Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1242: Detect

Chapter 1242: Detect


Chapter 1242: Detect

The Seventh Seat King stood in the sky pervaded by Demonic Qi. His expression was dark as he looked at the incomparably large ancient formation below and a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

“Ancient Universe Formation… this little fellow is really very surprising.”

He stared at the familiar ancient formation and laughed coldly. The strength of this formation was something he had personally tasted during those ancient times. However, the formation was in the hands of the Symbol Ancestor back then and countless Yimo had been killed by it.

“Five kings, listen up, erode this formation.”

The Seventh Seat King waved his hand and sneered. Although this Ancient Universe Formation was well known, it was clear that Lin Dong had yet to obtain its true essence. Additionally, the latter was far weaker than the Symbol Ancestor. Hence, what was there for him to fear?


The five Yimo kings maintaining the Demonic Qi light barrier in the sky immediately cried out in unison. After which, Demonic Qi seemed to cover the sky and land as it surged from the Demonic Qi light barrier and landed on the Ancient Universe Formation. Demonic Qi rippled. Although it was was constantly purified by the power of the Ancient Universe Formation, even more Demonic Qi surged over, unceasingly exhausting the power of the Ancient Universe Formation.

The Seventh Seat King sat down in the sky as a cold look was revealed in his eyes. Lin Dong’s performance was extraordinary, causing the murderous intent within his heart to grow. He could already sense just how troublesome Lin Dong was after exchanging blows today. If the latter was allowed to continue growing, it was likely that he would be just as difficult to deal with as the eight Ancient Masters.

It was best to finish off such a potential enemy as soon as possible.

With these thoughts in mind, the Seventh Seat King’s eyes became even more sinister as he looked at the Ancient Universe Formation .

“Let me see just how long this Ancient Universe Formation of yours can last.”


Lin Dong’s consciousness seemed to be drifting endlessly within the haziness. His consciousness was extremely blurry. However, he could occasionally feel an indescribable softness.

His consciousness was as weak as a baby’s. While he drifted within the haziness, it vaguely felt as though there was a gentle consciousness coiling around him and protecting him. This feeling was extremely pleasant.

Due to this pleasant, his consciousness also began to approach and entangle with it. Passionate heat rushed past and his body seemed to move. It was possible for him to vaguely hear a soft moan from a lady as she bit her red lips.

Lin Dong’s consciousness continued to drift. Suddenly, a hazy light appeared in the distance. This light seemed to be the light of primal chaos, something that was born when the world began.

His consciousness paused and no longer advanced when it was still some distance from the primal chaos. The light caused his consciousness to feel waves of piercing pain and he did not dare to approach.

The gentle consciousness gently wrapped around him while he helplessly paced back and forth. It was just like a hand that slowly pulled him as they approached the primal chaos.

However, this light clearly possessed damaging properties towards the gentle consciousness. Yet, she continued to tightly wrap around his consciousness as it rippled, preventing him from being hurt by the piercing pain.

However, Lin Dong’s blurry consciousness could still sense the pain that she endured. Soon after, an indescribable emotion surged. His consciousness suddenly swelled and ended up wrapping around that gentle consciousness.

A lady appeared to release a faint cry as his consciousness violently entered her body. After which, the two consciousness charged into the primal chaos.

An indescribably unique feeling was quietly being born. That feeling was as though they were above a certain world…

Time slowly flowed by. A feeling of extreme freeness surged out from his consciousness like floodwaters. Finally, the blurry consciousness slowly began to awaken.

A lush green mountain forest appeared within Lin Dong’s sights when he opened his eyes again. He lay on the ground and lifted his head slightly, only to see violent fluctuations on the large formation.

There was still a faint feeling of dizziness in his head. Lin Dong swung his head from side to side and tossed this feeling aside. After which, he sat up. His pitch-black eyes was still a little dazed.

“You’ve awoken?”

A gentle voice was transmitted from in front of Lin Dong. He lifted his head and saw Ling Qingzhu standing nearby. A pair of clear eyes were quietly looking at him. Her face was still covered by a viel, while her lovely and well proportioned figure revealed a seemingly perfect outline under her white dress.

Her originally tied up black hair was currently scattered and landed behind her perky bottom like a waterfall. She seemed to emit a languid aura for some unknown reason. This aura caused Lin Dong’s recently awoken heart to pound.

“You’ve changed?” Lin Dong involuntarily asked when he looked at Ling Qingzhu.

“What change?” Ling Qingzhu walked over and squatted in front of Lin Dong. Her usually cool and clear eyes contained a faint smile.

“You have become even more beautiful.” Lin Dong smilingly said. He felt a little surprise when he looked at Ling Qingzhu. The latter seldom took the initiative to do something so intimate even if the other party was him.

Lin Dong’s words were right. He did not know why but the current Ling Qingzhu had a soul-stirring beauty. It was not merely external beauty. Instead, it was a beauty that arose from her demeanor.

Ling Qingzhu merely smiled faintly in response to his flattery and softly said, “Stop looking. The Ancient Universe Formation is about to reach its limit. You should think of a way to escape this predicament.”

Lin Dong suddenly recovered after hearing these words. He raised his head to look at the violently shaking Ancient Universe Formation and hastily got to his feet. However, he quickly felt that something was amiss.

“My injuries?”

Lin Dong’s face was filled with surprise. He discovered that the injuries which had appeared in his body after exchanging blows with the Seventh Seat King, had made a full recovery. Even the Yuan Power that had been exhausted earlier had completely recovered.

“Is this because of the medicinal pill you gave me?” Lin Dong looked at Ling Qingzhu. He still vaguely recalled Ling Qingzhu giving him something to eat just before he became unconscious.

Ling Qingzhu shifted her eyes aside and said, “I have already taught you the Zenith Sensing Art.”

“Ah?” Lin Dong was once again startled. When did this happen?

“Calm your heart and you will naturally be able to feel it. However, this is all I can do for you. The level you reach in this ‘Zenith Sensing Art’ will be entirely dependant on yourself.” Ling Qingzhu stood up and said.

Lin Dong frowned. He also stood up and looked at Ling Qingzhu, “Did something happen while I was unconscious? This Zenith Sensing Art…”

Ling Qingzhu shook her head and said, “You have promised me not to mention the Zenith Sensing Art. Since you have already succeeded in learning it, can you please not ask about it?”

Lin Dong looked at Ling Qingzhu’s slightly lowered eyes. He was silent for a moment, before he smiled bitterly and nodded.

“You should first try and feel the Zenith Sensing Art. It will naturally be best if we can escape from the current situation.” Ling Qingzhu turned her head away and softly said. After which, she walked towards a mountain slope. Her pretty eyes were worried as she peered into the distance, while her face appeared absentminded.

Lin Dong looked at the fair and soft figure. A breeze blew over and her ink like hair danced in the wind. He felt a little terrible in his heart for some unknown reason.

Lin Dong shook his head with all his might and gradually calmed the emotions in his heart. After which, he shut his eyes and sensed the mysterious thing which had appeared in his consciousness.

It was not something that had substance or form. Instead, it was a kind of ethereal and illusionary. There seemed to be a kind of strange energy stealthily surging over from that mysterious spot when he touched it.

“This… what exactly is this?”

Lin Dong’s was at a complete loss.

The shaking of the Ancient Universe Formation grew increasingly violently in the sky. It was vaguely possible to sense the monstrous Demonic Qi outside. The Ancient Universe Formation was clearly unable to endure the erosion of the five Yimo kings.


A buzzing sound finally spread in the sky. After which, the huge Ancient Universe Formation suddenly dimmed. The light weakened and it turned into a flash of light that fell from the sky and entered Lin Dong’s body.

The Great Desolate Tablet and the Mysterious Divine Palace also returned after the Ancient Universe Formation did so. From the looks of it, it was obvious that they had exhausted a great amount of their energy.

The entire mountain forest was completely exposed to the monstrous Demonic Qi after the Ancient Universe Formation was defeated. The Seventh Seat King was seated in the air within the Demonic Qi sea. Those sinister eyes of his indifferently looked at the Lin Dong duo, who had once again appeared in his sights.

“Ha ha, it looks like the both of you will not be able to escape death today.” The Seventh Seat King slowly stood up. He looked at Lin Dong as ferocity slowly rose from the corner of his lips.

Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes gradually opened at this moment. Those pitch-black eyes of his were completely undisturbed. There was not even the slightest trace of panic in the face of this desperate situation.

The Seventh Seat King looked at the calm looking Lin Dong and frowned. He felt a little uneasy for some unknown reason. However, he quickly shrugged off this feeling. Less than an hour had passed. How could Lin Dong give him such a feeling from out of the blue?

“Next, the both of you should become a pair of dead lovebirds.”

The Seventh Seat King extended his hand as extremely frightening Demonic Qi gathered in his palm.

Lin Dong’s eyes remained calm. In the next moment, his body had already appeared in front of Ling Qingzhu as he softly said, “Stay behind me. You can be rest assured that since I have brought you out, I will definitely bring you back.”

Ling Qingzhu looked at this skinny figure in front of her and bit her red lips. There was a faint gentleness surging deep within her eyes as she softly acknowledged with a rarely seen gentleness.

Lin Dong lifted his head as his tightly clenched hands slowly relaxed. An extremely sharp fluctuation erupted from within his pitch-black eyes!