Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1251: Old Friend

Chapter 1251: Old Friend


Chapter 1251: Old Friend

“You… you are Lin Dong?” Jiang Xue’s lovely body was rigid as she gazed at the smiling young face in a dazed manner. The jadelike hands within her sleeves slowly clenched tightly as a faintly trembling voice was spit out from her red lips in a somewhat difficult manner.

“Lin Dong?”

Her voice was not loud, but it was still heard by some of the nearby Eagle Sect disciples. Quickly after, their bodies violently jerked as they stared the young man before them in shock. This was a name that every person in the current Great Yan Empire knew.

Was the person before them the legendary Lin Dong who had annihilated the most powerful super sect in the Eastern Xuan Region?

Lin Dong looked at Jiang Xue’s expression as he softly chuckled and nodded his head. The gaze with which he looked at her was somewhat peculiar. Many years ago, Jiang Xue was merely a strong girl whose only wish was to protect Eagle Martial Dojo. However, he never imagined that she would become the sect master of Eagle Sect years later. Looks like he was not the only who had lucky encounters with fate.

Jiang Xue finally gradually regained her wits. She looked deeply at Lin Dong as she gently waved her jadelike hand, dispersing the huge group of Eagle Sect troops in the sky. She lightly stepped forward, walking to Lin Dong’s side and said, “I never imagined that I will be able to see you again.”

Lin Dong looked at her. The complicated feelings in the latter’s eyes caused him to have a somewhat indescribable feeling, however, he still smiled and replied, “I too never imagined that after several years, your Eagle Martial Dojo would become the illustrious Eagle Sect of the Great Yan Empire. Truly an achievement.”

“This small achievement is likely unable to enter your eyes right?” Jiang Xue said in a soft and bitter voice. Although the development of Eagle Sect was nothing to scoff at, it was still far from comparable to those super sects. Moreover, the strongest super sect in the Eastern Xuan Region had been annihilated by Lin Dong. What was a tiny Eagle Sect in the face of such power.

Lin Dong could only dryly laugh twice in response to Jiang Xue’s somewhat bitter tone, unable to come up with a response.

“Haha, Lin Dong is it really you?” Hearty laughter was suddenly heard from behind. A grizzled hair middle aged man had flown over. Extreme happiness filled his face as he looked at Lin Dong.

“Heh, uncle Jiang Lei.” Lin Dong gazed at the vaguely familiar face of the middle aged man as a smile also appeared on his face. He respectfully cupped his fist together and greeted the latter.

Jiang Lei joyfully stared at Lin Dong with eyes tinged with a little emotion. The latter was now a legendary figure in this Eastern Xuan Region, and those who wanted to create friendly relations with him were numerous and many. However, who would have imagined that this legendary figure had represented their Eagle Martial Dojo in battle many years before...

“Given your current status, I’m afraid that you’ve long forgotten people like us right?” When Jiang Xue saw how familiar Lin Dong was being with Jiang Lei that he did not give herself much attention, she gently bit her red lips and said in a somewhat resentful manner.

Jiang Lei helplessly cast a glance at Jiang Xue. This lass had always been rigorous when she took charge the Eagle Sect’s major affairs. Why had she now become so similar to her previous self from many years before?

“Miss Jiang Xue is teasing me. If you did not lead me out of the mist forest back then, I will perhaps have long become food for the wolves.” Lin Dong forced a smile. He did not know where Jiang Xue’s resentment originated from. Could it be because of that night back then?

When he thought of this, his gaze suddenly swept across Jiang Xue exquisite and fine figure as awkwardness involuntarily surfaced in his eyes. It was likely that any woman would become resentful from being rejected after voluntarily offering her body...

Although it was a mere quick sweep of his eyes, the current Jiang Xue was after all not the girl from back then who needed to beg for his help. Her sharp gaze was instantly detected his. Immediately, her pretty face flushed red as she glared at Lin Dong in embarrassment.

“*Cough*... I’ve returned because my father received your request for aid. Hence, I’m here to see exactly what is wrong with the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.” Lin Dong withdrew his gaze. Soon after, he asked in a somewhat puzzled manner, “Other than that, is there some relation between you and the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet?”

Jiang Lei smiled as he nodded his head and replied, “After you, Xue’er also entered the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet and was acknowledged by the tablet spirit, hence obtaining the inheritance of that ancient sect. In the end, we established Eagle Sect to protect the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.”

Lin Dong could not help but be astonished as he looked at Jiang Xue. He had also come into contact with that Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet spirit before, yet he had only obtained the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger. As for the sect inheritance, it was beyond him. He never imagined that Jiang Xue was actually so awesome…

“Tell me about the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet’s problem.” Lin Dong pointed at the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet and said.

Once they started talking about proper matters, Jiang Xue’s umber black brows slightly furrowed, “The domain within the current Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet is somewhat different from the past… do you know of the protector within the tablet?”

Lin Dong nodded his head. Back then, he had desperate fled from the protector. However, he owed the protector a debt due to the cursed Nirvana pills.

“You should know that the Great Desolate Sect was attacked by the Yimo in the far past, and a great earth shattering battle had occurred here. In the end, the sect was destroyed, but the Yimo also suffered substantial losses, resulting in the existence of Demonic Qi deep within the land. Over the past few years, this Demonic Qi has gradually emerged.”

“As expected, it is because of the Demonic Qi.”

Lin Dong gently sighed. He had sensed it when he arrived but he did not expect that it would be his old foes. The current him was able to imagine that what had happened to the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet back then was likely due to the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. The same thing that had happened to the thunder cave dwelling which had been attacked by the Yimo.

“The remnant wills of numerous Great Desolate Sect elders were left within the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. Over the years, the protector gradually absorbed these wills, causing some changes to occur. These changes were initially positive, but as Demonic Qi gushed out from the land, the protector was gradually invaded by it. However, his tenacity and willpower is matchless. Thus, even after being corroded by this Demonic Qi, he refused to hurt anything within the Great Desolate Sect and could only howl miserably everyday…” At this point, Jiang Xue softly sighed.

Lin Dong’s expression was somewhat dark. He rather admired this Great Desolate Sect protector. Even after death and the fading of his Dao, he had continued to rely on the feelings of wanting to protect his sect, transforming into what he had become today in order to protect the sect forever. Such dedication had caused respect to be born in Lin Dong’s heart. He never imagined that the Demonic Qi would cause such harm to the protector.

“We do not know why but the Demonic Qi within the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet has grown increasingly over the past few years. It seems to be on the verge of charging out of the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.” Jiang Xue said.

Lin Dong’s eyes slightly hardened. If this Demonic Qi was to charge out of the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, all life in this Great Desolate Province would be wiped out.

“We have tried various methods but were unable to seal up this Demonic Qi in the end. Later on, something happened just as the Demonic Qi was about to burst forth.” At this point, Jiang Xue and Jiang Lei’s expression turned somewhat complicated.

“What happened?” Lin Dong was rather puzzled as he probed.

“The Demonic Qi that charged out was neutralised by Yinyin…” Jiang Xue mumbled.

“Yinyin?” Lin Dong was taken aback. An extremely adorable little girl blinking her large eyes appeared in his mind. She was actually able to neutralise Demonic Qi?

“Yes, we do not really know how it works, but being able to deal with this problem is naturally a good thing. Subsequently, we arranged for Yinyin to stay in the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. It might be strange for me to say this, but with her within the the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, the Demonic Qi was gradually neutralised. However it very quickly gushed out again. In this way, they formed a deadlock of sorts which has lasted till now…”

Lin Dong’s eyes were full of astonishment. He understood how difficult it was to deal with Demonic Qi. Yinyin was just a little girl who had not even cultivated. How could she possess a suppressive effect on Demonic Qi?

“Looks like there should be something causing mischief inside this Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.” Lin Dong faintly smiled. He had encountered the Yimo far too many times, hence, he could tell with a single glance that there must be something hidden within this Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.

Jiang Xue nodded her head. She had a faint feeling that this was the case, but was unable to be sure.

“Open the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. We will know once we enter and take a look.” Lin Dong waved his hand and said.

With him around, Jiang Xue was clearly less worried. Without any hesitation, she gently waved her jadelike hand as a radiance erupted from the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. It wrapped around the two of them and brought them into the tablet. When the light faded, the two of them had disappeared.

When Lin Dong cracked open his eyes, the scene before them had already changed. It was still the same barren domain. Countless ruins could be seen, evidence that this was once a flourishing land.

Lin Dong’s gaze scanned the area and saw the traces of black aura that continuously emerged from under the ground. Immediately, his eyes faintly narrowed.


While Lin Dong was observing the land, a miserable howl was suddenly heard in the distance. It was a howl filled with both pain and rage.

It was that protector.

Lin Dong’s brows faintly furrowed. With a wave of his sleeve, he and Jiang Xue rushed towards the direction of the howl. In a short few minutes, they saw a lonely peak where a black figure was kneeling on one knee as it unceasingly howled at the sky. Thick Demonic Qi continuously emerged from within its body.

Behind the black figure was a boulder where a little girl wearing a yellow dress was somewhat helplessly seated. Her little snow white legs swayed as light emanated from her body, enveloping the black figure while continuously purifying the Demonic Qi from its body.

“Yinyin.” Jiang Xue gazed at the little girl and immediately waved her hand.

“Elder sister!”

The little girl was pleasantly surprised as she lifted her head. Her large eyes saw the incoming Jiang Xue and her tiny body immediately leaped forward, directly pouncing towards Jiang Xue. The latter hastily caught her and smiled a little as her slender jadelike fingers pointed to the figure behind her, “Look who it is.”

The little girl followed the finger and saw a gently smiling Lin Dong. A pondering look flashed across those large eyes, before joy immediately surged onto that tiny face.

“Big brother?”

Lin Dong heard the young and tender voice that was exactly the same as back then, before looking at the Yinyin who had maintained the same appearance even after so many years. Although he was puzzled, he still smiled and nodded his head.

While he nodded his head, the little girl had already happily run towards him. Her large jet-black eyes were filled with happiness. A gentle breeze blew past, blowing away the hair in front of her forehead and Lin Dong saw an unusual and almost undetectable symbol. Immediately, his body violently jolted.

That is… a Reincarnation Seal?

This Yinyin was also a reincarnator?!