Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1245: Matter of the Devil Prison

Chapter 1245: Matter of the Devil Prison


Chapter 1245: Matter of the Devil Prison

Lin Dong was slightly startled when he heard the Thunderbolt Master’s words. It was not strange for the latter to detect the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol in his body. However, from the latter’s tone, it was obvious that the Thunderbolt Master had learnt about him from a conversation with the Flame Master.

Although Lin Dong was unaware of how the Flame Master had described him, he still nodded. Soon after, he cupped his hands together towards the Thunderbolt Master and said, “Thank you for your aid Thunderbolt Master.”

Although the Seventh Seat King would not have been able to do as he pleased if they were to fight it out, Lin Dong’s group would be forced to pay a certain price. Hence, he had to thank the Thunderbolt Master for lending a hand.

“Killing the Yimo is my duty and responsibility. I have spent a long time searching for them. It is only because of you that I managed to obtain a clue today. Therefore, there is no need for you to thank me.” The Thunderbolt Master shook his head. His voice was as loud as thunder.

The Thunderbolt Master’s eyes swept towards Lin Dong. The former’s eyes appeared to be judging the latter. Finally, he nodded, “It is surprising that you are actually able to break the Seventh Seat King’s Devil Emperor Armor with your current strength. It seems that you are just as remarkable as the Flame Master described.”

His voice contained a rare trace of amazement. He had fought far too many times with the upper echelons of the Yimo, and was naturally well aware of just how strong the Devil Emperor Armor was. It was the only reason why that Seventh Seat King had been able to endure for such a long time in his hands. Yet, Lin Dong was able to rely on his own power to break the Devil Emperor Armor. Even the Thunderbolt Master could not help but be somewhat amazed.

Lin Dong merely chuckled. In order to achieve such a result, that attack had gathered powers of the two Ancestral Symbol strength in his body and the mysterious power obtained from the Zenith. It could be considered his strongest attack. Despite this, it had only been able to injure the Seventh Seat King. Killing him was still impossible.

The Thunderbolt Master looked at Lin Dong. He suddenly hesitated for a moment, before he said, “Can I take a look at the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol?”

His voice was a little softer than usual. The Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol was a natural divine object, and he was the first owner of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. However, he was well aware that such a divine object would seek its own owner. Back then, he had cut off his connection with the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol when he fell into a deep slumber. Plus, its new owner was Lin Dong. Hence, even he did not have any right to retrieve it.

Lin Dong smiled upon hearing the Thunderbolt Master’s words. After which, he nodded and extended his hand. Lightning converged within it as an ancient lightning symbol slowly appeared.

The Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol flickered and drifted towards the Thunderbolt Master when it appeared. The latter’s face was full of reminisce as he extended his large hand and touched it. “It has been a long time, old partner.”

Buzz buzz.

The Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol emitted a buzzing sound. After which, a lightning arc swirled on the Thunderbolt Master’s palm. The Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol also possessed a spirit. Therefore, it also had some feelings towards its first owner.

The Thunderbolt Master rubbed the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. It was a long time later before he handed it back to Lin Dong and said, “You are the current owner of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol and should be aware of some responsibilities that come with this status. I hope that you will not bring dishonor to its name.”

Lin Dong grasped the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. Lightning flickered on his palm as he looked at the Thunderbolt Master. “Don’t you want to take back the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol? Without the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, there will ultimately be something missing in the name of the Thunderbolt Master, right?”

The Thunderbolt Master shook his head and said, “The eight ancient masters do indeed possess the greatest connection with the eight Ancestral Symbols. However, from a certain point of view, we are merely allies. They have their own freedom and have the right to choose their new owners. If the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol is without an owner, I will naturally bring it away with me. However, it has already chosen a new owner for itself. Since this is the case, its choice is definitely the most suitable for it. The choice of the Ancestral Symbol is never wrong.”

The Thunderbolt Master smiled after saying this. There was some pride in his smile, “Moreover, you should not underestimate us. It is true that the Ancestral Symbols can further strengthen us. However, even without them, we are still powerful. Due to having accompanied them for such a long time, we have already assimilated their power.”

Lin Dong was stunned upon hearing this.

“You don’t understand?” A mysterious expression slowly rose on the face of the Thunderbolt Master. He slowly extended his hand and clenched it. Lightning flashed and appeared. Within the lightning was an extremely familiar power. It was the power of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.

“Although we currently… do not possess the Ancestral Symbols, we… can be called… human shaped Ancestral Symbols.”

“Therefore, even without the Ancestral Symbols, we still possess their power… however, we still require the Ancestral Symbols in order to unleash certain extremely powerful techniques.”

Amazement rose on Lin Dong’s face. No wonder the Flame Master and Thunderbolt Master were not overly focused on the Ancestral Symbols after awakening. The power of the Ancestral Symbols had taken root and developed in their bodies...

“However, only those who have obtained the maximum mastery over the Ancestral Symbol will still possess its powers after cutting their connection to the Ancestral Symbol. Although the Ancestral Symbols have experienced many outstanding owners after us, it is extremely rare to find someone who has reached our level.”

The Thunderbolt Master looked at Lin Dong and said, “You might perhaps be able to reach that level in future. Moreover, there are two Ancestral Symbols in your body. It is impossible to tell just what kind of changes will occur when their power is assimilated.”

Lin Dong silently nodded. He was already rather proficient with regards to the Ancestral Symbols. However, perhaps because he was in possession of two great Ancestral Symbol, he was temporarily unable to reach the limits that the Thunderbolt Master and the others had reached.

The Thunderbolt Master watched Lin Dong keep the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol in his body. He was quiet for a moment before he said, “The Flame Master has already spoken to me about the Ice Master.”

Lin Dong was stunned.

“Of course, the others should also be aware of this matter when they awaken.”

The corners of Lin Dong’s lips twitched slightly. His peripheral vision glanced at Ling Qingzhu beside him. However, she merely quietly watched the distant mountain forest. It was as though she did not hear anything that had been said.

“We are also quite surprised that the situation had developed in such a manner. Originally, we believed that given little junior sister’s character, it was likely that she will never have any feelings towards a certain man.” The Thunderbolt Master’s eyes were a little strange as he looked at Lin Dong. He had been dazed for a good part of the day when he first heard of this from the Flame Master. Clearly, he was unable to imagine that the cold ten thousand year ice like little junior sister would actually become like this one day…

“She is not her.” Lin Dong sighed softly and said.

The Thunderbolt Master smiled faintly. His eyes contained a deeper meaning in them as he stared at Lin Dong and said, “Perhaps… since little junior sister has spoken, we will not dwell on this matter too much for the time being. However… I have to warn you that she will ultimately have to return.”

“This is because… this world still needs her.”

Lin Dong deeply inhaled and slowly nodded. “I know. I will use my own methods to change this. You people will perhaps find it comical, but giving up is not part of my character.”

The Thunderbolt Master appeared to be aware that Lin Dong would answer in this matter. Hence, he did not say anything else.

“Where will you be heading to next?” Lin Dong changed the topic and asked.

“Earlier, I planted a lightning seal on the Seventh Seat King and I can roughly sense his position. I need to go and scout for awhile. The fact that those fellows have hid for so many years has always made me uneasy.” The Thunderbolt Master voiced his thoughts.

“Alone?” Lin Dong was taken aback. Although the Thunderbolt Master was frighteningly strong, the Devil Prison was not ordinary either. An example was the Fifth Seat King that had appeared previously. He was obviously a peak expert who had experienced three Reincarnation Tribulations, and there should be four other powerful existences with such strength above him. It was clearly a little too much for the Thunderbolt Master to deal with them.

“The strongest few fellows of Devil Prison also suffered extremely serious injuries back then. Currently, they should be doing their best to recover. Hence, Devil Prison will ultimately not dare to fight me head on. Otherwise, they would not have continue to hide.” The Thunderbolt Master said.

The Thunderbolt Master smiled faintly after his words sounded. “Moreover, even if I encounter some danger, even the strongest Heaven Seat King will not be able to stop me from leaving.”

His words contained some pride. As the Thunderbolt Master, his speed was outstanding amongst the eight ancient masters. It was not easy to retain him.

“Heaven Seat King?” Lin Dong glanced at the Thunderbolt Master. He had heard this name from the Seventh Seat King earlier.

“He is the boss of Devil Prison and an extremely troublesome fellow. Back then, he was the strongest existence under the Yimo Emperor. I fought him back then, but was no match for him.” The eyes of the Thunderbolt Master clearly hardened when this name was mentioned. “However, that fellow was seriously injured after clashing with little junior sister. It is likely that he has yet to recover. Otherwise, only little junior sister will be able to handle him if he appears. At that time…”

He glanced at Lin Dong after saying this. His meaning was clear. Once the Heaven Seat King appeared… the Ice Master should also emerge. Perhaps, this was the remaining time they gave to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong clenched his fist tightly.

“I should get going. Devil Prison has failed to deal with you this time, and will likely not dare to do anything for now. They will most probably remain quiet until the strongest few of Devil Prison completely recover.” The Thunderbolt Master said.

Lin Dong nodded, “Be careful.”

The Thunderbolt Master did things with great efficiency. After saying everything he wanted to, he ceased staying in this place. He waved towards Lin Dong’s group and bright lightning appeared around him. After which, thunder rumble as lightning flashed and his body vanished.

Lin Dong looked at the spot where the Thunderbolt Master had vanished and sighed softly. It seemed that this world was becoming increasingly chaotic. It was impossible to tell just when the hidden Yimo would burst forth.

When that time came, it was obvious that the second world war would once again begin.