Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1253: Ninth Seat King

Chapter 1253: Ninth Seat King


Chapter 1253: Ninth Seat King

With a calm expression on his face, Lin Dong stared at that devil figure, who was slowly walking out from within the demonic aura. However, when he sensed the frightening demonic aura surging from the latter’s body, both his pupils hardened.

“May I know which Seat King of the Devil Prison are you?” Lin Dong asked in a faint voice. It was likely that only those ten fellows were qualified to hold the title Seat King in the Devil Prison. However, Lin Dong did not know the exact position held by the person standing in front of him.

“It seems like you have a pretty decent understanding of my Devil Prison. Over the years, they must have created a commotion in the outside world. Haha, by my estimates, it’s about time.” That devil figure was slightly shocked after he heard Lin Dong’s words. Promptly, he continued, “This king is ranked ninth in the Devil Prison.”

“Ninth Seat King huh.”

Lin Dong did not reveal any surprise in his eyes. Although this person had a frightening demonic aura, at his peak, he was most likely as powerful as the Seventh Seat King. Moreover, from the looks of it, it seems like he had suffered extremely severe injuries and had yet to make a complete recovery. Therefore, based on Lin Dong’s estimates, the strength of the current Ninth Seat King was barely comparable to an expert who had passed two Reincarnation Tribulations. Strictly speaking, he was inferior to the Seventh Seat King, whom Lin Dong had fought with before.

“You must be the one who led the invasion of the Great Desolate Sect back then, am I right?”

Upon hearing this, the Ninth Seat King smirked before he said, “The Great Desolate Sect was indeed destroyed by me. Moreover, the previous owner of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol was also killed by me.”


After he spoke, standing on the mountain peak, the protector suddenly released a stern cry. Immediately, wild and violent energy waves swept forward, before he actually charged directly towards the Ninth Seat King. Meanwhile, his roar contained hatred that was brewing for several millennia.

When Jiang Xue saw this, she quickly circulated the Yuan Power within her body and tried to stop him. After all, how could the latter possibly be a match for the Ninth Seat King with his current strength?

“It seems like I missed someone… however, it looks like he is currently suffering a fate worse than death.” The Ninth Seat King glanced at the protector indifferently. Promptly, a vicious expression quickly rose within his eyes as he said, “However, your Great Desolate Sect was indeed quite capable. Although your sect was ultimately destroyed by this king, your sect killed all my subordinates and that old bastard even risked his life and sealed me beneath the ground.”

Lin Dong chuckled and said, “It seems like you gradually broke free of that seal. Moreover, you allowed the demonic aura to seep out in order to alert the Devil Prison, and tell them your exact whereabouts, am I right?”

The Ninth Seat King’s pupils shrunk. Promptly, he chuckled nonchalantly.

“Unfortunately, you are one unlucky fellow.” A tinge of ridicule flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. It was likely that the Ninth Seat King never thought that his demonic aura would be completely purified by Yinyin even before they could escape. Furthermore, she had now entered this realm and suppressed the demonic aura within, preventing him from making a complete recovery.

“That darned girl!”

A brutal expression suddenly emerged within the Ninth Seat King’s eyes. Then, he glared menacingly at that little girl, who was standing on the mountain peak. His vicious expression gave her a fright, as she immediately hid behind Jiang Xue. Then, she only exposed one large black eye, before she secretly peeped at the Ninth Seat King.

“From the looks of it, you have yet to recover from your injuries. This looks like a good opportunity for me.”

Lin Dong looked at the Ninth Seat King with a smile. Meanwhile, rich killing desire was flowing with his dark black eyes. After all, he clearly knew how powerful the Devil Prison was and these Seat Kings all possessed frightening strength. With his current strength, it would be extremely troublesome if he met any of the Seat Kings. However, the Ninth Seat King was an exception. He had been sealed for thousands of years by the previous owner of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, and had yet to fully recover his strength. Therefore, if Lin Dong could finish off the Ninth Seat King today, it would be quite a heavy blow to the Devil Prison.

“You want to kill this king? I’m afraid that you aren’t qualified!”

The Ninth Seat King laughed out loud in a stern voice. Although he had detected the two Ancestral Symbols within Lin Dong’s body, the latter had yet to advance to the Reincarnation stage. Moreover, even though the Ninth Seat King had not made a complete recovery, even an expert who had passed one Reincarnation Tribulation could not hope to defeat him. Hence, even less needed to be said about Lin Dong.

Lin Dong remained emotionless. Meanwhile, monstrous Yuan Power filled with rich killing intent swept forward. After all, he knew the status that a Seat King held in the Devil Prison. If the Ninth Seat King was allowed to escape, he would undoubtedly become a serious threat in the future. Therefore, regardless of what happens, Lin Dong must kill him today!


However, while killing intent was flowing within Lin Dong’s eyes, killing intent had also erupted within the Ninth Seat King’s eyes. Then, he suddenly stomped his foot before demonic aura began to charge out from beneath the ground. Finally, countless devil corpses climbed out from beneath the ground before they charged towards Lin Dong ruthlessly.

“You are the almighty Ninth Seat King of the Devil Prison. Why are you using your subordinates as cannon fodder?”

Lin Dong chuckled when he saw this. Then, he clenched his hand before a ten thousand feet large black hole appeared. After which, Devouring Power surged and completely devoured those devil corpses.


The Ninth Seat King smirked. Then, he clenched his hand before the countless devil corpses actually piled together. Finally, their bodies were eroded before they turned into a huge black bone sword. Meanwhile, evil demonic aura continuously surged from it.

The Ninth Seat King was holding that black bone sword in his hand. Then, his body moved before he appeared above Lin Dong in a phantom like fashion. After which, his bone sword was accompanied by evil demonic aura as it penetrated through space and ruthlessly pierced towards the top of Lin Dong’s head.


However, just as the bone sword was about to hit Lin Dong, a thunderbolt suddenly came crashing downward. Finally, it slammed heavily against that bone sword. Immediately, sparks flew before the surrounding space became distorted.

“Devil Corpse Lightning!”

When the Ninth Seat King saw that his attack was blocked, he did not panic. Instead, he chuckled, before the bone sword in his hand immediately blew apart and turned into dozens of black lightning glows. Finally, they charged crazily towards Lin Dong.

Those lightning glows were filled with endless evil and there was even a disgusting stench being emitted from them. In fact, it was likely that even a Reincarnation stage expert would be eroded and seriously injured if he made contact with them.


However, up against those evil lightning glows, Lin Dong was not fearful at all. He clenched his hand before an ancient thunderbolt shaped symbol, slowly appeared on his palm. After which, he threw a punch forward and directly smashed those devilic lightning glows.

Bang bang bang!

Pure and vigorous thunderbolt force raged before they went on a rampage. It turns out that they did not fear those evil devilic lightning glows at all. Everywhere those thunderbolt force spread, those devilic lightning glows were just like snow that was exposed to the hot sun, as they disappeared completely.

Meanwhile, the Ninth Seat King’s eyes sunk slightly, after he saw that his devilic lightning glows were completely ineffective. After all, Lin Dong had two Ancestral Symbols and the power of those symbols were extremely effective against his demonic aura.

Lin Dong completely ignored him. He braced his attention before his entire arm once again turned into liquid form. Following which, he quickly gathered the strength of his two great Ancestral Symbols.

His arm, which looked as though there were countless ancient symbols floating within, whizzed forward before it ruthlessly smashed towards the Ninth Seat King.

The Ninth Seat King’s expression changed gently when he saw Lin Dong’s liquidized arm. After which, his hand seal quickly changed, before demonic light began to gather on his body. Subsequently, a fearsome looking devil armor revealed itself.


Lin Dong’s palm attack, which contained the strength of two great Ancestral Symbols, smashed heavily against the devil armor of the Ninth Seat King. Immediately, a low and deep sound appeared. However, that powerful attack, which could instantly kill a Yimo king, merely left a faint scratch on that devil armor.

“Devil Emperor Armor?” When Lin Dong felt the resistive force being reflected through his arm and saw that familiar looking fearsome armor on the body of the Ninth Seat King, he chuckled.

“It seems like you are quite a knowledgeable brat.” The Ninth Seat King laughed coldly.

Lin Dong frowned. He had already experienced firsthand how powerful the Devil Emperor Armor was after he fought with the Seventh Seat King. After all, that item was gifted to them by the Yimo Emperor. Moreover, the reason why those guys were so hard to kill was because they were protected by this item.

With the Devil Emperor Armor protecting him, the Ninth Seat King’s eyes once again turned brutal. Following which, with a monstrous amount of demonic aura on his hand, he charged ruthlessly towards Lin Dong. At this moment, the latter had also completely unleashed his Mental Energy and his Yuan Power. Together with the strength of his two great Ancestral Symbols, it turns out that the Ninth Seat King was actually unable to obtain the upper hand.

Typically speaking, Lin Dong could at most match up to an expert who had passed one Reincarnation Tribulation. However, if he met someone like the Seventh Seat King, who had passed two Reincarnation Tribulations and possessed the Devil Emperor Armor, he would definitely wound up in a disadvantage. However, the Ninth Seat King in front of him had yet to recover from his injuries. Moreover, his actual strength was lacking compared to the Seventh Seat King. This was the reason why Lin Dong was able to fight equally with him.

Two glowing figures whistled across the sky. Each time they clashed, the surrounding space would become horribly distorted. Meanwhile, monstrous demonic aura and Yuan Power clashed, and it was a frightening sight to behold.

Jiang Xue was staring solemnly at the fight in the sky, while she secretly rejoiced. Thankfully, Lin Dong had arrived in time. Otherwise, who could have stopped the Ninth Seat King?

“Haha, little fellow, I will admit that you are quite powerful. However, you are ultimately unable to hurt me. Therefore, what can you do if I drag it on like this? From the way I see it, you should let me leave first and keep the peace here. We can settle this grudge in the future. What do you say?!” The Ninth Seat King clashed with Lin Dong once again. However, when he realized that he could not obtain the upper hand, he rotated his eyes and laughed out loud.

“Do you really think that I will do something as stupid as letting a potential threat go?” Lin Dong chuckled. If he allowed the Ninth Seat King to escape, the latter would definitely become a great threat in the future.

“Alright then. Let’s see who can last till the end!” A ferocious expression flashed across the eyes of the Ninth Seat King before he laughed.

Lin Dong was standing in the sky. Meanwhile, his eyes were icy cold as he stared at the Ninth Seat King. At the same time, there was also a maniacal glint glimmering within his eyes. With his current strength, the only way for him to seriously injure the Ninth Seat King would be to use the lightning bow and black arrow. However, that attack took a heavy toll on him. Therefore, if that attack failed to kill the Ninth Seat King, he would be in for a headache.

“I can’t care about this now.”

Lin Dong was a decisive man. Furthermore, he had the confidence that after he unleashed that attack, even if he could not kill the Ninth Seat King, he would be able to seriously injure the latter. At that time, he could simply use some other techniques to suppress the latter.

A thought passed through Lin Dong’s mind. Without further ado, he clenched his hand before a lightning bow appeared. Then, his fingers drew back the bowstring while a black arrow quietly formed.

The only thing he could see now was the Ninth Seat King. Meanwhile, killing intent surged deep within his eyes. He must kill that devil today!”

Monstrous killing desire spread from within his body. He had made up his mind and nothing could change it.

When Lin Dong’s killing desire soared to its peak, the protector standing on the mountain peak seemed to have realized it as well. Immediately, a roar sounded. Moreover, that roar seemed to be filled with endless gratitude.

Hum hum.

After he roared, countless lights suddenly erupted from within the protector’s body. After which, those lights floated in the sky. When Lin Dong’s eyes swept across them, his pupils shrunk gently.

There was an elderly figure within the light right at the front. Meanwhile, that elderly man was wearing black robes and his eyes were as dark as ink. He was in fact that black eyed elder, who passed him the Devouring Ancestral Symbol back then!