Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1252: Devil in the Tablet

Chapter 1252: Devil in the Tablet


Chapter 1252: Devil in the Tablet

Astonishment filled Lin Dong’s eyes as he gazed at the Reincarnation Seal on Yinyin’s bright forehead in shock. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that this little girl whom he had known many years ago would actually be… a reincarnator?!

“What is it?” Jiang Xue had also noticed the look in Lin Dong’s eyes and immediately asked.

Lin Dong reached out and gently rubbed Yinyin’s little head as a pure and innocent smile appeared on the latter’s little face. She clearly had a rather deep impression of Lin Dong and had still managed to recognise him even after so many years.

“Has she been like this all these years?”

Lin Dong asked. He had met Yinyin roughly eight years ago. However, she already had the appearance of a twelve year old little girl back then. Yet, after so many years had passed, this appearance of hers did not seem to have changed at all. Even the innocence in her eyes was exactly the same as it had been back then.

Jiang Xue bitterly smiled as she nodded her head. She gazed at Jiang Yinyin and sighed, “I do not know what is going on, but she has indeed never changed over the years. Moreover, I can faintly sense something extraordinary from her…”

Lin Dong smiled at Yinyin, before letting her head to the mountain peak first to wait for them. Only then did he reply Jiang Xue, “She is a reincarnator.”

“Reincarnator? Doesn’t that mean… that Yinyin will be taken over by another set of memories in future?” Upon hearing this, the expression on Jiang Xue’s pretty face changed a little. Evidently, she had heard of some rumours regarding the reincarnators.

Lin Dong shook his head, “This will depend on who her previous reincarnation was…”

Logically speaking, if it was a Reincarnation stage expert that had failed the first or second Reincarnation Tribulation and entered the cycle of Reincarnation, it was likely that the current reincarnation will be dominant. However, if it was a terrifying existence like the Ice Master, the main personality in charge of the body in future would truly be hard to determine.

“Do you know who her previous reincarnation is?” Jiang Xue

Lin Dong shook his head again. Normally speaking, as long as one’s Yuan Spirit was not completely wiped out and had passed one Reincarnation Tribulation, one would be able to utilise the power of Reincarnation to enter the cycle of Reincarnation. Of course, even if one entered the cycle of Reincarnation, there was still some risk of being destroyed. Hence, most pinnacle practitioners would not choose this path unless there was really no other option left.

In ancient times, there were few pinnacle experts who had advanced to this level. Thus, even Lin Dong could not glean much information from just this Reincarnation Seal alone. However, if it was a Reincarnation expert who had only passed one or two Reincarnation Tribulations, it would instead be a good thing for Yinyin.

Lin Dong had now landed on the mountain peak. Subsequently, his gaze shifted towards the black figure wrapped in Demonic Qi. There was clearly a huge change in his appearance compared to back then. In the past, he only had a body of bones, but flesh had now grown on them. Although he was still thin, he had a human appearance. Moreover, what astonished Lin Dong the most was the countless remnant wills gathering within his eyes. However, no matter how messy and numerous those wills were, they all had one similarity. To… protect.

“Over the years, the remnant wills drifting in this domain fused into his body. He has now become rather unique, no one knows exactly what he has become…” Jiang Xue softly said.

Lin Dong nodded his head slightly. Looks like the ability of the Great Desolate Sect to gather together was extremely strong. Even after thousands of years, the wills of these dead disciples still wanted to protect their sect.

The protector before their eyes seemed to be the combined product of these wills.

Lin Dong softly sighed in his heart. Such a feeling was similar to his time in Dao Sect. It was likely that if Dao Sect was destroyed, the will of countless Dao Sect disciples wanting to protect the sect would remain in the land.


At this moment, the black figure seemed to be in extreme pain. His fists heavily smashed onto his chests as he kneeled on the ground. However, those blank eyes that watched this domain were filled with extreme fondness.

“Hey, big guy, how are you doing?” When Yinyin saw the extreme pain the black figure was in, she hastily asked.

Light continuously drifted out from within her body before enveloping the black figure, unceasingly purifying the Demonic Qi in his body.

Lin Dong’s brows tightly knitted together as he watched the suffering protector. Soon after, he clenched his fist and endless lightning bolts suddenly emerged from his hand. The lightning was filled with extremely berserk and pure energy.


The lightning gathered together to form a lightning ball which directly charged into the protector’s body. Quickly, sparks cackled out from his body as the Demonic Qi was completely annihilated.

As the Demonic Qi receded, the pain and blankness in the protector’s eyes gradually vanished. Some chaotic semblance of a consciousness once again gathered in his eyes. In the end, he deeply bowed to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong waved his sleeve, stopping the protector, “Back then, I received your help in removing the curse from the Nirvana pills, this debt has now been repaid.”

Although the protector had some semblance of a conscience, it clearly did not amount to much. It was likely that he did not remember what he had done back then. After all, the he was now merely an accumulation of numerous wills. Unlike a human and yet not a corpse. Also a completely different state than the zombie old man Fen Tian.

Lin Dong understood the protector’s condition, hence, he did not elaborate any further. He merely turned his sinisterly cold gaze towards the land below, where strands of Demonic Qi were rising, as he icily chuckled, “The richness of Demonic Qi in his body is not without origin. Relying on Yinyin to suppress it is not a long term plan.”

“To remove weeds, one must destroy the roots. If we want to solve this problem, we will have to deal with the thing hidden under this land.”

This was where he had obtained the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, and it was also the reason for his achievements till this day. Therefore, it could be said that he owed a great debt of gratitude to this Great Desolate Sect. Now that he knew that even their long dead wills were unable to rest in peace, a trace of cold anger rose within his heart.

“Protect Yinyin.”

Lin Dong said to Jiang Xue and the latter nodded her head. She moved to Yinyin’s side and pulled her away.

“I’m interested to see exactly what is causing mischief here.”

Lin Dong coldly snorted as the thunder clouds in the sky rapidly gathered. Countless bolts of lightning flickered and covered the entire domain.


Countless lightning bolts maniacally poured downwards, falling onto the land below. Berserk and pure energy spread as the originally present Demonic Qi was swept away by the lightning at an astonishing speed.

However, even after clearing the Demonic Qi, there seemed to be no response from the land below.

“Truly tenacious!”

Lin Dong sneered as his finger thrust forward. A hundred thousand feet large lightning dragon bared its fangs as it shot dowards, viciously blasting the land below.


The entire domain seemed to tremble at this moment, and an incomparably enormous and deep chasm was torn open on the land. The depths of the chasm was dark without equal, and it appeared as if a matchless evil was surging within it.

Lin Dong’s expression was ice cold. He once again thrust his finger forward as countless thunderbolts turned, seemingly covering the sky as they bombarded the land.


This time, there was finally some response from the depths of the land. Lin Dong watched as evil Demonic Qi that seemingly covered the sky gushed out from the depths of the land like a devil dragon. As the Demonic Qi spread, it completely blocked the incomparably berserk lightning.

“Finally unable to endure? Then come out!”

When Lin Dong saw that there was finally a response from the Yimo hiding within the darkness, lightning surfaced in his pupils. He lifted his hand as the thunder clouds in the sky frantically surged, while countless thunderbolts gathered within them.

The thunder clouds slowly scattered, but the moment they scattered, a ten thousand feet large lightning sun was revealed. Terrifying lightning rippled as thunder rumbled and echoed into the distance, causing the entire domain to tremble slightly.


Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent. His finger shifted downwards as the lightning sun immediately descended and galloped towards the depths of the abyss. Lightning flickered wherever it passed and seemed to scorch even space itself.


As the lightning sun crazily fell, a gloomy and cold to the extreme voice emerged from the depths of the abyss. Soon after, endless Demonic Qi gushed out, transforming into a hundred thousand feet large Demonic Qi light disc.


The lightning sun slammed into the Demonic Qi light disc, and two frightening to the extreme energies exploded. The already enormous abyss was once again forcibly torn open as giant gorges covered the land like a spider web.

Resplendent lightning frantically flickered.


Cracks finally appeared on the Demonic Qi light disc, and with a final bang, it completely shattered. However, when the Demonic Qi light disc exploded, a gigantic devil hand extended from the abyss and blew away the lightning sun with a punch.

Bang bang!

Although the lightning sun had been scattered, berserk lightning energy caused the devil hand to be covered in cuts and bruises. The Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol’s power was wild and violent at its core and possessed a offensive power that was without equal. Since this fellow dared to face such a power head on, he would naturally suffer.

“You’ve actually obtained the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol?!”

Such a head on clash caused a gloomy and cold voice to emerge from the bottom of the abyss. Soon after, torrential Demonic Qi surged out of the abyss as a figure slowly walked out from within.

Lin Dong watched the swirling Demonic Qi as the figure became clearer and clearer. In the end, it finally walked out from the black mists. It wore a strange expression on its pale and handsome face while a cold chuckle rang out.

“The previous Devouring Ancestral Symbol controller died at this king’s hands. I never imagined that the current Devouring Ancestral Symbol and Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol controller will also die at this king’s hands today. Looks like this king is truly the nemesis of people like you.”