Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1249: Peace

Chapter 1249: Peace


Chapter 1249: Peace

The commotion within the clan caused by Ling Qingzhu, refused to die down for a long time. In fact, everyone in that huge manor was talking about her and many members of the Lin Clan were filled with envy. Although they were merely able to catch a glimpse of her appearance, Ling Qingzhu’s absolutely gorgeous looks and her cold demeanor, was something that even shocked Lin Dong occasionally. Therefore, even less needed to be said about these young clansmen, who had little experience in the outside world.

With regards to the commotion caused by Ling Qingzhu, Lin Dong felt extremely helpless as well. In fact, he hardly had the opportunity to talk to her. That was because Liu Yan seemed to really fancy Ling Qingzhu. Therefore, after she pulled her and Qingtan into the house, there was no activity for a very long time. Clearly, they were chatting happily.

When Lin Dong saw their lineup, he decided not to interrupt. After chatting with Lin Xiao for awhile, the latter suddenly smiled before he patted his shoulders. Then, he pointed forward.

Lin Dong turned his body and looked over. Then, he saw a couple of figures quickly walking towards him. The person in front was a pretty lady and she was slightly older than Lin Dong. Meanwhile, she was rather familiar looking.

Currently, there were three men walking behind her. Although they had not met for a very long time, Lin Dong still recognised them immediately. Soon after, waves began to stir within his calm heart.

The four of them were actually Lin Xia, Lin Hong, Lin Shan and Lin Changqiang. They were all Lin Dong’s close blood relatives and they grew up together back in Qingyang Town. Although they had some conflicts when they were young, now that he thought back of those times, he felt warmth in his heart.

“Lin Dong!”

That pretty lady was staring at Lin Dong. When she looked at this young man, who looked a lot more mature compared to when he first left Qingyang Town, a trace of unconcealable shock flashed across her eyes. However, there was still some hesitation in her eyes. After all, they had not met for a very long time and Lin Dong was no longer that weak young man, who fought and played with them back in Qingyang Town. Forget about the Lin Clan. It was likely that there were hardly any individuals in the entire Eastern Xuan Region that was worthy of Lin Dong’s attention now.

That young man from Qingyang Town was now an ultimate expert standing at the top of this world.

“Sister Lin Xia, it has been awhile since we last met.”

As Lin Dong looked at Lin Xia, a gentle smile appeared on his face. However, he also noticed the hesitation within the eyes of Lin Xia and the rest. Hence, he promptly smiled before he extended his arms and hugged Lin Xia. Soon after, he also hugged the Lin Hong trio. After all, he had experienced too many life and death situations. Therefore, he greatly valued these brothers and sisters, who had a direct blood relation with him.

When Lin Xia’s four man group saw what Lin Dong did, joy surged on their faces and they were no longer as restrained as before. Immediately, Lin Xia pulled Lin Dong before she spoke continuously. At this moment, she no longer looked like a menacing big sister.

The brothers Lin Hong and Lin Shan smiled directly towards Lin Dong. They had frequently caused trouble for Lin Dong when they were kids. However, they subsequently suffered quite a heavy loss in Lin Dong’s hands. Currently, they possessed a rather high status in the Lin Clan. At times, all they had to do was to speak about how they fought with Lin Dong in the past, and they would immediately receive worshipful gazes from numerous Lin Clan members.

Lin Changqiang was still as round as ever. This fellow fancied Qingtan ever since young. In the past, he frequently followed behind Lin Dong in order to look for the opportunity to talk to Qingtan. At that time, he had a pretty solid relationship with Lin Dong.

Lin Dong and the four of them chatted and laughed. As he looked at their familiar faces, he slowly began to recall the various incidents that happened back in Qingyang Town. Now that he thought about it, even someone like Lin Dong, who had been through numerous life and death situations, still felt faint warmth surging within his heart.

Ling Qingzhu, who was chatting with Liu Yan in a room, lifted her head slightly. Her eyes looked towards the window before she coincidentally saw Lin Dong’s face. His face seemed to have regained some of his tender and youthful looks from before. Moreover, his tender and youthful looks caused her to suddenly recall the first time they met…

“Miss Qingzhu?” Liu Yan called out softly before Ling Qingzhu quickly came to her senses. Then, she looked at Liu Yan’s eyes, which were smiling, before she blushed. Following which, she quickly said, “Please call me Qingzhu.”

Liu Yan smiled and nodded. Then, she said, “Qingzhu, Dong’er did not bully you, did he? You can tell me if he dares to bully you in the future and I will deal with him.”

When Ling Qingzhu heard her words, she felt a little dizzy and she did not know how to reply. All she could do, was to curse Lin Dong secretly in her heart.


Subsequently, Lin Dong introduced old man Fen Tian to Lin Xiao. The latter was extremely courteous when he heard the other party’s status. After all, a powerful expert like him could easily become the chief of a sect in the Eastern Xuan Region. Therefore, it was truly a blessing for the Lin Clan if such a powerful expert was willing to become their guest elder.

Owing to his connection with Lin Dong, old man Fen Tian was also exceptionally courteous to Lin Xiao. The both of them chatted before old man Fen Tian finally agreed to temporarily stay in the Lin Clan. In any case, he knew no one else in this world. Moreover, he quite fancied the idea of staying behind and teaching some young fellows.

When he saw that they were chatting happily, Lin Dong stepped back with a smile. After which, he slowly roamed around the huge Lin Clan. Along the way, he saw many members of the Lin Clan. When they saw Lin Dong, all of their eyes became heated. This was no different even when he met the elders of Lin Clan.

When Lin Dong saw this, he smiled bitterly. Promptly, he turned around, before he found a secluded path and walked along it.

Lin Dong was walking along a rock path within the woods. Meanwhile, disjointed patches of light shone dowards and enveloped his body. This lazy and relaxed sensation caused a faint smile to appear on the corner of his lips.

It felt good to be home.

Lin Dong leapt onto a large tree. After which, he leaned and laid down lazily on a tree branch. Gently shuting both his eyes, he gradually fell asleep.

He napped for the entire afternoon. Only after the sun set, did he slowly open his eyes. Meanwhile, both his eyes were as peaceful as the deep night sky, causing one to become intoxicated by them.

The vast and mighty ocean like Mental Energy within his Niwan Palace seemed to have stealthily solidified.

Lin Dong stretched his waist, before he moved and leapt down. Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly looked into the deepest part of the woods. At that area, he could vaguely sense a Mental Energy fluctuation. Meanwhile, that fluctuation felt remotely familiar.

“There are so many friends here.”

Lin Dong sighed softly after he detected that Mental Energy fluctuation. Then, he pondered for a moment before he walked further in. After which, he saw a lovely figure quietly seated beside a small pond within the woods.

That lovely figure was wearing a plain dress and she had a quiet and elegant demeanor. Looking from the side, she looked rather beautiful. Moreover, this face was somewhat familiar looking to Lin Dong.

Lin Ke’er. He met her back at Yan City. Furthermore, it was because of her that Lin Dong went to that old tomb, which subsequently led to that ridiculous incident between him and Ling Qingzhu.

At this moment, it seems like Lin Ke’er was in training as there were vast and mighty Mental Energy floating around her. Moreover, it seemed like she had reached the peak of the Heaven Symbol Master. If she advanced one step further, she would advance to the initial Divine Symbol Master level.

In the past, Lin Dong realized that Lin Ke’er was practising her Mental Energy. Unexpectedly, she had made good progress over the years.

Lin Dong stared at this scene. After which, he gave a faint smile before a thought passed through his mind. Following which, a wave of Mental Energy was stealthily emitted before they wrapped around Lin Ke’er’s Mental Energy.

After her Mental Energy was suddenly wrapped by Lin Dong’s, Lin Ke’er was startled. Her Mental Energy immediately whizzed in an attempt to escape. However, soon after, that mysterious Mental Energy suddenly emitted a warm ripple.

Under that warm embrace, her Mental Energy felt as though it was a fetus being nursed in a mother’s womb, as they gradually fell into a slumber. While they slept, her Mental Energy was quietly growing. Even before she realized it, her Mental Energy had broke through that obstacle that had troubled her for a long time, and she had advanced to the Divine Symbol Master level.

That warmth unknowingly disappeared, before Lin Ke’er suddenly opened her eyes. Initially, she was a little startled. After which, she quickly turned around and looked afar. There seemed to be a skinny figure gradually disappearing into the distance.

“Lin Dong…”

She gently bit her lips, appearing a little absent-minded as she looked at that man, who was departing in a free and easy manner. Promptly, the various incidents that occured many years ago began to replay in her mind. After which, she smiled gently. However, there was a bitter expression within her smile.

When Lin Dong returned to the courtyard where his room was located, he coincidentally saw Liu Yan coming out from a room. When he saw this, he quickly smiled and walked forward.

“Are they both resting?”

Liu Yan smiled and nodded. As she stared at Lin Dong, who was now a head taller than her, a pleased smile appeared on her face. After all, she still vividly remembered how that young man had worked hard in order to obtain an elixir for Lin Xiao many years ago. However, time flies. That weak young man many years ago, had now became an existence that the entire Lin Clan took pride in.

“Dong’er, Qingzhu is a nice girl and mother likes her.” Liu Yan tugged Lin Dong’s arm before she smilingly said.

Lin Dong involuntarily smiled in embarrassment when he heard this.

“However… why didn’t you bring Ying Huanhuan back as well?” Liu Yan looked at Lin Dong and asked. “I like that girl very much too. Moreover, I can tell that she really likes you.”

Lin Dong smiled bitterly. Currently, he was racking his brains over this matter. After all, he had feelings for both Ling Qingzhu and Ying Huanhuan, and he knew how much the both of them had sacrificed for him. However, both girls were extremely proud. One of them was the palace master of the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, while the other was the reincarnator of the Ice Master. As such, to be able to obtain any one of them was already a great blessing. However, he was now involved with the both of them, and he did not know whether this was a blessing or a curse.

Liu Yan was someone with experience. Therefore, she immediately understood the situation when she saw Lin Dong’s expression. Covering her mouth, she laughed, “ Dong’er is really popular.”

Lin Dong was embarrassed. He helplessly said, “Mother, stop teasing me.”

“When it comes to such matters, you will have to decide for yourself. However, I like the both of them very much.” Liu Yan smilingly said. Lin Dong laughed dryly as he understood what his mother was implying. However, her current request was very difficult to fulfill.

Liu Yan looked at Lin Dong. Then, she suddenly sighed and said, “There is also Qingtan…”

“What happened to Qingtan?” Lin Dong was slightly startled.

Liu Yan’s lips moved. However, she eventually shook her head in distraught. Then, she extended her hand and pulled Lin Dong’s ear. Finally, she snapped, “Nothing much. I will go back and rest first. You should also have an early rest.”

After she spoke, she opened her stride and walked away. At the same time, she involuntarily shook her head. Her son was simply too outstanding and it reaĺly gave her a headache. Moreover, that lass Qingtan…