Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1248: Reunion

Chapter 1248: Reunion


Chapter 1248: Reunion

Outside the Unique Devil Region. Lin Dong’s four man group appeared in a flash. As old man Fen Tian looked at the outside world, which he had not seen for tens of thousands of years, he involuntarily sighed.

“Let’s head straight to the Great Yan Empire.” After resolving the matter regarding old man Fen Tian, Lin Dong was clearly in a good mood. Therefore, he immediately laughed before he said.

Qingtan and old man Fen Tian did not object upon hearing his words. However, Ling Qingzhu bit her red lips. Then, she stared at Lin Dong before she slowly shook her head.

“I’ll be heading back to Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. The Great Yan Empire is in a completely different direction and we should part ways here.”

“You aren’t coming with us to the Great Yan Empire? Why?” Lin Dong was a little stunned as he stared at Ling Qingzhu.

Ling Qingzhu’s bright eyes paused on Lin Dong’s face. Then, she smiled faintly before she said, “Are you planning to bring me back to your home? Do you know what this means?”

Lin Dong was speechless. If he brought Ling Qingzhu back to the Great Yan Empire, wouldn’t it feel like he was bringing back his wife to meet her parents-in-law?

“I think that my whole family will welcome you if you are willing to come.” Lin Dong pondered for a moment before he replied.

“You should only say these words after you’ve sorted out the emotions within your heart. Otherwise, you might ultimately feel a little imbalanced in your heart.” Ling Qingzhu smiled faintly before she said.

Lin Dong was stunned. Then, his expression changed involuntarily. He naturally understood what Ling Qingzhu was saying. She was extremely proud and even though Lin Dong wanted to bring her back to the Great Yan Empire, she wanted Lin Dong to do so willingly without any hesitation.

Ling Qingzhu looked at Lin Dong’s expression before she secretly sighed. Then, a somewhat bitter smile was formed on the corner of her red lips, which were hidden under her veil. After which, she ceased hesitating as she turned around and drifted off.

“You have already learnt the Zenith Sensing Art. Therefore, there is no reason for me to stay anymore. My Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace is still under reconstruction. As the palace master, I should not be away for long. Therefore, I’ll return to the palace first to study Reincarnation. Let’s part ways here.”

Lin Dong stared at Ling Qingzhu’s beautiful figure as she turned around. Meanwhile, he felt a little terrible in his heart. Suddenly, he clenched his teeth before he extended his arm and grabbed her delicate jade like wrist.

“You travelled all the way to the Northern Xuan Region together with me and even taught me the Zenith Sensing Art. If I simply allow you to leave like this, others will say that I, Lin Dong, am an ungrateful person.” Lin Dong frowned and said. “Regardless, you will have to go to the Great Yan Empire together with me. After that, I will personally send you back to Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. Otherwise, I will not let you go.”

Ling Qingzhu’s wrist was being grabbed by Lin Dong. Moreover, when she heard his words, she felt secretly embarrassed. Why is this man so overbearing?

She had always been an extremely independent and opinionated person. However, when she saw Lin Dong’s frowning face, she could only gently clench her teeth, but she was unable to pull herself away from him.

Standing beside them, when Qingtan saw their actions, she immediately curled her lips.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong did not wait for Ling Qingzhu to voice her objections, as he directly pulled her and headed in the direction of the Great Yan Empire. The latter struggled briefly, but Lin Dong’s metal pincer like hands remained firm. Finally, she could only give up. Then, she gently gritted her teeth before she stared at the man in front of her. This person… he was truly unreasonable.


The capital of the Great Yan Empire.

Currently, the capital city was clearly a lot more prosperous compared to the flourishing city in the past. Moreover, the Great Yan Empire was no longer a tiny low rank empire. Forget about those super empires, because of the Lin Clan, even those super sects did not dare to act disrespectfully towards this former low rank empire.

The reason for this was common knowledge within the Eastern Xuan Region.

There was an extremely spacious manor in the northern region of this city. This was the most respected place within the entire Great Yan Empire. In fact, even the palace of the capital, which was at a short distance away, could not compete with it.

This manor was where the Lin Clan was located.

Currently, it was possible to vaguely see some statue like figures quietly seated on various vantage points around the manor. They were experts from the Tiger Devouring Army. Although Little Flame and the rest had returned to the Demon Region, they left a thousand Tiger Devouring Army troops behind to protect the Lin Clan. Therefore, with this force around, it was obvious that no one would dare to plot against the Lin Clan.

Currently, the Lin Clan enjoyed a high status within the Great Yan Empire. However, after Lin Xiao became the new tribe leader, he used some ruthless methods to clean up the clan. In fact, clansmen who abused the Lin Clan’s name and tarnished its reputation were the ones who were subjected to the harshest punishments. However, no one in the Lin Clan dared to object to Lin Xiao’s harsh methods. In fact, even those extremely experienced elders had no choice but to submit to him. This was because everyone clearly knew how the Lin Clan managed to obtain its current status...

Lin Xiao’s efforts to clean up the clan were also quite effective. As such, the Lin Clan was no longer as arrogant as before. In fact, it was rare to hear of Lin Clan members who would take advantage of their clan’s reputation to misbehave. Therefore, this allowed the reputation of the Lin Clan within the Great Yan Empire to rise stealthily.

Suddenly, a few rays of light flashed across the horizon of the capital, before they streaked across the sky. In a couple of flashes, those rays of light had already entered the capital before they headed straight towards the Lin Clan. Meanwhile, the troops from the Tiger Devouring Army, who were guarding the Lin Clan, also detected this. However, the caution on their faces quickly disappeared. Instead, a heated and reverent expression took its place as they hurriedly knelt down on one knee.

Many members of the Lin Clan were startled when they saw this scene. Promptly, wild joy surged within their eyes. After all, they knew that the only person in the Lin Clan who could command such respect from these extremely powerful individuals, was that legendary man.

“Junior tribe leader is back!” A frantic and joyous commotion erupted within the entire Lin Clan instantly.

Lin Xiao, who was in the meeting room, had also detected the commotion within the clan. Soon after, he hurriedly led some elders and walked out. The instant they came out, they saw that several lights were flashing in the courtyard in front of the meeting room. Finally, a couple of figures appeared.


When she saw Lin Dong, joy immediately appeared on Liu Yan’s face, who was standing behind Lin Xiao. Meanwhile, standing beside her, Lin Xiao was also full of smiles.

Lin Dong grinned at them. Then, he moved aside, revealed the girl hiding behind him.

“You… Qingtan?” Liu Yan and Lin Xiao were startled as their eyes widened immediately.

“Father, mother.”

Initially, Qingtan was still a little hesitant. However, when she saw the tears rolling down Liu Yan’s face, her eyes turned red immediately. Following which, she began to sob before she leapt into Liu Yan’s embrace.

Liu Yan hugged her carefully, before she looked at her familiar face. It has been many years since they met and her small face was no longer as immature looking as before. However, this only caused Liu Yan’s heart to ache. In fact, this heartache was even more intense compared to the one she experienced, when she thought of the hardships that Lin Dong must have suffered while he was roaming outside.

“You lass. Over all these years, you never sent us a message. Are you trying to drive us mad?!” Liu Yan hugged Qingtan tightly. After which, she involuntarily extended her hand before she violently smacked that girl’s buttocks in anger.

Qingtan moaned. Her small face was red as she wiggled in Liu Yan’s embrace. Judging by her current demeanor, in no way did she resemble that cold and stern palace master of Darkness Palace. In fact, she looked exactly like a little girl who had been caught red-handed after leaving home on her own.

“Humph, you’re finally willing to return?” Lin Xiao asked with a stern expression.

“Father, I really missed you.” Qingtan grabbed Lin Xiao’s large hand before she smilingly said.

Lin Xiao snorted and he was just about to scold her. However, when he saw the brilliant smile on her beautiful flower like face, he found himself at a loss for words. There was no telling just how much hardship this lass had suffered on the outside over the last few years. Just thinking about it made his heart ache.

“It’s good now that you are back. However, if you dare to leave home without telling us in the future, I will get your big brother to punish you!” Lin Xiao snorted. However, his tensed face slowly relaxed. Then, he extended his large and rough hand, before he rubbed Qingtan’s small head and sighed, “But… it’s good that you are back. It’s good that you are back.”

“Father, mother, sorry. I’ve learnt my lesson.” Qingtan’s eyes reddened after she heard Lin Xiao sighing in relief. She had also been through a lot over the past few years. Therefore, she knew how precious and valuable the selfless pure love from Lin Xiao and Liu Yan were.

When Lin Dong saw his parents sighing, he gently smiled. Their family was finally reunited.

Liu Yan hugged Qingtan. Then, she suddenly spotted Ling Qingzhu, who was standing beside Lin Dong. Immediately, she was stunned. At this moment, the latter had already removed her veil and revealed her gorgeous face. Despite this, Liu Yan still managed to recognise her. Promptly, joy rose in her eyes as she quickly tugged Lin Xiao’s sleeve.

Lin Xiao finally recovered after being reminded by her. Then, he smilingly looked at Ling Qingzhu, before he coughed dryly and said, “Dong’er. Since you have brought a guest back, why didn’t you introduce us to her?”

Lin Dong was speechless. Didn’t they meet her before?

Beside him, when Ling Qingzhu saw the scene in front of her, her face became slightly flushed. In the past, when she came to visit Lin Xiao and Liu Yan, she chose to do so as Lin Dong’s friend. Therefore, none of her visits were as ambiguous as this one. Moreover, there were so many members of the Lin Clan in her surroundings staring at her.

“Junior Ling Qingzhu greets the both of you.” Ling Qingzhu bowed slightly before she said in a soft and respectful manner.

She was a lady that was so gorgeous that her looks could devastate an entire country and she had a cold demeanor. However, her rarely seen gentle and subservient demeanor caused even Lin Dong, who was standing beside her, to become somewhat absent-minded.

Unknowingly, countless Lin Clan members had scaled the walls around this courtyard. In fact, some of them even resorted to climbing the large trees outside. After which, they were all staring in shock at that absolutely gorgeous lady. In fact, many of them were salivating. Soon after, a commotion erupted.

“Wah, what a gorgeous fairy-esque lady…”

“What relationship does she have with brother Lin Dong?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Big brother Lin Dong brought her back to our Lin Clan to meet his parents. What relationship could they possibly have?”

“Big brother Lin Dong is truly skilled.”

Although the commotion occurred outside the courtyard, given Ling Qingzhu’s senses, she could naturally hear all their conversations. Soon after, her pretty face became boiling hot. Then, she clenched her teeth gently before she glared at Lin Dong, who was currently smiling in an embarrassed manner.

“Haha, it’s actually Miss Qingzhu.”

Liu Yan smiled as she walked forward and held Ling Qingzhu. However, her eyes were continuously sweeping over the latter’s body. Meanwhile, joy and satisfaction was present in her eyes, and she could not hide it no matter how much she tried to. Hence, under her gaze, the embarrassment within Ling Qingzhu’s eyes intensified. However, she could only brace herself and face Liu Yan head-on.

Liu Yan clearly liked Ling Qingzhu a lot. Moreover, she knew that the latter had a cold and indifferent character, and did not like to be the focus of attention. Therefore, Liu Yan quickly pulled her and Qingtan back into the house. After which, countless disgruntled cries sounded from around the courtyard. This caused Lin Dong to be slightly annoyed, as he promptly scanned the place with his sharp eyes. Immediately, many figures standing on the walls of the courtyard began to shrink backwards in a miserable fashion. Following which, howls sounded from around the courtyard.