Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1235: Scythe Spirit

Chapter 1235: Scythe Spirit


Chapter 1235: Scythe Spirit

Buzz buzz!

A loud hubbub erupted from the entire Darkness Square at this moment. The leaders of the various factions of the Northern Xuan Region were dumbstruck as they watched this scene, while intense shock rose on their faces.

Only a short period of time had passed, yet the two Reincarnation stage grand elders had already been defeated?

“How is this possible?!”

This sentence was repeated in the hearts of countless people. Many shocked eyes looked to the lightning god like Lin Dong amidst the thunderbolt backdrop in the sky. Just who on earth was he? Where had he popped out from? To think that he had reached… such a frightening level.

In the sky, Lin Dong looked at the two people in the huge pit with an indifferent expression as he said in a faint voice, “Am I now qualified to repeat the words I said earlier?”

This time, the entire place was completely silent. Even the elders from the Elder Council had sealed their mouths shut. Other than the elders who most fiercely opposed Qingtan, the eyes of the others flickered with thought. This big brother of Qingtan, who had appeared from nowhere, clearly possessed an extremely terrifying strength. If they offended him, it was likely that no one here would be able to stop him.

Atop the altar, joy was revealed in the eyes of the experts from Darkness Judgement Hall. The two grand elders were the trump card of the Elder Council. If even they were of no use, it was likely that the Elder Council would no longer dare to fight against palace master.

The two grand elders within the deep pit spat out a mouthful of blood. Their elderly faces had become much paler. It was clear that they had suffered rather serious injuries due to Lin Dong’s ferocious attack.


The two grand elders gritted their teeth and looked at Qingtan on the altar as they sternly said, “This is an internal affair of our Darkness Palace. Yet, you involved an outsider for your own ends. How can anyone accept you as the palace master?!”

Qingtan smiled when she heard this and replied, “Grand elders, these words are indeed well spoken. However, when you have tried to suppress me earlier, did any of you remember your status? Your seniority is even higher than my master. Yet, just look at your earlier actions.”

Qingtan was no longer the pampered little girl from back then. Her sharp words not only caused the expressions of the two grand elders to pale, but even the various leaders in the square, who had remained neutral, to quietly nod their heads. These two did not know the meaning of shame when they made use of their age to bully others earlier. However, they immediately brought up this matter the moment they suffered a loss. Did they really think that everyone present was a blind fool?

“I originally could not be bothered with the affairs of your Darkness Palace. However, Qingtan is first my little sister before she is the palace master of your Darkness Palace. Since you people bullied her, as her big brother, I will naturally stand up for her. I’m afraid that the matter today will not be resolved so easily.” Lin Dong’s eyes were stern and cold as he stared at the two grand elders. His flat voice surged with killing intent.

Lin Dong’s words clearly indicated that he would not let the matter rest so easily today. This made the expressions of the two grand elders change. After having exchanged blows with Lin Dong previously, they could now tell just how powerful the latter was. If they were to directly clash against him, even the both of them combined would not be his match.

The elders from the Elder Council also had pale expressions. If the two grand elders were dealt with today, they would lose their greatest backer. Just the thought of Qingtan’s methods made them shudder.

“You should not be too arrogant. Do you really think that it is so easy to bully our Darkness Palace?!” The two grand elders shouted.

Lin Dong looked at the both of them in an indifferent manner and ceased speaking. However, thunder clouds began to gather in the sky as berserk thunderbolt energy swiftly agglomerated.

“You!” Savage expressions flashed across the eyes of the grand elders after seeing that Lin Dong was unmoved. Soon after, the grand elders faced each other, before they gritted their teeth and cried out, “Alright, you asked for it. Do you really think that the both of us have no way to deal with you?!”

One of them extended his hand the moment their words faded. Light gathered on his palm and transformed into a black bead the size of a longan. The bead was covered in numerous complex inscriptions.

Surprise flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes when he saw this scene. He could detect an extremely unusual ripple from the black bead.

The black bead slowly rose from his outstretched palm as the savageness within the eyes of the two grand elders became even more intense. Finally, they bit the tip of their tongue. A mouthful of essence blood shot out and landed onto the the black bead.

“We respectfully invite the ancestor’s spirit!”

The two them cried out in unison. Rays of black light exploded from the black bead. The black light gradually gathered together and transformed into an illusory light figure.

The light figure was tall and had a face akin to jade. However, there was little intelligence in those eyes. However, this did not stop the frightening fluctuation that emanated from within his body. This ripple was something that even the two Reincarnation stage grand elders could not be compared to!

The strength of this light figure had already reached the peak of someone who had crossed the first Reincarnation Tribulation!

Lin Dong’s expression turned a little grim at this moment as alarm flashed across his eyes. This Darkness Palace did have some hidden techniques. No wonder it had been able to protect the Darkness Ancestral Symbol.

“Ancestor’s spirit?!”

Many exclamations erupted from Darkness Square following the appearance of the figure. The light figure was surprisingly the first palace master of Darkness Palace!

“How could this happen? How could they have summoned ancestor’s spirit?” The two black robed elders exclaimed as astonishment filled their eyes.

“Buzz buzz.”

Atop the altar, the Darkness Saint Scythe in Qingtan’s hands shook violently the moment the light figure appeared, causing her expression to change. She could feel that the Darkness Saint Scythe seemed to have an intimate connection with the light figure.

Qingtan’s small hands tightly grabbed the Darkness Saint Scythe as the expression in her eyes fluctuated. Moments later, she seemed to have suddenly understood something and exclaimed, “This is the Darkness Saint Scythe spirit?”

The expressions of the two grand elders changed upon hearing Qingtan’s exclamation.

“So that’s it… no wonder master never mentioned anything about the Darkness Saint Scythe spirit. It turns out that someone secretly stole the scythe spirit. How bold of you to hide the sacred spirit. This is a great sin to my Darkness Palace, so great that it is sufficient to strip both of you of your positions as grand elders!” Qingtan’s pretty face was frosty as she coldly cried out.

A commotion erupted within Darkness Square. Many of the Darkness Palace upper echelons revealed shocked expressions. The scythe spirit of the Darkness Saint Scythe had actually been stolen by the two grand elders. No wonder they dared to confidently say that the Darkness Saint Scythe was incomplete…

“Humph, this is not a place where you can utter such nonsense!”

A cold glint flashed in the eyes of the two grand elders as they sent out a thought. In a flash, the light figure appeared in front of Lin Dong. After which, bright light surged. It was accompanied by an astonishing power as it swept towards Lin Dong.

While the light figure was holding Lin Dong back, those two grand elders charged towards Qingtan in a phantom like manner. From the looks of it, they were planning on capturing the latter. At that time, Lin Dong would have to proceed with caution.


A cold glint flashed across Qingtan’s eyes when she saw the two grand elders charging towards her. Her small hands grasped the Darkness Saint Scythe tightly as the ancient symbol on her brow became increasingly clear. After which, the scythe was swung with a ‘swoosh’ sound and darkness seemed to engulf the entire place for an instant.


One of the grand elders arrived and mighty Yuan Power surged. Reincarnation ripples emanated from his palm as it clashed against the sharp scythe.

Sparks flew and a distorted feeling emerged in the surrounding area. After which, Qingtan and the grand elder were forced a dozen steps back. However, before she could stabilize the fluctuations in her body, another figure shot towards her and the other grand elder launched his ferocious attack.

A cold glint flickered within Qingtan’s eyes when she saw this. Just as she was about to attack again, a beautiful white figure suddenly appeared in front of her. A longsword seemed to hum as it thrust forward. After which, an inconspicuous sword glow shot out and collided head on with the grand elder’s attack.


The sword glow shot past and blood splattered. The grand elder let out a miserable cry as his body catapulted backwards in a miserable fashion. Blood dripped from his hand. After which, his furious gaze shifted over and saw a beautiful figure in a white dress silently standing in front of Qingtan. Blood dripped from the three feet long sword in her hand.

The person who had attacked was naturally Ling Qingzhu, who had hidden herself by the side.

This sudden and unexpected change caused many surprised pairs of eyes to look over. Amazement rose in their eyes when they saw the beautiful figure in white.

At this moment, all the experts from Darkness Judgement Hall finally recovered. They hurriedly clustered around Qingtan to protect her.

Qingtan was likewise surprised as she looked at Ling Qingzhu, who had appeared beside her. The latter’s demeanor and the beautiful outline under her veil caused her to be slightly stunned. Subsequently, she glanced at Lin Dong in the sky. Her small mouth pouted slightly as she looked at Ling Qingzhu again asked, “Who are you?”

Ling Qingzhu was also slightly startled. Soon after, she replied, “I am known as Ling Qingzhu.”

Qingtan stared at her and muttered, “Could you be big brother Lin Dong’s…”

Although she did not finish her words, Ling Qingzhu naturally understood what she was trying to ask. Despite her aloof character, her face involuntarily flushed a little at this moment. After which, she quietly shook her head.

Some doubt remained on Qingtan’s face. However, she did not press the matter. All she did was look at the sky in a somewhat worried manner where extremely frightening fluctuations were spreading. The strength of the ancestor’s spirit was terrifying to the extreme. She did not know if Lin Dong could cope.


An astonishing energy ripple swept over the sky. Lin Dong took a couple of steps back. His expression darkened when he glanced at the scene below. These two old codgers were really shameless. To think that they had actually taken advantage of this opportunity to attack Qingtan.

The faces of those two grand elders twitched under Lin Dong’s gaze. However, they were slightly comforted after seeing the scythe spirit. This scythe spirit could be considered the guardian of Darkness Palace. As long as this thing was in their hands, it was likely that Lin Dong would not be able to do anything to them.

Lin Dong seemed to comprehend their thoughts, and a cold glint flitted across his pitch-black eyes. A flash of black light shot out with a wave of his sleeve and turned into a black blade wielding figure which stood guard beside Qingtan and Ling Qingzhu. With the protection of the Sky Devouring Corpse, these two old codgers would not dare to launch another sneak attack.

“Do you really think that this thing can protect you?”

Lin Dong slowly lifted his eyes, looked at the scythe spirit before him and smiled coldly. Just as he was about to act, Yan’s voice resounded within his heart, causing him to be slightly stunned.

“Heh heh, since we are both divine object spirits, leave this little one to me.”