Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1233: We Meet Again

Chapter 1233: We Meet Again


Chapter 1233: We Meet Again

“Little girl, are you sure that the Darkness Saint Scythe in your hands is complete?”

An indifferent voice slowly drifted across the sky above the Darkness Square. However, it caused the hearts of countless individuals to pound violently. Following which, when the crowd turned to look at those two elderly figures, there was an additional trace of fear in their eyes. It was likely that they vaguely knew just how frightening the two of them were.

“Two grand elders, what are the both of you trying to say?”

Qingtan’s pupils shrunk slightly at this moment. Promptly, while gripping onto the icy cool large black scythe with her delicate little hand, she asked in a cold voice, “Don’t tell me that you think that this Darkness Saint Scythe is fake?”

The two grand elders slowly lifted their wrinkle filled elderly faces. Staring at Qingtan with an indifferent expression, they said nonchalantly, “The Darkness Saint Scythe is indeed real. However, it is incomplete. Therefore, technically speaking, you do not possess the two great sacred objects of our Darkness Palace.”

“Oh? In that case, I want to know why is it incomplete? When master handed it over to me, he never once mentioned this.” Qingtan laughed coldly.

“Forget about you, even your teacher does not know about this.” The grand elder on the left shook his head and said.

“Nonsense!” Qingtan’s expression darkened.

“In terms of status, even your master has to call the both of us martial uncles. Why would it be surprising that he doesn’t know certain secrets within Darkness Palace?”

The two elders ridiculed, “The Darkness Saint Scythe was divided into two parts ever since the ancient times. The body of the scythe and the spirit of the scythe. Currently, the Darkness Saint Scythe in your hand does not possess a scythe spirit. Therefore, how can it be considered as a complete sacred object?”

Qingtan’s pretty face turned icy cold upon hearing this. Then, she said, “Nonsense. Although the both of you have a high status in my Darkness Palace, the both of you can still be punished for humiliating the sacred objects!”

“Such arrogance. Even if your master is around, he wouldn’t dare to do anything to the both of us. Girl, you really lack manners. It’s no wonder so many elders are against you!”

The two grand elders’ expression sunk before they chuckled, “The first owner of the Darkness Saint Scythe was the Darkness Master. However, this divine object took serious damage during the ancient war and the Scythe Spirit was destroyed. Finally, it landed in the hands of the first palace master of our Darkness Palace. He used his entire life before he finally came up with a way to repair it. Just before he died, he sacrificed himself and once again created a Scythe Spirit. Only then, was the Darkness Saint Scythe completed.”

“However, due to some unexpected events, the Scythe Spirit disappeared for no reason. Technically speaking, this should be blamed on your master. However, on account of the fact that he has made great contributions to Darkness Palace, the both of us did not speak up. Nevertheless, we cannot allow this mistake to continue.”

Qingtan gripped the Darkness Saint Scythe in her hand tightly, while murderous desire was glimmering deep within her eyes.

“Grand elders, we have never heard of such a thing. It is hardly convincing.” The two black robed elders replied in a deep voice. They were elders from Darkness Judgement Hall and they were loyal to the head judge. Therefore, they were on opposing standpoints with the Elder Council.

“It’s not difficult to prove that the Darkness Saint Scythe is incomplete. However, I wonder if that little lass has the guts to try.” One of the grand elders said in a faint voice.

A cold chill was flowing within Qingtan’s eyes. Currently, did she have any other choice? Therefore, she clenched her silver teeth before she said, “In that case, please tell me the way.”

“The item that will be used to judge shall be the Ancestral Tablet. Everyone should be aware that the Ancestral Tablet possess the aura left behind by the first palace master. Moreover, the spirit of the Darkness Saint Scythe was created from the death of the first palace master. You can use the Darkness Saint Scythe to cut the Ancestral Tablet. If the Darkness Saint Scythe is complete, it will definitely leave a mark on the Ancestral Tablet. Otherwise, it will be completely useless.”

The grand elders gave an indifferent smile before they said, “Although this act will offend our ancestors, I believe that our ancestors will not fault us since this is all for the sake of Darkness Palace. What do you say? Do you dare to try?”

Countless pairs of eyes shot towards Qingtan, who was above the altar. They were all waiting for her reply.

“Palace master, don’t fall for their trap.” The two black robed elders quickly said.

Qingtan shut her eyes before she gently shook her head and said, “Right now, do we have any other choice?”

The two black robed elders were quiet. After those two grand elders showed up, they no longer had much of an advantage within Darkness Palace. Moreover, if they refused, it would only give the Elder Council an excuse.

“Alright, I will do as the grand elders say!”

Qingtan suddenly opened her eyes, before a decisive glint flashed across her eyes. Promptly, with her small hand holding onto the Darkness Saint Scythe, her delicate figure moved before she directly appeared in front of the Ancestral Tablet. After which, she let out a delicate roar before her scythe cut through the empty space and hacked against the Ancestral Stone with lightning like speed.


A clear metallic sound appeared in the square. After which, countless pairs of eyes turned to stare at the Ancestral Tablet. Following which, their pupils all shrunk. This was because they saw that on the spot where the scythe had landed, there wasn’t a mark on the Ancestral Tablet.


A commotion suddenly erupted in this place.

Qingtan leaped backwards. As she stared at the smooth, untouched Ancestral Tablet, a slight paleness appeared on her pretty face. Meanwhile, she was biting her lips while a trace of blood flowed from the corner of her mouth.

“Little girl, what more do you have to say?” The two grand elders smiled faintly before they said.

Qingtan suppressed the surging emotions in her heart. She rotated her eyes before she calmed down and said, “It seems like the grand elders are indeed speaking the truth. The Darkness Saint Scythe is indeed incomplete.”

The grand elders rejoiced upon hearing this. However, even before they could use this opportunity to speak, Qingtan continued, “From today onwards, finding the spirit of the scythe shall be my duty. I’m afraid that master will be unable to rest in peace if I cannot find it.”

“Humph, this girl really knows how to strike while the iron is hot!” The first elder felt secretly outraged as he snorted quietly. He did not expect that Qingtan had managed to turn this incident into an insignificant one in the blink of an eye.

“Finding the Scythe Spirit shall also be the duty of our Darkness Palace. However, as of now, you have not obtained the two great sacred objects, and the position of palace master cannot be considered as yours.” The two grand elders had an indifferent expression as they pressed on.

Qingtan’s eyes gradually turned icy, while the ancient symbol between her brows became increasingly clear. In fact, the entire place seemed to have darkened even further as she said, “Grand elders, do you guys know if the Darkness Ancestral Symbol in my possession is complete?”

She had began to reveal the icy cold murderous intent within her words. Evidently, those two grand elders have went overboard and their actions have made her furious.

When those two grand elders felt the ancient ripple reverberating across the sky, their bodies tensed up before a cold expression flashed across their eyes. Then, they said, “Are you planning to rely on the Darkness Ancestral Symbol to suppress the both of us?”

“The Darkness Ancestral Symbol is the real sacred object of the palace master. Grand elders, I respect the both of you and that is the reason why I have consistently given in. However, if the both of you continue to press on, perhaps, I, can only invite the Darkness Ancestral Symbol to clean up our palace!” Qingtan’s icy cold voice was filled with bloodlust as it spread. Currently, she was forced to show her tougher side.

The two grand elders leaned forward. Then, two frightening auras slowly spread from them and they actually forcefully blocked the fluctuation from the Darkness Ancestral Symbol.

The atmosphere of this place quickly became tensed, and it felt as though a fight could break out at any moment.

“Haha, your master has indeed found quite a capable disciple…” One of the grand elders suddenly laughed after the atmosphere tensed up. Then, his eyes were gently glimmering as he said, “Actually, it’s possible for us to support you to become the next palace master. However, we hope that you can agree to one condition.”

Without a change in her expression, Qingtan’s tensed body also relaxed slightly. Those two old fellows, who refused to die, were frighteningly powerful. Therefore, in a real fight, it was likely that she would have difficulties gaining the upper hand even though she possessed the Darkness Ancestral Symbol. Therefore, breaking all ties and fighting with them was clearly the last resort.

“Grand elders, please feel free to speak.” A thought flashed across Qingtan’s mind before she said in a faint voice.

“It’s nothing much. I have a martial grandson who is extremely fond of you. If you marry him, the both of us will not object to you becoming the palace master.”

The grand elder smiled before he promptly waved his hand. Then, a handsome man dressed in black clothes subsequently walked out from within the Elder Council. With excitement in his eyes, he stared at Qingtan before he sincerely said, “Qingtan, you should know how much I like you. If you marry me, our ancestors will definitely not stop you from becoming the palace master!”

“Grand elder, this…” The first elder was stunned upon seeing this scene, as he hurriedly cried out in a low voice.

The two grand elders waved their hands. Their eyes were glimmering and no one knew what they were up to.

The entire Darkness Square descended into complete silence, as countless people looked at Qingtan, who was above the altar. After all, the situation had completely exceeded everyone’s expectations and no one knew whether Qingtan would agree to the marriage for the sake of the position of palace master.

Standing above the altar, Qingtan’s small hand was tightly holding onto the Darkness Saint Scythe. Meanwhile, a tiny vein was protruding on her fair and delicate hand, while her delicate figure was trembling. A long while later, she inhaled a deep breath. Following which, fury and bloodlust gushed into her eyes, “Judgement Army, where are you?”


A low and orderly roar suddenly erupted from around the altar. Immediately, tens of thousands of black clothed figures stood up.

“There are traitors forcing the palace master to give up her position in order to snatch the position for themselves. They have broken the rules of the palace. How should they be punished?!”

“By death!”

An united cry, which was accompanied by monstrous murderous intent, spread across the entire square.

“How dare you!” The two grand elders’ expressions changed drastically, as they stood up and cried out sternly.

“Since the both of you refuse to back down, today, I want to see whether my Darkness Ancestral Symbol can punish the both of you!” Qingtan also replied with a stern cry. Following which, she clenched her hand before black light suddenly swept out from within her body. Immediately, the entire place turned pitch-dark.

“You darned girl. It seems like you truly do not know your own limits. Since the both of us dare to show ourselves, do you really think that your Darkness Ancestral Symbol can suppress us?” The two grand elders chuckled. Soon after, the both of them moved before they directly appeared in midair. After which, they formed a strange seal with both their hands, before two rays of light shot directly towards the Ancestral Tablet.

“Us descendants are unfilial. We hope that the Ancestor Soul can suppress the Ancestral Symbol!”

The two grand elders cried out in unison. After which, the Ancestral Tablet began to buzz and shake. Soon after, a black light shot towards the sky. Immediately, Qingtan’s beautiful face became slightly pale. This was because she realized that the Darkness Ancestral Symbol within her body was being suppressed.

“Ancestor Soul?”

This unexpected development caught Qingtan by surprise. Only then, did she realize why those fellows only made a move on her after the worship ceremony had began. It turns out they had a way to use the Ancestor Soul within the Ancestral Tablet to suppress the Darkness Ancestral Symbol!

“Little girl, you want to fight with the both of us with just your puny strength? You truly don’t know your limits!”

The two grand elders chuckled immediately after they saw that the Darkness Ancestral Symbol was successfully suppressed. Then, their eyes became cold before they pressed their fingers against the air. Following which, two black rays of light filled with an intense Reincarnation ripple cut through the sky and shot towards Qingtan with lightning like speed.

Up against their combined attack, Qingtan immediately felt endangered. Promptly, she clenched her teeth, tightened the grip over her Darkness Saint Scythe, before she readied herself to go all-out to fight against them.


However, a thunder resounded across the sky just as she was about to act. Everyone was stunned, before they lifted their heads and saw that the sky had unknowingly became covered with dense thunder clouds. After which, a lightning dragon, which was tens of thousands of feet in size, descended from the sky and quickly shattered the two black light rays that contained a Reincarnation ripple. Subsequently, the lightning dragon roared before it ruthlessly charged towards the two grand elders.

The two grand elders were startled. Their frightening auras surged as they promptly threw a palm forward, which collided head on with the lightning dragon.


Lightning sparks rained down from all directions, forcing the two grand elders back by more than a hundred steps. Their expressions immediately changed as they cried out sternly, “Who is it?”


Another thunderbolt fell from the sky. Then, it landed in front of Qingtan, whose eyes were now filled with shock. After which, that lightning slowly agglomerated before they finally transformed into a human, in front of countless pairs of shocked eyes.

“Protect the palace master!”

The two black robed elders hurriedly rushed to the front of Qingtan. Meanwhile, their eyes were filled with caution as they stared at that figure. The hundreds of black figures below also moved instantly and surrounded Qingtan in the process.

The lightning gradually scattered in front of everyone’s eyes before a skinny young figure appeared in front of them.

That figure slowly turned around after he showed up. After which, he looked at Qingtan, whose entire body had suddenly stiffened. Finally, he gave her a gentle smile.

Qingtan was a little dumbstruck at this moment. In fact, she could not even maintain the grip over her Darkness Saint Scythe, as the scythe shook and fell onto the ground with a loud ‘clang’. She was staring in shock at that figure, before tears started to fall from her cold and large eyes.

She gently pushed aside her guards and staggered forward. Then, her footsteps suddenly quickened, while the tears in her eyes crazily gushed forward, just like a broken water dam.


Finally, she violently leaped onto that skinny figure. While the members of the Judgement Army were all staring at her in bewilderment, she continued to cry. In fact, she hugged that figure and continued to cry wildly. Her cries, which could break one’s heart, was emitted from the altar and finally resounded throughout the sky above the square.

In front of him, she was no longer the palace master of Darkness Palace. Instead, she was always going to be that little stooge who only knew how to hide behind his back. This was also why she could cry so recklessly in front of him. It was because she knew that he would endure any tantrums that she threw, and shoulder any burdens that she faced.

Lin Dong looked at that girl, who was sobbing uncontrollably, before his nose involuntarily became runny. He extended his hand and tightly hugged that girl’s soft body. Just like many years ago, he was still the same young man back at Qingyang Town who would always protect this little girl.

“Hey. Don’t cry. With big brother around, you will never get bullied.”