Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1232: Forced To Step Down

Chapter 1232: Forced To Step Down


Chapter 1232: Forced To Step Down

In the middle of the massive Darkness City, was a square made up of black rocks where countless black stone pillars were erected. Moreover, these black stone pillars were all covered with the names of the people, who have made great contributions to Darkness Palace. At the same time, they were also former top experts within Darkness Palace.

This square was called Darkness Square and it was an important place in Darkness City. In fact, this place was only opened each time after the worship ceremony begins. Moreover, those who were allowed to come to this place, were all individuals with some standing in the Northern Xuan Region. Of course, their standing and authority were bestowed upon them by Darkness Palace.

Currently, Darkness Square was filled with a black sea of people that stretched on endlessly. Even with such a frightening number of people gathered here, this place was eerily silent. In fact, no one dared to make the slightest noise. Meanwhile, countless pairs of eyes were filled with fear, as they looked at the middle of the square. At that spot, was a black altar and a ten thousand steps stone stairs as well. At the top of the stone stairs was a black throne. Anyone seated there would be able to overlook the entire Darkness Square, and anyone who occupied that seat would seemingly become the overlord of the entire Northern Xuan Region.

Currently, there was a lovely figure seated on the throne above the altar. She was wearing black robes with mysterious golden symbols covering the edges of her robes. Meanwhile, one could vaguely feel a noble and elegant aura being emitted from her.

She had a peaceful and pretty face, along with snow white skin. Her eyebrows were crescent shaped and she had a sharp nose. Her serene deep pair of eyes appeared like the deepest night sky. Under her calm and peaceful exterior, were endless mysteries and it caused one to become involuntarily intoxicated by her.

Although she looked colder and more maturer compared to before, it was still possible to see the outline of that lovely young girl from before. Therefore, who else could she be other than Qingtan?

As of now, Qingtan no longer had the same youthful ignorance as before. As her eyes moved, they looked as sharp as blades. Moreover, there was also a faint bloodlust flowing beneath them, causing one’s heart to shudder.

She sat on the throne as she surveyed the sea of people standing on Darkness Square. Everywhere she looked, all she could see were humble and subservient figures. In fact, hardly anyone dared to look directly at her.

The lively and tender young lady from before had now became the genuine overlord of the Northern Xuan Region. Her every decision could easily dictate the lives of tens of thousands of people and she had absolute authority.

Seated on the throne, she used her cold and stern eyes to survey the entire place before she finally nodded.

“Let the worship ceremony begin!”

Many loud and clear voices, which were wrapped with Yuan Power, spread into the distance and resounded across the place right after she nodded.

Immediately, countless black rays of light shot towards the sky, and it looked like a grand banquet was about to begin.

Standing in the Darkness Square, the leaders of various factions in the Northern Xuan Region began to show up one after another. After which, their respectful voices spread across this place like waves.

“The chief of the Northern Mang Sect has came over with my members to pay respect. Congratulations on the ceremony. Palace master is almighty and we all pledge our allegiance to you!”

“The Great Snow Mountain mountain chief wishes that the palace master’s impressive and dignified manner will last forever, and that you will always be unbeatable!”


The worship ceremony was a grand event that affected the entire Northern Xuan Region. In fact, the leaders of eighty percent of the factions in the Northern Xuan Region would personally show up. After which, they would greet the palace master as though they were her subordinates. Moreover, no one dared to miss this event. As such, the experts gathered on this square likely made up sixty percent of the Northern Xuan Region’s fighting strength, and the scale of this event was truly terrifying.

Many respectful cries reverberated across the square. However, that noble figure seated above the altar did not reveal even the slightest emotion in her eyes. Instead, she merely looked around before she focused her attention on the front of Darkness Square. At that area, there were many figures quietly seated there. Most of them were elderly individuals with white hair and the robes that they wore, indicated that they had an extraordinary status within Darkness Palace.

At this moment, during such a grand occasion, their eyes were all gently shut. Meanwhile, none of them cast a respectful look to the figure above the altar. In fact, some of them even curled their lips. Clearly, they did not approve of her.

There were two extremely old figures, who looked like they were about to die, in front of this group. Both of them had a head full of white hair, and their faces were filled with deep gullies. Currently, their heads were gently lowered and it looked like they were asleep.

Seated on the throne, when Qingtan’s eyes swept across these two figures, her cold pupils hardened slightly. After which, she slowly clenched the small hand under her sleeve, before an icy cold murderous intent flashed across her eyes.

The complicated worship ceremony continued and respectful voices resounded across the entire place. However, everyone could feel that the worship ceremony this time around seemed to be a little different from before.

The leaders of the various factions were secretly observing Darkness Square. After which, their eyes paused on the group of elders right at the front. Then, they rotated their eyes and looked around the altar. At that area, were countless black clothed figures and there was a rich bloody smell being emitted from their bodies. Meanwhile, there was also a ferocious ghost face with a black longsword pierced deep into its head, on their black clothes. Hence, they looked extremely terrifying.

Every faction in the Northern Xuan Region knew about these troops and they were all extremely fearful of them. This was because they represented the bloodiest and most powerful department in Darkness Palace, Darkness Judgement Hall.

Currently, this group of powerful individuals from Darkness Judgement Hall had formed a tight defence around the altar. Meanwhile, the direction that they were facing was coincidentally the area where the elders were located. Clearly, it seemed as if they were guarding against something.

The entire Darkness Square was covered by a strange atmosphere.

Some leaders secretly turned to face one other. It was likely that they had heard some rumours as well. In fact, they knew that the worship ceremony this time around would likely be exceptionally chaotic. However, this had little impact on them. After all, it didn’t matter whether Darkness Palace was in the hands of the current palace master or the Elder Council. That was because they were not qualified to oppose the massive Darkness Palace.

Hence, all they had to do this time around was to standby obediently and watch the show.

The respectful praises gradually came to a halt a long while later. Following which, the surrounding atmosphere suddenly stiffened after the din died down.

Above the altar, two black robed elders were standing on the two sides of the throne. When they saw this scene, they turned their attention towards Qingtan, who was currently seated on the throne. After which, they gently swung their hands.

“Welcome the Ancestral Tablet!”

Qingtan slowly stood up from the throne, before she moved her legs. Then, she clenched her fist, before she gently stomped on the ground.


A buzzing sound erupted from the countless black stone pillars standing in the square. After which, many black lights shot forth before they criss-crossed in the sky above the square. Then, they transformed into a huge black stone tablet. Meanwhile, the names of the previous palace masters were all carved on that tablet.

The countless individuals standing in the square knelt down immediately after the stone tablet appeared. In fact, even those elders in the Elder Council bowed slightly. The only exception were the two elders standing at the front, who merely lowered their heads.

Above the altar, Qingtan bowed slightly towards the stone tablet. After which, the stone tablet trembled. Then, a dark flight of stairs stretched forward and finally connected to the altar.

“Palace master, please worship the ancestors!”

The two black robed elders beside the throne cried out in unison, while wild excitement rose within their eyes. Once this worship ceremony was complete, Qingtan’s position as the palace master will be cemented and no one will be able to oppose her.

The two elders standing at the front of the Elder Council finally opened their shut eyes. After which, they gently extended their hands, which were hidden within their sleeves previously.

When he saw this scene, a cold glint flashed across the eyes of the elder, who was seated right behind them. Then, he nodded gently before he stood up and cried, “Hold on!”

His cry immediately caused the atmosphere of the entire square to turn tense. Promptly, the hearts of countless individuals started to pound wildly. Was it about to begin?

“First elder, why are you stopping the palace master from paying worship?!” The two black robed elders’ expressions sunk when they saw this. After which, they cried out in a stern voice.

The old man, who was being addressed as first elder, glanced at the both of them with a dark and cold expression. After which, his eyes paused on Qingtan, before he said in an indifferent voice, “According to our palace’s rules, only a palace master that is supported unanimously by the Elder Council is qualified to worship our ancestor. However, I believe that the new palace master has not fulfilled this criteria.”

The two black robed elders’ expressions changed as they turned to look at Qingtan.

Qingtan used her icy cold eyes to stare at the first elder. After which, her chilly voice sounded, “First elder, master has personally passed the position of palace master to me before his death. According to the rules, his order surpasses that of the Elder Council’s.”

“You claim that the previous palace master passed his position over to you just before he died. However, this is merely an one-sided account from you. Based on the information that I obtained, you launched a sneak attack on the previous palace master while he was attempting to breakthrough to the Reincarnation stage, causing him to fail as a result. Moreover, you snatched the Darkness Ancestral Symbol and attempted to seize control of our Darkness Palace!” The first elder chuckled and said.

“Girl, you may be young but you are truly ruthless. In fact, you even dare to kill your own teacher. If the position of palace master really falls into your hands, I’m afraid that the ancestors of our Darkness Palace will be unable to rest in peace!”

“First elder, how dare you act disrespectfully towards the palace master! If she did not receive it personally from the palace master, do you really think that it is so easy to obtain the Darkness Ancestral Symbol? In fact, do you think that it is possible to snatch the inheritance of the palace master?!” A black robed elder cried out sternly.

“Humph, everyone in this world knows that one can only obtain someone else’s inheritance only if he obliges. You are attempting to slander the palace master and this is a serious offence!” The other black robed elder said in a deep voice.

“The previous palace master trusted that lass very much. Who knows if she used some dirty tricks to obtain the Darkness Ancestral Symbol and his inheritance?”

The first elder waved his hand. Soon after, he rotated his eyes and said, “Moreover, you should be aware that one must have the two sacred items of our Darkness Palace in order to become the palace master.”

Qingtan’s eyes were icy cold. Promptly, an ancient symbol slowly surfaced between her brows. After that symbol appeared, the entire place gradually darkened, before an indescribable ancient fluctuation spread.

It was the fluctuation from the Darkness Ancestral Symbol.

When the first elder felt that fluctuation, a greedy glint flashed across his eyes. Soon after, he chuckled, “The Darkness Ancestral Symbol is one of them. But, what about the other?!”

Qingtan extended her jade like wrist from her sleeve. Then, she clenched her fist, before black light slowly gathered in her hand. Finally, they transformed into a completely dark black scythe, that was covered with mysterious symbols. Many onlookers immediately felt a chill rushing towards them when that huge scythe appeared. In fact, it seemed as though that black scythe was the scythe of the grim reaper.

“This is the second sacred object of Darkness Palace, the Darkness Saint Scythe, which is ranked fifth on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking. First elder, what more do you have to say now?” Qingtan was holding onto her black scythe with an icy cold expression. Thanks to the darkened sky, she looked just like the god of death.

The first elder’s elderly face trembled slightly when he saw the large black scythe in Qingtan’s hand. Soon after, he turned and looked towards the two elders in front.

After he did so, the two elders slowly opened their shut eyes. Then, they stared indifferently at Qingtan, before a completely emotionless voice resounded across the place.

“Little girl, are you sure that the Darkness Saint Scythe in your hands is complete?”