Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1243: Lightning Bow, Black Arrow

Chapter 1243: Lightning Bow, Black Arrow


Chapter 1243: Lightning Bow, Black Arrow

A sharp glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes before he suddenly extended his hand. Immediately, thunder clouds came from all directions and gathered in the sky above him. After which, a rumbling sound appeared, before a tens of thousands of feet large lightning dragon came whistling forward. Finally, it directly agglomerated within Lin Dong’s palm.

Lightning arcs danced as that lightning dragon shrunk rapidly. A moment later, a huge silver lightning bow appeared in Lin Dong’s hand.

With a cold expression on his face, Lin Dong stared at the Seventh Seat King, who was standing in the sky. Then, he used one of his hands to slowly draw the lightning bow until it creaked and formed a full arc. The instant the bow was stretched to its limits, deep black light rapidly gathered before they transformed into a black long arrow.

Buzz buzz.

Black light was flowing on the tip of that black long arrow. In fact, it appeared as though there were tiny black holes at that spot. Currently, the bow was drawn. Although the arrow was still resting on the bowstring, the entire space was showing signs of an imminent collapse.

Standing in the sky, the Seventh Seat King’s pupils hardened when he saw Lin Dong’s actions. Promptly, he chuckled, “Impressive. Using the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol as a bow and the Devouring Ancestral Symbol as an arrow. To be able to obtain such mastery over the two great Ancestral Symbols, you have truly exceeded my expectations. However, the gap between us is extremely vast, and regardless of how many techniques you have, you cannot breach this gap.”

“Is that so…”

A faint smile appeared on Lin Dong’s face when he heard this. Inhaling a deep breath of air, a moment later, a chaotic light suddenly flashed before it landed on that black arrow.

That light slowly flowed over the arrow and it did not give off any frightening ripples. However, the Devouring Power surging on the arrow began to shrink at this moment. After which, the surrounding space, which was pressured until it nearly collapsed, actually began to slowly recover.

From the looks of it, it seemed as though the lightning bow and the black arrow in Lin Dong’s hands have completely lost their powers.

A faint pale colour stealthily appeared on Lin Dong’s face. After which, he smiled at the Seventh Seat King. However, his smile was filled with endless ferocity.

Lin Dong suddenly released his finger, which was hooked on the bowstring. Instantly, his eyes became extremely sharp.


That black long arrow instantly disappeared the moment it left the bow. Meanwhile, standing in the sky, the Seventh Seat King’s pupils shrunk violently at this moment.

In the next instant, ocean like monstrous demonic aura swept out from within his body. Meanwhile, his Devil Emperor Armour was covered by a black glow. As the demonic aura swept forth, he looked just like a devil god trampling the world. It was a frightening sight to behold.

Suddenly, the space in front of the Seventh Seat King was torn apart, before a black light shot towards him. However, even before he could react, it had already struck his body ruthlessly.


The Seventh Seat King’s body trembled violently at this moment. Meanwhile, he staggered backwards before a sharp miserable cry was promptly emitted from his mouth. Instantly, the monstrous demonic aura that permeated the sky began to churn.

That black light struck the Seventh Seat King’s chest and penetrated his Devil Emperor Armour. After which, it penetrated his body and left through his back. Finally, without a drop in its momentum, it charged ruthlessly towards the demonic aura light barrier in the sky.


The demonic aura light barrier formed by the five Yimo kings failed to put up any resistance. Immediately, a crisp sound appeared before the demonic aura light barrier blew apart.

The icy cool moonlight once again shone down on this place.


The five Yimo kings’ faces turned pale. After which, all of them spat out a mouthful of black blood. With shock in their eyes, they stared at the figure standing in midair.

“Seventh Seat King?!” The five of them hurriedly cried out. Amidst the churning demonic aura, the Seventh Seat King was staggering. Meanwhile, he was staring at the bloody hole on his chest in shock. Currently, black blood was flowing continuously out from it. It turns out a half a fist size bloody hole had actually appeared on his Devil Emperor Armour. Moreover, there were even small cracks on the edges of that hole.

His Devil Emperor Armour was actually broken?!

“How is this possible…”

The Seventh Seat King used his hand to touch the black blood flowing out from his wound, before he muttered to himself. Suddenly, his eyes turned furious before he cried out sternly, “How is this possible?!”

The monstrous demonic aura behind him descended into chaos. Moreover, a pale colour flashed across his face. Clearly, he was seriously injured by that arrow.

Standing below him, with no emotions on his face, Lin Dong stared at the raging Seventh Seat King. His hand, which drew the bow previously, was now covered with blood. Meanwhile, that hand was also tremblingly gently. Clearly, that previous attack had consumed all of his strength.

“It seems like your broken armour isn’t as powerful as you imagined.” Lin Dong mocked.

“You!” The Seventh Seat King’s expression became distorted. He was just about to attack in anger when he saw that Lin Dong had raised his lightning bow and pointed it at him once again. Moreover, there seemed to be a black long arrow slowly forming on it.

The Seventh Seat King shuddered when he saw that black long arrow again. After all, he did not understand why Lin Dong’s attacks became so powerful all of a sudden. Previously, Lin Dong was merely able to leave a small crack on his Devil Emperor Armour even after using the Eye of the Ancestral Symbol. However, Lin Dong was now able to penetrate both his Devil Emperor Armour and his body, and he even destroyed the demonic aura light barrier in the sky.

With his current strength, how was it possible for Lin Dong to unleash such a powerful attack?!

Fresh blood continuously flowed from the Seventh Seat King’s chest. His eyes were gloomy as he waved his hand. Immediately, the demonic aura sea gushed over before they actually wrapped around him and concealed his body.

“Lin Dong, you should stop putting up a show in front of me. Though that previous attack was extremely powerful, I don’t believe that you can use it continuously. Therefore, regardless of what happens, I will definitely be taking your life today!”

Nestled within the sea of demonic aura, the Seventh Seat King’s dark and sinister voice spread in all directions. As such, Lin Dong was unable to pinpoint his location. Clearly, this fellow was extremely intelligent. After he suffered previously, he no longer dared to expose his body.

Lin Dong remained emotionless. Instead, he merely tightened the grip over his lightning bow.

“Five kings, attack together with me and kill this brat!”

Another sharp cry was emitted from within the demonic sea. In order to kill Lin Dong, it seemed like the Seventh Seat King had no choice but to disregard his status and join forces with the five Yimo kings.

Ling Qingzhu arrived at Lin Dong’s side after hearing those words. With a longsword in her hand, she used her icy cold eyes to stare at the churning demonic sea in the sky.

Lin Dong waved his sleeve, before his Sky Devouring Corpse appeared in a flash. Meanwhile, his eyes were flickering rapidly. The Seventh Seat King was right indeed. That previous attack was as exhausting as the Eye of the Ancestral Symbol. Initially, he thought that he could use that attack to kill the Seventh Seat King. However, he had still underestimated how sturdy the Yimo were.

Moreover, with his current strength, there was no way he could execute that attack continuously. All he could do, was to rely on his Sky Devouring Corpse to buy some time. Once he recovered some of his strength, he would be able to activate the lighting bow and black arrow. At that time, regardless of how powerful the Seventh Seat King was, it was likely that he would sustain severe injuries.

However, during this period of time whereby he was recuperating, he did not know whether Ling Qingzhu and his Sky Devouring Corpse were able to stop the Seventh Seat King and the five Yimo kings.


While he was thinking about this, explosive cries filled with murderous intent sounded from within the demonic sea. After which, six demonic aura light beams suddenly shot towards them.

“You should rest first.” Ling Qingzhu clenched her teeth when she saw that the Seventh Seat King and the rest were attacking them. Clearly, she knew about Lin Dong’s current condition. Therefore, after she spoke, a faint light rushed onto the longsword in her hand.

When Lin Dong saw this, he felt anxious immediately. Although he managed to hurt the Seventh Seat King, these Yimo had an extremely strong lifeforce and they were still able to fight even with such injuries. Therefore, how could Ling Qingzhu possibly fight against them head-on with her current strength?

“Humph. You Yimo, how dare you come to my Darkness City and act as you please! Do you think that my Darkness Palace is a soft persimmon?!”

However, a furious roar was transmitted from afar just as Lin Dong was about to force himself to fight. After which, a streak of light flashed across the horizon, before the entire place darkened immediately. In the next instant, a delicate little figure hurried over together with two other figures. Finally, they appeared beside Lin Dong. They were actually Qingtan and the two grand elders from Darkness Palace.

“Qingtan?!” Lin Dong was startled when he saw these sudden reinforcements. After which, he secretly sighed in relief.

“Big brother Lin Dong, are you alright?” When Qingtan saw that Lin Dong’s hands were covered with blood, she asked anxiously. Then, she quickly said, “We searched the area within a five hundred kilometres radius of the Darkness City, but we could not find you. Fortunately, an energy fluctuation was transmitted from this place previously and we came over immediately.”

Lin Dong shook his head. Then, he lifted his head and looked at the sky. Now that Qingtan and the rest have arrived, there was no longer a need for him to be overly fearful of the Seventh Seat King.

Standing in the sky, amidst the churning demonic sea, the Seventh Seat King and the five other Yimo stopped. Then, they looked at Qingtan’s group, which had hurried over, before their expressions darkened. Initially, they thought that they would be able to kill Lin Dong easily. However, reality did not play out according to their expectations. Not only were they unable to kill the latter, but the Seventh Seat King was also severely wounded by the latter.

“Seventh Seat King, what should we do?” The five Yimo kings looked at the Seventh Seat King before they softly asked.

With a brutal glint glimmering within his eyes, the Seventh Seat King held his chest before a pale expression flashed across his face. Then, he commanded in a menacing voice, “Since they are here, let’s kill them as well. How can a bunch of ants possibly force us to retreat? Dream on!”


When they realized that the Seventh Seat King’s voice was filled with murderous intent, murderous intent surfaced within the eyes of the five Yimo kings. Promptly, demonic aura surged as they prepared to attack in an attempt to eliminate everyone below.

Standing below them, Qingtan released a cold snort when she saw this. Then, she clenched her small hand before her Darkness Saint Scythe appeared. After which, a glow flashed across her scythe before she summoned the Scythe Spirit.

Standing beside her, the two grand elders had a grave expression on their faces. Meanwhile, they were circulating the Yuan Power within their bodies as they steeled themselves to attack.

As the eyes of both parties slowly turned cold, an earth shaking battle was clearly about to occur.


However, just when that tensed atmosphere reached its peak, an extremely loud thunder suddenly resounded through the place. Immediately, everyone present was startled. Then, they hurriedly lifted their heads and looked afar. At the edge of their sight, it was possible to see the darkened sky suddenly turning bright. Meanwhile, a world of thunder began to spread at a frightening rate. In the middle of that Thunder World, stood a tall and muscular figure. He was stepping on a thunderbolt as he streaked across the sky. Meanwhile, a frightening aura, that could not be described with words, permeated the sky.

Fear finally appeared on the Seventh Seat King’s gloomy face when he saw that figure, who was riding on a thunderbolt. Immediately, he cried out involuntarily.

“Thunderbolt Master?!”