Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1234: Display of Might

Chapter 1234: Display of Might


Chapter 1234: Display of Might

Qingtan’s heart wrenching cry spread from the altar and reverberated across the sky above Darkness Square. This caused countless people to be stunned, especially the experts from Darkness Judgement Hall. Ever since Qingtan entered Darkness Judgement Hall, all they had seen was a cold and almost emotionless young lady. No one knew how much blood were on her fair little hands. In a short three years, she had advanced from an ordinary disciple to the most authoritative position, head judge, and even the other two deputy heads treated her with great respect despite her youth.

However, after getting used to seeing Qingtan’s bloody tactics, for the very first time today, they found that she also possessed such a weak side to her. She had completely lost her usual methods and charisma. Instead, she had truly become a girl who matched her age…

Bewilderment filled the eyes of the elders from the Elder Council as they watched this scene. The two grand elders in the sky stared at the skinny figure with a dark and gloomy expression.

The sound of Qingtan crying went on and on. It was as though she wanted to cry out all the hardships and grievances she had suppressed over the last three years. Subsequently, Lin Dong looked at his wet chest as a wave of helplessness washed over him. He rubbed the little girl’s head and said, “Hey, have you still not cried enough? You do know that you are the current palace master of Darkness Palace right.”

The girl in his embrace sobbed softly. Only then did she lift her large red eyes. She looked at the matured yet familiar face, rubbed her sharp nose and said, “Big brother Lin Dong… I knew that nothing would happen to you.”

“I am definitely fine, but I’m afraid that the same cannot be said for yourself.” Lin Dong glared at her a little. His eyes contained a slight bit of ill intent.

As someone who had grown up with him, Qingtan naturally knew his character like the back of her hand. She instantly understood the situation after seeing Lin Dong’s appearance. Her eyes rotated as a resentful expression emerged on her small face. She hugged Lin Dong and refused to release him.

“This is not going to work. I will deal with you once I resolve the trouble here.” Lin Dong snorted coldly and said.

Qingtan seemed to recover upon hearing this and cold light flashed across her eyes. She clenched her hand and the Darkness Saint Scythe flew into her hands. Soon after, she released Lin Dong. With icy eyes, she looked at the two grand elders in the distant sky as she said, “Big brother Lin Dong, allow me to finish them off this time.”


Her words had only just sounded when Lin Dong’s hand violently pinched her face as he snapped, “Stand aside. You can forget about fighting when I am around.”

Under such indignity from Lin Dong, Qingtan’s small face immediately frowned. This also caused the eyelids of the experts from Darkness Judgement Hall to twitch a little. It was likely that the impact of this scene was slightly too great.

“They are very formidable.” Qingtan said. These two grand elders were even more frightening than the three great heads of Yuan Gate...

“Your brother is even more formidable.” Lin Dong grinned and gently patted Qingtan’s head. However, his expression gradually became cold. The overbearing actions of these two elders towards Qingtan earlier had been clearly witnessed by him. Murderous intent involuntarily surged within his heart when he thought of how this little girl had been treated by them. Other than his parents, even he could not bring himself to scold or bully her. Just who did these two wretched old fogeys think they were?

A sweet feeling swelled in Qingtan’s heart when she saw Lin Dong’s expression. After which, she nodded obediently.

“May I know who this skillful friend is? Why are you intervening in the matters of our Darkness Palace?” The two grand elders frowned after seeing the intimate actions between Lin Dong and Qingtan and demanded in a deep voice.

Lin Dong slowly turned around. His expression was indifferent as he looked at the two grand elders in the sky. “Did you have a good time bullying others earlier?”

“Friend, this is an internal matter of our Darkness Palace.”

“Qingtan is my younger sister.” An intimidating blade like smile surfaced on Lin Dong’s face.

The faces of the two grand elders turn rigid for a moment, before growing increasingly gloomy. It was unexpected that this seemingly lone little girl actually had such a powerful big brother to support her. Why had no one mentioned this before?

The countless Northern Xuan Region experts in Darkness Square looked to each other. So the new palace master actually had such a powerful big brother. From the looks of what the two grand elders had treated Qingtan, it was likely that this big brother of hers would not simply let the matter rest.

“Even if you are her big brother, she must be held accountable to the tens of thousands of people in Darkness Palace with regards to this matter.” The two grand elders coldly said.


Lin Dong seemed to laugh. Murder seemed to pour out of his eyes like a flood. “There should no longer be a need to account once I kill you two old farts, right?”

Lin Dong clearly comprehended the current situation of Darkness Palace. These two old things had merely used their seniority to bully others, causing the many members of Darkness Palace to be afraid of speaking out. Once these two were dealt with, everything would be naturally resolved.

“Humph, arrogant brat. Why don’t you come and try and see if you can really finish the both of us off!”

Icy light flickered in the eyes of the two grand elders when they heard this. Although they could sense that it would be troublesome to deal with Lin Dong, they did not fear him. Their Reincarnation stage strength allowed them to look down on all experts. They did not believe that this little brat, who appeared to be only a little older than Qingtan, could really match them.

“Is that so?”

Lin Dong’s mouth parted into a grin. However, ferocity emanated from this grin of his. His body moved and directly appeared in the sky. He clenched his hands and thunder clouds suddenly converged the sky. Meanwhile, frightening thunderbolts crazily gathered.

The Yuan Power of the entire place began to fluctuate wildly at this moment.


Upon seeing this, the auras of the two grand elders surged as mighty Yuan Power unfurled. A dense Reincarnation ripple spread, causing one to feel a sense of dread.

“Great Darkness Palm!”

The hand seals formed by the both of them changed, followed by an explosive shout. The two attacked together. Boundless Yuan Power turned into two incomparably black giant palms that shattered the void and ruthlessly swatted at Lin Dong.

Lightning flashed within Lin Dong’s pupils as he leaped forward. Countless thunderbolts madly descended. They were accompanied by heaven’s might as they smashed heavily onto the two giant darkness palm. As lightning flashed, the wild and violent thunderbolt energy directly shattered the two giant darkness palms.


Lin Dong’s body turned into a flash of lightning as it shot forward. A fist was thrown and thunder rumbled. A ten thousand feet large lightning dragon suddenly roared and shot forward.

“Darkness Shield!”

The two grand elders sternly cried out. Yuan Power frantically condensed in front of them and turned into an enormous ten thousand feet large darkness shield. Reincarnation ripples flowed over its surface.


The lightning dragon viciously battered the darkness shield. Under the dazzling glow of lightning, waves of extremely violent energy wildly eroded the shield. In a split second, the darkness shield was covered in cracks. With a final ‘bang’, the shield was completely blasted apart.

The pupils of the two elders shrunk the moment the darkness shield exploded. This was because they saw a figure appeared in front of them in a ghost like fashion. Purplish gold light dashed into the sky as thousands of purplish gold dragon tattoos let out a prolonged roar that resounded over the sky.


Purplish gold dragon claws instantly tore through space, bringing with it a titanic shadow as it ruthlessly smashed towards the two grand elders whose expressions had changed.

The shadow engulfed them as terrifying power directly shook space itself until it was slightly distorted. After which, the two grand elders cried out loudly. Both of their hands were swung and an extremely dense Reincarnation ripple gathered in their palms. This caused their a white gem like luster to appear on their hands.


The palms and dragon claw slammed into each other and a hurricane was formed in the sky. Everyone was overwhelmed with shock as they watched the two grand elders being forced back a ten thousand feet.

An earthshaking uproar erupted. Terror surged within the gazes which were looking towards Lin Dong. Who could have imagined that the latter would actually be able to gain such an obvious advantage in this two versus one situation. Just how frightening was this fellow?

The expressions of the elders from the Elder Council drastically changed when they saw this scene. Unease surged out in their eyes.

The two black robed elders on the altar were also greatly shocked as they looked to each other. They would never have imagined that palace master’s big brother was actually so powerful…

Qingtan’s face was flooded with joy. Looks like big brother Lin Dong had grown a lot stronger over the past three years.

In the sky, Lin Dong wore an unsympathetic expression as he looked at the two grand elders, who had been pushed back. The strength of these two were merely at the ordinary Reincarnation stage. In terms of strength, they were inferior to the three great heads of Yuan Gate that had merged into the Cosmic Evil Devil King. Given his current strength, taking care of them was not too troublesome.

Lin Dong extended his hand towards the two in the distance and lightly closed it.


As his hand closed, the space around the two grand elders immediately distorted as four giant black vortexes appeared out of nowhere.


The black holes suddenly started to rotate as terrifying Devouring Power erupted, creating a frightening tearing force. Even space itself was forcefully ripped to shreds.

The two grand elders also realised just how frightening the tearing force was. They hurriedly unleashed their full strength and frantically blocked the invading tearing force. After which, their faces flushed red. With a loud cry, they finally broke out from the black hole prison.

However, a thunderous sound appeared the moment they had charged out from the black hole prison. Dazzling light seemed to fill the entire area as a ten thousand feet large thunderbolt light pillar descended like the light of judgement. In the end, it ruthlessly slammed onto the two figures with lightning speed.

Black smoke rose from the two black figures as they fell from the sky. They ultimately landed on Darkness Square in front of countless pairs of stunned eyes, creating a ten thousand feet deep pit on its incomparably hard surface.

Two miserable figures painstakingly stood up in the pit. Their bodies staggered as a mouthful of blood was involuntarily spat out.

The elders of the Elder Council almost fainted when they saw this scene. Horror frantically rose in their hearts. Their strongest trump card was actually defeated in such a manner?