Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1250: Eagle Sect

Chapter 1250: Eagle Sect


Chapter 1250: Eagle Sect

Now that peace had returned again, Lin Dong’s stay in the Lin Clan lasted for rather long period of time. The majority of the past eight years had been spent out in the world. Now that such a rare chance had come for his family to be reunited, he naturally wanted to spend more time with them.

He was was aware that although the current situation seemed peaceful, countless undercurrents were flowing below the surface. The Yimo that had hidden themselves for hundreds and thousands of years were now gradually revealing themselves. No one could be certain of what they would do next. Lin Dong could faintly feel a slight sense of unease. This temporarily peace was perhaps was a precursor of the storm to come.

It was exactly because of this faint unease that Lin Dong grew increasingly reluctant to leave the atmosphere created from spending time with his family.

However, what baffled Lin Dong was that Ling Qingzhu never once mentioned returning to the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace in advance. Yet, because of how much Liu Yan was fond of Ling Qingzhu such that they chatted everyday, Lin Dong did not dare to speak of it. Since they seemed to like it, he would let them be.

This peace lasted for several days, when Lin Dong was suddenly called out by Lin Xiao from his leisurely life.

“You want me to go to the Great Desolate Province? What for?” In the courtyard, Lin Dong was a little stunned when he heard Lin Xiao’s request and asked in a somewhat puzzled manner.

“The current Great Desolate Province is very different from the past.” Lin Xiao replied.

“Different?” Lin Dong was taken aback. The Great Desolate Province was the first training ground he had gone to after leaving Qingyang Town. Back then, it was rather chaotic and numerous factions gathered there from all over. Of course, it was also home to the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet and the ancient sect hidden within it where Lin Dong had obtained the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Since he was heading to the Great Desolate Province, he intended to enter the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet again. Everything had begun there, and it could be said that he owed that ancient sect a tremendous debt.

He had taken many cursed Nirvana pills from that place back then, which were in the end cleansed of their curse with the help of the protector...

“Truth be told, there are two powerful factions in the current Great Yan Empire. Besides our Lin Clan, the former four great clans have basically fallen from grace.” Lin Xiao nodded and said.

“Of these two great factions, one is our Lin Clan, while the other is the Great Desolate Province’s Eagle Sect. When the Great Yan Empire was surrounded and attacked by numerous empires, the northern border was basically defended by Eagle Sect.”

“Eagle Sect?” Lin Dong was somewhat surprised. Since when had such a faction appeared?

“This Eagle Sect used to be a mere martial dojo in the Great Desolate Province. However, five years ago, this Eagle Martial Dojo suddenly rose up and unified the Great Desolate Province in a short span of a year. Moreover, from what we know, their faction even has influence in several surrounding empires. Their power is extremely astonishing.” Lin Xiao elaborated.

“Eagle Martial Dojo?”

This familiar name caused Lin Dong to blink. Subsequently, amazement appeared in his eyes. His life was truly peculiar. He never imagined that the tiny martial dojo that had needed his help back then would actually attain such astonishing achievements several years later.

“How did they suddenly become so powerful?” Lin Dong curiously asked. He clearly recalled that the Eagle Martial Dojo of the past was a rather small and weak faction in the Great Desolate Province. How could they possess the power to unify the Great Desolate Province.

“It is said that they obtained the inheritance of a sect within the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. The headquarters of the current Eagle Sect is located around the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. It surrounds and protects the tablet.” Lin Xiao laughed before continuing, “The current master of Eagle Sect should be a woman called Jiang Xue.”

“Jiang Xue…”

Lin Dong was a little dazed as distant memories rushed out from the depths of his mind. Within that dimly lighted room, a beautiful girl had slowly removed her dress, revealing that naked snow white body before him. The strong girl had been willing to give herself to him in order to obtain protection for her martial dojo…

He would never have imagined that the girl from back then would become the Eagle Sect master who had unified the Great Desolate Province. Such a change was truly amazing.

Evidently, something must have happened after he left the Great Desolate Province.

“Asking me to go over should be related to Eagle Sect?” Lin Dong inquired.


Lin Xiao nodded as he frowned, “You should know a little about the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. It is rumored that a significant problem arose recently. Eagle Sect have been unable to resolve it and have seeked help from our Lin Clan. If you have time, you should make a trip there.”

“A problem with the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet?”

Lin Dong also frowned. Soon after, he nodded his head without hesitation. He owed a debt to that ancient sect within the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, and his Devouring Ancestral Symbol had also been obtained there. In addition the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger he had obtained back then had helped him through countless life or death situations. Now that they had a problem, he would naturally do all he could to help.

“Swiftly go and return.”

Lin Xiao nodded his head. Lin Dong was no longer the youngster that he needed to teach from back then. With the latter’s strength, let alone this Great Yan Empire, there were not many who could stop him even in this vast world.

Lin Dong smiled and did not tarry any further. He would be travelling alone this time. Although the Great Yan Empire was extensive, with Lin Dong’s speed, he had already reached the region where the Great Desolate Province was located in an hour.

From the sky, Lin Dong lowered his head and looked down at the land as a look of tender recollection appeared in his eyes. Back then, he had walked out of Yan City and passed through numerous provinces before finally arriving at this Great Desolate Province. This place could be said to be where his training journey had began.

After checking his directions, he directly headed towards the central area of the Great Desolate Province. As he neared his destination, he was somewhat shocked to see an enormous flag fluttering in the wind within several cities. On the flag was a soaring eagle. The stern and divine look within the eagle’s eyes made anyone who looked at it feel intimidated.

Evidently, this was the flag of ‘Eagle Sect’. He just never expected that Eagle Sect would have such a solid control over the Great Desolate Province. It was likely that Eagle Sect was the true master of this Great Desolate Province, and even the royal family did not have any power here.

While these thoughts passed through Lin Dong’s mind, his body had already travelled several thousand miles. Subsequently, he started to pay a little attention as he raised his head, only to see an enormous city towering on the ancient plains to his front. In the sky above the city, he could see countless figures flying past. Such a bustling scene did not lose out to the imperial city at all.

Lin Dong peered into the distance, only to see an incomparably huge stone tablet quietly standing at the center of the city. As he gazed at this familiar stone tablet, a complicated look flitted across his eyes.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger…”

Lin Dong softly chuckled. This martial art had been his strongest trump card back then, and had helped him through countless life and death struggles. Moreover, this martial art had been obtained from within the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.

Lin Dong’s figure transformed into a shooting star as it streaked across the sky. Several breaths later, he had already appeared before the huge stone tablet. He gazed at the stone tablet with his hands behind his back as the look of recollection in his eyes intensified.

However, this stone tablet seemed to have now become a sacred object of Eagle Sect, and ordinary people were basically prohibited from approaching. Hence, there was extremely tight security around it. The guards did not seem to have noticed Lin Dong’s initially, but as he stood there while lost in thought, they finally regained their wits. Immediately, a sharp alarm rang out as countless figures surged over from all around and tightly surrounded Lin Dong in a manner that even water would be unable to pass through.

While Lin Dong appeared before the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, a tall and slim woman in a light yellow dress stood on a certain tall building within the city. She possessed rather beautiful features, however she had the dignified look of one with high status. Currently, she was holding a cup of tea as she silently gazed into the distance, and seemed to be somewhat lost in thought.


A soft cough was suddenly transmitted from behind her. The woman was taken aback as she tilted her head, only to see a grizzled hair middle aged man standing behind her. She gently smiled and said, “Father.”

The middle aged man walked forward. He gazed at the magnificent city before their eyes as he deeply sighed and replied, “Xue’er is really capable. In a short few years, you made our tiny martial dojo into the ruler of this Great Desolate Province.”

“I’m merely continuing the good work of my predecessor.” The woman shook her head slightly and said.

The middle aged man felt a slight heartache as he looked at her. He bitterly laughed and said, “However, a lass like you is no longer young. When will you start worrying about your own matters. There are countless outstanding youngsters in the Great Yan Empire who love and adore you. Are none of them able to enter your eyes?”

This pretty woman was the Eagle Martial Dojo’s Jiang Xue from back then, while this middle aged man was her father, Jiang Lei.

Jiang Xue gently sipped a mouthful of tea, before she faintly smiled and replied, “This matter is not urgent.”

“Not urgent… from what I can tell, your heart has likely long been given to someone right?” Jiang Lei bitterly smiled and said.

The jadelike hand holding the cup of tea gently trembled as Jiang Xue lifted her head and smiled a little, “Father, what are you saying?”

“Do you truly believe that father does not know what you did that night back then in Lin Dong’s room?” Jiang Lei sighed and said.

Jiang Xue’s jadelike face instantly turned crimson. Red faced, she looked at Jiang Xue and seemed to have lost her previous wittiness for a time, “Father, you… how do you know?”

Jiang Lei gazed at this rarely seen bashfulness of hers as the bitter smile on his face grew even more bitter, “You should have heard of the news too right? Lin Dong has appeared in the imperial city. The current him is no longer the young man that needed us to lead him out of mist forest…”

Jiang Xue gently bit her lips. Soon after, she laughed softly and said, “The fact that he has such accomplishments is not surprising at all. He is after all an eagle that soars in the nine heavens… I’m afraid that he has long since forgotten me, but so what? It will be better if I am the only one that remembers.”

“You silly girl.” Jiang Lei was greatly moved yet made speechless by her words and could only helplessly shake his head.


While the two were talking, an urgent alarm suddenly rang out in the sky above the city, causing the two’s expressions to immediately change. Quickly, the sounds of wind could be heard, “Sect master, someone has infiltrated the restricted area and is now standing before the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet!”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xue’s pretty face immediately turned frosty. Her figure moved and flew towards the direction of the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet like lightning. At the same time, her icy shout echoed in the entire city, “Eagle Sect disciples hear my command, seal the city and activate the formation!”

The sky and ground at the center of the city was filled with a sea of people. Stern gazes locked onto the thin figure before the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet one by one. When the command arrived, they would attack together and blast him into a bloody pulp.

However, in response to their encirclement, the figure before the stone tablet remained motionless. He silently gazed at the ancient stone tablet with his hands behind his back.


“Sect master!”

A wind sound was swiftly transmitted from the distance as a beautiful figure appeared within those countless gazes. Immediately, earthshaking respectful shouts rang out.

Jiang Xue’s pretty face was ice-cold. She gently waved her jadelike hand as her eyes looked towards the thin figure before the stone tablet. Her long and shapely eyebrows furrowed as she spoke, “May I know who this esteemed one is? Why have you broken into the restricted area of my Eagle Sect?!”

Upon hearing her voice, the figure finally faintly trembled, before slowly turning around. As he looked towards Jiang Xue, a gentle smile surfaced on his face.

“It has been a long time miss Jiang Xue, I trust that you have been well since our last meeting.”

Jiang Xue’s lovely body gradually stiffened at this moment as she gazed at the vaguely familiar outline of that young face. The surrounding Eagle Sect disciples watched in astonishment as their normally stern and respectfully cold sect master actually became dumbstruck at this moment.