Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1244: Thunderbolt Master

Chapter 1244: Thunderbolt Master


Chapter 1244: Thunderbolt Master

“Thunderbolt Master?”

Everyone present was taken aback when these two words escaped the mouth of the Seventh Seat King. After which, their eyes peered into the distance in a startled manner where a lightning world was rumbling towards them. A well-built figure towered within the lightning filled sky. The thunderbolt under his feet leaped forward, traveling over a hundred thousand feet in an instant.

Lin Dong was also a little shocked as he looked at the figure atop the thunderbolts. Was this person the Thunderbolt Master of the eight ancient masters mentioned by the Flame Master?

The figure was extremely quick. He was still at the edge of the sky when the thunder rumbled. However, lightning had was already gathering in the sky above by the time the thunder faded, and a figure appeared before everyone’s eyes.

Lin Dong and the rest were now finally able to clearly view this figure. He was rather burly and seemed to be middle-aged. With a head full of silver hair, his appearance was a little rough around the edges. A pair of lightning pupils were present under his thick eyebrows. Those eyes were filled with coldness and violence. A thunderbolt tattoo was present on his bare arm. An ancient and berserk ripple faintly emanated from it, causing the surroundings to tremble slightly.


The lightning in the sky grew increasingly dense and concentrated as those silver eyes of his slowly focused on the Seventh Seat King’s group, while an indescribable pressure spread from him.

“I have been searching for you people all over the world. I never imagined that you would actually dare to show yourselves.”

He stared at the Seventh Seat King as his low voice thundered across the area. Even the air seemed to shudder in response.

“Thunderbolt Master, you are really persistent!” The Seventh Seat King was grim as he looked at the Thunderbolt Master and said through gritted teeth.

“How can I compare to you people?” The Thunderbolt Master said in a faint voice. His stern appearance gave one a cold and strict feeling.

“Since I have found you, why don’t you tell me where those fellows are hiding?” The Thunderbolt Master stared at the Seventh Seat King and said in a deep voice.

“Tsk, you really like you boast as much as you did back then. Are you planning on fighting our Demon Prison alone? If that is the case, why were all of you forced into a slumber back then?” The Seventh Seat King laughed coldly.

“At the very least, you aren’t qualified to speak to me in such a manner!”

The Thunderbolt Master said in an indifferent manner. Soon after, a lightning glow flashed within his eyes and his large hand suddenly clenched. Endless lightning gathered at his palm, turning into six fist-sized lightning balls. Lightning arcs danced wildly over the lightning balls as a destructive ripple spread from them.


He did not show any courtesy. With a wave of his hand, the six lightning ball disappeared. In the next moment, they had already shot out from the space behind the Seventh Seat King’s group.

The Seventh Seat King hurriedly turned around as monstrous Demonic Qi surged. A hand covered by the Devil Emperor Armor threw a punch and ruthlessly smashed onto the lightning balls.


Lightning glow spread wildly as a moan emerged from the Seventh Seat King’s throat. His body was sent flying a thousand feet back and his arm had been charred black. It was likely that just this attack alone would have crippled one of his arms if not for the protection of the Devil Emperor Armor.


Although the Seventh Seat King had blocked this attack, the other five Yimo kings did not possess the strength to do so. The lightning balls rushed at them and the Demonic Qi on their bodies crumbled almost instantly. Incomparably violent thunderbolt power erupted in front of them and the five of them emitted a miserable screech. After which, their bodies began to melt away at a frightening speed.

Within a short period of time, five Reincarnation stage experts were killed by the Thunderbolt Master in a single move!

Lin Dong was slightly startled upon seeing this scene. The two grand elders from Darkness Palace were dumbstruck while their bodies trembled violently. Such strength had robbed them of the courage to even fight.

“You!” The Seventh Seat King gnashed his teeth in anger after seeing that the five Yimo kings had been killed by the Thunderbolt Master in the blink of an eye. Murderous desire erupted from the former’s eyes.

“Will you tell me where those fellows are hiding now? Especially that fellow called Heaven Seat King. Is he still unwilling to show himself after hiding for tens of thousands of years?” The Thunderbolt Master’s eyes were emotionless as he said in a faint voice.

“Heaven Seat King?” Ridicule was revealed in the Seventh Seat King’s eyes when he heard this. “Thunderbolt Master, you nearly died at his hands back then. Yet, you still dare to search for him? I think it would be better to invite the Ice Master out!”

“It seems that you are unwilling to speak…”

The Thunderbolt Master shook his head and frightening desire to kill erupted within his lightning eyes. After which, he took a step forward.

The Seventh Seat King’s pupils shrunk the moment the Thunderbolt Master took a step forward. Demonic Qi exploded while his body turned into a flash of black lightning as he pulled back.

“You are far too slow.”

The space behind him was torn open just as his body pulled back and the Thunderbolt Master appeared in a ghost like fashion. Five fingers were tightly grasped as lightning danced wildly on his arm. After which, his punch heavily smashed onto the back of the Seventh Seat King.

Lightning shot in, and the body of the Seventh Seat King turned into a black ray of light as it fell, directly flattening a mountain in the process.

The Thunderbolt Master extended two fingers and pressed them onto the air. Frightening lightning spluttered out and viciously dashed towards the collapsed mountain. Soon after, the rubble was turned into dust. The figure within could not dodge in time and was blasted by the lightning. A mouthful of black blood was spat out and his body was smeared across the ground, creating a hundred thousand feet deep scar.

The Seventh Seat King, who had forced Lin Dong into an extremely dangerous situation, had been utterly crushed!

The Seventh Seat King miserably pushed himself up from the ground. His eyes dripped with venom as he maliciously glared at the Thunderbolt Master. There were many dents on the Devil Emperor Armor on his body. His strength was equivalent to someone who had experienced two Reincarnation Tribulations. The Thunderbolt Master however, was a peak level expert who had already experienced three Reincarnation Tribulations. Without the protection of the Devil Emperor Armor, he would now be seriously injured.

“It has been so many years, yet you are still only able to rely on this tortoise shell of yours.” The Thunderbolt Master looked at the ragged figure of the Seventh Seat King and shook his head. “This Devil Emperor Armor might be strong, but it will not be able to protect your life if I wish to kill you.”

The Seventh Seat King’s expression was grave. With a cold snort, both of his hands suddenly formed a seal. Monstrous Demonic Qi swept out as his body distorted. In the next moment, he turned into a dozen figures that fled in every direction.

Each one of these figures had the same aura, and even the Demonic Qi fluctuation from their bodies appeared to be exactly the same. It was clear that all of them were the real Seventh Seat King and not mere illusions.

The Thunderbolt Master merely watched the Seventh Seat King display his technique in an unsympathetic manner. In the next moment, the former’s body strangely disappeared.


Thunder boomed from the distance the moment the Thunderbolt Master disappeared. Lin Dong lifted his eyes and saw lightning appearing in front of a black figure as though it had teleported. The figure was shattered with a single punch. In the next instant, the bolt of lightning had already appeared in front of another black figure…

Bang bang bang!

Lightning flashed as the Thunderbolt Master displayed an indescribably frightening speed. The dozen figures had barely made any headway before they were blasted apart.

The final black figure was also struck by a punch. However, it did not explode into Demonic Qi. Instead, the figure flew backwards as black blood uncontrollably spurted out. It was obvious that this fellow’s actual body had been forced out.

“Trying to escape in front of me. Have you become stupid?” The Thunderbolt Master coldly looked at the exceptionally miserable Seventh Seat King as heart palpitating killing intent slowly rose in his lightning eyes.

“Since you are unwilling to speak, there is no purpose in your existence. I will just have to kill you to prevent the contamination of this world.” The Thunderbolt Master clenched his hand and endless lightning converged in the sky. Finally, it turned into a ten thousand feet large lightning seal which gave off an incomparably berserk fluctuation.

There was no hesitation once the lightning seal was formed. It was accompanied by a destructive power as it ruthlessly crushed the Seventh Seat King, causing the land to crumble and instantly creating a deep abyss.

The expression in the eyes of the Seventh Seat King changed upon seeing this attack. Monstrous Demonic Qi surged as he forcefully resisted the lightning seal. However, his Demonic Qi grew increasingly weak and thin under the suppression of the lightning seal.

The lightning seal moved nearer and nearer to the Seventh Seat King. The latter tightly gritted his teeth as a fierce glint continued to flicker within his eyes.

The lightning seal finally landed. However, just as it was about to crush the Seventh Seat King, the space behind him was suddenly torn apart, forming a ten thousand feet crack in space. After which, a ten thousand feet large devil hand suddenly extended from the crack and forcibly blocked the lightning seal, before flinging it away.

This unexpected turn of events caused Lin Dong’s group to be startled. Their eyes drifted over and saw a black figure standing with his hands behind him on the ten thousand feet large devil hand.

“Hehe, Thunderbolt Master, it has been so many years since we have met. Must you be so ruthless?’ The black figure on the devil hand smiled towards the Thunderbolt Master and said.

“Fifth Seat King?”

The Thunderbolt Master looked at the devil like figure which had appeared. A ripple flitted across his lightning eyes as he replied, “Someone decent has finally appeared.”

“Thunderbolt Master, I know that you are formidable, but you will not be able to stop me if I want to save him. Therefore, there is no need to waste your strength. You can be reassured that there will ultimately be a battle between our Devil Prison and you ancient masters.”

The devil like figure laughed softly. Soon after, his eyes looked towards Lin Dong and said, “You are that Lin Dong right? How extraordinary. It is unexpected that even old number seven has failed. Consider yourself lucky this time…”

He waved his sleeve as his voice sounded. After which, Demonic Qi engulfed the Seventh Seat King and the space behind him once again cracked open.


The Thunderbolt Master let out a cold snort when he saw this and threw a punch forward. The thunderbolts that filled the sky turned into a hundred thousand feet large lightning lion that pounced forth. It was accompanied by an incomparably wild and violent power as it charged towards the Fifth Seat King.

“Ha ha, you are as rude as ever. However, now is not the time for us to fight. Just you wait Thunderbolt Master. This time, we Yimo will definitely turn the war from tens of thousands of years ago around.”

The Fifth Seat King waved his sleeve. An incomparably enormous devil lotus bloomed and blocked the lightning lion. After which, his body withdrew into the spatial crack. Soon after, the Demonic Qi scattered and finally completely disappeared from the area.

The Thunderbolt Master looked at the spot where the Fifth Seat King had disappeared. With a flick of his finger, a tiny bolt of lightning penetrated the space and noiselessly disappeared.

He finally turned around after doing this and stared at Lin Dong. A long while later, he finally said, “You are the Lin Dong whom the Flame Master mentioned? The current owner of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol?”