Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1247: Awakening Fen Tian

Chapter 1247: Awakening Fen Tian


Chapter 1247: Awakening Fen Tian

Old man Fen Tian slowly opened his eyes before he looked at the young man standing in front of him. In his mind, he felt like that face was somewhat familiar looking. However, he frowned as he tried to clear his mind. Although he was able to live forever after he made himself into a zombie, compared to an ordinary man, there were still some differences.

“You…” Old man Fen Tian spoke in a lost tone.

“Elder Fen Tian, this junior is called Lin Dong. I met you once three years ago.” With a gentle smile on his face, Lin Dong clenched his hand before a bright red cauldron appeared. It was the Burning Sky Cauldron that old man Fen Tian gave him back then. Moreover, this treasure helped Lin Dong to survive numerous crises over the years and it even saved his life.

“Is that… the Burning Sky Cauldron?”

Old man Fen Tian was staring in shock at the Burning Sky Cauldron. Promptly, his eyes seemed to have brightened slightly as he hurriedly took it. Then, he used his eyes to size up Lin Dong. A moment later, as if he recalled something, he spoke in a startled voice, “You… you are that little fellow from back then?”

Old man Fen Tian did not have a clear concept of time. Within his blurry memories, he seemed to recall that he once met Lin Dong many years ago. After that, he even gave his Burning Sky Cauldron to the latter.

However, he did not expect that when he once again left the darkness, that young man who looked extremely weak in his eyes back then, was now in possession of such terrifying strength.

He could clearly detect the pressure radiating from Lin Dong’s body. In fact, that pressure caused the Life and Death Qi within his body to become a little sluggish.

Lin Dong nodded his head gently and said, “Back then, elder mentioned that if I wanted to rescue you, I will have to return after I understood Reincarnation. Although I have yet to reach that level, I believe that I possess the strength to wake you up.”

Old man Fen Tian was startled. With a complicated expression in his eyes, he looked at the young man in front of him. Back then, he thought that he was going to die for sure. It was also why he gave all the Life Qi within his body to Lin Dong. This was merely a convenient gesture before he died. However, who could have imagined that this small act of kindness would actually allow him to reap such great benefits in the future?

“Young friend… thank you.”

Old man Fen Tian released a deep sigh, before he slowly bowed towards Lin Dong. What he had given Lin Dong back then was hardly worth mentioning compared to what he had received now.

“Elder, there is no need to be so courteous. Currently, the Life Qi and Death Qi within your body are once again in equilibrium. If you can advance to the Reincarnation stage, you might be able to escape from your zombie state and become genuinely alive once again.” Lin Dong waved his hand and said.

“Sigh, how can it be so easy to escape from this zombie state. It is impossible to detect Reincarnation in my state.” Old man Fen Tian sighed and said.

“That may not be true. Elder, feel the insides of your body.” Lin Dong gave a mysterious smile before he said.

Old man Fen Tian was startled upon hearing this. He pondered for a moment before he sensed his body as told. Soon after, shock surfaced on his elderly face. After which, that shock intensified before it turned into joy, “Are… Are these Reincarnation Will?”

“Previously, I obtained an inheritance from an elder. I will be giving this Reincarnation Will to elder Fen Tian.” Lin Dong smilingly said.

Old man Fen Tian was so grateful that his body began to tremble, while tears rolled down his elderly face. Originally, he thought that he would have to spend the rest of his life in his current state, which was worse than death. However, who could have thought that not only was he able to awaken, but his body once again possessed Reincarnation Will. As such, he once again possessed the qualifications to attempt to breakthrough to the Reincarnation stage.

When Lin Dong saw how excited old man Fen Tian was, he gently smiled. Although what the latter gave him in the past was hardly worth mentioning now, Lin Dong still felt tremendous respect towards an honorable man like him, who was willing to turn himself into a zombie in order to suppress the Yimo. Therefore, now that he was able to help him, Lin Dong naturally felt extremely happy as well.

“Young friend, I will never forget this huge favour. In the future, if you ever need my help, I will make sure that I do everything that I can!” Old man Fen Tian bowed excitedly towards Lin Dong. However, the latter quickly stopped him.

“Elder is far too courteous.” Lin Dong smiled and shook his head. He was just about to speak when his expression suddenly changed. This was because he realized that the volcano was trembling gently. Meanwhile, an extremely dense demonic aura seeped out from beneath the volcano.

“Oh no. That Yimo general, whom I have been suppressing, has awakened.” Old man Fen Tian was startled when he saw this. All along, he had been sitting in place and suppressing that Yimo general. However, now that he had awakened, that Yimo general had actually followed suit.


After his voice sounded, the demonic aura beneath the lava became even denser. In the next instance, the demonic aura began to flow with the lava before it eroded the entire volcano. Within less than a dozen breaths, the entire volcano was turned into dust by that demonic aura.

After that large volcano disappeared, an extremely frightening demonic aura soared towards the sky. Following which, a devil figure bellowed from within the demonic aura. Moreover, his aura was several times more powerful compared to before.


When that lava old man sensed the strength of the demonic aura, his expression changed dramatically before he involuntarily cried out loud, “How is this possible? That Yimo general has actually evolved?!”

A tinge of shock flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes when he heard this. He was naturally able to tell that the strength of this Yimo general had soared and he had clearly reached the level of a Yimo king. This fellow was very formidable. It turns out that while he was being sealed, he was actually accumulating his strength in an attempt to break into the Yimo king level. Moreover, he had actually succeeded.

“Oh no, young friend Lin Dong. All of you should leave immediately. That Yimo general has successfully evolved into a king and he is comparable to a Reincarnation stage expert. I am afraid that I can no longer suppress him.” Old man Fen Tian hurriedly said.

“Tsk tsk, old ghost Fen Tian, you didn’t expect this, did you? Not only was I not turned into dust under your suppression, but I even managed to make a breakthrough in that hopeless situation. Now that I have advanced to the king level, how can you possibly fight against me?” Demonic aura permeated the sky. That devil figure stood in the sky as he looked at old man Fen Tian. Meanwhile, his sinister face was filled with a cold expression.

Old man Fen Tian clenched his teeth. He was just about to go all-out and block this Yimo king, when Lin Dong extended his hand and stopped him. Then, the latter looked at the Yimo king, who was laughing arrogantly, before he smiled and shook his head. “I have even fought with the Seventh Seat King from the Devil Prison. A mere Yimo like you, who has just advanced to the king level, actually dares to act so arrogantly in front of me. What a joke.”

His arrogant laughter came to a sudden halt. Then, that Yimo king stared at Lin Dong in shock, before he quickly mocked, “What nonsense are you sprouting? The Seventh Seat King is a great man that can match up to the Ancient Masters. Someone like you is merely an ant in his eyes.”

Lin Dong smiled. However, he stopped arguing with him. Instead, an icy chill slowly rose within his eyes.


All of a sudden, thunder resounded across the sky. Following which, thunder clouds came from all directions and gathered in the sky. Meanwhile, there were countless thunderbolts dancing within them, while an extremely frightening ripple spread.

When he saw this scene, the Yimo king was greatly startled. Immediately, he lifted his head before he stared in shock at this scene. Meanwhile, he felt extremely uneasy in his heart.

“There’s something strange about this fellow.”

That Yimo king was not a fool. When he saw this formation, he felt danger rising within his heart. Then, his eyes glimmered before he quickly retreated.

Old man Fen Tian, who was originally preparing himself for a huge fight, was startled when he saw that the Yimo king was retreating. However, even before he could speak, Lin Dong gave a faint smile. Then, he clenched his hand before the space around that Yimo king became distorted. Following which, four huge black holes appeared, trapping the Yimo king within, before an extremely violent tearing force erupted. This immediately frightened that Yimo king, forcing him to wildly circulate his demonic aura in an attempt to block that attack.

Countless thunderbolts were gathering in the sky. Finally, they transformed into a ten thousand feet large lightning dragon that came whistling down ferociously. Then, under the shocked stare from that Yimo King, it charged into that sealed black hole prison.


A lightning sun erupted in the sky, before wild and violent thunderbolt force spread. In fact, a significant amount of the demonic aura in the sky above the Unique Devil Region were also removed.

A miserable scream was being emitted from within the lightning sun. After which, old man Fen Tian was stunned when he saw that extremely arrogant Yimo king, who had just made a breakthrough, disappearing at a frightening rate. In the next instant, he had vanished from this world.

Old man Fen Tian’s eyes were filled with shock. He had fought with the Yimo many times and naturally knew that they had an extremely powerful lifeforce. In fact, even an ultimate Reincarnation stage expert would have difficulties killing a Yimo king and all they could do was to seal it. However, Lin Dong had easily killed a Yimo king. His abilities… were far too terrifying.

Lin Dong patted his hands as the thunder clouds in the sky scattered. Meanwhile, there were hardly any emotions in his eyes. With his current strength, an ordinary Yimo king was no match for him. Moreover, this fellow had just advanced to the king level and he actually dared to act so haughtily in front of him. That arrogant bastard was completely out of his depth.

“Young friend Lin Dong’s techniques have truly left me in awe. I have embarrassed myself previously.” Old man Fen Tian slowly recovered his senses. Then, he looked straight at Lin Dong before he sighed.

Only now, did he finally understand how powerful this young man, who needed his help back then, had became.

Lin Dong grinned. He looked at the Yimo king, who had disappeared, before he turned to look at the ground below. Then, he involuntarily frowned. Logically speaking, after one was sealed, even if one didn’t gradually lose one’s strength, one shouldn’t be able to make a breakthrough. Therefore, why did such an odd case occur?

Moreover, there was a massive gap between the general level and the king level, and it was extremely difficult to advance from the former to the latter.

Lin Dong frowned and pondered for a moment. However, he did not make any progress. Hence, all he could do was to shake his head. Perhaps that fellow got lucky.

“Elder Fen Tian, where do you plan to go now that the Yimo has been eliminated?” Lin Dong looked at old man Fen Tian and asked.

“My old life has been bestowed by you. Since that fellow has been eliminated, if you don’t mind, can I follow beside you?” Old man Fen Tian pondered for a moment before he smilingly replied. After all, he was someone from the ancient times and he did not know anyone now. Therefore, he naturally had nowhere to go.

“It just so happens that I am heading back to my clan. Since elder Fen Tian has nowhere to go, you can stay in my clan as a guest elder if you are interested.” Lin Dong smiled. Old man Fen Tian was extremely powerful. Therefore, if the latter stayed in his Lin Clan, he could help to protect his family members.

To begin with, since old man Fen Tian had nowhere to go, he did not object as he quickly nodded with a smile.

When he saw this, Lin Dong stopped lingering in this place. He waved his hand before he quickly left the Unique Devil Region. However, right before he left the Unique Devil Region, he involuntarily turned his head and glanced at this place. For some unknown reason, an uneasy sensation had rose deep within his heart. However, it was an extremely faint sensation and it disappeared in a flash. Promptly, a doubtful expression flashed across his eyes, before his body moved and he disappeared.