Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1238: Seventh Seat King

Chapter 1238: Seventh Seat King


Chapter 1238: Seventh Seat King

“I’m the Seventh Seat King and I’m here for you.”

After that black figure uttered this sentence, Lin Dong’s expression turned ugly immediately, before his entire body tensed up.

Based on what he knew about Devil Prison, that strange and enormous Yimo group, the most frightening ones were the ones known as the Seated Kings. For example, the Tenth Seat King who showed up in the shattered space back then, and whose strength Lin Dong estimated to surpass experts who have passed two Reincarnation Tribulations. Moreover, the Seventh Seat King standing in front of him was likely in no way weaker than the Tenth Seat King.

This was Lin Dong’s first face-to-face encounter with a top ranked individual of Devil Prison.

The Fourth Seat King, whom he met in the Eastern Xuan Region, was terrifying, but that was just his avatar. Therefore, he did not pose much of a threat to Lin Dong. However, the Seventh Seat King standing in front of him was the real deal!

Black light and lightning glow slowly emerged within Lin Dong’s eyes. Meanwhile, his Yuan Power and Mental Energy surged forward. Clearly, judging by Lin Dong’s current appearance, it seems like he was preparing to face a major adversary.

Ling Qingzhu, who was standing beside him, was also glaring at the Seventh Seat King with her pretty eyes. Meanwhile, the longsword in her jade like hands was buzzing gently.

“I’d never expect that the Devil Prison would actually send such an important man like you for a small fry like me.” Lin Dong glared at the Seventh Seat King before he slowly said.

“Hehe, please don’t be modest. You’re not a small fry anymore. In fact, you’re one of the top ranked individuals on our Devil Prison’s hit list. Therefore, it’s only reasonable for someone like me to take action personally.” The Seventh Seat King replied with a laugh.

Lin Dong snorted, before he said, “However, when an important man like you makes a move, it’s surely going to cause a huge commotion. Aren’t you afraid that the awakened Lightning Master will come and look for you?”

Upon hearing this, the smile on the Seventh Seat King’s face froze for a moment. Promptly, he replied softly, “In the past, the Lightning Master was lying dormant in the Northern Xuan Region. Therefore, we rarely ventured here. However, now that he has awakened and left the Northern Xuan Region, if we finish you off quickly, I believe that he should be unable to detect it.”

“Is that so?!” The black light and lightning glow within Lin Dong’s eyes became increasingly resplendent. Meanwhile, mighty waves began to stealthily spread.

The Seventh Seat King chuckled and nodded. Then, he surveyed his surroundings before he said, “This isn’t the ideal place for a fight. Therefore, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to go on a trip with me.”

Upon saying this, he waved his hand before the surrounding space began to distort. After which, five strange black figures suddenly appeared. However, after those black figures appeared, Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk immediately. This was because he realized that the five of them were all Yimo kings!

Evidently, Devil Prison had expended huge resources in order to deal with him!

After the five black figures appeared, a black light instantly shot out from within their palms. After which, the black lights criss-crossed in midair, before they formed a light formation and enveloped the Lin Dong duo.

“Qingzhu, retreat!”

When Lin Dong saw this situation, he was alarmed. Then, he immediately grabbed Ling Qingzhu and tried to retreat. However, just as they were about to escape from that light formation, their surroundings suddenly distorted violently.


Low roars emanated from the five black figures, before the space became extremely warped. Then, the light formation sparkled before the five black figures, the Seventh Seat King, and the Lin Dong duo, all vanished from this place. In fact, the remnant spatial fluctuations were the only indications that something had happened here previously.


Right after they disappeared, startling fluctuations suddenly erupted from within the bamboo house, before black lights swept forward, instantly reducing the bamboo house into nothing. Then, a petite figure leapt out and stood in the sky. Meanwhile, her icy cold face was filled with rich killing desire, as she stared at the distorted space.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Many rushing wind noises sounded in her surroundings. In merely a few breaths, thousands of figures had arrived in the vicinity of the bamboo forest. When they saw Qingtan, who was standing in midair with a cold expression, they quickly knelt down.

“All you useless beings! To think that so many Yimo were able to infiltrate our Darkness City undetected. Why am I keeping you all around for?!” Qingtan clenched her jade like hand, before her Darkness Saint Scythe appeared. Then, her eyes were filled with rage as she glared at the experts from Darkness Palace, who were gathered around her, before she roared.

When they detected Qingtan’s frightening killing intent, the experts from Darkness Palace were so startled that their faces turned pale. Immediately, they grovelled, “Palace master, please calm down!”

“Palace master.”

Two black robed elders rushed over before they stopped a short distance away from Qingtan. When they saw the distorted space, they said, “ Palace master, the infiltrating Yimo are all extremely powerful and most ordinary experts are unable to detect them...”

Qingtan clenched her teeth, while rich killing intent surged within her icy cold eyes. Currently, she no longer looked like that lovable lass that was sleeping peacefully in Lin Dong’s embrace. Instead, she looked like the supreme queen of the Northern Xuan Region, who wielded the power of life and death in her hands.

Taking a deep breath, Qingtan stopped venting her anger at her subordinates. The infilitaring Yimo were indeed extremely powerful, and even she had merely noticed them a moment ago. Moreover, she knew that it was also oversight on her part. After all, when she was around Lin Dong, she would subconsciously let down her guard and stop being so cautious, which was something drilled into her over the years. However, she never expected that this had ended up harming Lin Dong instead.

“Palace master, these spatial fluctuations are very intense. However, I believe that this shouldn’t be a long distance teleportation. After all, Sir Lin Dong is no ordinary individual and a long distance spatial teleportation formation will definitely be broken by him. Therefore, I believe that the teleportation location should be around the outskirts of the Darkness City.” The two black robed elders were indeed extremely experienced, as they muttered their deductions after observing the spatial fluctuations.

An icy cold glint flashed across Qingtan’s eyes. Promptly, she clenched his small hands before she commanded in a deep voice, “Spread my orders. Send out the city’s enforcement troops and the Darkness Judgement Army. Search every nook and cranny within a thousand miles radius of Darkness City. Moreover, if anyone spots a terrifying fluctuation in any location, report it immediately!”


Upon hearing this, the experts from Darkness Palace immediately replied. Then, they quickly turned around and began to spread her order. After all, as of now, they didn’t want to be near to Qingtan, who was currently outraged.

As she stared at the countless scattering figures, Qingtan clenched her small fists and gritted her teeth until they started to creak. Between her brows, an ancient symbol continuously flashed. Evidently, she was extremely furious about the fact that Lin Dong was abducted from right under her nose.

After Qingtan gave her order, the entire Darkness City immediately descended into chaos.


This was a dense forest. A silver moon hung high in the sky as gentle moonlight shone down, draping the forest in a thin silver blanket.


The originally peaceful sky suddenly began to distort violently. After which, a black light appeared. After that black light scattered, several figures appeared in the sky.

“Hehe, this is a pretty decent place. I believe that the both of you should be satisfied if we pick this place as your burial grounds.” The Seventh Seat King chuckled while looking at the Lin Dong duo.

After all, the Darkness City was the territory of Darkness Palace. Moreover, Qingtan, the palace master of Darkness Palace, had both the Darkness Ancestral Symbol and the restored Darkness Saint Scythe. Therefore, if they were to act in the city, they were afraid that some unforeseen circumstances may occur. Hence, they decided to teleport the Lin Dong duo out of the Darkness City. By doing so, they would be able to ensure that their plan remains foolproof.

Lin Dong stared emotionlessly at that frightening lineup. The Seventh Seat King, whose strength was equivalent to an expert who has passed two Reincarnation Tribulations, and five Yimo kings, who were equivalent to Reincarnation stage experts. When up against such a lineup, even the current him felt a rich sense of danger.

“When the fight begins, I will do my best to block and delay them. Look for an opportunity to leave and find Qingtan.” Lin Dong turned his head and whispered to Ling Qingzhu.

Ling Qingzhu glanced at him, before she shook her head and said, “Don’t spew such nonsense. The predicament that we are currently in, is something that even you cannot deal with. If I were to leave, it would be pointless even if I found Qingtan.”

When he saw that she had suddenly turned obstinate at this moment, Lin Dong couldn’t help but feel frustrated. However, Ling Qingzhu remained fearless, and her calm and collected gaze left him with no choice but to shake his head helplessly.

“It seems like there will be quite a commotion when we fight. I need to make some preparations first.” The Seventh Seat King laughed and looked at the Lin Dong duo. Then, he suddenly raised his arms.

After he raised his arms, rich demonic aura flowed out from within the bodies of the five Yimo kings. Then, they transformed into a huge demonic aura light screen and enveloped the entire forest. By doing so, this prevented any fluctuations from being leaked out. Evidently, the Seventh Seat King was bent on killing Lin Dong today.

When the Seventh Seat King saw that the demonic aura light screen was formed, he finally chuckled before he gently nodded his head. Then, he lowered his head and looked at the Lin Dong duo, before he said, “Other than the Symbol Ancestor, you’re the first person I’ve met who can control more than one Ancestral Symbol. Therefore, although you’ve yet to advance to the Reincarnation stage, your position on our hit list is merely dwarfed by the eight Ancient Masters.”

“However.... After today, perhaps your name will be crossed off from my Devil Prison’s hit list.”

After he said those words, the smile on the Seventh Seat King’s face became even more insidious. Following which, vast amounts of vicious demonic aura, that could seemingly blanket the sky, gushed out from within his body. Immediately, the entire woods started to wither. In fact, even the natural Yuan Power started to cry out in anguish.


With a large smile on his face, the Seventh Seat King tapped the empty space with one finger. Immediately, a demonic aura light beam, that was so viscous that it was almost liquid like, shot out from his finger and streaked across the empty space, before it flew towards Lin Dong with lightning like speed.

When he saw the Seventh Seat King make his move, a rich killing intent gushed violently within Lin Dong’s eyes. Waving his sleeve, a black shadow shot out before it swung its black long blade, ferociously hacking against that demonic aura light beam in the process.


Sparks flew in all directions while the surrounding space trembled. Meanwhile, the Sky Devouring Corpse, which was holding onto a black long blade, was pushed back by tens of feet. When he saw this sight, Lin Dong was stunned. After all, this was the first time he saw this Sky Devouring Corpse, which was strengthened by the Devouring Master, falling into a disadvantage.

“Hehe, is that the Devouring Master’s Sky Devouring Corpse? It’s definitely stronger than before. However, it will not be able to save you guys today.”

The Seventh Seat King chuckled, before he slowly shut his eyes. Promptly, the demonic aura sea behind him began to churn violently, before a frightening pressure started to spread.

Evidently, the Seventh Seat King was about to execute his killing move.