Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1240: An All-Out Fight

Chapter 1240: An All-Out Fight


Chapter 1240: An All-Out Fight

Demonic aura surged while the Seventh Seat King stood in the sky. Meanwhile, there was an icy cold metallic glow on his fearsome Devil Emperor Armour. At the same time, a rich and brutal bloodthirsty sensation slowly spread from his body.

His frightening pressure caused one’s heart to pound even faster.

Eight thousand purple-gold dragon light tattoos were currently circling around Lin Dong’s body, while ancient dragon roars sounded. Meanwhile, among his two eyes, one of them was black, while the other was silver. It was an exceptionally strange sight.


Lin Dong’s body once again rushed forward at this moment. Waving both his hands, they directly transformed into an enormous purple-gold dragon claw, before he ruthlessly swiped at the Seventh Seat King.

However, when the Seventh Seat King saw Lin Dong’s fearsome attack, a derisive glint flashed across his eyes. Then, he did not move at all, as he allowed that dragon claw attack, which could easily flatten a mountain range, to land on his body.

Clang clang!

A clear metallic sound appeared. However, the Seventh Seat King did not budge at all. In fact, there wasn’t even a single scar on his Devil Emperor Armour. After which, he smiled faintly as he looked at Lin Dong, before the derision in his eyes became increasingly intense. Finally, he extended his finger, which was also clad in black armour, before he pressed on the empty space.


A demonic light shot directly from his finger. After which, it flew towards that dragon claw, which was agglomerated from eight thousand purple-gold dragon light tattoos, before it tore that claw apart.

“If that’s all you’ve got…” The Seventh Seat King smiled. However, he quickly saw a figure being reflected within his eyes. Moreover, one of his arms was currently in liquid form, and there was lightning glow cracking and black light gathering within that liquidized arm. In fact, it was even vaguely possible to see two ancient symbols floating within.

“You are actually able to control the Ancestral Symbol’s strength to such an extent…” A faint tinge of shock finally flashed across the Seventh Seat King’s eyes. Immediately, he quickly clenched his fist before he threw a punch forward. He did not use any fancy moves. Instead, he only used a massive amount of force, that could seemingly annihilate anything.


That liquidized punch collided head on with the devil fist, which was covered by the Devil Emperor Armour. Instantly, the surrounding space seemingly caved in. Following which, demonic aura spluttered before Lin Dong was once again forcefully pushed back.

However, Lin Dong suddenly swung his sleeve just as he was being pushed back. Then, a light shot out before it instantly expanded with the wind and turned into a huge stone tablet. Meanwhile, there were ancient ripples being emitted from that stone tablet.

“Great Desolate Tablet?” The Seventh Seat King was startled when he saw that stone tablet. Soon after, he shook his head and said, “I never expected such a divine object to be in your possession as well. Unfortunately, it seems like the Great Desolate Tablet has yet to recover its full strength. Otherwise, I might be in a little trouble today.”


While he spoke, the Great Desolate Tablet brought along monstrous lights, before it ruthlessly smashed towards the Seventh Seat King. Meanwhile, there was a huge ancient light formation hovering below the tablet.

However, Lin Dong did not stop after he unleashed the Great Desolate Tablet. He flicked his finger before a seven coloured rainbow appeared. Then, the Mysterious Divine Palace showed up as well. That palace shook before a torrent of divine objects whizzed forward and gushed towards the Seventh Seat King.

“Mysterious Divine Palace…”

When the Seventh Seat King saw the Mysterious Divine Palace, he laughed once again. He had never expected that Lin Dong was actually in possession of two of the top ten divine objects on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking.

“You indeed possess countless techniques. However, they are all useless.”

The Seventh Seat King smiled, before an icy cold colour suddenly appeared in his eyes. After which, he lifted his arm before he directly blocked the Great Desolate Tablet, that was smashing towards him. Then, he lifted his foot before he kicked the torrent of divine objects that was rushing towards him. Immediately, countless divine objects were shattered into dust due to his overwhelming force.

Bang bang!

The Seventh Seat King laughed out loud towards the sky. Then, fist shadows whizzed forward, before heavy punches rained down on the Great Desolate Tablet, forcing it to retreat continuously. Meanwhile, the torrent of divine objects from the Mysterious Divine Palace was also completely blocked by him.

Clad in the Devil Emperor Armour, the Seventh Seat King was so incredibly powerful that it nearly defied logic.

Lin Dong looked at the Seventh Seat King, who managed to block the attacks from the Great Desolate Tablet and the Mysterious Divine Palace, before his eyes became increasingly grave. Soon after, he inhaled a deep breath of air, before he slowly shut both of his eyes. However, soon after, a glowing line emerged between his brows, before it slowly split apart.

After that glowing line split apart, an incredibly mysterious eye appeared between Lin Dong’s brows. It was actually the Eye of the Ancestral Symbol.

The Seventh Seat King’s pupils became focused after he saw the Eye of the Ancestral Symbol. Immediately, he exclaimed, “Eye of the Ancestral Symbol?”

The aura around Lin Dong’s body was quickly withdrawn. Promptly, the Ancestral Symbol eye between his brows became increasingly resplendent. In the next instant, he suddenly opened both of his tightly shut eyes.


The glow from within the Ancestral Symbol eye became extremely intense after Lin Dong opened his eyes. Subsequently, a ray of light filled with black light and lightning glow suddenly shot forward.

That ray of light was extremely mysterious and it was seemingly covered with countless tiny ancient symbols. Meanwhile, there was an extremely frightening fluctuation being emitted from that seemingly feeble looking light.

That ray of light penetrated the empty space instantly. In the blink of an eye, it had reached the Seventh Seat King. Subsequently, it ruthlessly shot onto his chest.


A dazzling bright light spread along with an energy assault wave. However, soon after, that light gradually died down. After which, one saw that the Seventh Seat King was still standing tall in the sky. Nonetheless, a crack had appeared on the chest plate of his Devil Emperor Armour.

When Lin Dong saw this scene, his expression changed involuntarily. After all, he had never expected that even after he activated the Eye of the Ancestral Symbol, he was only able to leave a crack on the Devil Emperor Armour. Just how frightening was this item?

The Seventh Seat King lowered his head to look at the crack on his chest. Then, the expression in his eyes became extremely gloomy. Clearly, he was extremely furious with the fact that Lin Dong had damaged his Devil Emperor Armour. After all, this item was bestowed to him by his emperor, and any damage on it was a source of humiliation to them.

“You should have had your fun?”

The smile on the Seventh Seat King’s face completely vanished. Promptly, he took a step forward before his body immediately appeared in front of Lin Dong, as though he had teleported. Finally, he flipped his hand before he furiously struck towards Lin Dong.


Eight thousand purple-gold dragon light tattoos soared before they transformed into a massive purple-gold dragon and collided with the Seventh Seat King. However, at the moment of impact, the purple-gold light was shattered and the massive purple-gold dragon was forcefully ripped apart.

Lin Dong took this opportunity to retreat. However, that incoming erosive powerful assault wave still caused him to emit a muffled sound from his throat. Clad in the Devil Emperor Armour, the Seventh Seat King was simply too powerful.

After he pushed Lin Dong back with a single palm attack, murderous aura erupted within the eyes of the Seventh Seat King. Clearly, he did not want to prolong the fight. His body moved before he once again caught up. Then, he swung his devil fist before monstrous demonic aura surged.

Bang bang bang!

The two people in the sky once again clashed violently. However, it was clear that Lin Dong had currently fell into a disadvantage. After all, the Devil Emperor Armour clad by the Seventh Seat King was extremely powerful. In fact, even though he used the strength of the Ancestral Symbols previously, he could not deal much damage to the latter. On the other hand, he had to be extremely cautious when dealing with the latter’s attacks. In fact, if it was not because he had the Primal Dragon Bone, it was likely that he would have been seriously wounded.

Despite so, he was still in a pretty bad state.

Another violent clash occurred. Lin Dong felt a sweet sensation rush up his throat before a mouthful of blood gushed into his mouth. Then, he forcefully spat them out. Meanwhile, his eyes became increasingly brutal.

“There are so many treasures on your body. If your physical body is enhanced a little further, it might be comparable to the Chaos Master’s. Unfortunately, I am not interested in keeping an enemy with such potential.” The Seventh Seat King looked at Lin Dong, who had remained standing despite his ferocious attacks. Then, the former involuntarily shook his head before he remarked.

The murderous desire in his eyes grew richer after he spoke. However, just as he was about to attack, a sharp sword glow suddenly erupted from behind him. Although it was quite powerful, it was hardly able to hurt him. Hence, he merely smiled indifferently. Then, he clenched his hand before he forcefully shattered that sword glow.

“With such puny strength…”

He laughed and ridiculed. However, before he could finish laughing, an alluring figure suddenly appeared in front of him. Then, a sharp longsword swiftly pierced towards him, just like a poisonous snake that had left its hole.

“You truly don’t know your own limits.”

That longsword was covered by a mysterious layer of light. The Seventh Seat King’s pupils shrunk right after he spoke. He was just about to pull back, when he realized that the longsword had suddenly sped up. Then, it pierced through the crack on his Devil Emperor Armour with lightning like speed.


The Devil Emperor Armour, which could withstand an all-out attack from an expert who had passed one Reincarnation Tribulation, was now penetrated half an inch by that longsword. Promptly, black blood dripped from the tip of that longsword.


The great pain radiating from his chest instantly caused the Seventh Seat King’s expression to change drastically. He immediately threw a punch before Ling Qingzhu’s delicate figure flew backwards. Then, she spat out a mouthful of blood from under her veil, before her veil subsequently flew off.

With a fearsome glint in his eyes, the Seventh Seat King stared at Ling Qingzhu, who was sent flying by him. Promptly, killing desire gushed into his eyes. He clenched his fist, before viscous demonic aura erupted from his clenched fist like floodwaters. Finally, they streaked across the sky and ruthlessly smashed towards Ling Qingzhu.

When Ling Qingzhu saw the attack from the Seventh Seat King, she gently bit her teeth. Tightening the grip over her longsword, she steeled herself to forcefully counter that attack.

However, before she could make a move, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her in a phantom like fashion. Subsequently, a low roar sounded before purple-gold dragon light tattoos raced across the sky. Then, a fist forcefully smashed against the demonic aura torrent.

The space crumbled. Lin Dong’s body seemed to have suffered a heavy blow as he spurted a mouthful of blood. Meanwhile, his arm was slightly twisted and the terrible pain radiating from it, caused cold sweat to drip off his forehead instantly.

“Lin Dong.” Ling Qingzhu was startled when she saw what Lin Dong did.

“Haha, what a touching scene. Since you wish to protect her, I shall kill her right in front of you!” When the Seventh Seat King saw this scene, the smile on his lips became even more brutal. Then, his body flashed before he vanished in a peculiar fashion.

“Watch out!”

The instant the Seventh Seat King disappeared, Lin Dong’s expression changed drastically. Then, he hurriedly grabbed Ling Qingzhu. However, right after Lin Dong took her into his embrace, the Seventh Seat King had already appeared behind her. Then, an insidious laughter sounded before a palm attack filled with monstrous demonic aura mercilessly landed on Lin Dong’s back.


Lin Dong sputtered out another mouthful of blood. With Ling Qingzhu in his arms, his body swiftly fell from the sky. After which, the both of them landed heavily in the mountain forest.


The Seventh Seat King was laughing heartily. Meanwhile, he was completely merciless when he attacked. Then, he beckoned with his hand before numerous demonic aura torrents were formed. Finally, they streaked across the sky with lightning like speed before they smashed downwards in a ruthless fashion.

In the mountain woods, Lin Dong was carrying Ling Qingzhu while he dodged miserably. Nonetheless, he was still hurt by some aftershocks. Moreover, each time he was hit, he would use his back to forcefully block that attack, ensuring that Ling Qingzhu, who was in his arms, did not suffer any injuries.

That horrifying barrage of attacks caused the land beneath to crack. Lin Dong rolled aside. Currently, the flesh on his back was a complete mess. However, he forcefully endured the pain. Meanwhile, his body was trembling violently while the blood on the corner of his lips became denser.

“That darned bastard.” Lin Dong inhaled a cold breath of air before he forcefully suppressed the giddy sensation within his mind. Meanwhile, he cursed out loud.

Ling Qingzhu looked at his face, which was in close proximity, before she clenched her teeth. The blood on his face made him look a little miserable. However, when she saw his current appearance, she involuntarily bit her lips. Meanwhile, her typically cold and collected eyes also became extremely gentle and even somewhat chaotic.

“Why are you risking your life?”

Ling Qingzhu looked at the exceptionally miserable Lin Dong, who still caused her heart to flutter, before she bit her red lips and muttered.

“If I can’t even protect a woman, how can I call myself a man?” Lin Dong parted his lips and smiled, while his ragged breaths were blown onto Ling Qingzhu’s delicate face. Meanwhile, despite his formidable physical body, the intense pain radiating from within his body still caused cold sweat to continuously drip from his forehead.

He had suffered serious injuries this time around.

“You fool.”

Ling Qingzhu was a little absent-minded as she stared at Lin Dong. Soon after, some tears appeared in her eyes. Using her delicate hands to gently stroke his face, she ignored all the filth before she used her jade like hands to gently wipe off the blood on the corner of his lips. Subsequently, she gently clenched her teeth, before a bewitching smile suddenly appeared on her gorgeous face, causing flowers to pale in comparison.

“All of a sudden, I really want to teach you the Zenith Sensing Art. What should I do?”