeared on his Devil Emperor Armour. Finally, that black arrow mercilessly penetrated his Devil Emperor Armour before it pierced the body of the Ninth Seat King.


The Ninth Seat King flew ten thousand feet backwards. Meanwhile, the Devil Emperor Armour on his body cracked continuously, while sharp and miserable cries of disbelief erupted from his mouth.

The Ninth Seat King eventually crashed onto the ground. Meanwhile, his body was drenched with black blood. Then, he slowly lowered his head and looked at his shattered Devil Emperor Armour. Meanwhile, there was still a look of disbelief on his face.

In the past, that black eyed elder threw everything that he had, but he failed to break this armour. However, as of now, it was broken by a single arrow from Lin Dong!

His Devil Emperor Armour, which was bestowed by their noble emperor, was actually broken?

“How is this possible?!”

The Ninth Seat King muttered to himself. In the next moment, his eyes became brutal. However, he had only just moved his body, before he subsequently emitted a sharp miserable screech. Immediately, one saw countless rays of light erupting from within his body.

After those lights erupted, a thunderbolt was seemingly about to explode within the Ninth Seat King’s body. However, even before that thunderous noise sounded, his expression became increasingly pale while his aura weakened rapidly.


After that intense explosion, the body of the Ninth Seat King was actually forcefully blown apart. Currently, devil blood was splattered all over the ground, causing the ground to become sticky and disgusting.

Devil blood covered the ground. Meanwhile, it was vaguely possible to spot a demonic light attempting to tunnel into the ground.

“Like I said, I must kill you today!”

Lin Dong’s indifferent voice sounded at this moment. Then, he waved his hand before a warm white glow suddenly erupted. Then, it transformed into a light barrier and enveloped that weak black light.

Sizzle sizzle.

After that black light was enveloped by that white glow, white fog instantly rose from within that black light. Then, a sharp miserable screech quickly followed.

That white glow slowly shrunk. Then, it was possible to see a palm sized devil figure floating within. It was the Ninth Seat King. However, the latter no longer looked as domineering and fearsome as before.

Lin Dong stared at the Ninth Seat King, who was being wrapped within that white light, before he involuntarily sighed. The lifeforce of these Yimo were truly extraordinary. In fact, the latter was still able to survive even after that extremely frightening attack. Furthermore, even though the latter was severely wounded and even his devil body was destroyed, if he escaped, it was likely that he would gradually recover in a hundred years.

It’s no wonder even the eight Ancient Masters rarely killed any of these elite Devil Prison members. This was because all these Yimo were like stubborn cockroaches. As of now, the Ninth Seat King had finally fallen into his hands only because he used the wills left behind by countless experts from the Great Desolate Sect.

“By finishing you off here, it’s likely that it will reduce our burden during the next great world war.”

Lin Dong smiled faintly towards the Ninth Seat King, who was wrapped within that white light. Next, he extended his hand. Finally, the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol and Devouring Ancestral Symbol surfaced on his palm.

The two great Ancestral Symbols stood on his left and right, and coincidentally sandwiched the Ninth Seat King.

“It’s not enough.”

Lin Dong mused for a moment after he saw this lineup. After which, he summoned the Great Desolate Tablet. Then, it floated above the Ninth Seat King. Soon after, he took out the Mysterious Divine Palace and placed it below him.

“You… you!”

When the Ninth Seat King saw this scene, his expression finally changed drastically. These four great divine objects were extremely effective against the Yimo. Therefore, even though he had a sturdy lifeforce, he still felt extremely uneasy at this moment.

However, Lin Dong completely ignored him. Instead, he once again clenched his hand before the Ancestor Stone appeared. Finally, it shot into that white light.

The five great divine objects emitted a faint glow. After which, they gradually connected with each other, before that white light began to shrink slowly.

“Ahh, noooo!”

That white light became increasingly small. Meanwhile, the Ninth Seat King sandwiched within also became increasingly tiny. At the same time, his sharp and miserable screeches sounded continuously. Since he was being purified by these five great divine objects, he would definitely die despite his monstrous strength!

Nevertheless, Lin Dong ignored the Ninth Seat King’s miserable cries. Gently shutting his eyes, that white light finally shrunk to the size of a grain of rice. After which, it blew apart with a loud ‘bang’.

A ripple, which could not be described with words, spread. Meanwhile, thousand feet large waves were stirred on the ground below and it was a complete wreckage.

At this moment, Lin Dong finally opened his eyes. As he looked at that scattering white light, a smile of relief appeared on his pale face. He had finally killed the Ninth Seat King of the Devil Prison...

“That was quite the challenge.”

Lin Dong swung his sleeve, before he kept the five great divine objects back into his body. The elites of the Devil Prison were indeed extremely frightening. Despite being forced into such a state, he still had to exhaust a huge amount of energy in order to completely eliminate them…

“Elder, that devil has been slayed and your wish should be fulfilled.” Lin Dong lifted his head and looked at the glowing figures floating in the sky. Subsequently, he looked at the black eyed elder before he softly said.

Every figure hovering in the sky gave Lin Dong a deep bow. Meanwhile, a pleased expression seemingly appeared on that black eyed elder’s face.

“Thank you very much, young friend. I have no means of repaying this huge favour of yours. All I can do, is to express my sincere gratitude.”

Hovering in the sky, the bodies of the black eyed elder and the rest gradually began to dissipate. Suddenly, some mysterious spots of light were formed. Then, those spots of light subsequently drifted towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong extended his hand and gently touched those spots of light. Immediately, his body trembled gently, before joy surged within his eyes. Were these… Reincarnation essences?