Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1239: Devil Emperor Armour

Chapter 1239: Devil Emperor Armour


Chapter 1239: Devil Emperor Armour

A terrifying demonic aura pressure spread far and wide, causing the entire place to darken completely.

This was the first time Lin Dong personally witnessed the frightening might of a member of the upper echelon of the Devil Prison. Moreover, this fluctuation was so powerful that it would even diminish one’s courage to oppose him.

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air with a solemn expression on his face. With his current fighting strength, he could obtain the upper hand when up against an ordinary Reincarnation stage expert by relying on his Yuan Power, which had touched Reincarnation, and his Mental Energy, which was currently at the Supreme Symbol Master level. In addition, if he relied on his two great Ancestral Symbols, he would even be able to fight on par with those peak experts who have passed one Reincarnation Tribulation. However, from a certain point of view, that was his limit.

Unfortunately, the Seventh Seat King standing in front of him, possessed terrifying strength that was equivalent to those who had passed two Reincarnation Tribulations.

It was not going to be easy to survive this crisis...

Lin Dong slowly clenched both of his hands tightly. Then, his pitch-black eyes stared at the Seventh Seat King, who now resembled a devil god thanks to the monstrous demonic sea behind him. Finally, a brutal glow gradually surged from deep within his eyes.

Lin Dong had experienced far too many life and death battles over the years. Therefore, he had already been honed to the point whereby he would not feel fear regardless of who his opponent was. Hence, even though his current opponent was extremely terrifying, if the latter thought that he could finish off Lin Dong easily, he would be too naive.


Thunder clouds gathered rapidly in the sky. Following which, rumbling thunder roars reverberated across the sky.

Lin Dong’s eyes gradually turned strange at this moment. One of his eyes looked as deep as a black hole, while the other was as bright as lightning. One was black while the other was silver. Meanwhile, amidst this peculiar sight, an extremely violent ripple spread.

“I see.”

With a faint smile, the Seventh Seat King looked at Lin Dong, who was currently in that peculiar state. However, his eyes were not smiling. Instead, there was only an endless chill present within them. In the next moment, he pressed his finger on the air.


The mighty demonic sea behind him churned. Then, they turned into a hundred thousand feet large nine-headed devil python. Following which, that python roared towards the sky, before it spurted a vast amount of demonic aura, blotting out the sun in the process.

That nine-headed python had already rushed forward while the demonic aura surged. Under its assault, the space itself began to collapse an inch at a time.

“Rumble rumble!”

The thunder clouds in the sky churned violently. Soon after, a frightening lightning waterfall, that looked like a silver river, came pouring down with a terrifying momentum. Then, it ruthlessly struck onto the body of that nine-headed devil python.

Lightning glow was wildly cracking over the body of that nine-headed devil python. Although the demonic aura would vanish wherever the lightning passed, even more frightening demonic aura would quickly appear. Finally, that lightning waterfall, which contained the strength of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, was completely eroded.

That nine-headed devil python, which had a large mouth filled with endless demonic aura, had already penetrated through space at this moment. Finally, it flew towards the area where Lin Dong was located and tried to bite him. Immediately, the space itself collapsed.

Lin Dong looked at that nine-headed devil python, which was attempting to bite him, before lightning glow erupted within his eyes. Lifting his palm high up, a ten thousand feet large thunderbolt promptly descended before it transformed into a ten thousand feet large lightning spear.

Lin Dong gripped that lightning spear, before he emitted a low roar from his throat. A moment later, his body shot forward like lightning and directly charged towards the ferocious large mouth of that nine-headed devil python.

Bright lightning glow suddenly erupted from within the large mouth of that nine-headed devil python, before it roared towards the sky. However, that lightning glow was just like tens of thousands of lightning swords, as it ravaged the interior of its massive body before it shot out from within.


That nine-headed devil python exploded with a loud ‘bang’. Following which, demonic aura sputtered out in all directions. Then, a lightning light shot out, before Lin Dong, who was currently wrapped by lightning glow, landed on the ground just like the god of lightning.


After Lin Dong destroyed that nine-headed devil python, he suddenly swiped his hand at that distant Seventh Seat King. Meanwhile, black lights were glimmering on his fingertips. After which, the space around the latter crumbled, before four enormous black hole swirls appeared, forming a prison which trapped him within. Finally, Devouring Power surged before the resulting tearing force attempted to rip the Seventh Seat King apart.


However, up against Lin Dong’s attack, that Seventh Seat King merely laughed out loud. Moreover, his laughter was filled with ridicule. After which, monstrous demonic aura shot out from within his body like assault waves.

Bang bang bang!

The tearing force from those four black hole swirls had only just formed, before they were forcefully destroyed by the demonic aura assault waves. Clearly, the Seventh Seat King was much stronger than Lin Dong.

“Great Heaven Devil Hand!”

The Seventh Seat King clenched his hand violently, before the entire place darkened. Then, a devil hand, which seemed to have came from another dimension, slowly appeared, blotting out the sun in the process. Meanwhile, there was actually a huge black eye on that devil hand. When that eye blinked, an annihilation force shot out.


A devil light containing an annihilation force suddenly shot out from within that devil hand. It immediately enveloped Lin Dong in the blink of an eye.

As that devil light flew over, Lin Dong clenched his hand. Then, a ten thousand feet large black hole swirl appeared in front of him. After which, it rotated wildly, appearing like a huge mouth, before it forcefully took on that devil light.

Earth shaking explosion noises erupted from within that black hole swirl. Soon after, that black hole became extremely distorted, before it finally exploded with a loud ‘bang’.

Lin Dong was immediately sent flying by over ten thousand feet due to that frightening assault wave. Promptly, he felt a sweet sensation rush up his throat, before traces of blood appeared on the corner of his lips. That attack from the Seventh Seat King was simply too terrifying. Even though he tried to used his Devouring Power to counteract against it, he was still unable to completely block it.

“You are indeed someone who is worthy of possessessing two great Ancestral Symbols. Even top experts, who have passed one Reincarnation Tribulation, are unable to block my attacks. Yet, you were actually able to handle them.” The Seventh Seat King looked at Lin Dong before he smilingly said.

Lin Dong’s eyes were icy cold. However, he did not waste his breath on unnecessary words. Suddenly, his hand seals changed, before he pressed his hand downwards and shouted, “Great Desolation Scripture!”

A unique ripple charged into the ground. Subsequently, the entire mountain forest quickly turned barren at a frightening rate. Following which, vast and endless amounts of energy coursed rapidly beneath the ground, before they finally converged towards the spot where Lin Dong was located.

A tens of thousands of feet large energy light pillar broke through the ground at this moment. Finally, it poured into that skinny figure, who was standing in the sky.

After that frightening amount of energy poured in, it caused Lin Dong’s body to swell by a notch. After which, he suddenly roared towards the sky. Meanwhile, there was an ancient dragon roar mixed within his roar.


Purple-gold light spluttered forward at this moment. Following which, a total of eight thousand purple-gold dragon light tattoos surged around Lin Dong’s body. As those dragon light tattoos danced, the ground beneath collapsed due to the pressure.

Purple-gold light was flowing across the surface of Lin Dong’s body. Then, he stared viciously at the Seventh Seat King, who was standing in the sky. After which, his body shot forward before he directly approached the Seventh Seat King and threw a punch. Immediately, eight thousand purple-gold dragon light tattoos danced. Moreover, wherever his fist passed by, the surrounding space would shatter.


Up against Lin Dong’s fearsome attack, the Seventh Seat King did not pull back. Instead, viscous demonic aura began to circle around his hand. After which, he threw a punch and clashed head-on with Lin Dong.

Both their fists clashed, before the empty space within tens of thousands of feet cracked an inch at a time.

Both their bodies trembled. Meanwhile, there was a brutal glow glimmering within both their eyes. After which, various punches whizzed forward and actually clashed in all directions.

The dragon light tattoos and demonic aura surged wildly.


The sound of space shattering reverberated continuously across the sky. Wild gales surged and a hurricane swirled. It turns out that their frightening clash had flattened the entire mountain forest.


This was another fearsome clash that could not be described adequately with words. As of now, Lin Dong’s fists were covered with fresh blood and even his flesh was ripped off, exposing the jade like bones beneath them. Fortunately, he possessed the Primal Dragon Bone. Otherwise, it was likely that his bones would have been turned into dust after that clash.

Nonetheless, the blood within his body was raging violently. Though he looked confident in that head-on clash, he had sustained severe injuries.

Lin Dong flew backwards, while he continued to stare intently at the Seventh Seat King. At this moment, black blood was also dripping off the latter’s hands. Together with the smile on his face, he looked somewhat gloomy. It was likely that he had never expected that he would actually be injured in the process of dealing with someone like Lin Dong. Nevertheless, these injuries were hardly noteworthy to him.

“What an extraordinary fellow. However, this will only increase my desire to kill you personally!”

A smile once again appeared on the Seventh Seat King’s gloomy face. Soon after, he opened his mouth. Immediately, he directly swallowed the viscous demonic sea behind him.

Buzz buzz.

His body began to tremble violently at this moment, while viscous black objects seeped out from within his body. Finally, they slowly wrapped around his body and formed an extremely fearsome bloody black devil Armour.

That devil Armour covered every inch of his body. Meanwhile, there were sharp metallic lines extended on that Armour and every single one of them gave off a terrifying brutal sensation. When that devil Armour appeared, a terrifying ripple, which could not be described with words, slowly emerged. In fact, it felt as though an alien object which could annihilate the world, had descended into this world.

When Lin Dong saw this scene, his pupils promptly shrunk slightly.

“Lin Dong, do you know what this is?” The Seventh Seat King smiled towards Lin Dong. However, his smile was filled with murderous intent.

Lin Dong’s body tensed up. Meanwhile, he was trying his best to circulate the strength within his body. However, he did not reply.

“This is the Devil Emperor Armour. This was personally given to us by our emperor. Typically, we will only use this when we fight against the eight Ancient Masters. However, today, I used it because of you. Therefore…”

The smile on the Seventh Seat King’s face became increasingly brutal.

“Therefore… there is nothing to regret even if you die by my hands today!”

Lin Dong slowly clenched his fists, which were currently drenched with blood. His heart, which was originally pounding violently, gradually calmed down. The fight today had given him a taste of death. However, regardless of who the other party was, one would have to pay a massive price in order to kill him!

Lin Dong suddenly widened his eyes, before a wild and brutal aura slowly surged forward!